Big with Gong Yoo and Lee Ming Jung Releases Second Hilarious Teaser

The more teasers and stills released by Big, the more it turns me into a kid in a candy store. Or a more apt analogy would be that it turns me into Tom Hanks in Big dancing on the floor sized piano strip on the floor of F.A.O. Schwartz. I revert back to being giggly and giddy, which is exactly the right reaction the Hong Sisters ought to be aiming for. I’m tuning in expecting silly fun, and even if the second half goes off the rails with the inevitable angst, I’ll at least be satisfied the entertaining stuff was delivered. I know these ladies by now, and they are the queens of starting off with a bang and hooking me, only to end with a whimper. I’m cool with that, so gimme my Big now! The second teaser is fantastically scored to The Cranberries andΒ Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung continue to give me the warm fuzzies together.

Teaser 2 for Big:


Big with Gong Yoo and Lee Ming Jung Releases Second Hilarious Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. Teasers are so funny. My Gong Yoo is back … πŸ˜€ Hope Big will heal me after the painful separation from TK2H.

    • i agree. K2H such a cliffhanger until epi 19. cant wait to watch epi 20. cant move on with the death of shi kyung. why do they have to kill him? grrrrr…

  2. I am really excited for this drama, but i dont know why LMJ’s speaking pushes me:( although she is one of the actresses that i find really beautiful:D well lets wait and hope this would be a good drama:D
    I never laughed so much for a drama before the first episode of Best Love by Hong sisters:D so waiting to have fun again:D

  3. Totally agree with you on les Soeurs Hong. They grab you, toss you around for little -getting your heart racing and tears a flowing, then, put you down hastily and walk away.
    Like their fun tank is on E, but they can’t seem to find a FUN station that stays open till the end.
    Why do they do that?
    Why not START your script with the best, tightest, more satisfying end EVER, then work back from there?
    But what do I know? I just watch ’em. THEY have all the hard work.

  4. After watching the fully-clothed male leads in TK2H a semi-nude Gong Yoo is a welcome sight!! heh

    Their dramas’ second half get too angsty for me as well. Which is jarring considering the first half’s breezy and fun. Looking fwd to this one only for GY!

    • U don’t remember the lee seung GI bubble bath scene!!!! It’s the second time he bared his glorious body in his career. I will never forget that scene, although xtermely happy about post army gong yoo glory! The last I saw him wet and in a towel was Coffee Prince and cant wait for this drama to start

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