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Big is sorta gnawing away at me tonight. I was at a baseball game but my mind stayed with the drama. Hasn’t happened in awhile so early on, even The King 2 Hearts took a few episodes to crawl inside my skin. I kept thinking that there is more to Big than meets the eye, and the awkward episode 1 was just a drama trying to form itself into a new Hong Sisters shape. I quite like the laid back beat, and that is something I don’t think I gave the Hong Sisters enough credit for. To bust out of the overly cutesy precociousness and try something, well, different for a change. Good or bad, I’m willing to give Big the benefit of the doubt and show me.

The ratings for episode 1 was a decent 8.5%, much better than its predecessor Love Rain but still the last of the Mon-Tues dramas. While I ship Da Ran-Kyung Joon madly (and even more than I ship Da Ran-Kyung Jae), new stills show us there might be more to Yoon Jae than meets the eye. That would be awesome, because I need his character to be more than just token fiancee with commitment issues. Looks like his interest in Da Ran wasn’t just because of the missed catch leading to the broken bones. But did you guys notice – Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s first meeting, his hands reach for her and misses by a hairsbreadth, whereas Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s meeting, his hands reach for hers holding the umbrella and makes contact.

One thing that has been bugging me is how un-Kyung Joon the soul swapped Kyung Jae acts. Perhaps the shock and trauma of the soul switch is making him all freaked out (which I can believe), but where’d the cool piercing young man go and why was he replaced with a shrieky twitchy version of himself? I hope he deals with the soul-switching reality soon and then starts behaving like Kyung Joon getting a chance to live out his fantasy wish of growing up overnight, and having as a fiancee his “Gil Teacher” that he clearly has never once thought of as a teacher.

Preview for episode 2 (with English subs):

If you watch the drama opening credits below, its even clearer that the male lead is Kyung Joon’s soul. The Gong Yoo incarnation is Kyung Jae (and not Yoon Jae). Plus the love triangle with the two leads is Lee Min Jung and Suzy, who likes Kyung Joon. If the female love triangle is Lee Min Jung and Jang Hee Jin, then I would buy that Young Jae was the lead. Poor dude doesn’t even merit the opening credits until the very last frame. At this point, I’ll write him down as the token second male lead destined to get his heartbroken in the end. I betcha he actually does like Da Ran, but something else is holding him back. Too bad I could care less. Kyung Joon and Da Ran’s chemistry is the kind to start a fire in wet hay. I would bottle that up and sleep with it at night if I could.

Pretty drama opening for Big:


Video Preview and Stills for Episode 2 of Big — 15 Comments

  1. yes, I realized too that it is the soul of the young cutie pie is the male lead actually and not the character that Gong Yoo is playing! A bit strange and weird realization. So it is like the young actor borrowing Gong Yoo’s body for his role?

    yeah…hope that Gong Yoo won’t overdo/act over the top the soul switching thing like Hyun Bin did

  2. I hope “Big” will have Hong sister’s fun story just like they other dramas!
    …still wait for next episode ^^

    btw, i like your JaeHa’s banner.. mrs. Koala! ( still have fever by TK2H virus) ^^

  3. If the main love triangle is Da ran – Kyung Joon – Suzy, then how does this work? Kyung Joon is in Young Jae’s body, so no one else knows this YJ is KJ. Unless somewhere along the way…Suzy finds out that YJ is KJ. That would make sense. Even so…I don’t think the Hong Sisters would let Suzy find out so soon, otherwise there wouldn’t be a secret that binds Da ran and Kyung Jae together, which the Hong Sisters love love love using.

  4. about ep 2: messy.

    I don’t know. It hurts me to say so, but I didn’t like it as much as ep 1. I will continue to watch though.

  5. btw, good of you to notice the hand touching
    I think that your interpretation is the right one
    this drama is more about the student and the teacher?

  6. Interesting observation about the hands! Watching EP 2 there were a couple of times Gong Yoo acted a bit over-the-top as K’s character but all in all, it wasn’t that strange. (THANK GOD) If he keeps the smexy, calm, snarkiness – he’ll nail it.
    The doctor appears to be a class A bastard but we’ll see. Thanks for your interest in this one!

  7. I don’t know but the actors seem detached from their characters. I don’t feel sucked into any character or the story itself honestly, Im like watching it just for the heck of it since all of them are really pretty. I know it’s the Hong sisters who’re making this story but the actors just lack connection. Its as if they’re just acting their characters without really relating to them. :/
    And I don’t think Im gonna like it if Da ran would end up with Kyung Joon. But whatever its still the first episode. :DD Excited for the second. 😀

  8. I’m totally on board with Kyung Joon-Da Ran. And I also like Gong Yoo. Now I’m wondering that it would be awesome if this drama had an alternate version with Kyung Joon getting more screen time. I am feeling uneasy because many people are claiming it’s not possible because of the age difference (what’s the age difference, they’re 18 and ?). Well, I can also see some doubt in that how are they going to make Gong Yoo, the second lead?? I mean, when all soul-swapping is done with. Or they’ll just forget Shin (Nooo!). Because Kyung Jae can’t be for forever. Ahhh… So, I’m curious. This and Galsital really make ne interested in the story after a long time.

  9. Gaaaahhh!! I ship Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. Like totally! Do you see that look between them at the stills? sizzzzzzling! (or is it just me, lol!) I’m not yet completely into the drama but would continue to watch just for these two. Love them sooo much!

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