Written and Video Preview for Episode 18 of The King 2 Hearts

I’m flailing, help me! Episode 17 of The King 2 Hearts was SO DAMN GOOD, but then episode 18 looks to top that, and then some. What did I say about this drama going out with both guns firing and a blaze of glory? Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Seok owned episode 17, their acting hitting new heights the way the other leads have done so as well in previous episodes. Jae Shin and Shi Kyung better get their happily ever after or else………sigh, I can’t do anything else. Drama owns me, and even if one set of OTP gets shafted, I’ll still love TH2K with a wholly deserving affection.

Episode 18 written preview:

King Lee Jae Kang……was assassinated.

Hang Ah risks danger to escape but then is captured by the Chinese and subjected to an investigation. Jae Ha finds out from Dong Ha that Shi Kyung took a vacation so Jae Ha orders Shi Kyung restricted from leaving the country. Jae Ha does everything possible to capture Bong Goo, leading him to a stunning discovery. That prompts him to hold a special press conference where he reveals to the world that Bong Goo had Jae Kang killed…………..

Episode 18 preview:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 18 of The King 2 Hearts — 32 Comments

  1. Argh… Can’t wait for your recap of ep 17 especially with that preview!!!


    I am afraid that lots of us will be heartbroken if anything happens to our fave soldier. Dun, dun, dun, writernim.

  2. I shouldn’t have watched that preview. Now I’m gonna be on pins and needles until the recaps are out!!!

  3. Miss Koala, you’re best for getting this out so quickly. Looking forward to reading your recap first thing tomorrow. Thks! So glad you’re a fan too!

  4. Seriously, this drama has officially taken over LTM in terms of the level of my obsession.
    I was really into LTM, but never to the extent of reading live recaps and then watching raw, which I just did for Ep 17 of TK2H.

    My heart was racing as I read the live recaps on Soompi and when I watched raw, I cried buckets while JS was being hypnotized. The stars for Ep 17 are definitely SK and JS but I worry for HA.

    I’m literally counting the seconds to Ep 18.

  5. Im crying while watching Ep 17 STP nailed it, Im feeling bad for JS, the guilt she’s experiencing being part of her brother’s death, that why every time he see Bon Bon she’s freaking out in fear.

  6. Felt drained after watching Ep 17. JS and SK are outstanding in this episode. WOW what a drama!!!! Eagerly waiting for your recap Ms Koala. Thanks in advance.

  7. Wow! I watched it raw I barely understand the dialogue but their actions helped to at least understand what was happening in this episode. Can this show be extended? I feel like 20 episode is not enough to wrap up all the trauma and guilt of JS I don’t know how she will be able to overcome her situation but I trust the writers know better than anyone. To hope that none of the good guys or anyone of pur OTPs will die is futile at this point because of the angst and what the story need but I know that his/her character will not die in vain. Please forgive me for admiring how wickedly evil Bong do is… I hate him so much but how he manipulate things to be the most twisted villain I have ever watched in k drama I do hope that the writers are not planning on making him a back story to get sympathy or understand his action I hope that they will leave him as the crazy magician twisted villain that he is because he was born that way. He is doing an awfully god job!(hate my self for this) I love this show that no characters are at waste everyone has/have a purpose. No talent was wasted. I’m so emotionally drained to the point I stopped worrying hoping etc… I trust that the writers will give us a wonderful ending maybe not a happy one but an ending with closure and will not leave us hanging. I can’t believe that I’m enjoying the angst of this drama. I do think the finale will not disappoint. Bravo to the writers and directors. BTW the ladies in this drama delivers! Thank you Ms. K! Can’t wait for your recap.

  8. I’m 100% invested in this drama now, it just keeps getting better with each episode! And the preview for episode 18 has me craving for more.

    Poor Jae Shin, how is she going to overcome the burden of being the one to put that stuff in the fireplace that killed her bro and poor Shi Kyung has to just stand by and watch his lady suffer (those scenes had be balling at the end). Also, Hang Ah and the Queen Mom were so badass for planning their escape from that prison. Nobody from our OTP’s better be dead by the end of this drama…I don’t think my heart can take it. I want everyone to get their happy endings!

  9. Wow…. what an episode. I was watching and trying to help with sub on viki and the revelation on Jae Shin’s inadvertant participation on her brother’s murder took my breath away. It totally explains her trauma which I didn’t get why she was so traumatized. Bong Goo… gotta give him creds for not just being a clown, which I thought he was in the very beginning. He’s really shown some true evil genius. I’m going to slowly die waiting for 18 and your recaps.

  10. I died just now, ep 17 kept me at the edge of my chair. screaming from time to time.
    This was awesomly too good. Jae Shin and Shi Kyung were terrific. Even if I didnt see much of the first OTP, still cant wait for the next episode.

    OMG ep 18, i’m so dying right now, andheeeeeeeeeeeeee cant wait for tommorow’s episode. When is it Thursdayyyyyyyy aaaahhhh

  11. OMGOSH!!!! I can’t wait for the eng subs to come out!!!!!! I’m loving this drama 🙂 it’s the BEST!
    Im shipping Jae Shin and Shi Kyung <3 kyaaaaaa

  12. The video contains content from MBC, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

    I guess I was a little late in watching it.

  13. Suddenly i don’t want to know the end.. cause i don’t it to be end..huhuhu….any spoilers for ep 19 anyone?…hahaha….

  14. OMFG…. holy shit!!!!! episode 18……….. like a tsunami of emotions mix with a typhoon of shattered tears.. EPICNESS OVERLOAD………… Korean people, you have no idea how frickin’ lucky you are to have Lee Seung Gi, Ja Hi Won and the whole entire EPIC TK2H gank…

    BLESS YOU ALL Korean people!!!!!!

  15. i’ve never been this 100% invested into a drama either. K2H has made me a crazy person; scouring the net for BTS scenes, spoiler photos, casts interviews (dont matter who), waiting anxiously for live recaps, watching the raw episodes, reading recaps and the rewatching episodes with subs.
    Phew, my sanity doesn’t matter. So worth it for this drama…. I would totally vote for them to win whatever drama awards they’ll be in the running for. (but only koreans get to, i guess? T_T)

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