Written Preview and First Spoiler Pictures from Episode 16 of Queen In Hyuns Man

Queen In Hyun’s Man treats time-travel like I’ve seen in almost every drama or movie, as something magical with some ramifications but none of the gritty sci-fi contemplated consequences. That’s all good and fine, but we’re left with very little to angst over other than hoping the two of them can end up in the same time zone forever. All signs point to a happy ending folks, trust my Koala instinct on this one. If this was a C-drama, I’d tell you all to go buy some industrial strength towels right now for the marathon crying session to come (as experienced by folks who watched Bu Bu Jing Xin), but here my drama-watching experience tells me we’re getting a happy ending come hell or magic water. I couldn’t be happier, I don’t need a drama to be sad for it to be memorable. With that said, have the first spoiler pictures from episode 16. I dunno what it means until tomorrow, but I’m sure it’ll get quite a reaction from the fans.

Written preview for episode 16:

One year later, Hee Jin has completed the drama “New Jang Hee Bin”. Hee Jin is an A-list star now and her schedule is packed. One day, Hee Jin receives an invitation from the Ministry of Education to narrate a documentary. The PD gives her a script titled “Queen In Hyun’s Man”……


Written Preview and First Spoiler Pictures from Episode 16 of Queen In Hyuns Man — 22 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala! The streaming version I watched RAW didn’t have a preview attached. I just can’t help going back to the intro in Episode one. It’s going to tie in, but how???

  2. I guess it can only be this much story telling when it comes to time travel and especially it’s based on their love story. BBJX is heart breaking, but then again it was also a good story. However, being a pro happy ending drama follower, I’d seriously want all OTPs to be together, after all I enjoy these dramas cos it’s something that will not happen to my life, at least not this life. LOL ^o^
    So watching the OTPs fall for each other and then live together it’s an mental achievement for me. Mummy needs some romance feeling from time to time…not that I’m not being loved, but just like to feel it again and again… ^o*

  3. Excellent!!

    I have no idea what it means, except I guess she found a way to go visit her lost boyfriend and things got complicated.

    Happy Ending!!!! Fingers crossed!!

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Omg, Hee Jin decides to take things into her own hands to bring back the nerd of her dreams – you go girl!!! Hwaiting!!!!

  5. Hello Ms. Koala,
    I think it is only me, but im not feeling this drama. I was anticipating for it to air, but later dropped it…i guess im tired of the whole time travel/fantasy life…or maybe im sad that hee jin is not after her ex…he too has his charm even though he is a jerk… :;( maybe i will pick it up later when i am bored…but as of now, i just read recaps of each episode…

  6. I don’t think they are really standing there together at the same time, but standing alone in the same spot in their respective time zones.

  7. Hi Koala,

    Thank you for this post..i’m loving this drama to the max..
    I really hope it will be a happy ending..

  8. Oh my, preview says HJ has been asked to “narrate”…does this explain her voice overs since ep 1, like she’s reading a story or (gasp!) narrating? Not a lovers in paris ending please!

  9. I really wish it will be a happy ending…after king 2 hearts, i don’t think i can handle
    another heartbreak on my favorite OTP, it might be the end of dramas for me, because
    i tend to be so invested on these dramas…. and giving me sad endings only add up to my
    frustrations in life, haissst!

    • oops, i read again and it seems like he’s saying he likes her.. sorry for the confusion, i blame my poor Korean knowledge. ^^


    YIN said they would need to talk about it privately but it was a BOMBSHELL! Even his family was there to see the finale.

    • If it is true, I would not be surprised about it. They were already dating through the drama (in a way) and they did look like they liked each other on the set (in the drama) and behind the scenes (seriously, just find some pictures of the two of them behind the scenes and you would see what I mean).
      I usually don’t ship actors and actresses when they are in a drama/movie together, because real day to day life is different from the kind of life they have while filming, even though they do spend a lot of time together, which can understandably lead to them being attracted to each other.
      In this case however, I would say that 1–they both seem to be caring people (meaning they care about people in general); 2–they care about each other (as people but also as professionals meaning they support and help each other professionally); 3–they actually like each other and it shows, it is apparent; 4–they have had a fairly good amount of skinship during their scenes together; 5–they are both attractive people who also seem to be kind and nice, so really, I could understand anyone being attracted to either one of them or them being attracted to each other.
      Let’s see if they end up dating in real life, that would be a natural progression of things, if it were to happen. If JHW really did confess that he likes YIN at the screening for the finale, that would be huge (for him to admit that in public when they haven’t yet decided what they will do). If he did do that, he must REALLY like her (because he is taking a chance, but he must have also sensed that she feels the same way about him). It is interesting to see that she is more cautious about the whole thing (them dating or not and also them being public about it) however, and I can understand her wanting to be cautious.
      I would just add that they seemed so at ease with each other, gave a vibe of friendship and camaraderie behind the scenes and genuinely seemed to like each other’s company. I did not get the same feelings (at the same levels) when watching Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung gi behind the scenes. I think these two liked each other as people and as professionals but I didn’t get the sense that Ha Ji won was considering dating LSG after the drama. I felt like LSG was more into HJW than the other way around.

      Those opinions are just my two cents, and I could be wrong (but I doubt it) :-)! Let’s see what happens with JHW and YIN and if anything happens, if they would actually come out and be public about it or if they would have to get “caught” (a la LMH and PMY last year) for us to find out if they ended up dating in real life.

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