Lee Seung Gi Releases Promotional Stills for His Budokan Concert

So apparently Lee Seung Gi did sing a song off The King 2 Hearts OST at his Budokan concert. He sang “Love is Crying”, and right now I’m crying because I couldn’t be there to experience this myself. Universe – you suck, thanxbai! Seung Gi’s Budokan concert went off without a hitch and I’m sure somewhere out there the fans who got to attend are all basking in this memory while I have to contend myself from staring at a boatload of stills released by his agency for the concert. He’s so adorable, and I can’t get over how he looks all young and boyish again now that he’s shed his King Lee Jae Ha image.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Lee Seung Gi bar]


Lee Seung Gi Releases Promotional Stills for His Budokan Concert — 34 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala for still posting LSG news even after TK2H. Still waiting for some fan who was able to stealthily get some videos from the concert specially him singing Love is Crying. Since Seung Gi’s rendition of the song was always described as DAEBAK. Going to target going to Seung Gi’s concert in Seoul this December…it’s time for me to join in the action. In the meantime, hope to see him on TV before his Olympic torch relay stint…Running Man perhaps? 🙂

  2. Oh Ms. Koala, you should check out the photos of Seung gi at Gimpo Airport returning to Korea from Japan. So HOT.

  3. It ends? Why does this feast of the Hunky end?
    I will have to stay in perpetual scroll to fool myself…
    Have to say I LOVE the gold medal T.
    I need that shirt!!


  4. Ms Koala, love it that you are now also a LSG noona fan. One more source of info on LSG for me . Hurray and thanks so much (beaming away).

  5. i can’t remove his kingly image from my brain now. boyish LSG is cute. but the manly LSG wearing well-fitting suits is hot!!! but still he’s hot eitherway. haha. i’m still in the process of letting go of k2h. hahaha

      • Thanks for the link! Ha, the fans are so loud! Note to all fans, don’t scream when you’re recording, lol. But I’ll probably do the same. Swoon… Thanks Koala for continuing to put up posts on Seunggi!

      • Thankfully they did scream a crazily during the super daebak moments of his voice, through those moments flahes from the kingly manside shined on through

    • Thank you!!!
      I almost feel like crying when I heard it… I don’t know why… miss TK2H too much.

      When the Kibou concert is broadcast in Japan on July 15, we should be able to get a clear video and audio.

    • There’re rumors floating that Seung-gi might be going for a second masters degree? Apparently there was a Chinese student who went in for an interview at a university and he was there for the same as well.

      As if I wasn’t mighty impressed already with him juggling the different aspects of his career admirably…

  6. Thanks Ockoala, I like this guy so much, please keep us posted any of his latest endeavor. Cheers to you too!

  7. Hi Ms Koala…visiting you page again,:)
    LSG singing his version of love is crying awed me and i can say it’s really DAEBAK…. ;)…
    but it so sad that HJW didn’t make it on the concert because of her photo shoot commitment.. it would be more DAEBAK it she was there beside LSg while singing it…
    BTW love all his pictures.. aigoo so handsome 🙂

  8. Greetings fr Singapore! Real eye candy to see Lee Seung Gi oppa in your website. Miss Koala,if there are updates on him, pls post them up. Thank you for your postings!<3@-}–

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