First Peek at Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung in Upcoming K-drama Big

The upcoming Hong Sisters-penned rom-com Big is one of those K-dramas where everything interests me but nothing excites me. I like, but not love, all the leads actors, and same goes for the Hong Sisters duo who has yet to make a drama that wins me over from beginning-to-end. But seeing the first stills of Gong Yoo being both a mature doctor and then reverting back to an eighteen year old high school student did succeed in whetting my appetite. Lee Min Jung also posted selcs of herself in character, and I must say she is adorable but looks more like a student than an adult high school teacher engaged to doctor Gong Yoo. I must say that I love how the love lines are set in the beginning, so the drama is less about falling in love than what it means to be in love and dealing with crazy stuff that happens. So far this drama is doing a solid job of slowly building up momentum, and I’ll continue to keep my expectations in check and see where it takes me. Big premieres on KBS after Love Rain.

Below is a character chart for the drama, which provides a nice overview of what to expect.


First Peek at Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung in Upcoming K-drama Big — 11 Comments

  1. The Hong sisters seem to be going a bit different this time.. the second leads don’t seem to be that weighty here…I hope this means that they’re not as crappy or as ineffective they’ve been for me in the past..I love the Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung are already engaged too!!..that should make things more interesting..also like that Choi Ran and Ahn Suk Hwan are back in a Hong sister drama together…now all that really needs to work for me here are the Hong sisters themselves..they always work either wonderfully or turn out to be a complete miss for me

  2. I did not like their last work Best Love. I think it has something to do with the two main leads. NO chemistry at all.

  3. yay for GY’s return to drama land…although this drama has yet to interest me! :/ Will wait until the first couple of episodes before I give it a go (if at all). These days not even eye candy will coerce me into watching dramas.

    Didn’t watch Hong sisters’ previous work – Best Love….nothing can excuse the fact that a grown man behaves abominably. When I started watching TK2H I was glad all those senior actors weren’t playing Jae-ha.

    LMJ is gorgeous but it bothers me that a 31 yr old woman (Korean age) goes all aegyo-esque in her selcas. ehhh?

      • “dont b such a dick here -.-”

        haha, with THAT language it’s apparent who’s ACTUALLY being a d*ck!!

        There’s something called as having an ‘opinion’. I stated mine w/o any questionable use of foul language. Perhaps you should learn not to force your opinion down others’ throats….and, while you’re at it learn the basic etiquettes of cyber communication!

      • Someone is just being over sensitive & protective of her/his idol 😛

  4. Welcome back Gong Yoo! It’s already been 5 years since I seen him on screen. I remembered I was so crazy about him in Coffee Prince.

  5. I wonder…. If this production is inspired by the movie called Big by Tom Hanks. The plot summary so similar 

  6. It is amazing how having bangs/fringe makes her look so much younger!
    Not that she ever looked older than 21 before.

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