The Guys of Koala-land Celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Playground

Two years, 2144 posts,and over 20 million views later, the Playground celebrates its second anniversary today by doing nothing whatsoever. In the US, a second anniversary is marked by cotton, so I’m going to whip out my comfy t-shirt and wrap my laptop in it for the night. I have to confess there are times I want to stop writing and take a sabbatical from drama land, and recently these urges come more and more frequently. But then one drama will literally grab hold of me and not let go, and then it’s back down the rabbit hole I go. I suppose that’s the way an addiction works, and really it’s not so bad since I manage to have a complete and fulfilling life outside of writing about dramas. ‘Struth, I don’t sit in front of the computer all day long watching and scribing.

While I don’t have time to participate in comment discussions as much anymore, I sincerely appreciate everyone who leaves a message sharing a thought or just a thank you. One aspect of writing that I find rewarding is spurring on discussion and making for lively debates that make drama watching more interactive. So it’s my turn to thank everyone who reads what I write, and shares what you think. And if I ever want to retire, I suppose I’ll keep going because my beloveds will say this to me. Let my guys wish me a happy anniversary and remind me of why they need me around, and everyone can enjoy all the pretty. Win and win!

No, this is not my utterly shameless and transparent attempt to parade my men in a row as a reminder of MINE-ership. They really do want to wish me a happy 2nd anniversary and give me a little encouraging pick me up.

Koala babe, you can’t quit. You have to keep writing and reminding people that I’m your “I Lub You”. I promise one day I’ll make A Moment to Remember 2 for you, and this time everyone will have their memories intact and crying will be kept to a minimum. I’m the first guy you MINED, and for that you will always have to be my drama girl.

How can you ever think about abandoning your oppa? Without you around, people mock as me some sort of hand towel. Have you ever seen a towel as chiseled and hard as my abs? I need you around to demonstrate to the world it’s okay to love bad actors with beautiful faces. I’m now mind-melding with you to remind you that I am forever your oppa.

I’m baaaaack! How can you ever think about quitting this gig when I’ll be around forever and ever just being gorgeous and beautiful and swoony onscreen. I’m your Jun Ki! If you don’t stay put others might try to claim me, and that would just break my heart. Don’t make me all sad, you hear! Remember that when I cry, you cry.

Koala jiejie, I promise I’ll pick better projects so please have faith and stick around. That @estel dongsaeng of yours keeps trying to stuff me under her bed, but I belong to you! I rely on your wisdom to help continue to guide me to a glorious future, so don’t desert me. Plus I’m already so cute, think about how smexy I will grow up to be in a few more years.

Listen here, Koala! After mocking me endlessly in Baker King Whatchama-goo, you can’t think that mooning over my puuuurfect voice and spot-on acting in Me Too, Flower! is enough penance for you. You owe me to keep writing about my future acting exploits, not to mention my newly acquired manliness and unlimited potential.

Koala nee-chan, gomen ne. I know I’ve been shitty lately, what with buffing up to look like a beefcake and forgetting that I am really just a big dorky kid in a young man’s body. Plus my acting hasn’t improved and my recent projects all suck. But you have faith in me, right? I’m still your Pi, right? I can do it, I promise I can recapture the magic of that Summer when I lit up your heart with wondrous rays of love.

My dear sweet Koala, If I promise to be less broody and happier, will you stay with me forever? Do you see the cool trick where I’m looking more and more like Tony Leung (looks and acting). How cool is that? You always had faith I would be the winningest member of F4, right? You know you love me, so just sit down and don’t think about going anywhere.

If you keep writing about dramas, unni, I’ll sing my song to you. I’ll sing it every day just for you. You know, the one called “Will You Marry Me?” Have you heard of that one? 😀 You don’t want to make me pout, do you? Think of the dimples!

What the heck, unni! You just MINED me and now you’re raising the possibility that one day you’ll swan off and leave me in a free-for-all lurch. Not cool, totally not cool. I’m a one-MINED kinda guy, and now you’re my drama gal. Capiche? Sheesh, wait til I rock your socks off in Big, I hope you bought more socks by the dozen pack. You’re gonna need it.

Oh my Koala, how you have suffered for so long. How many horrible dramas did you endure for me? Lets count – Woody Sambo, Easy Fortune Happy Life, Girl in Blue, The Daughters, Waking Up Love, Unbeatable….. wow, that list is sure long and filled with so many truly shiteous dramas. But now I’ve finally turned the corner for you, and you got to bask in the bliss that was Office Girls. You deserve even more happiness in the future, so stay with me and I promise to make it all up to you. Okay? Pinky swear? With the stars as witness, ten thousand years, never change.

Koala cutie pie, shhhhh, I sneaked over here from JB’s place. I know you adore me, and I adore you, too. You can’t ever stop trying to steal me away from JB, okay? I enjoy the tug-of-war, though really my heart belongs to only one gal. You know who. 😉 Yeah, I know you love her, too.

You will never ever get to see that dream pairing of me and Kawaguchi Haruna in the J-dorama adaptation of Faster than a Kiss if you stop watching dramas, oh super chirpy nee-chan who adores me. I promise I’ll keep doing eclectic projects but always toss in one rom-com for you every so often. So sit tight and don’t get itchy fingers.


The Guys of Koala-land Celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Playground — 135 Comments

  1. Happy Anni, Love! ❤❤❤

    And haha I think I prefer a friend like you over any of those namja, no truer words.


    • Love you, too, twinnie. Loverboy is all yours for the safekeeping. 😀 And I’m always girlfriends before namjas, you know that. Thanks for the cheerrrrsss~

  2. Koalas, thank you for being my ears as I am deaf and monolingual. i am Chinese but can only read English *sad* and millions thanks for translating Chinese novels and it makes me read up history. Plus thanks for translating Korean series before they come put with subs.

    You have made my day

    Merci,arigato and Thank you!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! May you launch many a “Ship” as we set sail with you into the sunset towards a never ending horizon!!!

  4. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! Unnie Koala

    I really love your playground…. I hope you have many more anniversaries to come.

    By the way I through you have MINE Daito Shunsuke,but I don’t see him here. Well, if you don’t want him I’ll take him…lol
    Then again your list of MINE is really extensive and I don’t want to get kick out of here so he is totally YOURS.

    • Oh, he’s there. I was just looking for the perfect picture and it took me awhile to sift through my bajillion Ouran caps for just the right Kyoya look of sizzling smolderiness.

      • I see I see that picture is really gorgeous.
        I really love Daito Shunsuke and now Shin Won Ho.

  5. Happy 2nd anniv eonnie.. Hope that you enjoy your ride in the playground too as much as I’m enjoying your every posts. It’s been really memorable, being able to discuss and also knowing your perspective that are mostly interesting heheh. Good thing that you are still running this site or else there’s no more fun that adds on the drama. I’m so relieved too because last year you said how you are going to stop blogging only few posts per week because you got a new job. That time, my heart clutches, dk whether to be happy or terrified of losing and missing your wonderful post. But I reckon that it’s all up to you, we understand your hardships and hope that you would enjoy your own blog without being forced or half hearted. Anyway, eonni, enjoy your day and the rest of the rides in the playground..

  6. Happy anniversary! 🙂 Your playground is an oasis of delight. Stay healthy and happy!
    From Eastern Europe with love:)

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    If I start writing how thankful and how much I enjoy the playground, it will go on forever.
    I too have a little life beyond my k-drama and j-dorama land.
    Got to to go to bed now!

    Love you!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Thank you for 2 wonderful years of insightful posts, wonderful writing, amazing recaps, and gorgeous pictures!

    Can you share any of those guys? I would like the newest one please. Just for one night 🙂

  9. Happy 2nd Anniversary (I can’t believe that you’re practically a newbie in the blogosphere).

    Ever since I discovered your blog, you have become part of my kdrama family and universe. I don’t know how I would get through daily grind without ya’ (ok, truth to be told, your old buddy JB too.)

    You and JB keep me thinking and engaged with my favourite kdrama of the moment, so please don’t think of retiring any time soon. Even if you become more selective of your choices, that’s totally ok with me.

    I promise to keep my hands off your men. Really!!

  10. You’re my fav blog/playground, which I check upon like 5 times a day for my drama buzzes. Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. And the super clear photos of all those Stars! Thank you!

  11. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary Ockoala 언니! May you have more happy anniversaries to come which means you can’t leave those hotties above and your cyberspace creature readers like me! LOL! Thank you for all your wonderful-brilliant-amazing-hard work you keep sharing with us. I’m so happy to see my King Lee-Seung-Gi above too! 😀

  12. Happy Anniversary and here is hoping for more to come 🙂

    Thank you for your hard work and this post which has put a smile on my face this morning!

  13. Oh! Lady koala!! Congrats!!!!! Ur post are the best… Pls don`t think to leave them (all pretty boyz above) nor your fans whom craves for your recaps (ME) all day long!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing ur thoughts with us, dramaland community.

  14. WOW…2 years already??
    Happy 2nd Anniversary!! enjoy those men you mined convo!..

    Thanks for all the articles for all this years ms.Koala! =3..
    Koala Fighting!

  15. Happy Anniversary!! LOL at all the wishes from “your” men. 😀 Always enjoy reading your posts and I check-in here daily just to get a dose of ockoala’s funnies, wittiness and insights.

    Btw, your 2nd anniversary is very close to the birthday of one of your “guys” – 9th June. 😀 How coincidental! Or maybe its fate…..

  16. Koala dear, can I sing you happy song…Happy, happy, happy, Anniversary…I won’t count years I leave that to your luvs, so no, you can’t leave your oppas… ¤it would be cat fight on the Playground if you do so
    It’s needless to say but, I posted my first comment on the Playground, and I read you blog for year and a half…that’s how hard rock my dear.
    Once again, happy anniversary and wish us more to come 😉

  17.… … …oc..casion…….sorry, I don’t know how to sing the rest….kekeke

    Thank you for your hard work. It is difficult to imagine k-drama without your blog.

  18. Happy 2 years Anniversary unnie! And thanks for all those posts (I can’ believe how productive you are, let me bow before you…).
    I don’t always agree with you about dramas labelled good or bad but it’s OK: This way the poor neglected ones stay with me. 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely parade of men. A lot of friends of mine here tho Yoon Shi Yoon stays my n°1. Forever and ever.
    Santé et longue vie!

  19. Happy 2nd Anniversary!
    To just drop in and say thank you is such an understatement of my appreciation and admiration of all the recaps, translations you have done. I cant imagine how you can balance a life with what you have done. I can barely balance mine by keeping up with your readings and the often new obbessions you introduce into my life. But I still have to say thank you. Thank you so much for all the hardwork and yes for giving us, drama/ and new tonghua addicts like us an avenue to vent, share and scream… 🙂

  20. Aww~ happy anniversary Ms.Koala?
    How come you are the one who celebrate, but it feels you are the one who treat us? 😀
    Love Love Seung Gi, Kang Ji Hwan, Junki, Shunsuke, PI!! Love them and their ‘celebrating words’ too..

    But..oh, no KimuTaku?*demanding fans*

  21. HAPPY Happy happy Anniversary!!!
    keep rocking the boys and i’m happy you’re keeping this playground alive, this became my precious secret little haven…
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ^_^

  22. Aaah, I know there was something I wanted to say… or wish… or what… but after finishing your post, my mind is elsewhere… so pretty…. and sexy…. aaaaah…. (gone)….

    (Thank you for everything… and wishing us still plenty of joy with your addiction 😀 )

  23. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Thank you for all of your recaps and hard work – always looking forward to hearing what you have to say 🙂

  24. happy anniversary my dear!!! oh my eyes….its a feast and they are all……yours !!! can you loan me few of them from time to time :)) really enjoy this playground,its more then a year for me,’re on the top of my page marks ^^wish you many,many years Ms.KOALA loves from Turkey….

  25. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog for introducing me to the world of BBJX and I love you more for loving the world of TK2H. May you have so many blessings in your life since you share your precious time with us.

  26. Koala unni! Happy 2nd anniversary! I’m delurking to say I’m so thankful for your incredible dedication to provide us drama addicts a wonderful playground where we can share unashamedly our obsession. I have been checking your site every since dream high and I have to say your site is so special to me as it stretches my interests to outside of kdrama land. I’m now exploring c-drama, t-drama and j-drama thanks to you. I have also taken a great interest in Chinese novels since you started translating bits and pieces of Bu Bu Jing Xin. I really hope you can keep continue on sharing with the rest of the world your beautiful and thoughtful writing. Lots of love :D.

  27. Happy Anniversary! You are one of my first stop in the morning and one of my last stop at night. Thank you for all the hardwork and i hope you celebrate many more!!!

  28. Two years? No way, that can’t be right. Why, it was just last week that you asked me, “What is this Yamapi of which you speak?” (kekeke) And just yesterday that we were trying to figure out this bloggy stuff… Congratulations, sister. *muah*

    Oh! And…, great post! Youz be so funnee. What a lovely rainbow-filled place you’ve created here. 😀

    • I’m still pondering this eternal question of “What is this Yamapi thing?” I can’t believe how fast time flies. I doubt I’ll ever learn to write for posterity, but I enjoy the spur of the moment musings. Thank you sweetie!

  29. I was here when you turned one and am still here when you turned two.Keep on counting Ms. K for forever i’m with you! Congratulations and Happy anniversary Ms. K! .. mwahhugs!

    and ohh by the way, thank you for always believing with the HwanHye ship..I hope the next celebration this year will be for our ship 😉 Thank you for spoiling us with your goodies and the yummy eye candies from kdramalandia.

  30. First time posting– I just wanted to say that I love your commentary on these dramas! Happy 2nd anniversary!

  31. Happy 2nd anniversary Ms. Koala. Wish you all the best. Let’s celebrate 200th anniversary together.
    Just curious, why Seung Gi and Shin Won Ho ‘call’ you unni, not noona?
    PS. Seung Gi’s debut anniversary is June 5, 3 days earlier than yours. 😉

  32. Congratulations Koala!!! Your web is a gem…..haven’t stop coming back since I first found it…….especially when I practically lived here thru’ my M3 and LTM addiction…..all the happy times spent here with all the ‘chingus’; shipping and reading all the funny comments…….don’t ever stop writing!!!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! <3

  33. Congratulations and your post made my day brighter.I hope you can continue to write your funny but insightful take on Asian drama. You are a resource to people (like me) who had no inkling of ins and outs of drama culture in East Asia. So, Happy 2nd Anniversary 😀

  34. Happy anniversary! I recently discovered your blog in my attempt to satiate my King 2 Hearts addiction, and now I check it multiple times a day! I love your writing style and your insights. Thank you for putting so much time into assisting with our drama addictions :).

  35. Well, just wanted to wish Koala HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!! yayyy~ *applause* I’ve only started following your blog this year and I’m addicted now! I literally don’t feel right if i don’t visit your blog at least once a day XD Although i’ve never posted actual comments on your posts, in my mind, I always have tons and tons of opinions to share – I sometimes even have imaginary debates with you, in my mind! Hahahaha 😀 Afterall, the debates and discussions shows how engaged i am while reading your posts (even if they’re one-sided, and happens only in my head)!! Thanks for the excellent posts and remember, there’s always that one “quiet” reader here who’s loyal to you <3

    ps. ZaiZai is like my first ever idol crush. Like really really really the first male that awakened my inner-fangirl-ness 11 years ago. I absolutely admire his acting skills O__O and underneath all those good-looks, he really has a 4-D character that can make me squeal and flap my hands like a seal with overwhelming love for his dorkiness XD

  36. Unni, you are too cute!!! 🙂 Loved this. Yours is virtually the only site where I actually enjoy just reading your musings and general thoughts. Great job, and congrats! If anything, you hard work as a mom, wife, career woman, writer, and of course, drama-lover, inspires me to do more!

    PS I think I know why LSG calls you “unni,” but what about the new boy from Big?

  37. Happy Anniversary.
    I still cannot forget the fun times we had during the Playful Kiss craze. <3
    Thanks to this site, I met some great friends.
    Thank you Ms. Koala!

  38. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all the time you put in to make my viewership of dramas so much more enjoyable!

    Good choices on the “Mines”. Especially the first two and Zai Zai. Well, and Roy. Who am I kidding? All of them. *sigh*

  39. Happy Blogiversary! And many happy returns of the day, especially with all of (y)our MINES up there cheering you on. 😎

  40. Happy Anniversary!
    I know this is partly selfish of me, but I hope you continue to blog forever! I love visiting your blog and just browsing, whilst feeding my drama addiction. Thank you, for the two years you’ve been active.

  41. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You make my morning reading your post. Look forward to many many many more years of Ms. Koalas playground.

  42. Happy anniversary eonni \(´▽`)/
    I love you,, thanks for everything
    Ps: eonni,, can you give me lee seung gi or lee jun ki please ? heeeee

  43. “Saengil chukha hamnida……!!” Yeah, I will need to stop right at that since my ‘superior’ Korean speaking skills have saturated!!

    Happy second year anni!! <3 You're the best blogger to spazz a drama with. Didn't realize this until you spread your K2H love to me. And, that love got way out of hand and I got quite C.R.A.Z.Y!! Such good times…

    Thank you for loving these dramas, writing about them, and spreading the love!! We are ever so grateful!!

  44. Unni, you KNOW that I would NEVER try to stuff Feng Feng under my bed! Nonono, I would stuff him INTO my bed. Duh. ^_~

    ~runs away before suffering unni’s wrath~

    Happy second anniversary! Has it really been that long? I suppose it’s been even longer, since the first time I read your posts was on Thundie’s blog. I still remember reading your amazing TBDW post and running off to marathon it (<3!!!). Ah, memories.

  45. Congrats, chingu! I knew you’d be around for a looong time. What do you say in such events? Many happy returns? In my mother-tongue, we toast to “a hundred days like this”…. 😉

    And…I’ll be back when my brain comes back online. *stares at pics some more* *fans self*

  46. Happy anniversary Mrs Koala. You have not aged a bit. 😀
    Thank you for sharing your insights on dramas and we look forward to the third candle on that cake. I wonder which actors will make it in your “mine” list then. lol

    This entry has brought me into a sudden withdrawal syndrom, recalling heartfelt moments spent with most of “your” men above.
    *waving my fave architect/carpenter, motorbike rider and office boy.*

    Btw should not Shin call you “noona” instead of “unni” otherwise this could become the most shocking news ever that he actually is a “she”. 😛

  47. Oh dear! I am so happy and proud for/of you, and I wanted to give you beautiful smart-type words of good, but then you go and put THOSE pics up there….
    That one of Hunky just abut did me in.
    Why are so many of your boys also some of my boys?

    I think you would prolly add Hiroki to your list, too.I fell in lust with him a little over a year ago. I have a photo of Hiroki that makes me very happy, but I can’t show it here.
    I’ll just imagine it.

    Headers in the oven now…

  48. Thank you for that wonderful and witty post, like all the others! You make dramaland full of fun and crack and it would lose a lot of heart without you. I won’t say “keep writing” because I know you have a full life besides, but do keep watching dramas and spazzing about them here 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!

  49. Happy anniversary sweetie! Those 2 years have gone by so fast plus the additional years spent together on DB talking about dramas and life. Here’s to many more years of drama watching & friendship.

    • Drama-watching for years? Maybe. Friendship for years? Definitely. Btw, I’ve hidden the La Maison truffles. C has taken to calling it “the good chocolate” and won’t eat anything else. Ha, you’ve created a high taste monster.

  50. First off, congrats on the 2nd anniversary! Don’t ever leave dramaland! Reading your posts makes me feel like I’m not alone in my love for dramas. <3

    Secondly, on the MINE-ing, you took all the good ones!!!! LOL.

  51. Everyone, Seung Gi and my Shin call me unni instead of noona because we’re cool with each other like that. It’s our special thing. They call everyone else noona, but they only have one unni. That’s me! They are still real boys. 😉

  52. Happy Anniversary! Good job, good job. For a while I thought you might get tired and pack it in. Enjoyed this and, fortunately, there are other hotties to drool over, so I don’t have to claim jump.

  53. Cheers & Happy 2nd Anniversary dear Ms. Koala!!!! (:
    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for drama + movie + novel land!
    I believe many will agree with me that your work have touched and inspired many people across continents myself included. It has been nothing but ♥♥♥ for me ever since I added your site to my favourites list. So here’s wishing you good health & happiness from the bottom of my heart and many happy returns for your site! 万岁!!!


  54. Happy anniversay Ms. Koala. Reading your articles is like my daily snacks, once in the morning and once at night. Thank you for all the efforts and hard works. You’re really amazed me as to your excessive energy. I don’t know how can you really manage to work full time and write so many article every day. I can’t, after a long day, all I want is not doing anything but watch tv or doing brain less tasks. You are the best.

  55. Btw, Of all men posted above, I love Mr. Kang, Mr. Qiu and Mr. Song. Oh gosh, if they were to be in front of me, I might have syncopy. Hehehe…

    • You can wantz cat nip with a side of bOObs? 😀

      Thanks for gift of many more moons. But I’m not your unni, since you are the ageless sage over us all.

  56. Congatulations and Happy anniversary Captain! Here’s looking forward to many many more journeys and shipping with you. I love your writing and your humour. You have now become an integral part of my day, and my kdrama (now expanded to other fares) experience. I value your thoughts and opinions so please keep on writing. No shipping out!!!! For everything, thank you, thank you, thank you *bows three times.

  57. Happy anniversary Koala!((: Thank you for sharing your opinions and letting us read your recaps all the time! I know you must take a lot of time out of your schedule for this blog and I appreciate it so much that you keep posting! <3 *HUGE TACKLING HUG* thankyou Koala 😀

  58. Koala jie jie,

    Happy Anniversary. On your special day I will overlook the fact that a few of my bfs accidentally found themselves on your list. I’m sure you plan to return them after the cupcake party, yes? :P. *hugs*

  59. Happy 2nd Anniversary Capt K!!! 🙂
    You are such an amazing captain to the dramaship! thank for all your musings and posts and here’s the many more years of enjoying dramas.

    And may TW dramas get just a little bit better, which reminds me that I need to watch the FG finale.

  60. I’ve mostly been a lurker who is now delurking to say your site rocks, you deserve all the best wishes from these fellas and THEN SOME! Where’s handtowel in a handtowel when you need ‘im?

  61. Awww Auntie K
    Congrats on the second anniversary of the Playground!!!
    Thank you for creating such an important Kdrama haven for all of us addicts.
    It feeds my addiction!!!

    Thank you ^.^

    Btw I go to Korea in a month. YAY!!!

  62. Congratulations on this milestone! I didn’t know Lee Seung Gi was one of yours too! Heee. Cheers for more fun times ahead, talking about dramas, life and family. Jiejie jiāyoú 加油 !

  63. Happy Anniversary, Ms. K.
    Looking forward to the many more coming of dramas and minerships.
    Btw, SeungGi was one of yours now? I thought he’s loyal to me? But well, as long as you’ll keep this playground, then…. as long as you’re happy.

  64. CONGRATS ON THE 2ND ANNIVERSARY MS KOALA!!!!!!! ^^ *pops champagne and haves a glass*
    i’ve been a reader of your blog here for quite a while but only just started commenting. just wanna add that i really appreciate your recaps/insights and providing us a place to share ours too ;D

    “I need you around to demonstrate to the world it’s okay to love bad actors with beautiful faces.”
    i lol-ed so hard. but yes we need you to show us that it’s okay to do so.

    thank you and i look forward to more from you! <3

  65. Happy anniversary!!! Wow… 20 million views in 2 years– you know you’re doing something right, right? Here’s me adding my voice to the chorus of voices cheering you on. Hwaiting!!! We love you and we’re nomu, nomu grateful for you– you’ve given us so many wondrous gifts. I’ve noticed you seem to post 3-4 posts/day, 7 days/week, which is effing amazing, but also kinda burnout-inducing. (Seriously, how do you do it?) I hope you know we’d still love you if you decided to post fewer posts/day, or not at all on certain days of the week. etc. I think we all want uri Koala to have a sustainable habitat– I hope you’ll make that a priority in the coming year.

    Loved the pep rally with all the purdy– I think I need to have me one of those too.

  66. Koala!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Totally love the cupcakes at the top. Cute and delish! And did I mention about this post? Awesome. Too much pretty for my eyes!!

    Thanks for the amazing blog and here’s to many more years in drama-land! I absolutely love that you have not just an interest in korean media and pop culture but japanese and tw/mainland as well. Bring out the champagne! Cheers!

  67. Congradulations! time really flies, the second anniversary already!
    Thank you for all you have given us in this second year!

  68. Happy Anniversary Koala! i love the dramas that you picked to recap so lets cheer for many more good drama to come for us to share together. Congratulations!!

  69. Congratulations! Happy 2nd anniversary! Please continue writing. You always entertain and inspire us. 🙂

  70. Happy Two! Thanks for generously sharing information, pictures, videos, pictures and of course recaps of our favorite actors and dramas; your site is such a source of inspiration for me =)….God bless you Koala, please keep on blogging….we love you!

  71. Happy 2nd Year Anniversary! I love everything that is Koala’s Playground! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the rest of us dramalovers!

  72. Wow, over 2000 posts and 2 million views! Congratulations on 2 years. (Two must be your number!)

    So here’s hoping for TWO times the happiness on this special day. Thank you for all your tireless news and spazzing posts, your lightning-fast recaps, and your amazing, amazing translations, all delivered in your trademark friendly and funny Koala style. I hope you don’t ever get disenchanted with kdramas, even if your posts become less frequent because of real life busyness, because your voice is an essential one in the drama blogosphere.

    Also, your stableful of hunks are quite rightly forbidding you to leave. How can you say no to those faces? 🙂

  73. “You always had faith I would be the winningest member of F4, right?”
    LOL me, too =D

    ” I’ll sing my song to you. I’ll sing it every day just for you. You know, the one called “Will You Marry Me?” ”
    kekekeke ^__^ i discovered & loved LSG since i heard it a few yrs back ;P

    this entry was soOo entertaining to read =] Happy 2 Yr. Anniversary Mrs. Koala !
    if you ever stop writing about dramas, idk what i’ll do since i haven’t found a blog
    that can compare to yours 😛 to many more anniversaries to come !! <3

  74. Happy 2nd anniversary , Koala san !!!! I love all the guys you posted ! and most importantly , I loooovvvvve Hello Kitty ! as in !!!

  75. happy 2nd anniversary, ms K. it’s been fun reading your blog.

    he he…. i’ll fight over my Zai Zai with you, you can take the rest, kay 🙂

  76. happy 2nd anniversary Ms Koala.
    Ever since i discovered this site due to LTM i started visiting regularly.
    Your reviews and recaps have been my guide in looking for dramas to watch.
    Thank You. More power to you!

  77. Oops, I’m late, sorry!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary, dearest ockoala!! You’re a super amazing blogger; I stand in perpetual awe at your output (how do you do it, teach me!). May you have many more giddy years of blogging and mine-ing!

  78. Happy 2nd! I found your site while LTM was airing and you were the only recapper sticking with it after episode 6. THANK YOU for all the recaps, news items and novel translations that have brought me hours of enjoyment. Dramaland wouldn’t be the same without you!

  79. Cheers to a GREAT gal and to a WONDERFUL blog! I love you! I do! I do! I do! I have faith in ZaiZai being the the winningest F4.

  80. Happy anniversary and Congratulations… I am a new fan and have been enjoying reading your blog, although I ONLY watch T-dramas (to refresh my Mandarin). I know this is very time consuming but please keep-up with your excellent work. It has been fun reading about Asian dramas and their actors/actresses… i.e., a change of pace from American/European ones.

  81. i may be a month late but still happy 2nd anniversary! more to come!

    thank you for keeping us “alive” 🙂

    take care Ms. K 🙂

    all the best!

    still keeping ship!

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