Roy Qiu Drops a June Pictorial and Starts Filming New SETTV Sunday Drama

Yipppeeeee! I knew birthdays and anniversaries have always been good to me. This past week SETTV started filming its upcoming idol drama to follow Love Forward on Sundays starting in August. All the rumors turned out to be spot on, as the leading man will indeed be Roy Qiu, returning to the network that has launched and propelled his Taiwan acting career. His Office Girls co-star Alice Ke is also back on SETTV starring in the network’s first 9 pm daily drama with James Wen and Patrick Li, so this leaves Roy all alone without any of the OG pals around. This time his leading lady will be Megan Lai, and the second male lead is Double Chao, who hit it big last year in Rookies Diary with George Hu. The title of the drama is tentatively 螺絲小姐要出嫁 (literal translation Miss Screw is Getting Married), but I’m sure it’ll get a less weird English title closer to broadcast. I’m so excited its not even funny. Until then, have some of the latest pictures from Roy’s June pictorial.

This is a pretty looking cast, and I’m sure it’ll be filled with tons of SETTV alums. After a slew of disappointing dramas from GTV, right now SETTV is my only go-to network for Taiwan dramas. And don’t even get me started about CTV. Sigh.


Roy Qiu Drops a June Pictorial and Starts Filming New SETTV Sunday Drama — 14 Comments

  1. So much pretty 🙂

    Not really sure where to write this, but I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me if Fondant Garden is worth watching? I heard it becomes all kinds of crazy halfway through…

    • I’ve just finished watching Fondant Garden.(the last episode is aired in Taiwan on 6/8)The storyline is not complete enough but I still watch Fondant Garden just for the
      cute couple-Hee Huan&Mi En,don’t konw why.
      My opinion :ep.1~ep.6 are worth watching;ep.7~ep.11 test yourpatience
      ep.12~ep.16 become better.
      I think the final episode is very romantic and touching.
      If you love this cute couple, perhaps you should go on watching Fondant Garden.

      • thanks for the replies! I’ve started watching bu bu jing xin and figure i’ll need something lighthearted after i’m done :'( i’ll give it a shot!

  2. I am so glad Roy went for a TW drama. I was so scared he would do another one of those long tedious Mainland dramas. I wish his costar had been that anime looking girl who played Alice Ke’s best friend in OG. I really want to see her as the lead in a drama. She is so cute in the truest sense.

  3. lol wth is up with this photoshoot and him pretending to in those places….low budget, much?
    maybe they were trying to be artsy? i don’t see it… =/
    he looks hot nonetheless of course, but i feel sorry for him…such a big star should be getting nothing but high quality/luxurious photoshoots imo

  4. Finally ,roy focus on filming again,hope the upcoming drama show will be as good as office girls .Look forward to watch more of his show <3

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