Big Releases Official MV Containing New Scenes on Both Love Pairings

I wonder if I got with a Big heatstroke some time between last night and tonight, otherwise I simply have no explanation why I’m this taken with this drama. I’m probably one of only a handful of the non-Gong Yoo fangirls in existence (everyone’s weird fixation on his body leaves me amused), and Lee Min Jung I adore for her screen presence more than her acting ability. There is just something sucking me into Big, and when I watched the official MV for Davichi‘s “Because It’s You” track from the OST, it confirmed for me that the love triangle is going to be a kicker. The MV shows scenes we haven’t seen before of how Yoon Jae and Da Ran fell for each other, and HOMG are they cute. It still doesn’t excuse Yoon Jae’s constantly blowing Da Ran off in episode 1 and his shady travel abroad plans, not to mention seemingly nebulous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, but I can finally see a glimmer of possibility that Yoon Jae and Da Ran could be the end game. I still firmly believe it’s Kyung Joon and Da Ran, but now at least there is a viable other side of the love triangle.

The first part of this MV shows the missing courtship scenes between Yoon Jae and Da Ran, which helps to fill in the blanks. Yoon Jae clearly fell for Da Ran at first sight when he spotted her at the wedding, and his little gestures for her were adorable. I betcha money he was trying to help her catch the bouquet when he instead bumped her and caused her to fall off the stairs. I like Yoon Jae’s reserved dorkiness around Da Ran, but then I’m still really skeeved out by his shady behavior in episode 1 that I’m not quite ready to lay out my welcome mat for him yet. But he’s clearly not with Da Ran out of obligation, so that clears up one obstacle for me eventually liking him.

The first half of this MV is all Yoon Jae-Da Ran, while the second half is all Kyung Joon-Da Ran. There is a scene in this MV that shows what happened on the bed after Da Ran broke it. I love the face Kyung Joon makes, and then he grabs her hand. Why did they cut out that scene! Argh, Koala rage. What makes this MV awesome is that it paints both guys as the past, and ends with Da Ran meeting Kyung Jae, Yoon Jae’s body with Kyung Joon’s soul. Which is her endgame? That’s for the Hong Sisters to torment me until the very end, I’m sure.

Official Big MV for Davichi Because It’s You:

The preview for episode 3 shows us Suzy is finally in the game as well. I’ve read that she likes Kyung Joon, but will she also fall for Kyung Jae? I actually want any romantic skinship between Da Ran and Kyung Jae to wait for later. From the very beginning Kyung Joon has been so casual and informal with Da Ran, and this continues both ways now that he’s become Kyung Jae. What I loved about his “Gil Da Ran, I love you” statement in episode 2 was that he made it because he could see how sad she was feeling learning that Yoon Jae really was brushing her off. Despite how much he teases her, contrasting to the hospital scene when he pretended to have soul-switched back with Yoon Jae, here he just elects to be Yoon Jae to buoy her spirits up. It was such an easy thing for him to do, and he did it so simply and meaningfully, without pretending to be Yoon Jae or saying it jokingly. Guh, this OTP already rocks my socks. I can’t wait for episode 3.

Preview for episode 3:


Big Releases Official MV Containing New Scenes on Both Love Pairings — 43 Comments

  1. “It’s terrible BUT I love it.” “It’s a good drama but some technical blah blah blah makes me hate it.” – This is what we always get from you. You’re giving us a whiplash.

    • It would bolster your argument if you actually could back up your assertion. You say I “always” make contrary drama choices, and yet the last two dramas I’ve been crazy about negates your very observation. I think both The King 2 Hearts and Queen In Hyun’s Man are qualitatively great dramas and I happen to love them as well. If you’re selectively reading my posts to reach your conclusion about my tastes, then I suggest you not air it publicly unless you can substantiate it. There are times I love dramas that aren’t very good, times I dislike dramas that are not bad, and times where I love a drama I also think is fabulously done. Try using “always” when you are sure it’s warranted.

  2. I want Da Ran with Kyung Joon, but I also want Lee Min Jung with Gong Yoo as the final OTP. Darn, there is no way it’s gonna happen. :(( Either the boy, or Yoon Jae.

    • Oh sweetie, I’m so with you on this. I think the final ship being Kyung Jae would be ideal, but obviously that can’t be. Sigh, so torn are we. Hong Sisters have cast their black hoodoo magic on us once again.

      • Kyung Jae it is for me. <3 Can writer make that happen, miraculously, in any way, one way or another?

        Haven't seen Ep 2, but it doesn't seem like there's an explanation abt where YJ's soul is? Is he really gone? I mean, if he's still around, the only solution or way out: there are 2 souls in YJ's body – himself (unawakened) and KJ.

        A very far-fetched and ludicrous assumption: YJ comes back, but finds himself stuck with another soul (KJ) in his body, witnesses GDR fall for alter-identity KJ in his body, and how oblivious he's been to DR's needs all this while. In the process he becomes a better person, and tries to win DR back. Altho KJ is deeply in love with GDR, he cannot see a proper future for them, goes all out to help YJ win DR back. Of course DR will be in major state of confusion, trying to tell who's who. But she will sort it out eventually, she'll have to deal with whether it's KJ or YJ or Kyung Jae that she likes.

        How's that? Utter logic fail! hahaha..

      • Indeed why not? It’s called artistic license!! Yey for fantasies! C’mon writer-nims, go for it!

    • I totally agree with what you said. I like Shin.. but I want the OTP to be LMJ and GY.. But him as Kyung Joon!!!

      I think I will stop watching this drama until it ends, otherwise I’ll go crazy trying to figure out everything and want my way…

  3. Hi Koala Unni, Thank you thank you.. I love the song and mv. oh, I so agree why did they cut off that scene of KJ hold her hand… dang, this make me ship more whiich I do not want to right now until Suzy come on ep3…The question will they kiss or not on ep 3…

    • Nooooo! I want the kiss to come much later when there are feelings involved. This OTP is special to me already and I dont want any jokey kissing.

      • It could also be a mindtrick — and actually a flashback? (I didn’t see what the characters were wearing, to peg the actual timing of the kiss.) But I wouldn’t put it past the folks who do previews to mess with us like that…

      • is there a preview for episode 3? I really2 curious about what happen next episode, will somebody give the link here?

  4. Me too! I keep thinking about this drama. Its not love at first sight but its slowly growing on me. And it doesn’t feel like a Hong sisters drama at all — which I like. Except for My Delightful Choon Hyang and You’re Beautiful, I couldn’t finish the rest of their dramas. But this one is shaping up quiet nicely. I am loving DR and KJ already, they seem to be emotionally perfect for each other.

    P.S. Koala, I just learned that HJW is in L.A. today to promote her movie “As One”! Gah. I’m so sad, the first time that I took a vacation this year and its the week that HJW is in California. I totally would have driven down from SF if I was there! 🙁

  5. i am actually quite skeptical about the MV. Lots of dramas tend to film MVs with scenes coming from the drama, but not actually included in it. I remember Bad Guy, whose soundtrack MV showed scenes for one of the couples that were never included in the drama. The couple in question seemed far more in love in the MV than in the drama itself.
    So, the scenes about Yoon Jae and Da Ran should be watched carefully. Don’t get your hopes up, since Yoon Jae can still be an 100% douchebag. Even though we hope the contrary.

    • I am actually counting on those being HER point of view, but I think it really is their meet cute.
      When’s the last time he played a bad guy?
      Bring it on, GY, make us hate you!!

  6. Thank you so much for the mv!!
    i love it .I can’t wait to see DR and YJ ‘s relationship before the accident.I can’t imagine him cheating on her or being a bastard.There must be a reason !!I LOVE the 2th episode ,GY is so great.His scene at the school was crazy but i didn’t find it overacting like Cha Seung Won in Best Love.i have never fallen in love with the Hong sister’s dramas immediately but i love Big from the start ,especially it has so much potential

  7. The second episode was SO much better than the first one. I like the unpredictability of the plot & the OTP. I was surprised they revealed about the ‘cheating’ angle so early in the series. Looks like Suzy’s character will fall for ajusshi YJ. As if things weren’t getting more confusing!!

    Don’t care much for DR….yet! When she kept repeating “YJ-shi” every consecutive second it drove me up the wall. I like how KJ was able to quickly discern that YJ loves his abs more than spending time with his fiancee. Hopefully DR can grow out of her naivete quickly.

    I’ve only watched GY in Coffee Prince and am really fond of him. I was watching ep 2 on viki and the comments there made me chuckle many a times. <3

  8. The comments on ViKi about Kyung Joon are hilarious too – “I’d go to jail for that” 🙂 Okee, so the scenes with YJ at the beginning show he’s not the major jerk I originally thought. (unless they’re messin’ with us) I’m gonna have to see a lot more before I give up the K Joon/ DR ship. But I can probably be easily swayed. (LOL)
    I agree, a kiss right now between KJ and DR is too soon. Does it make me a pervert that I totally want a kiss scene between the REAL K Joon and DR? Why am I shipping them so hard? Just from the bus/umbrella scene? It’s driving me crazy.

  9. This drama has the same vibe as ‘I love lee taeri’ and to be honest I enjoy both noona-dongsaeng relationship on an adult body. Both are unpredictable that makes it interesting, however I reckon big is more complicated.. 2 diff souls.. Hmm, I really wish that the hong sisters will make it work and satisfy us. *of course I want kyung joon- daran because yoon jae’s character doesn’t appeal to me.
    As for ‘I love leetaeri’ are you watching it ockoala? Overall and plot is enjoyable so far. Kibum’s acting is acceptable as well considering he’s new to acting.
    Both drama endings are hard to guess and really complicated to guess, ILLTR she will end up with a 14yrs old boy being in an adult body, but BIG 2souls?!

  10. Koala –
    Apparently, you have not signed Ye Olde Oathe of Blogguere
    As the owner of your own blog, you have the responsibility to determine what you like before you see it, make choices based on that decision, NEVER ever change your mind.
    You cannot have conflicting opinions on anything, nor can you be wrong.
    If you are right, you are still wrong.
    And when you are wrong, it shall be shouted from the highest towers over Kdramaland.
    The only stipulation, of course, is if I agree with you and then, you are always right.

    Hope that clears things up for you. 🙂

    PS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BoongDo + HeeJin 5EVER! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  11. I honestly want her to end up with Kyung Joon either way. Obviously the best case scenerio is that he stays inside Yoon Jae’s body. But then he is missing out on 12 years of his life, so part of me wants him to have his own body back…. So confused on what I want! Haha

  12. I love that we don’t know who the lead is, yet. I haven’t watched a drama for quite some time where I didn’t know within the first episode who the main pairing would be.

  13. i got a theory right now, regarding Yoon Jae
    1. he’s not a cheater
    2. he didn’t give out the invitations cause there’s someone who might oppose the wedding = parents
    3. he was flying to the US to convince them
    4. his parents never knew he broke up with se young
    5. his parents like very much se young because she’s a doctor and such
    6. se young knows it and she’s using it to get back with him

    it totally makes sense to me!

    • I like your theory, Carolina. If any of the wedding scenes from the MV are correct, then cheating Yoon Jae makes no sense. Besides, we’ve seen a couple of scenes (bed length scene, your-hand-is-warm scene) where Yoon Jae seems to actually like Da Ran.

      Plus, the Hong sisters (or THS) never really liked to go for the most obvious.

      But if this theory is correct, then THS have royally screwed with my head. Should I ship Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body/Da Ran or Yoo Jae/Da Ran?

  14. I’m loving this too, the first episode was so not the typical Hong sisters style but it was a good start.
    Awww, it’s obvious that YJ really liked Daran but his shady behavior is shady, ex gf coming in and having been all hands on does not bode well. I’m hoping it’s just cold feet and some unsolved business.
    KJ I’m guessing will fall for Daran and they do make a good match, he is maturer for his age and well Daran isn’t.
    I’m wondering if KJ and YJ might be brothers, that’s my guess and will YJ wake up at some point before the last episodes because I really want to see him fight for Daran. Right now I’m conflicted who I’m rooting for with Daran.

  15. im really liking Big so’s very light, funny and has heart. I don’t get why people are complaining about the direction or editing, it seems alright to me. I love the soundtrack, especially the one with the piano playing, it’s all very whimsical and fitting.
    Maybe the reason why they didnt show the doctor’s courtship scenes is that they wanted to show his ambiguous side first…like, doubt his sincerity for Da ran.
    And damn Da Ran and the teenage boy has so much chemistry. It’s weird cause the actor playing Kyoon Joon seem quite effeminate, so boyishly young, yet when he’s around Minjung/Da ran, it’s like instant sparks.
    Gong Yoo is so handsome especially in that white coat. I’m having Dr. Mcdreamy (Grey’s Anatomy)flashbacks because of him. I could totally get Da ran’s lovefool-ness for him.

  16. The Hong Sisters are trying to kill me. That’s all there is to it! What I am the most joyful about is they are going pretty far to switch up there past shortcomings and I couldnt be happier.
    It’s just going to be the death of me. Aigoo!

  17. To think I didn’t want to watch this drama in the beginning because I’m not the male lead’s fan. I really really enjoy this drama now, even after ep 1, and more so after ep 2. Whatever is going to happen will drive me nuts, I don’t know who she should choose. Ahhhhhh.

  18. Here’s what I think:

    1. YJ and KJ are brothers. YJ was planning a trip to the US to look for his long-lost brother. They are connected somehow, as evidenced by that picture that both of them have.

    2. DR will end up with….I don’t know 😀 At this point, it looks like her fated connection with KJ is stronger since he was able to connect to her hand in that umbrella scene while YJ missed her hand in that one scene and failed to catch her. However, YJ saw/met her first. So it could go both ways – DR might end up the big sister who can fill the emotional void in KJ’s life, but she is fated to fall romantically in love with YJ.

    Just my thoughts, they could be farthest from where the Hong sisters will take this story 😀

  19. what can I say.???? I already love this drama and am also shipping Kyung Jae and Da ran…now, am not going to have to nurture a big headache trying to figure out what happens next…after all this is Hong sisters product so anything goes…I will just sit back and enjoy the ride…. ( tries hard to control self and have a straight face)…..arrrrghhhhhhhh so harrrdddd….

  20. I just had a horrid thought: what if he was being distant because he has a life-threatening illness and wanted to play noble idiot?

  21. So those little snippets at the wedding make me think he isn’t the total d-bag that he appears to be by the end of episode 2….


    I don’t want to have to hate that character once he goes back into the right body.

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