Written Preview for Episode 15 of Queen In Hyuns Man

I suspect Queen In Hyun’s Man knows voodoo. It’s found a way to distract me and fry my brain so I don’t care much to parse the details to see if it makes sense. It happened with all the hot kissing at the end of episode 11, and continues onward by having Ji Hyun Woo wear a white shirt and black suit pants at the end of episode 14 which pretty much left me an incoherent drooling mess. Tall smart sexy man in a rumpled work wear? So damn fine. The QIHM story thus far….er, not so much. The drama rebounded from the fan servicing in episodes 11 and 12 and really attempted to resolve the time traveling and messing with Joseon history bit, plus finally have Boong Do make a final move to stay in the modern period with Hee Jin. That’s all good and fine, it’s just the plot holes in how it all came about are so large I can drive a mack truck through. It’s not completely idiotic, just requires a huge suspension of plausibility that Boong Do pulled it all off without a hitch.

One thing goes wrong, it’s buh buh Hee Jin, so there are just too many contrivances piled together to get Boong Do from point A to point Z.Β But it doesn’t bother me that much, because ultimately this drama is more about the love story than the time travel or sageuk history. At this point I’m still finding QIHM ever so lovely and sweet, genuinely something quite pleasing to watch, though it’s lost the sheen of wonder for me from the nearly perfect first eight episodes. But all in all, still a fine dramatic product that stands quite tall in a sea of hot messes and duller than dishwater fare. Without a video preview for episode 15, everyone must be on edge wondering what’s left for the final two episodes. A written preview has been floating around DC and Baidu, and reads like the real deal. I’ll translate it and you can take it for what it’s worth.

Written preview for episode 15:

The seeds planted from the talisman yield the delayed fruits to be reaped. [The concept of seeds and fruit in the Buddhist theology refer to cause and effect, or action and reaction. The idea that Boong Do has caused something to happen by using the talisman, hence there are consequences that must come to bear.]

Hee Jin finds a residence for Boong Do within a five minute walk of her apartment. Keeping this from Soo Kyung, every night Hee Jin sneaks out for a date with Boong Do. She’s in extreme bliss. And Boong Do is trying very hard to become accustomed to life in this new world. One day, the two of them are happily on a date in the park when they encounter something strange……….


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  1. Koala! OMO! I know what you mean about JHW…I haven’t watched the latest eps yet but I just saw this video of him in button-down white shirt singing ‘Sexy Back’ and just about DIED!!! Seriously, this killed me!!!! You need to watch it! πŸ˜‰


    • $%^&*&%
      You do want Ms Koala alive for next week right?

      Did he just say… “Dirty babe, you see the shackles,
      Baby I’m your slave,
      I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave,
      It’s just that no one makes me feel this way.”

      * GULP *

      • He looks so innocent in QIHM to be singing those lyrics in Sexy Back … LOL.

      • I dunno why but when I was watching this video, I feel like it’s just so wrong. There he was, singing sexy back but he’s just standing there like an electric post and his face was so blank to be singing something so provocative.

        His dancing at the end did help though.

      • I totally had that part of the song stuck in my head since Sunday, when I posted it in our little FB community. @Yeisha still in your head? πŸ˜›

    • Evil, evil, you guys are so evil. Now I can’t sleep tonight because I’m having hot flashes! ARGHHHHH. Wai so sexy, Hyun Woo-shhi? I hear Koalas are super cute and great to hug in bed like a stuffed animal. *bats eyelashes*

    • I can’t believe this. I have try my hard to avoid this vid. Like really really hard but everywhere I went, they is someone posted it. This is the last straw….

      GUYS~~~~~ I’M WATCHING IT!

      Wish me luck!

      • I can’t finish watching it! I’ll be damn if I do. Like totally gonna die!

        Ah….. My poor poor heart!

    • Omo! And THIS is why I should come here more often. I don’t know I missed this video if it were apparently posted everywhere! But holy moly! Sweet….! I have to admit that this made me a bit uncomfortable because I kept thinking of Boong-do, and I just…wha!? Gah! He’s not only a player in QIHM, but in real life too. I’m totally convinced that such an innocent face with that much charisma shouldn’t even be possible!

    • This is the first time I post in Ms Koala’s house, so hello to everyone.

      And about the video: Yes, he IS a hot stuff himself, but I don’t know why when he sings “get your sexy one”, it turns me off :))))

    • Love him to pieces but that was ummmn no….not feeling it. If only he can move that sexy body like Derek Hough :p.
      I’ve heard him sing a few songs by Coldplay and it suits his voice better. He is no Chris Martin but he can pull it off. He sang “The Scientist” in one of the variety shows and I thought he was awesome. “Yellow” was another good one. I bet he can sing “Paradise” well (my current favorite).

    • Oh, I was wondering the same question πŸ™‚
      Was I too blinded by QIHM awesomeness?

      Thanks Ms Koala for the written preview, and yeisha and ck1Oz for the video and lyrics, *red face*, gahhhh, why so sexy?

      • Yes, I’m actually asking myself if I’m too in love with the drama to see it’s flaws now, because I found episode 14 wonderfully written. Hmm…

    • I’m wondering too. What is the pot holes you are talking about Miss Koala?

      I can’t think of any…. And yes… thanks for the preview.. ^^

    • I think she just means all the uncertainties of his plan in Ep 14. It’s supposed to be an intelligent plan, but the failing rate IS SO HIGH…in real life. Of course he would succeed because it’s a drama.

      What if the arrows kill him immediately? What if his manservant didn’t get him to the marked spot in time? What if they couldn’t save him at the hospital? So many things are not calculable and can go so wrong.

      • The thing is BD was really willing to give his life for fix the things, don’t you get it? That is why he have that face on, as if he is really going to die.

        He’ll give his life to fix things he messed up. He is willing to for his queen, for the queen and to stop the curse.

        Why people don’t get it?

        But because he is the hero he is alive.

  2. “Get your sexy on” omo, after laughing silly by the simple lyrics and konglish, I didn’t care anymore the moment JHW started dancing. He is so hot that I think my heart is still thumping.

    • Konglish…ha!ha! I like that. Was a bit hard to get past that initially but his smoldering eyes are killing me! How am I to live after next week without JHW? πŸ˜€

      • “Get your sexy on” and “Go ‘head be gone with it”, although the latter was mumbled and sounded like “Go hed begonwiit” are part of the Sexy Back lyrics.

  3. While I agree there are several plot holes (like they never showed up how he made himself jump back and forth in ep 7), I actually don’t think there were too many in this latest ep, if you think about it from a mystical viewpoint. The idea of you live when you die and die when you live (not translating perfectly)… Bung Do knew there was a huge chance he would be killed and he was willing to take that risk, but I also feel like somehow the talisman, even though it wasn’t with him, helped him get lucky because of the very fact that he was truly willing to sacrifice himself. (And frankly, I wouldn’t admire him so much if he had thought Heejin was the only thing that mattered that much.)

  4. whats going on in episode 15? is he going to vanished like in Rooftop Prince? or what? Bong Do will live in this era right?! or he have to go back to his own era and die there, I really curious about what will happen next..

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