Adorable Official Stills from Episode 3 of Big

Okay, as much as we all love/want/are gaga over Kyung Jae-Da Ran, that’s pretty much an impossible end game for Big. Imagine our Kyung Joon skipping over twelve years of his life and living the rest of it as a thirty year old. Yeah, so not ideal. And even if Yoon Jae is a cheating mc-cheaterson (which I don’t believe he is), he still doesn’t deserve to go to the great afterlife and give his body to another guy just like that. So that leaves only a soul switch back in the future, which means we are left to pick between either Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae. On paper it’s all Yoon Jae, but my heart screams Kyung Joon (after he grows up some more, of course). Until we get some clarity, we’ll have to stew and simmer as Da Ran loves one man but finds herself spending time with another. Have some cute Kyung Jae-Da Ran pictures from the upcoming episode 3.

Plus we can expect funny cuteness between Kyung Jae and Mari (Suzy’s character) coming up.

Why is Kyung Jae so adorable with Da Ran. Why, why?


Adorable Official Stills from Episode 3 of Big — 31 Comments

    • okay i posted before i ever get to read the post, what to do, just so excited. 🙂 well am not of those who wished that kyung joon would end up in yoon jae’s body… no dice there… me not likey. what me likes is kyung joon as in kyung joon body and soul to end up with da ran… but the age gap would be *sighs*… well he can grow up a little like you said sis and they still end up together… i know, i know… that’s sort of an impossible wish but it;s free so wish i do. 🙂

  1. Ooh! Nice.
    It is amazing how good a job LMJ is doing convincing us that her fiance is not in that body.
    I especially like the look of “Poop in her mouth” that she is giving Kyung Jae in the last one.
    Which will make her smiles of adoration (fingers crossed) that much more satisfying later.

    Which means our hearts WILL be ripped into a 1000 tiny pieces of pain and agony when they cannot be together in the end. Can’t wait!

  2. how about a Da Ran-Kyung Joon pairing? they seem soooo cute from episode 1. he’s not awkward of her and even talk banmal.

  3. They should’ve made Kyung Joon older by a few more years! I mean, 12 is too much. The only hope for him is that Hong Sisters always have time leaps, so may be a slim chance? If not, they better make me like Yoon Jae!

    • No, Da Ran is 6-years older than Kyung Joon. Definitely NOT 12 years. OMG, that would be nasty.

      Yoon Jae is 12-years older than Kyung Joon (making Yoon Jae 6-years older than Da Ran).

      The age gap between the OT3 is 6-years each way.

      • Oh, thank God. I was trying to figure out the timeline, so thanks for clearing that up. I still feel that it’s weird if it were Da-ran and Kyung-joon, given that Da-ran’s brother is the same age as Kyung-joon, and she’s a teacher at a school they both attend. It would’ve been way less complicated if the brother wasn’t part of the story. Hm…I don’t know what’s going on just yet, but it really does feel like a Kyung-joon/Da-ran set up.

  4. Thanks for the pics!!
    Not convinced that YJ and DR are the end game but I do feel it’s hard to choose because I believe YJ is a great guy regardless of how things may look at the moment. KJ is where my heart is, therefore I want him to have it all, including the chance to actually grow up in his own body. But you never know.

  5. ahh… Can I just say that I adore you Koala unni. Oh my goodness, everybody is bringing lots of cuteness on episode 3. In my heart, it will be KJ/Da Ran forever, but the end game I think it will be YJ/Da ran and Suzy/KJ. Now, what is everyone thought of are they or not if the kiss. I bet that they will kiss but not romantically until later on. I do not also mind if KJ will show his choc abs like every episode. =D

  6. I dont get it why everybody keeps saying KJ is a kid. He really is not a kid. He is 18years old come on. Also I really hope he and KJ end up together…It would be nice if Yj wakes up in KJ body and then the funny part can begin. I believe he will wake up in KJ body cuz I saw in the opening song, a scene with KJ and DR brother where the latter throws a ball towards KJ. And how KJ stands and all it really looks like its YJ.

    I lurvvvvveee KJ and GY 🙂 (around 24sec)

  7. Gong Yoo’s face in those caps cracked me up…which elicited the “mother, father, Jesus!!” memory. ROFLs

  8. We need credit Shin Won Ho with imparting some “je ne sais quoi” to his role that has garnered fans hoping he becomes 1/2 of the official OTP. He’s adorable and even though his English is not perfect, he’s so super cute. OMG! STUPID! KIDS! The Hong sisters created a wonderful character and casting did a great job. BRAVO!@

  9. Is anyone but me really worried about what is going to happen when Kyung Jae has his first patient and does not know what to do? What kind of doctor is Young Jae supposed to be anyway. Let us hope there is not regular surgery involved.

  10. As for me it has to be Kyung Joon, maybe Yoon Jae is not a cheater, maybe he is way more interested in Da Ran that it seems now and we’ll discover a bunch of very good reasons for his poor behavior, but his character still didn’t “hit” anything with me.. on the other side KJ and DR, they were pure perfection from the very first frame together and still giving us “just” the not-cheater or not-so-indifferent YJ would be such a big waste.. anyway now I’m really worried about their connection, the angels thing and so on and I really hope they’re not related, that would be really difficult to handle.

  11. As of the end of ep 2, I might be more inclined to ship Da Ran/Kyung Joon (in his own body and Yoon-Jae’s), but we didn’t see much (or pretty much anything, really) of Yoon Jae/Da Ran. Then again, what little we DID see of them together (the awww-inducing scene when they talk about their new bed for example) was sooo adorable and gah, I’m torn. I really do hope he’s not a cheater.

    Still, IDK who I’m supposed to ship.

    Anyway, Gong Yoo as Kyung-Jae is fantastic. How I love him!

  12. The first 2 pic really describe perfectly on what kind of relationship both couple have
    KJ/DR as the bickering couple, while
    YJ/DR the sweet-shy couple

    And since this is happen in K-Drama Land i guess it pretty clear as to which one will make it to the finish line. >.~ RomCom love them some bickery turn passionate love.

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