Runway Cop Reveals Post-Makeover Kang Ji Hwan as Male Model Detective Cha

Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri‘s upcoming fat cop-turned-undercover-male-model comedy movie Detective Cha has gotten its English movie title as Runway Cop. Not Runaway Cop, got it, so don’t go confusing the two. The movie comes out next week and ought to be lots of fun. I love it when a movie knows its got a ridiculous premise but then runs with it, playing up all the jokes at the expense of the characters and allowing the actors to have tons of fun. We’ve all seen the fat version of the titular Detective Cha, so are you all ready for the male model version? The glimpse above already has me feeling faint and slightly delirious, but wait til you see the money shot below. Trust me, make sure your man is not around when you click to read more.

So that (above) turns into this (below). Sometimes words are not even necessary.

Below are the three male supermodels who will be sharing the runway with our post-makeover Detective Cha. I recognize two of them as Kim Young Kwan and Lee Soo Hyuk. I’m sure they are cute and all, but right now I’m so blinded by Kang Ji Hwan’s sweaty shirtless torso I am pretty much gone in the brain pan.

Another look at Runway Cop:


Runway Cop Reveals Post-Makeover Kang Ji Hwan as Male Model Detective Cha — 38 Comments

  1. I used to fangirl rabidly over Lee Soo Hyuk, but I have to admit that he is a wee bit… overshadowed here.

  2. I’m looking and not believe it…KJH oppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😉
    We have some fine mans here…
    Is that Pyung from Deep rotted tree…oooooo…he was bad guy…but sweet one because his love for main actress 😉

    • I agree, always thought he was not bad but never did he make me squee but here….gotta stop squeeing and start breathing

  3. Looks like another White Christmas reuinion for some of these boys….also I did read Runaway cop at first…lol….damn…now I want someone to make that movie

  4. That second picture of the topless KJW almost looks fake. He looks so buff and muscled. It must of taken many hours in the gym.

    Can’t wait to see Sung Yuri whip him into shape from slob to heart throb.

  5. I actually prefer the first picture over the shirtless one XD I guess it’s kind of weird, but I don’t like it when people are shirtless @_@~

  6. I know the movie focus mainly on KJH but they should atleast include Sung Yuri pic in the stills. If you don’t read the descriptions, you wouldn’t even know that she’s in there. lol It’s like she’s not even in there.

  7. omo! omo! i can stare at that photo all day long! what a bod! i’d give anything if ji hwan gives me a hug while his shirtless! hahaha

    the movie itself looks great and looks very funny!!!! i hope it does really well in the box office! and last but not the least, for eun hye to attend vip premiere! just to make may heart squeel some more!!! 🙂

    thanks Captain!!!

  8. my Kang Ji Hwan adjussi in Lie to me, turn to my…..Kang Ji Hwan opppa…what did you do? I have to sing Jordan Spark no air no air ….gorgeous

  9. No .That body cant be KJH’s . It looks like they photoshopped it fr Rain !
    No….Can’t be ! My hubby & I are gym rats & to get to this lean mean perfection , well , he must have sold his soul. Ops sorry! But u get what i mean. This is months of endless pill popping, protein shakes , unseasoned wood tasting chicken breast , in other words, he live in hell to achieve this bod! I salute you Ji Hwan! Kampai! Ops! u can’t drink .

  10. Okay, where did those muscles come from? Wow…
    I think I might even like this movie as I know how good Kang Ji Hwan is at comedy, and I haven’t seen him on screen for a while now.

  11. Hilarious write up Koala, thanks, made me laugh. Love KJH ‘s new bod! Salivating…can’t wait to watch this movie. When will it have eng sub? Kang Ji Hwan forever!

  12. This post should come with a warning, chingu! Extreme hotness: proceed with caution. Or somethign like that.

    Oh omg, the first pic! ♥___♥

  13. KJH is like a wine, the older he gets the better he looks.
    Kang Ji Hwan Oppa is hotness. Cant wait for this movie <3

  14. That’s one good looking body KJH!

    It was said that he had to gain 10kgs for Detective Cha, and then shed 20 kgs all in two weeks!!! He sure did go through a lot of hell to get those results!

  15. Wow. He should have taken his shirt off in LTM, but KJH has always seemed to be a fit guy so not surprised. But yes, lots of hours went into that. I really want to watch this movie now! Looks more fun and hot as I learn more.

  16. thanks . sorry i have a Question Can you Tell me what is the name of model with long hair in runway cop ? he is just walked on the runway !

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