Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki Reunite for Fuji Camera CF

I’m always lamenting how K-dramas shy away from reuniting actors who have created unforgettable OTPs in another project, but the same lament goes for the even rarer instances where actors have created unforgettable bromances that might even have stolen a drama or two from the OTP. Case in point would be Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, who were the only reason I stuck around in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as long as I did. As Yeo Rim and Geol Oh, the pretty one and the rebellious one, they pretty much added all the fire and spice that was missing from the plain vanilla OTP in that drama. I love how much they cared about each other as friends (even with all the wink wink Yeo Rim really loves Geol Oh jokes aplenty), and how they found something reassuring and admirable in each other. Plus its undeniable that Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In had smoking chemistry with each other, in the non-romantic way, of course. Fuji is smartly reuniting them to shill for its new camera, so here is a sneak peek at the upcoming CF.

Not sure why the concept appears to be contrasting spies vs. frat boys on holiday, but I’d be lying if I said I cared. If these two showed up in a potato sack I’d still be giddy as a bee.


Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki Reunite for Fuji Camera CF — 35 Comments

  1. I always amuse by the fact that actually YAI is shy being paired with SJK. Come on boys, you know you love each other and you know fans love you being together! This is so cute, i always shipping this OTP. They should do new project together, in modern piece preferably.

    • I totally so agree! SJK feels more comfortable with the pairing than YAI. hahha So its like SJK is running this OTP! I wanted either one of them to end up with Park Min Young in SKKS and thats the only reason why I finished that drama πŸ™‚

  2. They need to be in another drama, asap! Haha SJK loves being affectionate while YAI is still shy about it. Fuji is awesome for choosing these two as their models~ I want a camera now πŸ˜€ heehee

  3. Daebak! What cracks me up about these two is that Joong Ki is always the bold one while Ah In is often the bashful and shy one…hahaha. Totally a reversal of what you expect from their personalities. πŸ˜‰

    I agree, they have great chemistry. Another drama please.

  4. Plain vanilla OTP? I’m not a fan of that pairing but I think they did a decent job, a girl standing up to a male-occupied society vs a straight-laced boy? That ain’t vanilla to me or others who ACTUALLY watched the drama.

    anyway… they’re so cute. no qualms about that.

    • Um, that was kind of a rude thing to say, especially when this is Koala-unni’s own blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about dramas, writers, directors, characters, OTPs, and everything else. You don’t have to agree, and you have the right to respectfully disagree. This often leads to interesting and thoughtful discussions. But comments like the one you made above only lead to name-calling and arguments, and that is not why we come to unni’s Playground.

      • Thanks for getting my back, dongsaeng. I’ve known plenty of folks who love the SKKS OTP but no one ever resorts to alleging I didn’t bother watching the drama ergo that’s the only reason I could possibly have for my opinion of them. I bailed on SKKS right around the time it decided to go Disneyland on me, but even before that, it was good but never thoroughly enthralling for me. I thought Micky and Min Young had good solid chemistry, but I didn’t fall for the OTP for whatever reason. Cute, but rather boring for me. Eh, c’est la vie. Or really, I just wanted an entire drama to be about Geol Oh and Yeo Rim. Can anyone blame me?

      • Um, i don’t blame Miss Koala for having a different opinion but i think MEI-MEI is disagreeing Miss Koala’s point of view respectfully. Or maybe my english is poor? Because i don’t see the “rudeness” that she have or is it the part pointing to MM saying “actually watching the drama” because Miss Koala did say “Plain-Vanilla OTP” as well which might also sound rude to some OTP shippers.

        I understand that this is Miss Koala’s blog and i enjoy most of her articles but i just think that there is room for disagreements as well. Peace. Let’s continue playing in this playground πŸ™‚

        Btw, I love SJK and this pairing is cute, i love both of them seperately and not together =p I like PMY and SJK interaction more than the main OTP. I’m the weird one.

      • i totally agree with you and ockoala. the OTP are ok (that’s right cute but boring) but what totally captured me was Geol Oh and Yeo Rim. i survived and finished SKKS because of those two.

  5. I can watch those 2 together all day long!! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing this Koala, seeing those 2 having fun filming the CF definitely make my day!!

  6. Awww I just fainted. * Gets back up and. whoosh I’m down again.

    I so heart these two guys. They made me love SKK Scandal so hard. I definitely had some withdraw issues when the show ended.

    YAY love the concept and they are so adorable. I know that they will be around for many years to come. Now if could just get Ah In away from FK then everything will be peachy.

  7. see? someone understood to get them back together….

    NOW.. i just need a writer and director to get the bright idea to cast them in a drama again or something… although really I don’t think they can sparkle as well as they did in skks.

    OH yeorim and gul-oh…. how I miss you two!

  8. The first pic really represent their characters.

    Not yet watching SKKS but recently I follow this duo career.
    YAI in FK really highlight his rebellion side and shyness in expressing love for his Chief Designer.
    While in Punch, he learns about racial issue and kickboxing.
    Talking about SJK, his acting as young King Sejong is awesome. He has this boyish charm but in DRT the charm is washed away and replaced with solemn and grand.
    In Money Romance, this charm stands out.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pics.
    Hope they have long lasting career

  9. Two of my favorites with cameras I actually enjoy is total win. I love instax cameras, I have been meaning to buy the piano black (the one Ah In is holding) for quite some time.

  10. OMG.. i loves the 1st pic
    i loves this couple more than the main couple in SKKS..
    and that’s the reason why i choose this couple at the polling (can’t stop laughing when i heard they’ve won the best couple or fav couple )

  11. Thanks for these to refuel my love for them together and indivually.

    I usually think of SJK as being so much older, as he is…but these shots are messing with my mind. SJK looks boyish-er, somehow.

    For me, they weren’t just the best part of SKKS, they were the best part of the year.
    If falling in love with characters can be measured by deepness, I fell in love with them together and indivually about 9999 miles below sea level.
    Or by songs – Bee Gees, Adele, Deep Purple, Leonard Cohen and Phil Collins deep.

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