Lee Seung Gi Releases Teaser for June 1st Budokan Concert in Tokyo

Lee Seung Gi literally rolls from the fire into the flame, wrapping up The King 2 Hearts last week while he’s headed to Tokyo for his concert at Budokan scheduled for June 1st. It’s quite a feat for any solo singer to perform at Budokan (next step is always Tokyo Dome), much less a Korean musician. I’m so proud of him like a Koala momma would be, and I only lament not being able to jet over to watch him live. Now I’m even more bitter and flabbergasted that he didn’t sing for the TK2H OST. What were the producers thinking? Same goes for not having Jo Jung Seok contribute a track as well. Ooooh, I would love it if Jo Jung Seok was a surprise guest at Seung Gi’s concert and they did a duet together. That would melt our bromance-loving hearts and help heal a bit of the gaping wound left knowing Shi Kyung isn’t around to support his King anymore. Anyhoo, if anyone is lucky enough to attend the concert, scream extra loud on my behalf, got it?

Teaser for Lee Seung Gi at Budokan:



Lee Seung Gi Releases Teaser for June 1st Budokan Concert in Tokyo — 26 Comments

  1. Gosh.. I love him so much. He’s so talented and so down-to-earth, makes me love him even more. I wish i could have a child like him someday. His parents must be so proud. I remember watching a segment where they showed his parents, they are really nice folks so i can totally see where he gets his cool from.

  2. … that does seem sort of dumb that they didn’t have them contribute to the OST.

    A nice rousing campfire duet would have been perfect.

    • Thought so too. He did “Will you marry me” for BL, and 2 songs for Gumiho! K2H was nowhere near live-shoot-before-the-episode-airs kind of thing. I was expecting a song from him in the middle of the drama, or even after, like what Kim Soo Hyun did for MTETS. I guess he was too busy preparing for his Budokan concert, and running all over the place for CFs and events. 🙂

      It’ll be so cool if he sings any K2H OST for this concert!

      • He did sing “Love is Crying” @Budokan.
        According to Lee Seung Gi China Cafe Weibo, he closed his eyes when he was singing ‘The King 2 Hearts’ OST ‘Love is Crying’.

      • he did sing a TK2H ost…. waiting for a video if anyone have it.!!! LOVE IS CRYING

  3. Even until episode 20, I still hope there would be OST part 2 with Seung Gi’s track, thinking that we would get Jae Ha and Hang Ah love theme. Oh well.
    So envy to fans who can attend his concert. Please scream even more extra loud for my behalf too. ^^

  4. A news in King’s Day (supposed to be), thank you Ms. Koala!
    It’s bitter isn’t it? I wish MBC would make secret OST, like they do with Moon Sun, the one with Kim Soo Hyun, and with full BGM. I know this is so wrong, but I replay the scene before SK shot because I luv the BGM, I really hope they do!

    This is uch a treat to cure my withdrawal over the drama….And to see my comrade hearties comment before me..YAAAHH!!

  5. Ahh…I know it sounds crazy but I still finding myself wondering about Jae Ha and Hang Ah, how they’re doing, like they are people who exist somewhere, somehow. I miss them all. And watching this teaser just hit it home that yes, the drama has ended. And yes, I need to move on.

    Still, thank you so much for this, Koala! It really does help ease me into saying goodbye…

  6. Our unability to listen to LSG and JJS’s voices on the OST is most likely due to exclusivity contracts and companies issues. 😉

  7. Hi hearties!
    Glad to find you here!
    Agree with you Koala. The only thing I’m disappointed with in TK2H, is that Seunggi didn’t sing a single OST. I would love JJS to have sang one too. If ever, I get a chance to meet LSG, I would ask him that.

  8. waaah.. i always dream of coming in his concerts… *sigh someday i will..
    speaking of (TK2H) which Lee Seung Gi seems like a king in his appearance at the KB job fair event.. hihi i can’t get rid of that thought and so others as well..

    • Hi Ms. Koala.

      It’s been a week after TK2h has ended, but still can’t get enough of it, playing soundtrack over and over.. Haisst …Sigh* Been lurking to every site to now what’s going with our King& queen daily lives, any progress on their relationship?(wishing &hoping )

      Actually , i started liking LSG in MGIG, but in TK2H, Im a converted fanatic and I say I am “SUENGGIFIED” ^__^.

      T_T ,I wanna hear him sing live , I envy those lucky ones who can come at the concert..

  9. oh having them sing a duet together would be ABSOLUTELY delightful. I miss their bromance in TK2H 🙁 that duet would totally help heal that TK2H shaped hole in my heart too….

    • am with you girl….still lingering on the DB TK2H thread. huhuuuuuuu

      And, today is friggin’ Wednesday!! waeee?!! Why did I have to fall in love….with a drama to the point of obsession!! The withdrawals are plain painful! :'(

      • you and me both. can’t. seem. to. move. on.
        the withdrawals are indeed painful. have never been this obsessed with a kdrama.
        me thinks, we be needing our own 12-step program. though i’m perpetually stuck at step 1: admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction or compulsion

  10. Aww I want see his concert, but I can’t, maybe someday,,
    I miss king lee jae haa 🙁
    Yeess I hope jo jong seok came his concert

  11. I’m a newly minted LSG fan. Thank you Captain for bringing in news about him. He is a multihyphenate which makes him busy and he seems to have his finger in many pies. I hope he would consider more acting jobs in the future though. 😉

  12. Whenever I see Korean stars going to Japan these days I just wonder what their real intention is. I used to think it was such a great idea that Japan and Korea began to foster a dialogue, whether it be in the form of entertainment or otherwise. But after what happened with Kim Tae Hee last year in Japan as well as what the actor Cha Seung Won said in a Korean TV show that if you do something bad in Korea, just say you are Japanese and say: “sumimasen,” I just can’t believe anymore that Korean stars have good intentions when going to Japan. I know Japan still refuses to admit their war crimes but even so, if u’re going to a country you despise just to make money and put on a fake smile, how is that any different from what the Japanese did in a way? Yes, putting on a fake smile and giving a concert is totally different than brutally killing and maiming civilians, but if you’re intention is to put on a fake smile and deceive people by hiding how you truly feel, how is that any different than what the Japanese did? Didn’t they deceive civilians that there’s work in a factory for young girls and then ship them off to a far away land to use them as sex slaves?

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