I Do, I Do Releases Stills of Leads Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo

I’m already getting verklempt even with the thought that my The King 2 Hearts has only three more week’s left in its run. Since screaming noooooo on the top of my lungs isn’t an option, I’ve decided to look on the bright side of things as Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s I Do, I Do is gearing up to take over TK2H’s timeslot for MBC on Wed-Thurs (pitting it against Ghost and Bridal Mask). Of those three, only I Do, I Do interests me, and the first stills released confirm that everything looks solid. Kim Sun Ah plays a career woman shoe designer executive who gets knocked up by a newbie low level employee who just joined her company played by Lee Jang Woo. I like that she’s dropping the aegyo and looks fierce, and while he looks and is playing younger than her, they nevertheless look good together. His haircut does wonders for him, and works well for me to distance him from his annoying Man of Honor role. As a final incentive, this drama will surely do wonders to satisfy my shoe fetish.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Kim Sun Ah bar]


I Do, I Do Releases Stills of Leads Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo — 32 Comments

  1. I screamed when I saw the 2nd photo.

    And was wowed by the one with Kim Sun Ah is red pleated skirt. She’s so tall and model-like!

    I am looking forward to seeing KSA again in a rom-com.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Yay! Another Kim Sun-Ah rom-com I’ll definitely be watching! Love how her legs look so long and sexy in that deep red pleated skirt and those killer heels she’s wearing in the pantsuit get-up. Totally working the smart modern woman look! Can’t wait to see how this pair will turn out!

  3. the first pics I saw of them together were the last ones u posted, and I thought he looked like her brother lol.. Not the face, not the chemistry/dynamic wise.

    I hope it will be entertaining though! I’m pretty sure they’ll look fine in the drama. And if course, if KSA is there, I’ll watch it.

  4. Thanks Ockoala, watching all the photoshots fascinated me, Lee Jang Woo was a man for me during the Man of Honor drama. He’s learning & growing up a good actor. Surely watch this after K2H. Good luck!

  5. I believe this is going to be a hit. Love the all cast, even the crazy dad(?) escaped from Protect the Boss. The keyboard is going to burn… Am i the only one who liked the long hair on LJW in MOH? Oh, well, I understand it’s not acceptable for a classy employee.

  6. Hi ockoala, i`m excited about this drama, dream come true for me to see her in this kind of role. This time i wish to love and hate her as Jiany. KSA is the one and only actress that I love!

  7. Love her hair…she looks good…but is really skinny (so jealous). I hope LJW is a strong enough actor for her.

  8. KSA, LJW, shoes AND the PTB dad? I’m in! Looks like I may even like LJW in this one. I’m calling dibs on those fabulous red pumps.

  9. Thanks for these pretty pretty photos.
    I hope we get a few, maybe 7, heart-thudding moments where Mr. YoungerMan does the reversal of power with our AlphaWoman.
    Looking forward to various scenes of sudden close-talking with private space invading, and that look of acknowledgement from both right before they kiss:
    Yeah, let’s do this thing! YOLO!

    • Their baby is goona have some strange parents… Non mom tipe and slacker dad..This gonna be crazy family reunion…

  10. Will be watching this cos, well, I’m a KSA fan and I don’t think I’ll ever skip her dramas. Heh

    I’m not so sure about the chemistry with Lee Jang-woo, though. I can’t seem to picture them together. What do you say, chingu?

    Oh omg, Park “Charmain Cha” Young-kyu! Ji Heon’s dad!!!!!!! ♥ The pics with Lee Jang-woo remind me sooooooooooooo much of Protect the Boss.

    oh oh oh, did I tell you? I’ve started K2H and loving every minute of it! 🙂

    • I think KSA is one of the few actresses that almost always has chemistry with her male leads. My gut tells me it’ll work, because LJW is also quite charismatic and I’m liking his role description. I’m not a fan of the noona-dongsaeng romance trope, but I think they’ll pull it off. Just my gut feeling. But I’m also excited beyond belief to have the Chairman back! Kyaaaaa~

      As for TK2H….. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Sere chingu is back in business! You love it, YY? You have 3 more weeks to join in the TK2H love here. I see stars when I think of my precious Hang Ah and Jae Ha.

      • Yay, you reassure me, chingu!

        Re:TK2H. Of course I love it! As a matter of fact, I’ll marathon it tonight. \o/ I picked up an EXCELLENT time to come back to my dramas, didn’t I? *beams*

  11. I dunno why but in the first photo, the lead actor reminded of Bo Lin Chen, the guy in ‘In Time With You’.

  12. wow thanks for those stills Koala! like everyone here I love love KSA and the Chairman too 🙂 those shoes will definitely be one of the things to watch in this show I’m already coveting me some shoes….a certain pleated skirt..trench coat(to hang as decoration since they won’t fit :)…and the bike too….wait aren’t those all the wardrobe in these stills?? LOL
    omo omo that LTM make-out gif, love that header whoever made it thanks for sharing!!!

    • Well, she’s supposed to look older than him, doesn’t she? This is a story of a lady boss knocked up by one of her rookie employees 11/12 years her junior. Not a love story between two old friends / colleagues or something. 🙂

  13. nếu coi đó là thần tượng của mình thì hãy ước cho họ chứ đừng móng muốn có họ , thật trẻ con .

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