Big Episode 4 Recap

If I wasn’t already rabid for Big, this episode would have turned the switch for me. It’s the one where all the first deeper stirrings of emotional connection between the OTP is triggered, where you see that they genuinely care about each other’s well being. What always sells a couple for me is when they care about how the other person feels, and acts in ways to protect that person. Bickering is fun, chemistry is swoony, but its the basics of affection that convince me a coupling makes sense.

The Hong Sisters are really tossing in so many crossed wires in this episode, with Da Ran setting up house with Kyung Jae, and he being the recipient of all the items she bought for use with Yoon Jae. What’s even better is that the bed she scoped out that day when she ran into Kyung Joon at the furniture store makes an appearance, and leaves me wondering if and what all this means. Will Kyung Joon’s body ever regain consciousness? Will Kyung Joon’s soul fall deeper for Da Ran beyond just boyish affection? Will Da Ran find herself picking between two souls and one guy? The drama continues to be low on the hysteria and comedic antics, with just the right amount to be amusing, but with so many lovely slow beats between Da Ran and Kyung Jae that I simply sit back and bask in the warmth of their growing friendship.

Episode 4 recap:

Kyung Jae pauses and stares in shock, clearly surprising himself as he leans in to kiss Da Ran. He pulls back and realizes that Da Ran doesn’t look as shocked as he does, so he asks if she and Yoon Jae kissed. He also teases her for being an ahjumma and coveting a kiss from him. He may look like an adult but inside is still an 18 year old.

Da Ran reveals the circumstances of her first kiss with Yoon Jae. They were sitting in his car at the banks of the Han River. She was napping because she was tired from studying for her teacher’s certification exam. Yoon Jae fixed her head so she could nap more comfortably, but then he leaned in and kissed her. Da Ran actually woke up after the kiss but she pretended that she remained asleep.

Now Da Ran totally regrets doing that. She should have woken up and kissed him back. Kyung Jae suggests Da Ran was mistaken about the kiss, since she was asleep when it happened. Da Ran insists it was a kiss, how could she mistake it. Kyung Jae brings up scenarios where Yoon Jae uses his hands to touch her mouth, like seeing if she’s awake or wiping drool, and he does it now to see if it feels the same to Da Ran. She says no, it doesn’t feel like a hand touching her mouth.

Da Ran kisses her own hand over and over, muttering that it didn’t feel like this. Kyung Jae leans in and quickly pecks Da Ran on the lips, asking if this is it. She stares at him in shock, and then gets totally upset, asking how dare he do this. Kyung Jae says he was just helping her confirm, plus this is Yoon Jae’s body so it’s she as if kissed Yoon Jae. But Da Ran says he’s Kang Kyung Joon, and he isn’t allowed to use Yoon Jae’s body to do anything like this. Kyung Jae gets upset and stalks off, telling her that he’s going back to Kyung Joon’s house. He warns her not to make him act like Yoon Jae again because this is what might happen.

Choong Shik tells Mari that Gil Da Ran is his older sister, and his future brother-in-law works at this hospital. Mari sees a picture of Dr. Yoon Jae and wonders why this guy lied to her about Kyung Joon. Da Ran goes to see Kyung Jae to hand him notes from school. She finds him eating pizza and drinking coke so she lectures him on eating better and taking better care of the body. Kyung Jae says Yoon Jae won’t die so don’t worry. She hands him the notes and Kyung Jae boasts that when he returns, he’ll be the top student in class. He prides himself on being the king of studying back in the US, and his goal is to attend Seoul University because that was his mother’s wish.

Kyung Jae has Da Ran work on the notes and do a sample problem, and we see Da Ran struggling with the assignment while Kyung Jae snickers. Mari sits by Kyung Joon’s bedside and wonders why the ahjusshi lied. She send a text to Kyung Joon’s cell asking him to text her as he promised. Kyung Jae reads the text and returns it, telling Mari to return to the US safely. She returns that text with a picture of herself sitting next to the comatose Kyung Joon. Kyung Jae freaks out and runs off to the hospital.

Da Ran follows him and asks if he intends to tell Mari the truth. Kyung Jae says he can’t – if Mari knew the truth, the girl would insist on staying by Kyung Jae’s side 24/7. Da Ran imagines Mari clinging to Kyung Jae (who everyone sees as Yoon Jae) and refusing to let go. They agree the Mari cannot know the truth.

Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle meet with Mari and finds out she is Kyung Joon’s good friend and she intends to take Kyung Joon back to the US. When they leave, Kyung Jae and Da Ran see them happily discussing how to get Kyung Joon discharged so he can take the first flight back to the US. Ugh, such horrible people.

Mari looks at the sleeping Kyung Joon and then leans in the kiss him to wake him like in fairytales, but her kiss is stopped by Kyung Jae’s hand. She wants to take Kyung Joon away since there is no one here in Korea he likes so there is no reason for him to stay. Kyung Jae disputes that assumption and tells Mari that Kyung Joon does like someone here. Kyung Jae dramatically points to Da Ran and announces that Kyung Joon likes his Gil Teacher. OMG, so perfect!

Da Ran is shocked but Kyung Jae explains that Kyung Joon liked Da Ran from the first time they met on the bus, and it continued later when they ran into each other at the furniture store. Each instance he mentioned, Da Ran stammers and confirms that it did happen. Mari doesn’t believe Kyung Jae, but he says that he caught Kyung Joon following Da Ran around and confronted him. This is why Kyung Jae knows so much about Kyung Joon.

Mari still doesn’t buy it, saying Da Ran is not Kyung Joon’s type, she’s not even pretty. Kyung Jae speaks up and says that Kyung Joon thinks Da Ran gets prettier the more he looks at her. Awwwww, my heart, its swooning. Mari sits down and puts her head on the bed, while Kyung Jae says “game over” and then ushers Da Ran out of there. Outside the room, Da Ran asks Kyung Jae is what he said back there was true and Kyung Jae quickly says no way, but he looks slightly uncomfortable. Da Ran is relieved. Mari looks at the picture of Gil Teacher that Kyung Joon posted and now believes the story. There is no way Kyung Joon would take a picture of Da Ran unless he liked her.

Mari chases after Da Ran and asks if she likes Kyung Joon back? Da Ran says no, she’s planning to marry Yoon Jae. Mari is affronted, saying Kyung Joon is better looking that Yoon Jae. Mari finally makes note of Kyung Jae’s clothes, which is what Kyung Joon likes to wear. She tells Kyung Jae to stop copying Kyung Joon’s style. When Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle come to ask about Mari leaving with Kyung Joon, she tells them that she’s not taking him back to the US. Yeah, I bet that Mari is going to figure out the truth herself sooner rather than later.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae go back to Yoon Jae’s apartment so they can call Yoon Jae’s mom who lives abroad to allay any worries. Kyung Jae speaks with Yoon Jae’s mom, who was worried since his phone was turned off for days now. She reminds him of the meeting on that day and that she will be back in Korea on that day, and so will his dad. They can discuss the wedding situation at that time as well.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae decide to check Yoon Jae’s phone to find out when the meeting is. Da Ran confesses she knows Yoon Jae’s passcode since she accidentally saw it once but she refuses to be shifty and check the phone. The code is 0624 which shocks Kyung Jae since it’s Kyung Joon’s birthday. He laughs that is a good passcode since its the birthday of a guy as handsome as he is. Oh, so with you there!

They check Yoon Jae’s calendar on his phone and see the date June 24th is marked but there is no note about what the meeting is about. Kyung Jae says they will know when the day arrives. The camera pans to the bookshelf where the miracle picture is, and we see a woman (Yoon Jae’s mom) picking up the same picture where she is at. The camera pans to Kyung Jae sleeping in Kyung Joon’s bed that night, and focuses on the same miracle angel picture by his bedside. That night, Kyung Jae has a dream about the car accident and Yoon Jae swimming towards him. This time we see Yoon Jae actually grab Kyung Joon’s wrist in the water, and the Kyung Jae wakes up from the dream.

Da Ran decides to check Yoon Jae’s phone, giving herself the excuse that there might be important calls that need to be taken care of. She sees messages from the insurance company about the car accident, and then a string of texts between Yoon Jae and Se Young. Da Ran realizes that Yoon Jae often had lunch with Se Young. One text from Se Young about splitting tea they bought makes Da Ran stop and wonder what it was about.

Se Young goes back to her apartment and finds it empty. She sits down on the bed and sees her house key on the ground. She picks it up in annoyance at Yoon Jae. Da Ran has breakfast with her family and they ask her about the buying of her new home with Yoon Jae is coming along. Choong Shik finds out from Da Ran that Mari is not older than him and is the same age as Kyung Joon. Da Ran calls Kyung Joon and tells him to meet her later as Yoon Jae because they are supposed to go look at homes.

Kyung Jae hangs up the phone and sees his aunt and uncle arriving at his house. He says “uh oh” and then scrambles to get away. He runs into his room and grabs a bag full of clothes. While his aunt and uncle check out the house, he sneaks out from the balcony. Da Ran is at work and distracted, so her friend ask her what is wrong? Da Ran blames it on tea. Teacher Na, the one with a crush on Da Ran, offers to take Da Ran to the hospital since he’s visiting Kyung Joon, but Da Ran says she doesn’t need to go.

Da Ran gets a call from Kyung Jae, who is picking her up at school because he rented a car. He’s so excited to pick up his Gil Teacher. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how the too-cool Kyung Joon suddenly is taking to wearing shorts, t-shorts, hoodies, and oversized sunglasses now that he’s become Kyung Jae. But to borrow a phrase from my boy “Whatever.” Da Ran comes out furious that he would be driving but he reminds her that he had a driver’s license in the US.

She chases after him to try and get the car keys and they run around the car. The Vice Principal comes out and sees this, looking annoying again at Da Ran and Kyung Jae. They see the Vice Principal and stop chasing, bowing respectfully to her. Kyung Jae runs to open her car door and be extra gentlemanly to her. He sees that she’s carrying a Russian book and he says something to her in Russian which totally wows her. As he walks away, he even gives her a hand kiss as she looks all impressed by him. Kyung Jae gives her a “success” look as he runs back, telling her that he learned Russian in LA from a waiter at his mom’s restaurant.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae go to the bank and check Yoon Jae’s bank balance, finding out that his ATM code is also the same, 0624. Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle are cleaning out his closets when they find clothes belonging to a bigger man. Aunt wonders if Kyung Joon could have met his birth father before the accident. Uncle doesn’t think that’s possible. They look at Kyung Joon’s bed.

Da Ran drags Kyung Jae out to buy household items for the new house. She pulls out a pair of pink pajamas for Yoon Jae and wonders if it fits. Kyung Jae offers to try it on but Da Ran refuses since it’s a couple’s PJ and she doesn’t want him to wear it. Kyung Jae gets annoyed huffs back, but promises to meet Da Ran later at the real estate agent’s office to buy the house.

Kyung Joon goes home and sees all his belongs tossed outside the house by the side of the road, His aunt and uncle are with a real estate agent and are putting his house up for sake. Da Ran is at the real estate agent’s office getting the paper work done and it starts to rain. The agent says its a good omen when it rains when it comes to buying a house.

We see Kyung Jae trying to drag all his belongs back into the house. Oh my poor. He pushes and pulls his precious bed in the rain back into the house. Da Ran keeps trying to call him but he doesn’t answer his phone. Da Ran drives to Kyung Joon’s house and warns that he’s going to die.

Da Ran walks into Kyung Joon’s bedroom and yells at him for missing such an important appointment. She sees him sitting on the bed and doesn’t realize he’s all wet until she walks over. She stops yelling and looks worried, asking what happened. Kyung Jae says his uncle and aunt tossed all his belongings out and he had to bring it back in the house even though it was pouring rain.

Da Ran kneels down and asks if he’s alright. He says he’s fine, just a bit hot. She touches his forehead and realizes he’s burning up. Da Ran runs back out to the car and gets out all the new household items she bought for her and Yoon Jae’s new house. She wraps Kyung Jae in the new blanket, and then takes out the new PJs and tell hims to put it on. Kyung Jae stares at her as she heads to the kitchen to cook.

She can’t find any appliances, so she runs back to the car and grabs the new pots and pans she bought. As she runs back inside a pair of couples socks fall on the ground. She makes a cup of hot tea for Kyung Jae and tells him to rest. Kyung Jae lays down on the ground (since his bed is wet) all wrapped in the blanket. He gets up and walks out to the kitchen, where he sees that Da Ran has opened all the kitchen appliances she bought. She prepares a bowl of porridge for him and beckons him over to eat. She also places a packet of cold medicine before him. He notes that she’s used all the new items she bought but she’s fine with it. Da Ran asks him to move into her house, they will make an excuse that he can’t sleep well after the accident. Kyung Jae refuses.

Da Ran touches him on the forehead to make sure his fever is going down. Kyung Jae promises her that Yoon Jae will be fine. Da Ran says she was worried about him, Kyung Joon. Kyung Jae says he knows she’s worried about him, because when she looks at Kang Kyung Joon hearts don’t shoot out of her eyes. You can tell Kyung Jae looks slightly sad about that.

Da Ran leaves and sees the pair of couples socks on the ground outside the car. She drives over to the hospital and sits by Kyung Joon’s bedside. She talks to the Yoon Jae soul in his body, asking him to come back soon. She flashes back to her hospital stay. She couldn’t take the teacher’s exam because her fall caused her to break her wrist. Yoon Jae hears this and says he’ll take responsibility for Da Ran going forward. Da Ran smiles since this is pretty much a proposal.

Da Ran has another flashback to after she was all recovered and meeting Yoon Jae for date. He is wearing scrubs and apologizes for being unable to take her out since he has a last minute surgery. She says its fine. As she’s leaving, Yoon Jae stops her and looks down at her skirt because the seams have unraveled. She sits down and he takes out a staple and fixes it for her. They smile at each other and then he runs back to the hospital. Okay, Yoon Jae is officially so dorky and sweet that I also root for him.

Da Ran walks out of the hospital room wearing her pair of couples socks on her hands, while we see that she’s put the other pair on Kyung Joon’s feet. Oh god, this love triangle is going to destroy me. Kyung Jae lays in bed and plays with his toys, unable to sleep. The next morning, Kyung Jae walks into the bank and withdraws all the money in Yoon Jae’s account. Da Ran gets a text from Kyung Jae that he’s going to take care of her house situation. We see Kyung Jae meeting with Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle and closing the sale of the house.

Da Ran rushes to Kyung Joon’s house and asks what he’s doing? Kyung Jae says he bought his house for Da Ran and Yoon Jae. Da Ran locks Kyung Jae outside the house as he calls “Gil Teacher” from outside. He ends up sitting outside cross legged, like a little boy who did wrong. It’s nighttime and Da Ran has finally calmed down enough. She looks at the real estate papers and then at the cold medicine on the counter. Da Ran goes outside and tells Kyung Jae to come inside. He apologizes, he knows he was wrong. This house is all he has left and he had no way to save it, so he used this adult body he was in. She warns him that the house better not depreciate in value.

We see Da Ran directing movers who bring new furniture into the house. Kyung Jae goes into the bedroom and sees the bed that he and Da Ran both checked out that day in the furniture store. He pretends to grab the netting on top and then fall down like Da Ran did. Oh so cute! They go to the living room and check out the sofa, which Kyung Jae doesn’t like. He runs into the bedroom and frosts the glass to play peek-a-boo with her. Da Ran tells him that he’s the guest here, she’s the owner since this is her home with Yoon Jae. Kyung Jae watches her putting books on the shelves and wonders why she’s putting Yoon Jae’s stuff in Kyung Joon’s room, but shuts up when Da Ran threatens to hit him.

Mari goes to visit Choong Shik and asks to see Da Ran’s room. She sees a wedding invitation and gets confirmation that Da Ran is planning to marry Yoon Jae. She sees Yoon Jae’s picture and says the ahjusshi is her enemy. Choong Shik says his brother-in-law is not a bad guy. Mari informs Choong Shik that she’s staying in Korea until Kyung Joon wakes up, and in the meantime she plans to study Da Ran intensely,

Da Ran is wiping the TV while Kyung Jae is flipping channels, which annoys her so she sends him out to buy groceries if he’s bored. Kyung Jae swipes the car keys because he wants to drive, which is when he sees a call on Yoon Jae’s phone from Se Young. Kyung Jae meets with Se Young and asks what she wants, he’s decorating his new house with Da Ran. Se Young hands him her house key again, asking him to be candid about whether he intends to keep it or not. This shocks Kyung Jae to realize the key is to Se Young’s house. She gets annoyed at his attitude and leaves, saying she’s done with him.

Da Ran’s family is at the house helping her finish decorating and unpacking. Mom unpacks some tea which reminds Da Ran about Se Young’s tea-related text. Kyung Jae comes home and greets the family politely. Da Ran follows him back to his room and demands the car keys from him. When she tries to grab it, both the car key and Se Young’s house key falls out. She remembers it from back in Yoon Jae’s apartment. Kyung Jae grabs her hand holding the key and tries to ask her something, but he stops and tosses the key away in a trash bag which he takes out of the house, saying the key is nothing important.

Da Ran is in the car with her family going on and she suddenly remembers about Se Young’s text when her parents talk about dividing food between homes. She makes her dad stop the car and she gets out. Choong Shik calls Kyung Jae asking if Da Ran is there, telling Kyung Jae that Da Ran took off as they were headed home. Kyung Jae walks out of his house and sees the trash bag with Se Young’s house key has been opened and rifled through. Da Ran calls the hospital asking for Se Young’s address.

Kyung Jae runs to Se Young’s house as Da Ran takes a taxi there. OMG, Kyung Jae’s running is so full of his wanting to protect Da Ran from learning the truth. Da Ran walks slowly up to Se Young’s door and holds the key out, seeing that visually its a fit. She turns around, her usual avoidance mechanism kicking in, until she turns back toward the door and puts the key in. Kyung Jae arrives in the lobby and pushes the elevator, but then runs for the stairs.

Da Ran puts in the key in and it clicks. Se Young is inside and she asks who it is. Da Ran hears Se Young’s voice calling from inside. Se Young opens the door, which is when Kyung Jae arrives and turns Da Ran around. He looks out of breath and sweaty, and totally worried about her. A tear falls from Da Ran’s eyes and she tells Kyung Jae to let her go. Kyung Jae shakes his head and pulls her into his arm as his other hand reaches out and shuts the door that Se Young is opening from the inside.

Thoughts of Mine:

I loved the ending of this episode so so much. Because it was all about the concern Kyung Jae had for Da Ran. Contrasting to his earlier insistence that Yoon Jae was a bad guy and how much he tried to make Da Ran believe it, not he doesn’t want her to find out this way. Now that things are maybe over between Yoon Jae and Se Young (or perhaps it always was), Kyung Jae wants to keep Da Ran from getting her heartbroken. It’s not that he wants her with Yoon Jae, he simply doesn’t want to see her hurt by whatever Yoon Jae may have done. His last gesture was so sweet and mature, and I like that it doesn’t obscure the truth because Da Ran already knows Yoon Jae had Se Young’s house key, whatever that meant. She doesn’t need to see Se Young open the door to confirm it. The key already unlocked the door, and was the first step in releasing her persistent idealism in Yoon Jae’s perfection. I don’t think Yoon Jae is a cheating scum, but I think he’s not as perfect as Da Ran thinks. If there is ever going to be a chance for Da Ran to end up with Yoon Jae, it all starts with her seeing him without rose-tinted glasses.

I never thought the body swap needed to happen because Kyung Joon needed to mature. In my mind, he was a perfectly normal 18 year old, with an attitude and insecurities and emotional barriers. He will grow up in due course. But whatever the death of his mother, his only close family member, has left him wounded and cloaking his fear in false bravado. He is afraid to be hurt anymore so he’ll push people away, such as pushing Mari away. I don’t think there is a chance Kyung Joon liked (or will like Mari), but I’m glad she’s here because this boy needs to have as many people who care about him around him. I really loved that the drama is showing us that Da Ran is more and more concerned with Kyung Joon’s feelings and his situation. I think it was reasonable she was fixated on Yoon Jae because technically Yoon Jae’s is the one in a coma while Kyung Joon is up and around. Let’s just say the souls never switch back and Kyung Joon never awakens – that means Yoon Jae is technically dead while Kyung Joon gets to live the rest if his life as Yoon Jae. Not ideal, but he definitely got the better end of the bargain.

Through the body switch, Kyung Jae gets to spend time with his Teacher Gil and that draws out the real him. Oh, he’s definitely not lying when he told Mari that Kyung Joon liked Da Ran, but I doubt he has acknowledged it. But he can’t help but he affected by her, such as everytimes she coos over Yoon Jae to feeling like he’s just a substitute for the time being. I think both Da Ran and Kyung Jae will realize soon that they affect each other more than they like to admit, and with that comes all the complications. While Yoon Jae is so restrained and in control, similarly Kyung Jae is all emotion and fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants. I rather wish both guys were in equal playing field of age, so that Da Ran can pick without the added constraints of the teacher-student designation. I guess my love for Kyung Joon/Kyung Jae needs to be distinct from any shipping preferences, because right now I’m just inhaling the emotional trajectory of this story without needing any assurances that I’ll be happy with however the ending shakes out. That means this story is da bomb if it keeps me a patient and happy camper.


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  1. thank you Koala unni for the recap.. I keep going to your blog every five min hoping that you recap it… In another note, after seeing the preview in raw link. I was like What she is crazy. But, I hope there is explanation…

    • Also, from watching the raw link.. Love the songs in this episodes…. Oh by the way, One Direction will be playing at Honda Center in California… (My parents live in Anahiem.) My two sisters are super duper excited to see them on this Sunday….

  2. woah, thanks for the recap unnie despite you having a busy schedule. Anyway, I was reading the forum on soompi, and someone actually said that there is a possibility that yoon jae is kyung joon’s father?! is this even possible? so tangled and complicated relationship. Im really confused ;_;

    • I was thinking the same thing. And that teacher gil might become his step mom. either way i definitely think that there is a connection between his and yoon jae. maybe brothers?

    • I don’t think that’s even possible. If Yoon Jae is Kyung Joon’s father… then assuming that Yoon jae is in his 30’s or so, that means that Kyung Joon was conceived when Yoon Jae was like 12?!?!?! That’s called statutory rape people. This is such a far fetched theory!

      I think that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are brothers. In the character chart that Koala posted, it says that Yoon Jae’s parents have spent most of their marriage a part from each other and it’s very possible that his father had an affair with Kyung Joon’s mother.

    • I also thought that for a second and then realized he would have been 12 when he fathered him. More likely a brother relationship.

      • ahh~ that makes so much sense heheh. Then it would be plainly awkward for daran to end up with one of them, because they are related that means daran is going to be sister in law for one of them.

    • wow! so an 11 or 12 yrs. old yoon jae slept with kyung joon’s mom? ridiculous! though it’s possible in real world, but not on kdrama lol! i’ll go with the brothers with the same father storyline.

      OT (it happened to Mary Kay Letourneau, 34 yrs. old when she slept with her 12 yrs. old student, got pregnant by him when he was 13 … she went to jail for that crime and gave birth twice to his kids while still in prison, and married him later)

  3. Thanks for the recap Koala! BIG is such a fun drama to watch. I thought that I would suffer from a major K2H withdrawal, but I think that many of us are going to be okay thanks to BIG.

    I’m falling in love with Gong Yoo! His acting is just so damn perfect! I love it!

    • yeah, GY has been pitch perfect with nary a misstep on his part in transforming into a teen. I just love looking at his face contort and depict various emotions successfully. I don’t remember him being THIS good in CP. Now, I have to watch his movie asap.

  5. Kyung Joon was awesome in this episode. And, Da Ran — thank you for coming through for us. I knew you had it in you. As much as my heart broke for you you really needed to come off of viewing YJ with starry eyes!! I like that the Hong sisters didn’t employ the body-swap as a means to include all sorts of crazy hijinks.

    Gong and Suzy are hilarious together!! So good!! The subliminal message must be working with your BIG posts since I re-watched Ep 1-2 yday before continuing on to Ep 3!! Pretty much lost count to the number of times I re-watched DR-YJ’s first encounter. ackkkk!!

    Thank you for recapping despite you being on a business trip!! Much appreciated. <3

  6. Thank you for this recap.
    I have a huge problem with this show, which really bothers me.
    It absolutely FLIES by! I feel like the 60 or so minutes take about 15 when it’s done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it is because there is no annoying second story, really. It’s all OTP all the time… I like that.

    You think KJ is telling the truth about liking her right away, so you? Gosh, I hope so…It makes sense. He has shown to be a smart kid; one who understands things of the world. It could be that while he is not as mature as a 30 year old, he IS more mature than kids his age. He could have been bored by the girls his age….

    Like the quick kiss. Very sweet, though in DR’s eyes, it wasn’t KJ but YJ. We really need to get past that soon.

    Who else whimpered when he said, “Because when you look at KKJ, your eyes aren’t filled with hearts?” So he DOES care. a LOT. Poor baby.
    I have no idea how this is going to end, but I hope it moves really really slowly.

    • But maybe as time passes by DR will realise she’s having more fun with KJ then she had with YJ over past years. So maybe that was enough because she hadn’t know better, but now she can have better.., question is will she be brave enough to see for herself. This s-souls, could be made for her realise what is that she wants from life, now when she knows the YJ story.

  7. I really wish that Da Ran was 24. That way she will be 6 years difference and both of her men. I’m getting uncomfortable with the Yoon Jae flashbacks, because he is making me like him in his own way. I want Da Ran to be with Kyung Joon no matter how this plays out, but I’m afraid that it isn’t going to happen. I don’t think Yoon Jae cheated on her, I just think there were a lot of things he was just not telling her, in fear that it may make her dislike him or something.

  8. Finally there are two dramas that are worth my coming back to K-drama land for. I am so loving Big and I Do, I Do.

    In my opinion, I think K is a very important member of Y’s family since 6/24 (K’s birthday) is a special day to them. Brother who got stolen is on my mind, cousins is not enough of a connection to me. I don’t think that K will fall “In Love” with D but there is a mother-like affection. D is in love with Y and this soul switch will open that poor naive mind of hers but in the end she will still love him and they stay together.
    Ms. Koala, I have always loved your blog and am happy to see you are enjoying these two wonderful dramas.

  9. I really loved this episode…especially the last part of it.
    The music just went really well with what was going on. I love Davichi’s song Because It’s You. It’s such a great song!
    And Da Ran seems like a realistic person. Most people think she’s dumb, but, truthfully, love makes you go blind. I was really proud of her to do 1+1 and figure out that the key was to Se Young’s apartment. She hesitated. However, she mustered up her courage and put the key in. I admire her. As for Kyung Jae, he’s awesome. He ran. He is totally in love with Da Ran. The storyline is beautiful!! MAGNIFICENT.

  10. This episode confirmed it: Big now owns my heart and soul.

    I suspected it last episode, but the moment Kyung-jae took off running through the rain to stop Da-ran from using the key to open the apartment, I started tearing up and I just knew. This is the most emotionally invested I’ve ever been in a Hong sisters drama (well, THESE Hong sisters…I will forever be a slave to the *other* Hong sisters after TK2H).

    And AMEN to Da-ran opening her eyes to the fact that her fiance isn’t perfect. What a heartbreaking and beautiful moment.

    Can’t WAIT for next week.

  11. aaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!
    don’t tell me that Yoon Jae might be Kyun Joon’s father….
    heem father and son is loving the same girl,, interesting…

  12. This was another great episode. I think there is a brother connection between the bous(idl their names lol). And I have to comment on the Russian part, of that is Russian I’m a bitterly lol, I thought it was latin or something. Our language is Pretty hated to pronounce -___- anyways, thx for the recap koala!

    • This was another great episode. I think there is a brother connection between the boys (idk their names lol). And I have to comment on the Russian part, if that is Russian I’m a butterfly lol, I thought it was latin or something. Our language is pretty hardto pronounce -___- anyways, thx for the recap koala!

      *update because i made a lot of mistakes, I’m posting off my iPhone 🙂

  13. Could it be that Kyung-Joon’s mother was mistress to Yoon-Jae’s dad. She left Korea because she became pregnant with Kyung-Joon.
    Kyung-Joon is 18 years of age.
    Yoon-Jae is 30 years of age.
    12 yrs age difference between the 2 males.
    So technically these 2 are half-brothers. Same father born to different mothers.

  14. I just notice your comment ockoala, about the bed, Just realize that is the bed that they both really like, I mean its like DR picked the bed together with KJ to be use with him not with YJ since he can’t accompany her. What a perfect set up, but it also make me wonder about your question whether YJ will regain his concious or he just end up dead and being replace by KJ. KJ will stuck in YJ body forever?

  15. Eeep! I think I’m in love with with Kyung Jae. Episode 4 must be Gong Yoo’s specialty b/c the same thing happened to me in ep. 4 of Coffee Prince. This ep. was the best one yet. Oh, and did anyone else die when Yoon Jae came running out in the scrubs and crocs??? I’d watch a medical drama if Gong Yoo was in it!

  16. I know it is pretty much just me, but I am not feeling the romantic tension between teacher and boy. I really am just seeing her filling in the huge ‘this is where my family should be’ hole that is in his life.

    Either way, episode 4 did what I hope it would and that is really pull me into the story.

    • But that is the good part.
      They are starting as people that can console and help each other, not LOVERS!
      So if, and we are not really sure it will happen, she starts to see KJ romantically in the body, it’ll have even more impact on her.

      • Yeah.
        It seems to me, despite the chaos of a body switch, these two really need each other (and not romantically). He is challenging her (in ways her real brother sooooo cannot, poor clueless boy) while she is nurturing him. I still might have problems if it goes romantic just because I am seeing so much of that nuturing/motherly/noona vibe from her and that switching to romantic is just a little icky for me.

  17. well if we think that da ran’s dad also married with his student:D i expect something like that could happen for da ran also 😀

  18. I think that the kid (i get confused with the names) has learned how hard is to tell her the truth without hurting her, he is starting to understand her fiancee’s struggle. I think that her fiancee was struggling with the same feeling when deceiving her about the flight and their wedding. yet, we do not know the reason behind the flight and his undecisive feelings about the wedding. That might be another mistery that the kid may have to uncover next.

  19. Chingu, I’m staying away from spoilers for future eps so IDK if what I think will happen might actually happen, but…don’t you get the feeling that Yoon Jae/Da Ran are the intended ~final~ OTP despite what’s happening between Da Ran/Kyung Joon now? Am I the only one who thinks Kyung Joon and Yoon Ja are brothers and Yoon Ja has been cryptic/mysterious is because he’s hiding this secret (that his parents had to let his younger brother go for some reason. Political maybe?)?

    The soul/body switcharoo might also be explained more easily if the boys are related somehow (like, maybe, the kin souls got confused and entered the wrong body exactly because the two are related) and they had to find themselves again? I mean, as far as an explanation goes, it’s as plausible as it can be for a fantasy drama. No?

    Anyway, up to ep 2 I was really, really confused about the OTP, but now…IDK, it feels like the Hong sisters are setting the drama up so that Kyung Joon finds what he needs the most (a family, hi family) whereas Yoon Ja could get rid of the “secret” and feel free to be himself and finally love Da Ran has he wants and she deserves. I have no doubt he is in love with her now. I mean, IDK what’s the whole thing with Se Young is, but though everything points in the direction of him wavering and having an affair…it doesn’t feel like that to me?

    IDK, chingu. IDK. The more I think about this, the more everything seems to click. The developing bond between Kyung Joon and Da Ran doesn’t necessarily have to be of romantic love…And then there’s the house, and the boys and everything…and…gah, IDK

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