Sneak Peek at Ariel Lin and Kim Bum Endorsing Clothing Brand Eithtoo

In yet another meeting of Koala favorites, Ariel Lin and Kim Bum met up in China two weeks ago to film an ad campaign for the clothing brand Eithtoo. I have never heard of this brand in my life, but now I know it, thanks to Ariel and Bummie modeling their clothes. Good one, formerly obscure brand. Ariel has been in China for quite some time now filming King of Lan Ling with Feng Shao Feng and Daniel Chan, but she was thrilled to work with Bummie and practice her rusty Korean with him. Apparently she told him he gave off a very Takeshi Kaneshiro vibe, which made Bummie quite tickled pink to be thus complimented. I think these two would be wonderful in a modern drama together, but alas, I’ll have to be satisfied with this endorsement pairing for the time being.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Ariel Lin bar]


Sneak Peek at Ariel Lin and Kim Bum Endorsing Clothing Brand Eithtoo — 20 Comments

  1. Well, this is a pairing of favourites that I never imagined. And I adore it. Thankies thankies drama/CF gods for giving us this wonderfullness <333

    • Just so, never imagined them together, but now, seeing the last shot, as Trina mentioned above, why not throw them together and let there be fireworks????

  2. Gah. *can’t. speak* Why so pretty Bummie? And Ariel? You lucky, lucky girl… In a perfect drama land, these two would be an OTP.

  3. I hope he’s putting on a little weight ’cause KB from BOF and Padam, Padam appear
    to be 2 different persons. Personally, the BOF version was my favorite ’cause he’s got
    the cutest dimples 🙂 .

  4. Wow. I love these two actors individually. Kudos to the one who throught of this unlikely pairing – ‘coz it totally works. Kim Bum’s gaze upon the pretty Ariel – whew, melting point!! hottt!!

  5. KIm bummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
    He is the only reason why I watched BOF !!
    Sooooo yummyyyyyyyyyy …………..
    They look good together but … sorry … I am SoEul forever!!!
    I want him to do another one with So Eun sooooo bad T_T

    Thanks Captain Koala … missss himmmmmm…..

  6. Wow, these pics are so hot! I can’t wait until all the CF pics are released!
    A drama with these two would be awesome, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon 🙁

  7. I love Kim Bum !!! He is sooooo cute !!! Ariel is adoraBle as well, so… Their photo looks cute and super aweSome, and u know what, my Chinese/japenese crush is also Takeshi Kaneshiro. This is so weird ..… 🙂

  8. I hear f(x) and SHINee use to endorse this brand so if people were kpop fans they’d maybe know this brand… isn’t this a Chinese brand though? Wonder why they went kpop route to start?

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