Previews for The King 2 Hearts Episode 13

On the upside, I finally made it past the weekend. On the downside, there are three more weeks to go. As much as I watch tons of dramas from all the major Asian countries (and write about them), there is nothing as enthralling and exhilarating as following a live K-drama which is knocking it out of the park on all fronts. The once-a-week schedule for J-doramas and TW-dramas means too little material is released every week, while C-dramas are mostly crap with a tiny needle in the haystack chance of finding something decent, much less exceptional. Right now I am seriously basking in Koala drama Heaven, and its all thanks to The King 2 Hearts. Based on the preview, looks like Hang Ah and Jae Ha are going to be working together to bring down Bong Gu (yes!) and Shi Kyung will start getting closer to learning about his daddy’s shady ways. Poor Shi Kyung, I’m sure there are plenty of ladies waiting to comfort you when that time comes.

Written preview for episode 13:

Bong Goo confirms the contents of Jae Ha’s gift and he flies into a rage. At the memorial concert for Jae Kang, Jae Ha walks onto the stage and makes an announcement that leaves everyone stunned. Hang Ah feels bad for how the accident has changed Jae Shin and she discusses with Jae Ha about how Bong Gu could have discovered the location of Jae Kang’s vacation. Jae Ha orders Shi Kyung to investigate all the people who knew where Jae Kang was going on vacation.

Thanks to @Poison Girl for this latest gasp-worthy picture of wuri King and Queen looking into each other’s eyes.

Latest preview for episode 13:


Previews for The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 — 43 Comments

  1. On USB is something about JH and Mayer’s girlfriend…
    She’s shady…we’ve never seen her and Mayer together (B/G)… Have we..?!

  2. I have to say though, why does it take them so long to start questioning how Bong Gu could have discovered the location of Jae Kang’s vacation? You’ll think that’s the first question investigators will ask when they investigate the Jae Kang’s death. The script writer is kind of weak when it comes to writing about this kind of stuff, but the drama is so awesome on other fronts that I am willing to overlook the flaws.

      • Because at first they rule it out as an unfortunate accident due to secretary’s testimony and then the North was implicated due to the cell phone and been cleared, they are looking for inside conspiracy.

  3. As much as I love a good drama marathon, nothing beats the week to week watching of a great Kdrama as it airs. It isn’t the torture of waiting (because that part sucks). It’s the group SQUEEING that makes it all worth while! πŸ™‚

    • Group squeeing, indeed! Imagine having to watch this drama w/o this online community…I would think I’d explode from keeping the squee/spazz-ing w/in me!! πŸ˜€

      btw, thanx for recc’ing Gumiho…Loved it altho after watching the second leads in TK2H I wanted to dig a hole and bury the Gumiho female second lead!!

    • @ trixicopper, Jia Mn, and Saima –

      Usually I wait to marathon a drama once all the episodes air, but watching K2H each week with this online community is so much fun!! Group squeeing is the best! πŸ˜€

  4. omigoshhh!! Pictures do speak a thousand words!! Be still my heart….kzjsdhfksadjhfsakdlfhsdk

    *off to daydream about Ah-Ha*

  5. Thanks for feeding my K2H addiction Koala! This episode looks yet again very promising. I’m so psyched to see what happens this week.

    As for Bong Bong who seems to have changed his plans to Peace Korea. Yeah sure Bong Bong, you BIG COWARD,I’m sure you want peace. It’s more like you want the peace of mind knowing that people fear you, know you and tremble when you walk by.

    Does anyone else get a good laugh when Bong Bong throws his little tantrums? I laughed so hard when Bong Bong was throwing a fit after Jae Ha ridiculed him on live television. Such a evil Big Baby that Bong Bong.

  6. thanks for this madam K…. TK2H is my drama crack per week as well…and all your goodies help me get thru the week before its airing…. even though in reality my mind is telling HJW can’t like LSG and she is solely for JIS (I shipped them from Bali til now)…but I have to give it to LSG…he really knows how to make one’s heart flutter…. such a naughty ba*tard… πŸ™‚ those stares and kisses are really swoon worthy!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Koala Mama! Paging Koala Mama! Have u heard the DAEBAK news? Jae Shin will be queen! I repeat JAESHIN WILL BE QUEEN! I think that the arrangement will be temporary.

    • is this during the WOC competition? someone’s gotta be a ruler to hold down the fort while King Jae Ha and his Queen Hang Ah are off in WOC, I guess..

      • Thats what I’m thinking, but I have a feeling that there is a bigger reason possibly.

    • Could it be the surprising announcement that jae ha will make in tomorrow’s episode? Gosh, this drama is really too full of unpredicabilities. I thought the photo is just jae shin in her formal wear initially

  8. i remember seeing a bts pic before where jae ha is riding a lux car and the girl beside her is definitely not Hang Ah.. so maybe it’s Tara for one of his plan to bring down crazy freak..

  9. Jae Shin in Queen’s Crown jewels? JaeShin taking picture with massive crown & dressed in queenie gown sitting inthe King’s Office?? Could it be JaeHA’s stepping down to go participate in WOC & fight Bonggu with HangAh??? And the reason we don’t see Shi Kyung is because he has to stay behind to protect the Head of the Monarchy, who used to be JaeHa & now , JaeShin???
    What do you think?

    • Perhaps… Guess we’ll (or may) find out tomorrow. But why don’t we see king jae ha with his crown too? πŸ™

      • because you haven’t seen it on Britsh… maybe they don’t have one.

    • I think you are right. Looking at the preview and in my opinion, Jae shin is temporarily a Queen cos JH and HA are going for WOC. SK will be staying back to assist the Queen. BOnggu is furious, maybe he saw a photo of JH and his gal, Tara?so exciting to know the real story tonight.. Hwaiting King2 hearts..U hv captured my heart πŸ™‚

  10. I love the pics, i would really like them to be a couple in reality, they’re chemistry is just ..Daebak;
    i’m waiting desperately for tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Fighting guys!

    • LSG looks into HJW eyes.. They look like they are deeply in love… swooonnn… I don’t mind these couple get together for real… Sorry Binnie dear ;p HAHAHAHA.. It seems like LSG is a more Good Boy type to maintain ;p HAHAHAH

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