Adorable New OTP Date Stills From Queen In Hyuns Man

[Edit: HOMG, we’re getting some major kissage coming up! Added new pics below *flails* She kisses him while standing on his feet for added elevation! *__*]

In start contrast to the fan fervor over Queen In Hyun’s man, watching the drama leaves me mellow and placid. Like reading a good book while sipping a fine tumbler of whisky. Perhaps its Boong Do’s calmness seeping through the screen and infecting me, or the downright sincerity in the developing love between the OTP. There are lots to love about QIHM, but I’m especially loving how it notches higher in sophistication than I expected from it, all the way reducing the story to its fundamental core without needing to pile on. Yes, the sageuk portion is quite elementary, but it works within the context of Boong Do’s one-man attempt to right an far-reaching wrong. Hoping that Boong Do will prevail at all times, I’m also smiling wistfully seeing him and Hee Jin fall in love. They are beyond precious together, and new official stills released by tvN of the upcoming two episodes show that they finally get their “date” Hee Jin has been planning and waiting for. Can’t wait!


Adorable New OTP Date Stills From Queen In Hyuns Man — 62 Comments

  1. first! i love this show so much! i’ve always loved yoo in ah and they are just perfect together. i wish they were a couple in real life!

    • read from the website it’s about JHW giving YIA a massage, not actual filming though. Just helping her releasing some tension in the shoulder I think. They seem to be good friends

  2. Adorable couple, sweet romantic date BTS stills. They should just date in real life. I was watching QIHM with my husband yesterday and he asked if they’re dating in real life. When I said there’re rumors about it, he said “what are they waiting for?” hahaha…

    The chemistry is so palpable, the plot moves fast but believable, the cinematography & music are daebak, love love this show.

    • I have never been a reel/real shipper before. It just seemed to be that there too few actual evidence of romance developing between my OTPs in other dramas, and too much fan wishful thinking (lol).

      But this couple. This couple may just change that. THEY ARE TOO TOUCHY-FEELY with each other! They look so lovingly at each other! How could they be just friends? Friends don’t do that! *points at them accusingly* They’re messing up with my disillusioned KDrama-OTP heart.

  3. thanks for posting.

    Adorable only describes half of it. The other half is ‘very’. Okay, I admit it. My vocabulary isn’t quite up to describing the sweetness above.

    • The question is: what can’t he do? I’m sure he can fly an airplane if you gave him a manual and twenty minutes to read it. Boong Do, re-defining the renaissance man, Joseon style.

      • hahaha, love it missy koala! I especially like how he reacted to modern world which is calm and not over react. Just like how a normal person will deal with strange issues/ obstacles. Brilliant!

      • Well, we know he’s at least human since it took him 3 days to figure out the telephone…

      • Waaaaaayyyy too easy! If driving a car is easier than riding a horse, then the bike is pfffft, like, nothing!

  4. those pictures above seems like pra wed pictures too me. so sweet..those pic became my netbook wallie now^^

  5. OMO!!! This is too cuuutee…I’m squealing at every picture…Queen InHyun’s Man is such a romantic drama..I’m so in love…Love the leads, great chemistry together ^__^

  6. Oh my these stills make me so excited for the upcoming episodes! Their date pictures are adorable, and they look so happy together. The kiss already makes me giddy by just seeing pictures. <3

    I rarely ship in real-life, but damn these two look good together. The last time I felt such chemistry was during Lie to Me.

  7. Wow!!! Ms. K your watching this drama too? Ive been reading recaps of this drama in another site dramabeans and learned to love it next to K2H. Something that I read while waiting for K2H. Thank you!

  8. OMG, what happening me? I’m in my 50s with grown up kids but I’m squeeling like a pig right now seeing those adorable pictures. This is the first korean drama that I find the main leads so adorable that I would like them to be a couple for real. This drama is full of love, love and love.
    Thanks for the adorable pictures.

  9. they will give us hot kiss tonight..yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    we call it as ”TIP -TOE” KISS


  10. OMO….I’m making incoherent noises and cooing at my computer!!! That kiss looks hawt! They are definitely working that height difference to their advantage.

    And yes…this drama is making me so happy, happy, happy!!!! *flails*

  11. Hah. I am so starting this drama soon.
    Somehow, YAI standing on his bare feet is more intimate than a piggyback ride or a wrist-grap-tug.
    Man, they are adorable together. You guys all say it’s good right?

    • It is really romantic, isn’t it? I love that they give us a functional kiss, full body embrace! A real one! Maybe a tiny bit too hot 🙂

    • You’d better watch it soon, ck1Oz dear 🙂
      I’m a goner since the day I fall in love with QIHM. I’m visiting every blogs, forums about QIHM. So happy there’s QIHM mania everywhere ^^ Soooo glad Ms Koala also loves QIHM. That just makes the drama perfectly perfect!

    • 🙂 🙂
      Okay, I will then. I cannot believe we have a functional Joseon era hero you see. I keep expecting torture.
      Hi Ginko… you haunting the blogs huh? Oh… does that mean we have some good gifs?

  12. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE…. thank u madam K for these wonderful goodies….. am so excited for this week’s episodes!!!! yayyyy for more skinships and kisses galore!!!!

  13. Aww.. they look so cute!!!! I love the phone booth pix.. JHW so tall.. They look REALLY good together!! I can’t wait for next episode..

  14. Squeeeeeeeel!!! Absolutely love their phone booth pics! Off-screen shoulder massage it may be, but my first thot is of the symbolism of him depending on her to ‘lead” the date in the modern world w/o being any less man for that. Does anyone know how old the actor is? I’m falling in love with this couple 🙂

    • Hyun Woo is 28 in real life and In Na is 30. I agree with wap – you guys need to check out the thread at Soompi. Adorable BTS pics of her feeding him chocolate! *squeals*

  15. KEKEKE… Everyone goes gaga about the coming kiss. 🙂 What i want to know is why there is a vacuum cleaner in the phone booth.
    JHW: I want a shoulder massage too!!!

  16. QIHM Daebak!
    Awwwwwwwwwwwww…………so cuteee the two of them!! <3 <3
    QIHM fighting!
    Thanks again Ockoala! 😉

  17. these two totally should date look too good together xD Thanks Koala for your hard work – sorry I keep forgetting to thanks you everytime for recapping and keep all of us non-korean updated *big hug*

  18. based on @CJnDrama ‘s tweeted QIHM currently number 1 on daum and naver searches
    no wonder episode 11 was awesome! the kiss too. haha

  19. Hahaha, I see so many familiar names here. It’s fun to know we’re on board the same ship again!!! Love this show, adore the OTP. I marathoned the drama over the long weekend and I’m happy to say, I’m now updated! yey! Can’t wait to see ep. 11!

  20. swoon on the pictures. pics 1-5 looks better than pre wedding pictures they had done during we got married because the skinship look so natural. *coughkhuntoriacough* i love khuntoria though. they are really comfort with each other. ji hyun woo and yoo inna chemistry are off chart in the romantic and cheesy department that make my inner fan girling heart really wish that the are dating for real and boong do and hee jin exist in real life. my kdramaland dream is messing with me..i know 🙂

    p/s : i realised in the couple of stills released, hyun woo hands always naturally on inna’s shoulder. hehe …

  21. If these two are not together in real life, I’ll be flabbergasted. The off-camera body language between the two of them screams that they’re mad attracted to one another.

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