Nicky Wu Breaks Through Fashion Edges in Esquire China June Edition

Nicky Wu is currently busy filming the wuxia drama Bride with White Hair (which currently looks like a big ole hot mess judging from the first stills and posters I’ve seen), but he continues to deliver really cool and innovative magazine spreads from time to time. The most recent one is titled “Breakthrough” and is a series of split images of Nicky spliced together in a visually arresting way. Love it! It’s a little odd that he’s become a male fashion provocateur so late in his career, but then he looks great for his age plus I think confidence gleaned through life experiences does make one more comfortable pushing sartorial limits. This photo shoot really showcases how a great model, the right photographer, and a clever editor can work together to do something memorable and fun. 


Nicky Wu Breaks Through Fashion Edges in Esquire China June Edition — 16 Comments

  1. It’s nice to see Nicky Wu in print again. Good thing his eyes and expressions can pull you in since the layout “slices” are all over the place. Interesting concept, though. Very fresh.

  2. This is such a cool layout. It’s so different! Especially the way they layout-ed it to look like they are folding pages and putting it together. I liked the 2nd, 5th, and 10th page best.

  3. Cool photoshoot but I think the way they put images together in the last one gives the impression his head is big.

  4. Everyone should check out his “book” (plus postcards, DVD, and poster) from his Paris trip this past January. I bought it from Amazon China. Cost me an arm and leg for shipping cost, but SO WORTH IT.

  5. a relatively new fan of nicky after watching bbjx last year after a fellow k-drama addict friend’s recommendations! completely bowed over! and my first c-drama to boot too! after which i ploughed through 扇娘, 圣堂风云, 牵牛花开的日子, and now in the middle of 箫十一郎 just for him!

    I read your reviews all the time on k-dramas (on thundie’s) and am surprised and happy to see that you are a fan of nicky too! I am happily lapping up everything you have written on him and you bet I will be hanging around here!

  6. He is such an awesome actor. I must say that he grows on you! I didn’t think he was that hot when I first saw him but watching him act his pants off in BBJX really made me a fan for life!

  7. As much as I LOVE Nicky… He’s a little too OLD 4 that hair cut. But hey… I can totally understand that sometime, people would TRY to stay “4 ever young”. LoVE the MAN !!!!

  8. I also became a fan of Nicky Wu after seeing him on BBJX and like others here, after watching BBJX, I ploughed through the rest of his older dramas like 箫十一郎, 牵牛花开的日子, 侠女闯天关, 少年王, 问君能有几多愁, etc. Enjoyed every single one of them. Like someone else had said in here, I also *do not* like his hair. He should use back some of his older hair styles when he was in his 20s or early 30s; or use the hair style when he did Happy Camp on 2011-09-17 🙂 or even in 牵牛花开的日子 but when he had his hair shorter in this drama like in the episodes when he was dying 😀

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