Seo Ji Seok in the June Edition of Sure Magazine and Newsen Interview

It’s no secret I adore Seo Ji Seok. The only reason he’s not more prevalent all over the Playground is due to his predilection for picking projects that either majorly suck (Manny) or are a variety I don’t watch (the sitcom High Kick 3). I’ve resorted to rewatching Gloria or OBGYN to get my Seo Ji Seok fix. He’s not the best actor around (okay, he’s can be pretty stiff), but hot diggity he just has that smexiness I totally go gaga over. As Kang Seok in Gloria, he was pretty much my K-drama broody leading man wet dream (he even goes to an underground fight club to unleash his frustrations and then puts his suit back on afterwards). He has a feature in June’s issue of Sure Magazine, plus Newsen did an interview with him recently after he wrapped High Kick 3. Have some cute Ji Seok pics to satisfy your craving.

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Seo Ji Seok in the June Edition of Sure Magazine and Newsen Interview — 23 Comments

  1. Really?!?! With puppies?!?! I was so going to type something focused and intelligent, but I can barely get my fingers to stop shaking.

    SMEXI meet your definition.

    Thank you, ockoala!

  2. Yeah Seo Ji Seok !!!!!!!!
    Man I remember when he was in that drama with Ku Hye Sun and I hated them together both were stiff worst cute couple ever. Anyway I totally loved him in High Kick 3, he’s really trying hard to improve his acting. I know soon he’s going to hit a home run soon.

    • What’s amusing is I finally decided that I liked GHS in Pure 19 than in any role she has ever starred as of late..

      • I’ve watched GHS in a number of dramas, and have to agree with you that her best performance(by far, imho) was as Yang Gukhwa, in Pure 19(aka Hearts of 19). She was very convincing, and also seemed very comfortable in that role. I really became of fan of hers because of Pure 19. But- one thing that has been consistent in every one of her performances, which is disappointing, is how very uncomfortable GHS is in her romantic scenes. She seems to really stiffen up whenever there’s a scene calling for a hug or especially a kiss. She’s clearly uncomfortable, and it ruins the scene(at least, for me). Don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan of GHS…but her obvious discomfort with romantic scenes makes it difficult to enjoy any romance dramas that she stars in….because her romantic scenes(which are kind of important in romance dramas) always fall flat.

  3. For a reason i love that guy. He is not the most handsome man in town but i love his acting. I discovered him in Gloria, saw him in the lame Manny and in the good Ob-Gyn and in a few eps of HK3. Something about his eyes. Yes, real puppy eyes this one.

  4. I love him to death from the Kdrama Pure 19. After that I have not heard a thing from him… By the way I’m from Philippines. Hope He can make a drama that will make him stand out again.

  5. Gah. I had a mega crush on his Manny character and therefore threw tantrum at his leading lady: how could she not have any chemistry with that hawtie, nor “her kids” – she was so awkward around them. :-/

    I am a cat person and his shoes are more than meh. So if I leave him all to you, Mrs Koala, is it OK to have Jung Woo Sung all to myself? Remember that out there in the k-entertainment world, he probably is the last bachelor entitled to be called oppa by this playgrounder. Yes? Oh thank you. So generous of you to let him leave your wide harem. *giggles*

    • So true. It’s funny because she had plenty of chemistry with Ryu Soo-young in Ojagkyo Brothers (enough to score them a Best Couple award even though they werent the main leads).

      • I think they were one of the mains to be true. They had the same screen time as Uee and JW.

        It is a family drama, so there isn’t just one main couple.

    • Yes, I stayed with Manny ONLY because of him. That red yarn bit? I know it was corny, but I would have walked around the equator (barefoot) following yarn if I knew he was standing at the end of it. I agree, too, with her chemistry (or lack thereof with the kids). He, on the other hand, was great with them. Perhaps a single dad story is in his future drama gods?

      • I tend to find actors/actresses really odd towards their screen kids and was pleasantly surprised because he did not. Instead he looked very comfortable, especially with the boy. That won me over. [rant] Just like Kim Sung Min with his son “Dong Dong” (kid actor Park Joon Mok) onscreen and offscreen in Family’s honor.[end of rant]

        Would too be very much looking forward to seeing SJS as a single daddy. 🙂

  6. I just finished Gloria (slow at the beginning but watchable when you are bored).. But I admit, I enjoyed the sweet reverse-cinderalla story more than Gloria’s. And this is probably the only kdrama with such an awesome platonic best friends (that was probably the best thing). They cried and worried for each other, but it was’nt like they MUST love each other then! I’m so glad! Sorry for my little rant/review…

    Anyways, Seo Ji Seok is good looking but I haven’t seen him much. I didn’t even know his name before this post..

  7. OMG, I LOVE Gloria (well until episode 30) and watch it all the time as well for my fix, that and Pure 19! He’s definitely my fave brooding guy who just needs someone to love. I totally agree that there is something so hot about Seo Ji Seok, but that he can pick total crap (Ugh Manny). He’s not done enough stuff and I wish he would stop doing supporting roles. he’s lead man all the way for me.
    I liked OBGYN but I felt bad for his character, so I rewatch that more for Song Joong Ki than him.

  8. Love this guy, but even he couldn’t make me sit through Gloria until the end.

    And those ugly man-sandals!! Need I say more?

    I hope he finds a project where he can finally shine.

  9. He looks so unrecognizable from the creeper in manny. I cant say i didn’t like that creeper for the first couple episodes though, I did. But That show sucked more than the vampire in fright night. SUCKED!!!! I was real disappointed.

  10. Wonder what ever happened between SJS and that ice skater he was paired with on Kiss and Cry…they looked like they were close…and I thought he was smitten.

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