I Need Romance 2012 Gears Up for Premiere Next Week with New Trailers

I’m not sure why tvN scheduled a week break between the end of Queen In Hyun’s Man and the premiere of its follow up drama I Need Romance 2012, but that just leaves us with another week until INR2 hits the screens. Starring quirky and loveable Jung Yumi, stiff and charming Lee Jin Wook, and rascally Kim Ji Seok, INR2 exists because the original provided a refreshing and candid look at modern dating in Seoul. It wasn’t realistic per se (everyone was so good looking, and there was even a chaebol secret involved), but the take on messy emotional connections was indeed quite candid. This time around, Jung Yumi finds herself toggling between ex-boyfriend Lee Jin Wook and new boy toy Kim Ji Seok. On paper this is so been there-done that, but I can’t wait to see the set up, personalities, and histories involved. Check out the two new teasers, which confirm INR2 won’t skip out on the steamy make out scenes.

I Need Romance Teasers:


I Need Romance 2012 Gears Up for Premiere Next Week with New Trailers — 14 Comments

  1. W00t, new crack being handed to me on a plate. Can’t wait to see Lee Jin Wook… Myung Wol was too long ago…

    P.S. Jie jie, it wasn’t a break, this week QIHM aired two special episodes ^u^

    • No they didn’t. Special eps were planned, but they were cancelled. (Also, there’s still another day in “this week” for QIHM’s timeslot, so you can’t really use the past tense yet..)

  2. Love triangles are so 2011. I will wait and see on that one. Gosh I miss QIHM.

    QHIM perfect drama
    1) no silly bickering
    2)No slapping
    3)no piggy back ride for 2 miles
    5) no cheabols

    Gosh I miss that show.

    • Probably Dfever will be doing it again but I feel like I might have seen something on Viki. This looks awesome!!! I have missed Lee Jin Wook!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Yay come to mamma INR2, loved the first ne and can’t wait to see what the second one brings.
    Love the male stars, Lee Jin Wook ( why so pretty) like he’s manly but can also be pretty, idk all I know is that I can look at him for hours and Kim Ji Seok I just couldn’t bring myself to hate on Personal Taste even though you were a JERK in all caps, just something about the way you looked , like if someone kicked a cute helpless puppy, ahhh those eyes got me every time even tho I was like he is such a douche/jerk/a**/ and some other choice words. It just let’s me know that you are a charmer and I’m looking forward to being under your spell yet again even tho you can’t beat Lee Min Ho(t) but you surely gave him a run at it.

    I think I might have to rewatch INR just to fill the void till the second season premieres.

  4. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I forever like the second lead characters. I personally find Kim Ji Seok to be a very engaging actor so looking forward to his character and interactions with Jung Yumi

  5. My eyes (for this drama) are only on Kim Ji Seok. Darn. I could not help but be smitten by his hidden playfulness in the drama starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin as the main leads. His smile is all smirky and his eyes express mischievousness (if that is even a word, lol). And he used to be a singer too. So yay. KJS ftw. ^^

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