The King 2 Hearts Episode 17 Recap

The King 2 Hearts continues to throw me for a loop even as we’re nearing the end of the drama. I doubt anyone suspected what Jae Shin was locking away in her memory, which only confirms further that Bong Goo is one sick mofo. At times ludicrous, when necessary diabolical, he has it out for the South Korean royal family in a way that feels so utterly personal. Now I’m wondering if indeed there is something connecting him to them that has yet to be revealed. I never doubted that Hang Ah will get the Queen Mother to safety, and I trust she’ll endure and survive any situation. I’m so thankful her character acts like a trained North Korean soldier in action.

It hurts to watch Jae Ha unable to do anything in person to save Hang Ah and his mom, except plan and execute his strategy for taking down Bong Goo, because I’m sure he feels so helpless at times. It’s even worse when he’s faced with losing Shi Kyung as a support. Shi Kyung finally discovers the truth about dear old daddy, and combined with watching Jae Shin suffer, that boy finally gets pulled through the ringer. Considering all the pain the main characters have been feeling thus far, it’s high time he joined the angst party.

Episode 17 recap:

Jae Ha tells Shi Kyung to find a way to contact Club M. He wants to tell Bong Goo that he will abdicate. Shi Kyung says this decision needs to be discussed with the government first, but Jae Ha points out that Bong Goo is the king at this time with all the power he wields. Suddenly Dong Ha comes in and tells Jae Ha is told that Club M is calling for him and that Hang Ah is on the other line. Before answering the call, Jae Ha is told that they will do their best to trace the call.

Bong Goo warns Hang Ah before the call starts that the call can’t be traced and he’ll shoot her if she makes even one wrong move. There are many guards surrounding her with guns pointed at her head. He wants her to act all scared and convince Jae Ha to abdicate.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah video chat with each other. He asks if she’s fine, and how his mother is doing? She says both of them are fine. He tells her not to worry and do anything, he’ll handle it. He’s decided that they will live a carefree life from now on. Hang Ah cries, saying she wants to live. Jae Ha looks slightly taken aback at how quickly Hang Ah got onboard, and she theatrically cries and wipes her tears, saying that she wants to live a happy life with Jae Ha

She asks him if he remembers what she said about her ideal man during WOC training. She wants to marry a man she can respect. Doesn’t he remember what he did in the end so they succeeded? Hang Ah also asks if he remembers where he sent the present? Jae Ha gets Hang Ah’s hint that she’s being kept in the location where Jae Ha mailed his video present to Bong Goo.

Bong Goo calls out when he realizes Hang Ah is playing him. Jae Ha hears it and worriedly asks if there is anyone next to her but she says everything is fine. She tells Jae Ha not to abdicate, if she hears that he abdicated, she’ll commit suicide. Bong Goo pulls the plug on the call. Jae Ha tells Shi Kyung that Bong Goo has Hang Ah and the Queen Mother in China, at the location where he mailed the video present.

Bong Goo walks over and asks Hang Ah what that was about? Hang Ah awesomely wipes her tears and leans back in her chair all relaxed and confident. Hang Ah taunts Bong Goo about Jae Ha mailing the video to Bong Goo, which makes it clear she was aware of what Jae Ha had done with Tara. Hang Ah points out that Bong Goo wouldn’t dare kill her, not unless he wants to risk ruining his connections with the US and China. That explains why they only used a scissors to scare the Queen Mother and not actually harm her. She asks him if he’s happy with what he’s done, deliberately calling him Kim Bong Goo. Bong Goo slaps Hang Ah for her insolence.

Bong Goo threatens to hurt Hang Ah even if he doesn’t kill her, hurt her in ways that isn’t obvious. Hang Ah tells him that she’ll kill herself first and wrestles with one of the guards and breaks a pair of sunglasses to use as a weapon which she points at her own neck. She was trained in specials ops and she is equipped with guts to commit suicide when necessary. She tells him not to misunderstand – she’s not dead yet not because she’s scared, but because she has decided she needs to still be alive for now. Hang Ah demands to be brought back to the Queen Mother and she’ll behave.

The Queen Mother is so worried when Hang Ah is brought to her, but Hang Ah assures her that she is fine, laughing that she was just rusty from not working out for so long. The Queen Mother tells Hang Ah that they need to escape, they need to try and run away.

Hang Ah’s dad has joined Jae Ha and Shi Kyung in analyzing Bong Goo’s secret hideout in China. Bong Goo built his lair underground while from above it looks like a normal apartment building.

Hang Ah peeks out the door and notes the guards outside. She thinks back to Bon Bon taking her and the Queen Mother under a tunnel to reach their location. The Queen Mother looks worried. Bong Goo’s right hand man warns him that Korea will surely attempt a rescue operation now. Bong Goo tells him to contact the Chinese government.

Jae Ha tells Shi Kyung and Hang Ah’s dad that the Chinese government has refused them access. They claim Bong Goo is a foreigner and Korea cannot act rashly in apprehending him. The Chinese government has refused to allow the South Korean military entry into the country. Hang Ah’s dad makes a call to North Korea, but Jae Ha says it won’t help since the North Korean government won’t want to ruin relations with China.

Next thing we see is Dong Ha, Young Bae, the other WOC member that is not Shi Kyung, and other Korean military forces in plain clothes and arriving at an airport in China. Jae Ha decides that going the direct route isn’t going to work, then they’ll do it unofficially. He has his rescue team enter China on a tourist visa. This will be a genuine covert rescue operation.

The Queen Mother is holding a lamp and drops it on the floor, shattering it. A guard walks in and Hang Ah expertly disarms him and snaps his neck as the Queen Mother stares in shock. Hang Ah shots some guards in the hallway but she also takes a bullet on the arm. The guards are all alerted to the escape attempt and start chasing after them under the tunnels.

Hang Ah and the Queen Mother hide in the tunnels and barely miss being spotted by Bon Bon. The guards canvass the area and cannot find the hostages. Hang Ah and the Queen Mother escape through the caves. Bon Bon orders them shot if they are found.

The rescue team arrives outside the caves and see the guards frantically searching for something, leading them to surmise that Hang Ah and the Queen Mother must’ve escaped. Hang Ah continues to bleed from her arm wound but she manages to get them out of the caves. Before them is a small river crossing and behind them the guards are catching up to them. Hang Ah says she’ll go find a rope but the Queen Mother says Hang Ah can’t do it with her arm wounded.

Hang Ah says she’s a North Korean officer and she’s strong, but the Queen Mother responds that South Korean women are strong, too. Her oldest child is dead, her youngest is crippled, and her only remaining son is in danger. She’s not going to sit around and wait for her daughter-in-law to save her.

The Queen Mother wades into the river and starts swimming across. You go, granny! Hang Ah watches as the Queen Mother safely reaches the other side. Suddenly Hang Ah hears the guards almost reaching them. Dong Ha and Young Bae discuss their rescue strategy. Young Bae fires a shot into the air to lure some guards towards them.

Hang Ah dives into the water and swims towards the Queen Mother. The rescue team exchanges gunfire with the guards. Hang Ah reaches the other side and begins to run away with the Queen Mother. They can hear the guards gaining on them, so Hang Ah tells the Queen Mother to be strong and start running downhill. The Queen Mother refuses to leave Hang Ah behind but she forces her to go.

Hang Ah then runs in a different direction and fires the gun she took from the dead guard to lure the people pursuing her in another direction. Dong Ha finds the Queen Mother (oh thank god!) and is told that Hang Ah is still back there.

Hang Ah runs deeper into the woods when she loses her footing and falls down a hill. She ends up buried under lots of leaves and appears to have passed out.

Jae Ha walks through the Palace and goes to see his mother, who is recovering in bed with Jae Shin besides her. The Queen Mother beckons Jae Ha over. When he sits down and grabs her hand, he apologizes for what happened to her. The Queen Mother only wants to know if Hang Ah is alright. Jae Ha promises that they will find Hang Ah.

Bong Goo’s right hand man tells him that they found Hang Ah’s gun in the back woods but no sign of Hang Ah. He orders that she be found no matter what.

The Prime Minister isn’t happy that the rescue team went into China covertly, but Jae Ha says they managed to save the Queen Mother. What did the politicians do? Nothing. Jae Ha pulls the Prime Minister close by the man’s suit lapel and demands that they need to do something to save Hang Ah. Does he want Jae Ha to tell the people what they’ve done? Jae Ha sits back down and asks with tears in his eyes for them to please find Hang Ah.

Chinese authorities are canvassing for Hang Ah, calling her a defector from the North. Hang Ah’s dad has someone there who reports back that the Chinese appear to be working with Bong Goo and calling Hang Ah a defector.

Hang Ahs’ dad tells Jae Ha that China won’t even show North Korea a list of all defectors they have in detention. Looks like China is trying to sweep Hang Ah under the rug.

Jae Ha discusses what to do with Shi Kyung, suggesting that Bong Goo be revealed to be an international criminal to the ICC (International Criminal Court) so that Chinese can’t assist him anymore. Shi Kyung asks if Jae Ha has evidence, and Jae Ha doesn’t, but even if he does, there are so many considerations before going this route. It would be tantamount to declaring war with Bong Goo.

Shi Kyung asks Jae Ha to contact Secretary Eun, who can advise them on what to do next. Jae Ha refuses and won’t tell Shi Kyung what happened between them. Shi Kyung starts to suspect and does some digging of his own. He goes to the document repository and finds his father’s resignation letter detailing his wrongdoings. Poor Shi Kyung is stunned as he reads it.

Jae Ha gets a call from Secretary Eun and he reluctantly answers it. Secretary Eun heard Hang Ah is missing, and wants Jae Ha to report Bong Goo to the international authorities. He will be a witness. Jae Ha says he thought about it but there is no definitive proof since there was no recording of any of the conversations. Even if Secretary Eun testifies, Bong Goo can easily claim he’s an unreliable witness. Jae Ha asks if he’s considerations are off the mark. Secretary Eun remembers Shi Kyung saying that Jae Ha appears unreliable but he steps when when needed. Secretary Eun concedes Jae Ha is correct.

Jae Ha tell Secretary Eun that Shi Kyung has likely figured out the truth about what Secretary Eun did. Shi Kyung arrives to see his father and walks through the rain to confront him with a copy of the letter. Shi Kyung asks if what the letter said is true? Didn’t his father tell him to never do anything he would be ashamed of? Wasn’t his father extra strict with Shi Kyung his entire life?

Secretary Eun says that this is the true face of Shi Kyung’s father, a man who cannot own up to his own mistakes and wrongdoings to avoid leaving a blemish on his record, and instead committed more wrongdoings. He wants Shi Kyung to be a man who understands shame by looking at how shameful his father is now.

Jae Ha can’t find Shi Kyung, who refuses to answer his phone. He orders Shi Kyung found even if Seoul has to be turned upside down. Jae Shin overhears and learns that Shi Kyung is missing. Jae Ha tells Jae Shin that Shi Kyung learned something about his father. Jae Shin asks what is going on with Secretary Eun? Jae Ha tells Jae Shin that it involves Secretary Eun and Bong Goo.

Shi Kyung sits in his car and broods. He remembers Jae Ha taking responsibility for firing Secretary Eun without revealing any wrongdoing. Shi Kyung goes to the airport but is prevented from leaving by Jae Ha, who marches there to personally bring Shi Kyung back. Shi Kyung reveals that he was planning to go join Bong Goo’s side. He was going to get deliberately captured and find a way to reveal Bong Goo’s location.

Jae Ha scoffs at Shi Kyung for thinking he can do something like this. He tells Shi Kyung to look him in the eye. Shi Kyung didn’t do anything wrong, that was his father. Shi Kyung says he’s not doing this to atone or because he’s ashamed. It’s something only he can do because Bong Goo expressed interest in recruiting him before. He plans to join Bong Goo and reveal the location to Jae Ha. All Jae Ha needs to do is find evidence to incriminate Bong Goo, and then he can have Bong Goo arrested once Shi Kyung reveals where he’s hiding.

Jae Shin tells her therapist that she needs her memory back now. She can no longer continue to stand by and watch her family suffer. She wants to confront Bong Goo as well.

Jae Ha refuses to let Shi Kyung do this, not to atone for any wrongdoing, or as his duty serving the country. He tells Dong Ha to keep watch on Shi Kyung 24/7 so the doofy earnest boy doesn’t run off to play sacrificial mole.

Dong Ha arrives and reveals that Jae Shin is undergoing hypnosis, which if not done right, can cause her to sink into abject terror. Shi Kyung is worried and asks Jae Ha to stop Jae Shin from doing this.

Jae Ha barges into Jae Shin’s room, where she is being tied down and about to undergo hypnosis. He tells her to stop this nonsense, doing this won’t help them. Jae Shin refuses to remain a useless person. She makes Shi Kyung stay outside, her memories are like a horrible creature inside of her and she doesn’t want him to see it.

The psychiatrist starts the hypnosis and places Jae Shin into a trance state. Jae Shin unlocks her memories of that day, starting from her arriving at the vacation home. When she remembers seeing Bon Bon, she starts to be frightened and her heart rate spikes. The doctor wants to stop, but Jae Shin is alert enough to insist they continue. Jae Ha has no choice but to keep watching.

Back to the day Jae Kang died, Bon Bon calls Bong Goo and informs him the Princess is there. She hands Jae Shin the phone and Bong Goo speaks with her. Bong Goo orders Jae Shin to place the coal in the fireplace, he wants her to send her own eldest brother off. A gun is pointed at Jae Shin’s head and she has no choice but to comply, knowing she’s sending Jae Kang to his death.

The guards drag her over and force her to grab handfuls of coal and place it in the fireplace, all the while Bong Goo plays his song over the phone. Jae Shin screams and cries as she’s forced to kill her own brother. Jae Shin thinks back to her moments with Jae Kang, and OMG this is so hard to watch.

Jae Shin wakes up and screams that she killed him, she was the one who killed Jae Kang. Jae Ha goes to comfort Jae Shin but she is despondent. Shi Kyung and the Queen Mother can hear Jae Shin screaming in pain. Jae Ha stands there and watches his sister completely devastated.

Shi Kyung goes to Jae Shin’s room where she has been sedated and is resting. He sits down next to her and sees her hand in restraints, all red and bruised. He cries as he holds her hand and just looks at her. He reaches out to touch her cheek but pulls back before he makes contact.

Jae Ha tells his mom that Bong Goo planned this, he planned all of this from the very beginning. When Jae Shin accidentally arrived at the vacation home, they forced her to participate so if she remembered the incident, it was only going to destroy the entire family even more. Initially Jae Ha discounted Bong Goo as an adversary, but now he cannot do so anymore. They are going to have to battle Bong Goo directly. For the sake of the royal family and the Korean government, and that is the only way he can survive. It is also the only way he can see Hang Ah again.

Hang Ah, who is not dead, is wandering in the woods, having hastily bandaged her arm wound. She sees Chinese police officers and hides from them.

Thoughts of Mine:

So this is what a well-thought out drama looks like. Yes, there are spotty links here and there, but the narrative feels progressive from what the story wants to accomplish, as opposed to wedging scenes for the sake of filling time. We’ve gotten to know all the characters through seventeen episodes not by exposition, but by watching them behave in situations and grow through adversity. TK2H moves me as good entertainment does, making me care about what happens to the good guys and anticipate the bad guys getting their comeuppance. I’ve been immersed in lives of a fictional royal family facing a deranged enemy plus all the realities of international politics. Prior to the premiere I pegged TK2H to be the biggest failure of the March dramas, and I’m so happy to be proven wrong.

I can’t say enough good things about Lee Yoon Ji’s devastating performance in this episode, as Jae Shin regains her memories that will forever be a scar on her soul. How can she ever get past the fact that she placed those coals in the fireplace, the very coals that would lead Jae Kang to his death? Yes, she was forced, and that was painful to watch, but it’s never going to erase the truth from her mind now that she remembers. I only hope she can learn to live with it, and use it to make her stronger so that she can honor Jae Kang in a positive way. At this point Bong Goo and his minions need to die a thousand fiery deaths for everything they’ve done, and even that might be too good for them.

Shi Kyung finally learning the truth about Secretary Eun was a bit anticlimactic for me, but Jo Jung Seok was riveting as he broke down from the pain of seeing his father as flawed and human. I love how he chose to move forward in taking down Bong Goo as opposed to wallowing in man pain and tears, but honestly, I hope he’s thought through his plan. Jae Ha needs Shi Kyung alive and by his side, not dead atoning for a crime by proxy. If Secretary Eun plays a big part in bringing down Bong Goo, I’ll be satisfied with his being sent out to pasture as opposed to locked up for the rest of his life.

Hang Ah and the Queen Mother busting out of captivity was awesome, not that we expected any less considering our future Queen was a trained North Korean soldier in special ops. It was still pretty awesome she managed to get her elderly mother-in-law to safety as well, but in truth the Queen Mother has so much guts and backbone she’s truly an incredible woman in her own right. For once a drama doesn’t just rise and fall on the OTP, it’s crafted stakes that hit all the main characters and beyond. In the end when Bong Goo is vanquished and the King with his two hearts finds his long awaited peace, I’ll be clapping loudly from the roof like a satisfied fangirl.


The King 2 Hearts Episode 17 Recap — 50 Comments

    • loved this episode! big episode for shi-kyung and jae-shin.

      i swear, if the writers kill shi-kyung off i won’t be able to sleep for a week!

      • me too………i hope Sk wont sacrifice himself for feeling guilty on his father’s actions….

  1. Hands down Ms. K love your recap. Thank you! I cried while watching it raw now I cried again by reading your comments because I fully understand what had happen. Indeed all characters stood out on its own have their moments and have it’s relevance in the drama. The drama that moves forward and keeps on surprising me week by week. Please make an aftermath blog after this drama. Thank you!

  2. Thanks koala, I have already watch the raw videos of the drama and have been staying all night waiting for your wonderful recap. Through out the last 17 episodes you are our source of joy in making us understand the drama so well, together we travel from the joy, heartaches / trials, i hope you will not let us down for the last 3 ep. Thanks:-)))

  3. I see how all pieces come together, memories becoming pictures, as we reaching to the end.
    Only link between RFamily and BG is yet to be seen…
    But at the same time PD sends so many hints, that if this was American drama we would have season 2.
    Acting superb as always…raw emotions to the core.
    Thanks Koala!

    • Exactly Mtoh.. I would 100% support if this drama have another Season just like American drama series.. Everything about TK2H is SUPERB!

  4. Awesomeness to this epic episode. Still three left, before taking goodbyes from this dramaa
    “sigh” just please let it end in a happy ending for both OTP’s Jae Ha-Hang Ah &
    Jae Shin-Shi Kyung.

    Pleassssseee be happpyyy “another longggg sigh”
    Waiting endllisly for Ep 18……

  5. THANKS a bunch Koala!! 😀 Im just browsing ur other post waiting for the recap and then ta-dah– here it is.. ^^

  6. What Kim Bong Gu’s gang did to Jae Shin was too much, it made me felt like suffocating, it’s insane. Psychological mindfucking, to the max.

  7. Ever heard of the term “Expect the unexpected”? This is what the TK2H tells you every episode in a sense that it gives you twist and turn that makes your head loopy in a good way. It even engages you to use your imagination and think of what’s going to happen next. I’m really glad that Okcoala unni decided to sail this ship and I’m proud to say that I’m part of the crew ^_*

    • That saying really fits the drama! I never expected that part of Jae Shin’s memories (her being forced to place the powder into the fireplace). All along I just assumed that the shock from jumping off the cliff black-ed out her memories.

      ohhhhhhhh, it’s getting so so good now. How bad-ass awesome was Hang Ah man? No wait Ha Ji Won is awesome, period. I love that we don’t get the usual kdrama heroine who’s strong but becomes a total pansy when kidnapped and just waits for the hero to rescue her.

      And I agree with you Ms.Koala. It aint gonna be as satisfying unless Jae Ha/Shi Kyung personally kills Bong Gu. Prison sentence is over-rated. Bong Gu needs to meet his maker

  8. if eun kyu tae’s testimony is not reliable. what about the queen dowager’s?
    I know she’s still weak, but I’m sure she will do anything to save her beloved daughter in law.
    she even meets bong gu face to face. and she even got threatened…
    If that’s not even a good one, then what can jae shin’s memory do to him?
    Jae shin didn’t even meet bong gu when she was tried to be killed.
    please… we need something to do to capture this hellish evil.

  9. My heart, it won’t stand still watching this episode. Now I really, really wish that Jae-Ha will find Hang-Ah in episode 18 cause if I have to wait for another week to see this two together again.. *sigh* (And they better be together again drama. Or else)

    And you’re right ms. Koala. That Jae-shin scene is painful to watch. So this is why she has been locking her memory inside.

    Now bring me some happy time drama, before we go full out to hunt Bong Goo down!

    • Yeah… JaeHa and HangAh have to be reunited soon cause I don’t think I can endure another week if they don’t get back together safely…

  10. Kim Bong Gu picked the wrong women to deal with.. Hang Ah, QM, even Jae Shin.. all of them are built to kill…. Hang Ah, you killed me with your sad acting to tell Jae Ha the hints of your current location. Cried, scream and suddenly fierce!!! I was so amazed to the max!!!!!

  11. I’m not sure there is any deep reason for BG to be so fixated on the Royal family. Especially JH. He is a lunatic after all, and sometimes that’s all there is.

    Anyway, I want the good guys all alive and well in the end. As for BG and Bon Bon, very slow and very painful ends are required at this point. After that, kill them again just to be sure. Kind of like zombies!

  12. Thank you Ms. Koala!
    Such a wonderful recap&insight!

    And the moment I remember that the writer was intend to ‘muder’ the former king with bomb in the original script…I was shaken…
    It’ll be much more impact yes, and it’ll be much more clear explanation about the handphone and the flaws in prev episode.

    But to Jae Shin..she won’t be able to forgive herself if the script do so. Remember, in this plot she was forced to placed the charcoal into the fireplace, Ms.Koala self describe this as ‘pulling the trigger’. But if that is a bomb…the original script might placed her as the one who push the bomb button, which is ‘pulling the trigger’ literally. And that is…unimaginable…sadist..there is no way Jae Shin will forgive herself after she remember that…
    Though it’s lesser impact than a bomb..but…I’m relieve the writers chose this way, there is no way I could handle Jae Shin’s sadness in the original script

  13. thank you koala unnie for the recaps ,,,, this episode full of tears and very surprise,,, jae shin scene so sad,,its so hard. Lee yoon gi acting is wonderfull, Hang ah / Ha ji won is really awesome.. cant wait for 18 episode. *Cry*

  14. Awesome writing, as always, my dear Captain. This drama has gripped me by the throat and has refused to let go. I am totally captured, ensnared, choked. Be that as it may, I surrender willingly. I am right in fright with Jae Ha and Hang Ah, and cry in pain with Jae Shin and my beloved Shi Kyung; I am awed by the strength and courage of Queen Mom.

    I hope show gives us some reprieve in the next watch. And I fully expect to jump and scream for the joy of victory next week when all our heroes and heroines triumph over the lair of evil scorpions. And then finally, show should supply us with some celebratory moments with the royal family, which of course, should already include SK, to make up for all these angst. O’course, I’m talkin’ kisses and weddings and babies! and JS walking again!

  15. i agree with your comments at the top.. i wonder how bong gu is connected to the royal family. why when bong gu was a kid, he wrote “i am KING”.. did someone from the royal family take something from his family?

  16. Thanks for your fast recap Ms.Koala.just By reading your re Shicap already makes me cry when Jae Shin regain her memory,Shi Kyung found out the truth obout his dad
    I cry with him.…i also feel the tension when Hang Ah a
    nd Queen Mother escape…now i need to have deep breath…hosh..hosh..

  17. I can’t contained my tears when I watch JS was forced to kill JK.. If the producer wish to make Season 2/3 or many more of TK2H, I will surely watch them.. Seriously, I have adrenaline rush watching this drama and it is beyond Normal K-Drama…. I feel like I’m watching my fav American series drama..

    Salute the writer and the crew.. And of course to Forever AMazing Yeoja.. HJW has never stop amazed me.. As for LSG~~ Finally from being a cute boy-actor.. He can act marvelously like a true King~~ Saranghae TK2H!!

  18. hehe you spelled lee yoon ji “lee yoon gi” at the bottom 🙂
    but anyways: this episode had me at the edge of my seat…i think i died…i cried so much. man, if something happens to either one of the four mains (seung gi, jiwon, yoon ji, jung suk)….i will…i don’t know yet. but i will definitely do something. haha

    oh my poor shikyung….he can’t bear to have the princess in so much pain…props to the cast..they are brilliant actors and actresses <3

  19. O.M.G!!! I will be clapping along with you Koala….my poor monitor took a beating today from my yelling at poor Jae Shin’s memory, what she was forced to do!! Comeuppance for bad guys where are you? I loved the episode raw then your recap and now I cannot wait to get home and watch it with eng subbs.
    Thanks for the recap appreciate it very much!

  20. Wasn’t this episode amazing? All the actors have been amazing and my heart just breaks for Jae Shin. Thanks for the recap!

  21. Another daebak episode, koala, thank you so much for the very fast recap.

    It’s amazing that this drama develop each character with so much depth. Not only the OTP, but the STP and the other characters too. I hope that Shi Kyung will have a happy ending with Jae Shin.

    Didn’t expect that Jae Shin was the one who poured the charcoal powder, and it now made sense why she always freaks out everytime she hears that music. Lee Yoon Ji’s performance stood out this episode, I cried with her T__T Once again, solid performance from all casts.

  22. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo mucho for the recap!!! <3
    Poor JS *sobs* My heart broke down when JS remembered what those f$#%£€¥ B%#*£¥€+ made her do!

  23. Last night’s episode is awesome! My heart goes out to poor Shi Kyung and the princess. I love how the writer was able to give the spotlight to them in this episode, it brings out their talents even more. What happened last night shows that the Princess and the Royal Guard are not just accessories of the drama but they are equally important as well to make this drama even more beautiful. Is it too much to demand a happy ending to the couples Jae Ha-Hang Ah and of course Jae Shin-Shi Kyung? (And a part of me says Bong Goo and Bon Bon should suffer hard I want the remaining two episodes showing how these two devils suffer while our leads are happy together 😀 )

  24. This episode (like all others!) is so well done that it almost defies description. I had to take some time and process all that happened.

    I’m SO GLAD Earnest-bot found out about daddy’s misdeeds by reading it in dad’s own handwriting. Even though his perfect world of honesty is shattered, he still had the loyalty and integrity to remember Jae Ha trying to spare him the real reason for Secretary Eun’s dismissal.

    And who knew Jae Shin’s repressed memory would be *this* dramatic?! To have had an albeit unwilling hand in her brother’s death…..Oof….that’s almost to much to bear.

    Last but not least, Queen Mom and Hang Ah….. How effing great is it to see drama women taking care of themselves?! Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for leaning on the big strong man in good times and bad, but this time the heroine gets to solve her own problems, so to speak. Then she and Jae Ha can come back together. Stronger!

  25. I give my shoulder to you, Shi Kyung oppa… *tears falling* T_T

    Jae Shin was forced to kill her brother. Ommo… It’s so sad and unpredictable. TK2H, Jjang!!!!

  26. thanks alot for recap.
    I loved every second of this episode.I saw it several can this feels so real and great
    thumbs up for the story and actors.
    js was so beautiful that i feel pain and just want to see her taking down evil boyes by her own hands.
    Mrs. koala you are awsome.

  27. waiting for ep 18 recap ..seen the raw..huhuhuh .. i just want to add..why they dont have forehead kissing in the ep????? arghhh if it has then it will be daebak!!!…heeheheh

  28. hello. it a little bit late but i really want to know want is the of the sound use before ending in this ep 17 (when lee seung gi talks).

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