Nice Guy Gets its Love Triangle as Park Shi Yeon Joins the Drama

After being rumored to join the cast for the past few weeks, today Park Shi Yeon‘s agency announced that she has agreed to star in the drama Nice Guy with Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won. It’s pretty much a love triangle between Joong Ki and his two leading ladies, so let’s not pretend we even care who the other male lead will be. Park Shi Yeon plays the woman who betrays Song Joong Ki, turning the formerly nice guy into a not-so-nice-guy hell bent on revenge. I hope the betrayal is a real eye opener, because seeking revenge for a broken heart is pretty heavy stuff. I’m quite pleased with the talented cast assembled, as I already adore Song Joong Ki and am very fond of Moon Chae Won, and Park Shi Yeon has continued to impress me in recent years with her acting improvement, especially her comedic and captivating turn in Coffee House.

Aside from the cast, I’m actually really interested in the story, especially since it is written by famed screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee. Directing will be the PD who did Romance Town, and by all accounts that drama was quite pretty and interestingly directed. Nice Guy won’t air until August as it will take over Bridal Mask‘s time slot on Wed-Thurs for KBS. Since BM is a twenty-episode drama, fans of this cast will have to hold your horses for a few more months. I have an inkling it’ll be worth the wait.


Nice Guy Gets its Love Triangle as Park Shi Yeon Joins the Drama — 23 Comments

  1. I hereby name my horse, Joongki and I am holding him very very very tightly.

    A little worried if the PD can’t get the best of MCW, who can be a little too even (read a not as nice word, but I don’t want any antipans) but when she is good, she is good!
    Let’s hope both LL can eschew the teary, conflicted roles and move into something FUN, SASSY, SEXY!

  2. BM is slated for a 24 episode broadcast according to naver though, but nice guy will still make its august premiere

  3. I’m looking forward to it but I’m worried how Park Shi Yeon will look next to Song Joong Ki.D: Moon Chae Won looks good because she has this young look but Park Shi Yeon looks really mature. I hope we will see a sexy and more mature Joong Ki…*___* Not matter what… I’m excited!!

    • According to some source, PSY’s character will betray SJK and get married to MCW’s dad (become her step mother). So I think for age wise, it makes sense.

    • Yeah. I’m looking forward to this newly dark Song Joong Ki. I don’t know why, but I’m intrigued of this betrayal which turned a nice guy into a cold-hearted womaniser. His character is similar to the role he portrayed in that Sungkyunkwan drama. but this “Nice Guy” character is the opposite yet similar, so I can’t wait for this melodramatic guy to be seen. Actually, I’m imagining him right now being a bad boy and I felt an attraction..
      Oh, never mind! I’m watching this drama for sure! Even if it’s too depressing to watch as long the plot keeps you glued to your seat or make your hand stunned that you can’t touch the remote control. XD

  4. Lol….o man some ppl are so not going to be happy at this news over thinga like age difference..but I’m totally satisfied…PSY has gotten so much better since her MG and she’ll form a nice balance agewise if she is supposed to be SJK’s ex and MCW’s fathers lover/ wife….can’t wait to see SJK in revenge/angst mode

  5. Song Joong Ki. That was all I needed when they first announced the drama, but I am glad I adore both the leading ladies. I hope each actor brings their A-game to this because I will be tuning in. I don’t think I’ve ever really finished or truly watched from beginning to end a melodrama, but maybe this will be the first.

    • You bring up a very real beef with melos.
      Not that some become makjang, cause that is part of the recipee, but somehow the characters get stuck in an endless cycle of blame shifting, guilt giving, sacrifice doing until you want to scream.
      For some reason, I enjoyed the pain of Will It Snow for Christmas, and a good part of that may be due to the absolute gorgeousness of Go Soo in tears.

      I guess if SJK is the one doing the pretty (what else?) crying, I’ll hang on till the end, too. <3

  6. 20 ep on a revenge story about a broken heart? I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of filler ep; therefore, cutting down wouldn’t hurt (but then again all dramas have filler ep).

    I don’t know if I have the patient for this type …..

  7. Hmmmm….SJK looks way younger than Shi Yeon. She’s super gorgeous and all, but he is baby-faced to the max. I wonder if it’ll be a noona-love, but I just hope she wasn’t his teacher in college. It’d more interesting if they met because he saved her life or did something very gracious for her when they were strangers. Then they met by coincidence again so he was convinced that it was fate. Joong Ki’s character was pure and romantic until DUN DUN DUN she stomps all over his heart and pretends she had no idea that he was ever serious about her. Whatever the writing Shi Yeon and Joong Ki will BRING IT. He totally won me in TWDR.

  8. Yayy! I HAVE to watch this drama now. Moon Chae Won has become my 2nd favorite (1st is Moon Geun Young) actress since The Princess’ Man, Song Joong Ki is adorable and I loved Park Shi Yeon in Coffee Prince. Hope this will be good 🙂 By the way, what other dramas did that writer write?

  9. is PSY the main girl that ends up with SJK? sorry too lazy to dramawiki it up ^^
    MCW has been my girl crush since Brilliant Legacy days. Then Princess’s Man made me love her even more. I would be sad if she doesn’t get the guy haha

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