The King 2 Hearts Nears End of Filming and BTS Stills Reveal Possible Ending Spoilers

I completely understand and respect some fans decision to remain unspoiled for the finale of The King 2 Hearts. I wish I had such discipline. The drama is scheduled to complete all filming by Tuesday, though certain crews have already finished their shoots and taken the obligatory end-of-drama commemorative picture. Two of them have been leaked and it’s pretty spoilery, so I won’t say anymore other than to check it out below if you’ve got no qualms about being potentially tipped off on the ending.

This picture is spoilery insofar as it reveals a Jae Ha mini-me in front of Hang Ah. I bet a billion dollars that adorable baby boy is the little Crown Prince. I’m glad we’re going to get some time jump into the future and a satisfying conclusion to the OTP love story.

This picture is spoilery insofar as it reveals Shi Kyung back with Jae Shin and having filmed a scene together. Unless he’s back as a ghostly spectre, chances are he comes out alive in the squirmish with Bong Goo. Thank you drama!


The King 2 Hearts Nears End of Filming and BTS Stills Reveal Possible Ending Spoilers — 58 Comments

  1. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Thank you Mrs Koala. So happy our soldier will not die and remain by Jae Shin’s sides. <3 <3 <3

    • From spoilers I’ve seen from other threads I think the biggest chance is Shi Kyung will die… because they are shooting at a cemetary with Jae Ha in it. Sorry guys… I feel sad too… Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst as well… sigh* πŸ™

      • noooooo… i refuse to believe that. (yes, i saw the BTS of the cemetery scene too)

        it could be Jae Ha revisiting Jae Kang’s and Hyun Joo’s grave for their death anniversary? to tell him his success in defeating Bong Gu!
        shi kyung dying would just be a plot cliche, like seriously *flips hair*

        optimism is my best friend right now till tomorrow

      • I really hope it is not the case and that Shi Kyung is still alive… if not, it will mean that Bong Gu won everything! So many people died or where hurt because of him!
        So I reallllyyy hope that for once, the script writers will make the characters happy and that Bong Gu dies!

    • WHAT is it going to take for you to believe!!

      I was wondering how would I tip you off about it w/o being banned from DB. hahaa

      • Sorry, guys, I’m a pessimist… I should be more hopeful, but I have learned to always expect the worst! You guys are great! Thanks for putting up with my ‘don’t kill the knight in shining armor’ rants. Less than 24 hours for the moment of truth!!!!!!

  2. Ooooo… Think I saw jae ha junior!!!! ^^ waiting in anticipation towards the awesome ending!!

    <3 <3 to the power of infinity!!!

  3. Yeah, poor me, I can’t disipline my self without spoilers.
    So, looks like everybody happy, huh??? πŸ˜€
    Thank Koala.

  4. What an ending if your assumptions are correct.Will miss this drama a lot.Will be hard to replace it with another drama.Hopefully Hyun bin and HJW will make another drama since HB will get out of military soon.

  5. Yes!!!! spoil me! spoil me! yes, spoil me some more!!! I don’t mind it at all! Seriously, considering that this drama is shown in Korea which is 12 hours ahead of where I am in the world, how real can real time be? Spoileries are a fact of life if I remain sane in my k-addiction so I have learned to live with it.

    And I am such a happy camper right now. The little crown prince, a mini-Jae Ha, is blowing my mind with the cuteness my imaginative mind is conjuring. I hope there is some interaction showing a precocious little tyke just like the young JH in the first episode, being sweetly disciplined by the North Korean mom. hah!

    A live other OTP in JS and SK is the bare minimum for a happy TK2H ending for me. But I am still hoping that writer-nim would also give me a happy, wedded bliss for my earnest bot and singing princess, with their own pretty mini princess!

  6. Yes, spoil me. After the disappointment of the mess that was FOTG, this totally makes up for it.

    Now I have something to look forward to this week.

  7. You are too kind to spoil all of us with such great spoilers. What a relief that our beloved robot boy LIVES! He lives! Thank you drama gods!

    And that is how you do an ending right. A mini Jae Ha. This kid probably brains and martial arts skills.

  8. Finally some good news, my brains have been spinning so many times of thinking a possible ending for the drama. This actually makes it up for it.
    Can finally have some peace and sleep wel for a few days until Wednesday.

    Thank you so much Miss Koala, your awesome!!

    “Happy jump for the 2 OTP’s for having a good ending yyaaayyyy”

  9. I always love these kinds of “end-of-drama commemorative pictures”! Seeing them smiling like that, it seems to be such a great thing to participate in a k-drama (whereas the Han Ye Seul/Spy Myung Wol scandal tends to remind us that it definitely doesn’t seem to be such a happy time to play in a drama…)!
    … anyway : I’m gonna miss this show soooo much….

  10. *sniff *sniff.. can’t get away with spoilers really and i am grateful that you post some! Thank you Ms. Koala. Thank you!

  11. Thanks Koala ! Ending of ep 18 got me very upset and I have checking out your website everyday for a spoiler to be honest since you give the best commentaries ! Also got myself hooked on ‘Love Rain’ to stop my mind going in circles about TK2H’s last 2 ep. I am so sad this drama is coming to a close. ‘Love Rain’ is not bad but I still love TK2H and Seung Gi best .

    • me, too ! except i started watching Love Rain after the first week of TK2H ’cause the week long wait was too painful xP i enjoy my Jang Geun Suk fix in between ;P idk what to do when both end T__T

  12. Thanks Ockoala, I will miss this drama so much TK2H for the I am an avid FAN to the two main character, they’re such a good & excellent KOREAN ACTOR’s of this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh, cute little boy, I hope you are who I think you are!

    And Shi Kyung, you can’t not come back!!! Seriously.. You need to be with Jae Shin!

  14. Thanks M’Koala .I’m not a person who tolerates anxiety or waiting well so Spoilers are very welcomed as a medical device . Its lowers my blood pressure .I sleep better . I’m less edgy .
    Its a Good thing!
    So happy to see a mini-Jaeha. So elated to see Queen Mama ,JH, HA, JS & ShiKyung all very alive. Looks like everyone came out alive & well . My gut feel is tht SK is NOT just a vision. And cemetry scene was leaked to throw the scent off. Its probably some memorial or maybe , even Eun Snr . Dunno .But general feeling is GOOD .

  15. I knew it! There was a reason why I decided to take a long break…hehe. More! More! Thanks Koala! Ok back to work…

  16. Oh God….Thank you madam K for all of these… am so sad knowing this drama ends this week and with the possibility of SK dying….wahhhhhhhhhh but I love seeing a little JH… this is one time jump am so excited about…. oh dear am turning into an emotional wreck….wahhhhhhhh

  17. Thank you!!!! OMG I hope you are right about this Ms. K! I do hope they will have a very happy ending. Although I saw on VIKI somebody tweeted a pic of BG in a hospital and several pictures of the Royal Guards and the JH they said it was in a cementery but they could be wrong… I really hope that our 2 OTP will have happy ending that this show will bring smile and tears of happiness something that will linger on us over the next few days weeks or months and Ms. K will post a K2H anniversary to revisit the drama that we could all go reminisce the roller coaster of emotions we all shared byt watching this drama.

  18. Synopsis Summary for Episode 19 of The King 2 Hearts

    Title: If been held here… It’s the end

    Jae Ha silently looks at Si Kyung who is pointing the guy to him!

    Bong Gu tells Jae Ha his requests and forces him to make a choice.

    Together with father, Hang Ah head toward the place where Jae Ha, Si Kyung and Bong Gu are.

    On the other hand, Bong Gu is arrested by ICC investigators during the confrontation with Jae Ha. The defense legal team of Club M applies for bail.

    Read more:

  19. oh my god~ read something i wish i never read xD


    the best k-drama i’d ever watched~
    it may sound exaggerated,
    but it is, to me, the BEST

    *even downloaded it without asking my friend’s help. doesn’t that show how interested i am into this drama xD*

  20. Thank you for these pics πŸ™‚
    I’m hoping for a very happy ending for Shi Kyung & Jae Shin πŸ™‚
    The story has flowed well so far that they can’t throw us such a curveball by giving us a sad ending for the 2nd lead couple after they’ve done so well throughout the show…it just can’t be that way…that would spoil the entire show!
    All the secrecy and suspense since episode 18 ended last week is just to peek our interest for the finale πŸ™‚

  21. Besides…in episode 18 they gave Shi Kyung & Jae Shin such a beautiful scene!!! It can’t end thay way for them…there definitely will be a happy ending for them πŸ™‚

    Remember….Shi Kyung told Jae Ha – “I will come back!!!”

    • I totally agree with you on that.
      Praying for a good ending for the second Couple.

      Sheers for Jae Shin& Shi Kyung

      • Absolutely…
        After such a beautiful moment for Shi Kyung & Jae Shin where he helps her let go of her feelings of guilt and gives her “homework” to help her return to her normal self (that he really likes) and her accepting his help and agreeing to do what he says there’s no way it can end sadly for them…it will be anti-climatic and so off track from the way the story has been progressing for them!!!
        Shi Kyung will come back to Jae Shin and they will have a happy ending…I just know it πŸ™‚

  22. I’ve edited the picture encircling the evidences of the spoiler
    1) Rings both on HA and JH’s ring finger
    2) as what koala unnie said, the mini JH :DD

    <img src="“>

  23. I’ve edited the picture encircling the evidences of the spoiler
    1) Rings both on HA and JH’s ring finger
    2) as what koala unnie said, the mini JH

  24. i’m gonna tear up very soon, again….


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