Super Gaspworthy Spoiler Pictures for Episode 3 of Big

OMG hyperventilating here. I’m on a plane (last minute business trip this time, sigh) and when these stills flashed across the K-news sources, I literally yelped out loud. Rather like Da Ran did on the bus, but sadly there was no Kyung Joon around to look at me smoldery and smirky. I didn’t win a pressure cooker, but I feel rather like I may be holding a winning lottery ticket when it comes to Big. if the Hong Sisters don’t screw up this drama, it could very well became my favorite of all their works. It’s the only one that hasn’t yet turned into a Loony Tunes episodes and has so much organic angst to mine. Now take a deep breath…..and click on the link. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

KISS! Kisssssss! Kyung Jae and Da Ran kiss!!! If you guys can see the smile on my face right now. I think the people sitting around me are thisclose to reporting to the flight attendants that there is a crazy chick onboard. Now I can sleep happy tonight.

Looks like we’re also getting a flashback kiss between Yoon Jae and Da Ran in the same episode. Hhhmm, I’ll reserve judgment until I see it. If it makes me swoony then I’ll be thrilled that Yoon Jae is slowly pulling me toward his side. I can’t wait for episode 3!

Have some Big MVs to tide us over until tomorrow:


Super Gaspworthy Spoiler Pictures for Episode 3 of Big — 33 Comments

  1. Awww! I haven’t loved a Hong Sisters’ drama since Hong Gil Dong, but this one won my heart utterly. Awww.

  2. oOOOOOOOOooh

    I thought he wouldn’t really kiss her, only joking again…

    But they kissed!

    Omo Omo!

    This turns DR a pedo-noona too LOL

  3. I can’t stop smiling either…

    I didn’t think she will let him kiss her… not yet at least

    Arghh.. the more I watch Kyung Joon, the more I like him. Even in real life, it’s good 9 years gap between the two. Yoon Jae, you have to win me over soon.

  4. I don’t think I will be switching sides anytime soon, I just love Kyung Joong (Jae) way too much…

    But I’m happy to see this become a good love triangle! The kisses look adorable!

  5. Oh, thank you Ms Koala! I am so happy that I am not the only one who has gone “Big” crazy! Thank you, thank you for feeding my addiction! You’re the best!

  6. HO 🙂
    Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s Christmas.

    Oh wow.

    Sorry can’t write much besides this. They went there yippee doodah!

  7. OMG… KYAAA… Sweet!!! We have Two HOT Kisses.. Therefore, from my previous comments. I guess they did kiss.. =D Oh Mtoh… and Jomo.. where are you two… =D

    • Oh, I just realized that KJ & DR are wearing the same clothes that they’re wearing in the episode 3 stills you posted in your last Big post.

      Nevermind! And squeeeeee!!

      Sidenote: I can’t get over how much of a mindfuck this must be for Da-ran. Not only is her comatose fiance’s body alive and kicking, but her student’s soul (with whom she has crazy hot chemistry) is inhabiting it. How could she possibly make sense of who/what she’s attracted to in these circumstances?! I would say “poor girl” if she weren’t so damn lucky. And anyway, I think the situation absolutely warrants kissing KJ as much as possible to, you know, “sort out” her feelings.

  8. love,love your first MV. The music matches perfectly with your video cuts, well both MV match so well together with their music. Great job! Could you tell me what is the name of the song in the first MV and the author? Oh so cute! Thank you!

    • Haha, cute MV, right? Even better is the use of the perfect song. It’s One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”. I swear the 1D boys need to star in their own school K-drama, they are adorbs. Not yet taking over the world, but getting there. A couple of my Brit X-factor friends turned me onto them. If you ask me which boy is my fave, I’ll have to go with Harry. I could squish him. Here’s the original MV. I was such a proud momma when they went on SNL last month and nailed their performance.

      • My youngest sister, her friends, and girl cousins adore, love, go gaga over One Direction. That one boy with dark hair is not that bad looking. Their other song is good too…

    • I’m guessing that it’s not a “real” kiss. Like, maybe they want to see if kissing will bring Yoon-jae’s soul back to his body, or something. I will be pleasantly surprised if it’s a real kiss, but I don’t think they’re there yet.

      • I am also guessing he used his YJ voice to lure her.
        I love when actors can do that to the audience.
        It IS GY, but he’s playing a kid playing him, so when he speaks normally, it’s fake…or something like that.

  9. Errmmm…isn’t she kissing the 18 year old high school kid? (even if he’s in someone else’s body – he’s still the 18 year old high school kid) Woah, wonder what brings THAT on? She must temporarily forget who he is. (yea, we’ll go with that excuse – sounds good) *hee*

  10. Yes for the One Direction MV, my little cousins love them almost as much as Justin B.

    I can’t wait for Wed/Thurs Nites.

    Can it be Tuesday night already please ^.^

  11. wahhhhh *crys in a corner*
    i wanted their first kisses to be when kyung jaes body was back!! wahhhhhh
    this just ruined it… :'(

  12. this post is love and the first MV is awesome~~~

    thanks koala sis, although i am warming up to yoon jae… i am still sailing on my kyung-ran ship~~~

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