Kang Ji Hwan Hits Up Various May Periodicals to Promote Runway Cop

Since Kang Ji Hwan has a movie coming out this month, its no surprise to see him showing up in various May editions of magazines and newspapers to promote Runway Cop. Recently he’s been sporting this odd haircut that is full on top but buzz cut on the sides. I can’t say I like it, but he does change up his image all the time and I quite like that confidence to try new things. I love his playful spread for Elle Korea, while I find his Mad Men-inspired shoot for GQ Korea a miss for me. And to wrap it all up, he did a casual photo shoot for Chosun Times that really captures his real life personality – a mixture of theatrical and easy going. You’ll never hear me complain there is too much Ji Hwan out there at any given time.


Kang Ji Hwan Hits Up Various May Periodicals to Promote Runway Cop — 20 Comments

  1. Photo #6 (after the jump) is my favorite. I don’t absolutely love the semi-buzz cut, but in my book KJW can do no wrong! 😀

  2. sir, why are you so adorable ? i don’t believe you’re 36, you’re 25 for me…. why are you so handsome, sir…. ?

  3. Ehhh… the cut isn’t my fav for him, makes his head look a sorta funny shape.

    That being said, he’s still crazy attractive.

    Also, love him attacking the Darth Vader helmet picture.

  4. I can cry if he is really gay,
    but in Lie to Me drama, his acting so weird, why his gesture like woman, OMG.
    bt i still like him
    dont’t forget to watch his new movie “Detective Cha (Runway Cop)”
    his acting in this movie is totally different from lie to me drama,
    and his movie in 2009 “My girl is an agent”
    both of that movie has a good rating in korea, especially MY girl friend is agent

    Oppa Kang Ji Hwan……….. Saranghaeyo……. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. In Korea, i heard that men usually crossed their legs when they are sitting, they say it’s natural and formal for them. But in the Philippines, you can not see an actor sitting in crossed legs position, otherwise they might be the talk of the town for being gay. Filipino men sits with their legs apart or, the other position we call it de quatro… I believed Ji Hwan is not gay, he is just being formal in front of cameras.

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