Video Preview for Episode 5 of Big

I keep watching the end of episode 4 of Big over and over again. Kyung Jae’s run to stop Da Ran from using the key was so heartwarming and sweet, but I finally get to applaud Da Ran for stepping up and confronting hard truths. I get that she’s dense, trusting, and rather naive, but at least now I know she’s not delusional. While she’s not my favorite female character trope (too kind hearted and dim), but she is a great foil for Kyung Joon. He draws out her claws and her spitfire personality, and their sparring truly transcends most bickering. Because they are dealing with the most ridiculous of circumstances, they manage to learn more and more about each other while trying to pretend to be affianced in front of the world while privately pushing each other’s buttons in hilarious ways. I feel like Kyung Joon took over Yoon Jae’s body for a reason as well, and maybe it’s to clean up the mess Yoon Jae left behind. So the body switch has a purpose for both men, but then it leaves Da Ran (and us viewers) scrambling for answers as we fall deeper and deeper into needing emotional clarity.

Preview for episode 5:

Da Ran to Se Young: You don’t seem to have the right to be so upstanding in front of me.

Se Young to Da Ran: When you and Yoon Jae bumped into each other and had that accident, where did you think he was rushing off to?

Jewelry story lady: It shouldn’t be incorrect. The customer who ordered the ring said that he wrote down the correct size.

Choong Shik: What are they trying to hide so surreptitiously? Should we go to the hospital, looks like they are fighting.

Se Young: The person who had the accident with patient Kang Kyung Joon, was that Seo Yoon Jae?

Kyung Jae: If you want to end it, shall I go outside and stand guard?

Da Ran: I’m not ending it. I’ll pretend that I don’t know anything, and I plan to let things continue the way they are.

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Video Preview for Episode 5 of Big — 40 Comments

  1. oh Da ran . I don’t know about that whole pretending thing . honey , have some self respect .
    this whole set up makes it horribly hard for Da Ran to have any kind of confrontation with Yoon Jae / Se Young . i’m sure she has a million questions but who the hell is going to answer them ?
    I want her to tell Se young to go fuck off somewhere else but she has no leg left to stand on . Idk what i’m saying but i want to know more about the real Yoon Jae , what kind of person was he even ? It seems awfully random to find this super cute , clutsy , hilariously adorable girl ask her to marry you and then out of nowhere start cheating on her . He seems too logical for that . Why didn’t he just break up with Da Ran ?

  2. I’m a bit confused with the names.
    You use Kyung Jae and Kyung Joon interchangeably to the point that I don’t know who you’re talking about anymore. I thought the young guy was Kyung Joon and the older guy was Yoon-Jae. So who is Kyung Joon?

    • Actor Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon-Jae’s host-body + Kang Kyung-Joon’s spirit; therefore, Kyung-Joon’s spirit is using/possessing Yoon-Jae’s host-body.

      While Actor Shin Won-Ho as Kang Kyung-Joon host-body + Seo Yoon-Jae’s spirit; therefore, Seo Yoon-Jae’s spirit is using/possessing Kang Kyung-Joon’s host-body resting in hospital bed…in a comatose state.

  3. Dear Koala,
    I always love to read your insight of the story… i like the theory about KJ took over the body YJ has some kind of purpose.. may be to let DR to understand YJ more and to let her be aware of herself losing her own identity in front of DR.. and let her understand whether the man that she loves is really what she is looking for to spend her rest of live with. After ready the charactor chart.. i think/guess YJ and KJ are most likely half brothers.. by switching souls.. it actually allow KJ to connect with his brother in most intimate way.. well being in YJ’s body and all.. and let KJ potentially get to know his father that he has never met or known since he grew up his mother.. and now KJ’s mother is not longer with him.. KJ need someone to really care for him.. may be his half brother and his father will do so in the future if he ever wake up or remain in YJ’s body…

    I am not sure what I want the OTP to be… i think i like KJ in YJ’s body… because if KJ’s soul does return to him body.. i have a hard time seeing the pairing… he is such a baby face… I am very curious about YJ.. we has see very little of him at this point…

    i love this drama.. and i am stalking this site for anything related to big.

    thanks for the recap.

  4. Interesting that so far Da-ran’s blind attachment to Yoon-jae seems to be something we usually encounter in 2nd leads. I really hope her willful self-delusion doesn’t last too long, because that is always incredibly frustrating to watch.

    • I think that’s a feint. I think she wants to pretend everything is okey-dokey so that she can keep being by Kyung Jae’s side. If she openly ends her engagement with Yoon Jae, to the world that means she is not his fiancee anymore. Ottoke for Kyung Jae? Plus I think she wants to give Yoon Jae a chance to explain himself, which I’m fine with. She know he’s got tons of stuff he’s kept from her, but she’ll give him the chance to come clean with her before making a decision. But I think all of these secrets she’s finding out, even if it’s not as bad as cheating or preparing to dump her and go to LA (I think it’s neither), just adds to the realization that she doesn’t know Yoon Jae all that well.

      Everyone thinks the first meeting of Yoon Jae and Da Ran was cute, how he fell for her through repeated run-ins but never told her, leading her to believe he first saw her when she fell down the stairs. Theoretically its cute in a drama way, but in real life I don’t like it one bit. Why can’t he tell her? Tell her that he liked her from the get to, and their accident was akin to fated for them to meet. I think that was be much sweeter. In truth, I don’t like Yoon Jae for Da Ran not because he’s a possible cheater or has cold feet, from the get go I don’t like how he’s so nebulous with her and keeps so much from her. Even their first kiss was when she was asleep! That’s lame. Cute in a drama way, but way lame in an adult dating way.

      Anyways – I don’t think Da Ran is being delusional, I think we’re going to see her step up and start thinking things through rather than mooning over Yoon Jae’s perfect image in her mind. Which is about time.

      • This comment suddenly made me think of his movie
        “Meeting Mr. Destiny”
        Because in that film he played a duo role, too.

        In this, he is almost playing four or more:
        Yoon Jae (himself) No filters from narrator
        Yoon Jae as DR sees him
        Yoon Jae as others describe him to us
        Kyung Jae

        Pretty cool trick they are playing on us.

      • My thoughts exactly..,what kind of boyfriend he’s when he doesn’t say nothing about himself, what kind of husband he will be. Just don’t say he’s shy…
        As for DR, sweet cookie, I almost give up on you, but after preview there’s still hope left. Perhaps she end up leaving KJ and YJ, and starts new life.

      • That’s exactly what I am thinking, DR pretend anything to be alright simply because KJ in YJ body’s and she is the only one who knows it, I think DR also want to protect KJ, the boy is alone in this world. And you are rigt ockoala, I think she will wait until YJ wake up and ask him to explain everything to her and then maybe she can make a firm decision. Btw I also read in Dramabeans, that KJ body’s is having progress because he can move fingers, it seems like he will be wake up anytime soon, cross fingers…

  5. Thanks for this!
    Now, Koala, when you say “scrambling for answers as we fall deeper and deeper into needing emotional clarity” include needing LOTS OF SKINSHIP?
    I need a Tshirt:
    I’ll scramble for skinship

    • I want skinship, but I’m hesitant for anything until Da Ran starts to really fall for Kyung Jae (Kyung Joon’s soul), and stops seeing Yoon Jae’s face all the time. I wish THS would use the SG plot device and have a veil scene where Da Ran is talking to Kyung Jae but the veil switches and the viewers see Da Ran talking with Kyung Joon. This brings back my baby Shin, and doesn’t need the souls to switch back. I guess I just need more of my baby, in any which way. *__*

      • OH my heart could NOT take the magic veil of unswitchiness!
        The second we see him back as that gorgeous baby boy….I can’t even…kissing LMJ…omg…

        THIS is why I think he cannot switch back and be with her in his gorgeous baby boy body, unless they use a different actor as “Adult” KJ. (Casting SJK as “Adult” KJ.)
        You can have a Gong Yu next to GHJ, and JIW kissing LCA because they are grown men.

        (I am still imagining Shin kissing LMJ…)

      • Chibi-Kyung Joon can kiss anyone he wants!

        Look at him waving at me. *floats over*

      • Good god koala ! NO veils of unswitchness . let them figure out their feelings in the body’s they are trapped in but then again that would give new actor guy person a chance to shine on screen which to be honest we have not experienced enough . His awesomeness was short lived .

  6. By the way, I think the person who made the banner you have up meant to put
    “X marks the spot” instead of “a koala’s playground.”
    Or, is that the same thing?

  7. I read some people are having problem with KJ ending up with DR, because of age and law issues…
    If he stays in YJ we’re not having any issues, except some tiny moral issues but we can repress that.

    • Well, these stories usually end up having a nice time jump to take care of any legal issues. Helps with the squicky.

      • So true, but will he jump 300 years in the future or 300 years in the past… hehaa

  8. Why Da ran read only Se Young’s text messages on Yoon Jae’s phone? I think he truly likes Da ran, but Se Young uses him, like if she has some kind of power over him. His guilt feeling over to Da ran was so obvious, he did not want to hurt her, to tell her the truth. But what truth? Maybe he spent one night with Se Young, but I don’t think there was more. Se Young even managed to change his board pictures in his room in the hospital, she’s very mean.

  9. I don’t think YJ was planning on continuing a relationship with SY, I think it was always more one sided and now she will not back down.
    YJ, I think he has sad eyes or am I the only one who thinks so. even when he was with Daran his eyes just look sad. I do think there is a lot that he kept and is keeping from Daran and we’ll see if he wakes up and can finally tell the truth to her because I sure do. (I doubt the ring was for SY though)

    Daran, I can understand why she wont go and break up with YJ in the hospital especially since he is in KJ body and that would be trouble. Daran really grew up, she was naive but was starting to notice the cracks in their relationship and that maybe it wasn’t okay after all.
    But I’m not sure who will be the OTP in the end, it might even be that Daran ends up alone.

  10. I thought it interesting that DR says “so this is what the feeling would have been like” but in reality – that’s not it. That feeling she’s having is from KJ coming close. :) I think they should bring Shin back as quickly as possible too. (shame they’re not doing as you suggested, flipping back/forth)

  11. I just hope da ran step up and being mature. But, I doubt it due to that she want to continue until end. I just hope her reasons is reasonable….

  12. When I watch Big. I get a reminder of Freaky Friday (1976 Film).
    Starring Jodie Foster as Annabel Andrews and Barbara Harris as Ellen Andrews mother to Annabel Andrews. Love this classic film.

    The film opens on Friday the 13th when Annabel Andrews (Jodie Foster), just after a quarrel with her mother, Ellen Andrews (Barbara Harris) leaves for school. Soon after, joining a friend at a diner, Annabel and her mother (in their kitchen) wish aloud, “I wish I could switch places with her for just one day” – and in a chaotic way, Annabel and Ellen suddenly do switch places.

    Ellen (Annabel’s spirit is inside her mother) has a crazy day with the washer and dryer, the mechanic, the carpet cleaners, the drape cleaners, Ms. Mary Kay, the grocery boy, their dog, and the alcoholic maid, Mrs. Schmauss. Annabel (Ellen’s spirit is inside her daughter’s body) ruins all the photos in photography class, destroys and explodes about eighteen electric typewriters, gets lost during marching band, and loses Annabel’s field hockey game….

    Towards the end of Freaky Friday:

    Ellen (Annabel’s spirit is inside her mother) is tricked her husband into flying away on the waterskis. Annabel (Ellen’s spirit is inside her daughter’s body), Boris(Annabel boy crush), and Ben (Annabel little brother) end up driving in Ellen’s car and get in an epic and comical car chase with the police. While both flying through the air, Ellen and Annabel wish to return to their own bodies – which happens with a shocking twist: Ellen returns to her body but still ends up water skiing, and Annabel returns to her body but still ends up driving Ellen’s car.

    Annabel drives Ellen’s car into the river, while Ellen, who has jumped onto a parachute kite, flies crazily into the river. She and Annabel happily forgive each other. In the ending scene, Annabel and Boris (who appear to be on the verge of going steady) and Ben are about to go out for pizza, while Ellen is unsuccessfully trying to tell Bill about the story. Bill refuses to believe it, and he and Ben quarrel about how fun a Saturday in each other’s place would be. They each wish to be each other, and the film ends with them about to change places while Ellen nervously throws some playing cards into the air.

    Dont really care for the 2 re-mades, the first being a 1995 television film starring Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffmann. The second was a 2003 feature length film directed by Mark Waters, with Lindsay Lohan as the daughter and Jamie Lee Curtis as the mother.

    Sorry, to get of the subject of BIG.

  13. I keep saying, DR will fall for KJ soul and her love for YJ will faint away… Because their interactions will give them space to grow, to breath, to live and experience love in a way they don’t know about….

  14. Hi has anyone noticed that in this preview Da Ran’s hand was bandaged? and the other things that were shown here were not what happened in episode 5?

    has anyone have an explanation for this?

    My sister and I got really hooked and watched the whole thing again and that’s when we noticed this. Haha sorry it’s only now that we commented since we only learned about this series a few weeks ago :)

    Love this drama!

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