New C-couple Alert: Feng Shao Feng Confirms Relationship with Rising C-star Ni Ni

Bunnies! The C-actors and actresses are seriously hooking up left and right like bunnies in Spring. No, no little bunnies have been produced yet or any shot gun weddings, but merely that every few weeks comes the breaking news of some big star admitting to dating another big star. Really? Why can’t K-actors and actresses emulate this and come clean, cuz I know they are also dating their colleagues. It’s hard not to, since they spend so much time with other actors and pretending to be in love does in fact turn reel into real. Not always, but more than admitted. Following Yang Mi and Hawick Lau‘s dating confession back in January, ruining the FengMi shippers the world over, Feng Shao Feng obviously isn’t licking his wounds. He’s done better IMO, and today admitted to being in a relationship with his co-star Ni Ni, who rocketed to stardom last year when she starred in director Zhang Yimou‘s acclaimed The Flowers of War (Jin Ling Shi San Cai) with Christian Bale. Nice one guys. I approve!

There isn’t much to add, other than some fans are speculating this is just a publicity stunt by the two of them to drum up publicity for their upcoming movie. I highly doubt it, but I don’t care enough to parse the details. The romance was confirmed by the two stars via their weibos, which is how its done these days in China. I’m more curious now about laying the odds for which big star comes clean next. My money is on Nicky Wu, since he’s older and with his red hot resurgence, I wouldn’t be surprise if romance comes his way again. Regardless, congrats to the happy couple, and I hope this one is a keeper for both of them.


New C-couple Alert: Feng Shao Feng Confirms Relationship with Rising C-star Ni Ni — 12 Comments

  1. Yes Koala you are right. K actors should admit they are dating!

    Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo should come clean after their dramas end,

    and Sun Ah and Wookie, saying they are dating since SOAW


    I ship these two couples too much.

  2. Arh, Nicky Wu. Who would be worthy of his love?
    Ms. Koala: I really enjoy your playground. Happy Memorial Day.

  3. I think the difference is that when Korean actors/stars/singers/entertainers announced they are dating, the fans always have a shit fit and bombard them with hateful, nasty comments. (it’s ridiculous) It doesn’t matter though – we all know they date. Maybe not co-stars or even other actors but yes, they date.
    I don’t blame them for not admitting it – so much hatred and anger from millions of people would be hard to take. I feel sorry for them because it’s the insane fans who won’t allow them to be happy and in love with someone.

  4. I approve of Ni Ni, i’m captivated by her in the flowers of war. She’s such a stunning beauty, not the usual type. Honestly, i’ve never been a big fan of Yang Mi but i like Hawick and also i’m not a big fan of Feng Shao Feng but i’m a fan of Ni Ni… Hahaha.. if that make sense..

  5. Hayyy… I wish Seung-Gi and Ha Ji-won will date for real. They look good together. Can’t get over the oozing chemistry on screen. It practically combusted my computer screen!

  6. This is going to be long, you are have been warned.

    The problem with coming clean as a celebrity in terms of romance is the adverse aftereffects. Its difficult to actually have a romantic/normal relationship when you have so many interlopers who are literally trying to control their lives outside of the professional ones. A celebrity is a normal person like you and me, that in reality comes first. But from my observation of the Asian fanbase (no offense to some of you) and the netizens that is not the case they are literally saying that they own every aspect of your life 24/7 both private and professional. If these celebrities are dating someone who in their opinion falls short – they have so much negative and cruel things to say about that person its very hard on the celebrity and the person that they are dating to actually have a romantic relationship (its very challenging for them to come clean because of it). Also there are some adverse effects on either the celebrity or person involved (the pressure is very high – which can lead to e.g. suicide, depression etc.). There has been many proof of that already plus its hard enough just to meet somebody who they will actually feel for outside of their profession and respects what goes with it.

    When we watch some of these dramas and see the chemistry between the actors that appear off the charts we automatically want them to date or be a couple in real life when in actuality they could be good friends who are doing an excellent job in their craft. Most fans/netizens cannot/will not separate reality from fantasy which therefore has created a huge problem in the personal lives of the celebrity whose true personality may not match that of the character that they are playing. It is important that these celebrities try to maintain as much normalcy as possible to keep their sanity and relax as themselves. It’s just like us, we go to work and after hours it is our own time to do as we wish with anyone that we wish without or with minimal interference from others and we are at most times happy for it, we can have a personal life without worrying about what the netizens/ fans/manager/ management company or others with exception to your closest people will say or do. We can date peacefully, they unfortunately from my general observations are unable to, so if it goes good or bad we have control of it, they may not. If we wish to reveal something about our private life, we have that choice without worrying much about the consequences of that revelation, the celebrities has little.

    In my country though the fan base size is very much smaller than the other international counterparts it is much easier for a celebrity be it entertainer, musician or actor to have a normal life here. People see them, do not hound them for autographs or publicly voice an opinion of who they are dating etc. we may wave to acknowledge that we know them and let them on their merry way, sometimes they may ask for an autograph but its not often. So the pressure is not there, thank goodness. Their life outside of their profession is usually respected, sometimes at the interviews there are personal questions but they are not usually offensive. That is very difficult in other countries to do.

    For those celebrities who somehow manage to have normal lives and relationships – kudos for them and the people they are with. For them not revealing it, I don’t blame them, I actually respect them more because your private life is suppose to be private and in no way should affect your professional one because you are human like the rest of us with wants and needs.

    So for this new couple, good for them wish them all the luck in exploring a relationship together. We will look forward to happy endings and if not with whoever really rocks their boat. Just be happy.

  7. I like how these two use weibo and there are so many clues stem from them.

    I hope there is a day HwanHye will announce. haha, YEH been so low profile with KJH’s new movie!~!~ and KJH rarely mention YEH in his interviews….sth fishy…..

  8. I was hoping that yang mi and shao feng will ge together in a real life because they seem great together.but …hmm so sad

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