Previews for New SETTV Daily Drama with Alice Ke, James Wen, and Patrick Li

Next week is the premiere of SETTV‘s new 9 pm daily drama called Gong Hay Fat Choy (if you’re Cantonese, I don’t need to explain this to you). The Chinese title is 我們發財了 (literal translation is we got rich), and the English translation is the Cantonese greeting during Chinese New Year wishing folks prosperity and wealth (means congratulations on getting rich). The title aside, this drama looks breezy and fun, sure to have tons of Taiwanese-flavor humor and be a hoot to watch. I’m definitely checking it out since I love Alice Ke, and her pairing up with Patrick Li in this drama leaves me in stitches. Also in the cast is James Wen, newly minted Golden Bell Best Actress winner Tian Xin, Kun Da, and Gina Lee. Check out the trailers below and let’s hope it’s good enough to reverse my ennui towards TW-dramas. Both Alice in Wonder City and Ti Amo Chocolate continue to be immensely boring and puts me to sleep.

Written synopsis:

It’s recession time, so you gotta work harder if you want to get rich! Mama Jiang and Papa Jiang have walked half their lives together, bickering all the way. The topic of fights involve living expenses, and also their brood of three children. Papa Jiang is a retired government employee, earnest and down-to-earth, happy with a peaceful life. Mama Jiang doesn’t feel the same way. Why be poor when you can be rich! So she places all her hopes and dreams on her three kids one day becoming rich, so they don’t have to worry about money like she did. Get rich? Who doesn’t want that. Even the daughter-in-law prays for her husband the eldest Jiang son will successfully start his own business so she can return to her maiden family with her head held high. But the road to riches is long and arduous, so how does a small fry successful hit the jackpot?

Previews for Gong Hay Fat Choy:


Previews for New SETTV Daily Drama with Alice Ke, James Wen, and Patrick Li — 13 Comments

  1. OMG… this pairing is so weird(especially since I saw them in Office Girls) and yet it’s so funny… Alice Ke and Patrick Lee????
    I always thought that Patrick Lee is a comedy sidekick material to me so when he become the leading guy, it just feels so weird. I’ll be checking this out nonetheless.. just to see how will their chemistry be like…

  2. I love them both individually. I really do. But how can I treat him seriously when I expect him to suddenly sprout Korean, English, Japanese or act out a Chinese opera song >__<

    I don't even want to imagine them having skinship. See can't even use the " K**** " word. I feel like a kid watching her parents making out or something. Ewww….

    • Hahaha seriously. I, too, am having trouble imagining their pairing. How old is Patrick Li? More than watching my parents make out, I feel like I’m watching my dad make out with my sister, or something. Ick.

      • @ockoala: Ah, thanks for the response! For some reason I got the impression he was much older from Office Girls. Not so icky, though still a little weird :).

  3. Initially I was dumbfounded at the pairing, but I think he’d do good at serious scenes and it looks like he’s getting a lot of screentime as it is as a SETTV second lead (i swear i saw him the entire episode for Love Forward), I think he’d be fine. He’d be good for serious scenes and can definitely bring the funny. Alice is looking gorgeous! Interesting that their personas from Office Girls seem to carry over to the next drama teasers….

  4. So is this a Taiwanese Drama or a Hong Kong Drama.
    After watching the previews of Gong Hay Fat Choy. Video 1: the actor’s verbal Cantonese feel like they just learned the language. Actor’s dialect does not sound Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong maybe Canton, China… not at all.
    So this must be a Taiwanese drama actor’s speaking Mandarin & Hokkien to boot.

  5. I definitely have to watch this one. It looks really cute! And I personally love the pairings. I think they make a perfect match in TW daily drama world. Sunday idol drama… maybe not, but definitely works really well for a daily IMO.

  6. Patriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

    *winking at the French-speaking playgrounders who’ll fondly remember this Bruel ref ^^*

    I look forward to his character the most, especially if given room enough to express a wide range of serious emotions, and his pairing with Alice Ke. 🙂

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