Big Episode 6 Recap

Big may be about the maturation of a teenage boy, but it can be used to showcase the maturation of the Hong Sisters writing style. They dropped a stunning time jump at the end of episode 5, and all of episode 6 left me feeling like I was watching a completely different drama. Episode 1 was all sorts of dreamy and lustrous, with the subsequent episodes full of equal measures angst and hilarious hijinks. But this episode turns the corner, much like a teenager hitting majority and showing the world that adulthood is really all about careful thought and deeper reflections. Kyung Jae returns from the US a year later a man-boy no longer, but a young man who is much wiser than his years. Da Ran sheds the shackles of an insecure engagement and shows us that when she looks at Kyung Jae, she sees only Kyung Joon. This time around, Kyung Jae is in the driver’s seat of this adult body, and he’s poised to live Yoon Jae’s life but pursuing the things Kyung Joon wants.

Episode 6 recap:

Da Ran stands in front of the elevator and Kyung Jae walks up next to her. She stares in shock and calls him Kyung Joon a few times, but elicits no reaction. She finally tentatively calls him Yoon Jae, and finally he turns around to face her. He says long time no see, Gil Da Ran-shhi. When she asks if he’s Kyung Joon and why he didn’t contact her all this time and why is he here, he calmly says this is his friend’s wedding. This confuses Da Ran so she asks if he’s Yoon Jae then. He says its been a year since they’ve met and she’s gotten less pretty. Her face has more wrinkes.

Da Ran is sure this is Kyung Jae before her, but then he says that when he first met her, he thought she was so pretty and he chased after her. This confuses Da Ran and she asks again if he’s Yoon Jae. Kyung Jae gets in the elevator and asks if she’s not coming in. Da Ran runs into the elevator and stares at him. She asks again if he’s Kyung Joon, but he just smirks. He asks if he’s changed so much she doesn’t recognize him anymore? When he gets out of the elevator, he says “uh oh, you’re speechless.”

Da Ran walks into the banquet hall and her teacher friend Ae Kyung runs up wanting to alert Da Ran that her ex-fiancee Yoon Jae is also here. Da Ran says she knows. They look towards where Kyung Jae is chatting with some of his guy friends. Da Ran tells Ae Kyung she’s fine and the goes to sit down next to Kyung Jae.

She asks again if he’s Kyung Joon, and then says she was really worried about him? She puts her hands on his cheeks and turns his face towards her, wanting to make sure he looks well. Kyung Jae remarks that when he was first Yoon Jae, Da Ran always reminded to behave properly so as to not affect Yoon Jae’s reputation. Yet look at her now, she’s the one causing people to stare and talk. Da Ran mutters that all she sees is Kyung Joon before here, so she forgot everyone else sees Yoon Jae. OMO, yesssss. FINALLY!

Da Ran looks around and realizes the entire wedding banquet is staring at them. Kyung Jae points out that the person who gets up and leaves will preserve their pride in this situation. Da Ran says they ought to stand up at the same time and leave. She wants them to count to three and stand up together, but Kyung Jae counts to 3 immediately and then gets up to walk away.

Da Ran is left alone at the table and her girlfriends quickly run over to ask if she’s alright. Suddenly Kyung Jae dramatically opens the door to the banquet room and walks back inside. Everyone stares as he walks up to Da Ran. He counts to three and tells her to get up. Da Ran stands up and he grabs her hand before walking out with her. Omo, I think I swooned.

Outside the wedding, Kyung Jae points out that people will think they got back together. Da Ran shakes his hand off when she realizes this. Kyung Jae says he needs Da Ran. Their souls haven’t switched back and he’s being forced by Yoon Jae’s mom to get married. So he wants Da Ran to be by his side.

Yoon Jae’s mom meets with Se Young, who reveals that she wants to get back together with Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae’s mom is supportive and wants Se Young with her son, who she thinks has been acting cold towards her.

Kyung Jae explains that Yoon Jae’s mom thinks that if he gets back together with Se Young, the old Yoon Jae’s personality will return. Da Ran thinks Kyung Jae is still a kid, which you can see still upsets Kyung Jae but he holds it in. He informs her that he’s a 19 year old kid now. He tells her that if he has to get married (or pretend to be engaged), then he needs her because she’s the only one who knows the truth.

When Da Ran asks if he still likes her, Kyung Jae lies and says he doesn’t. He claims that he was just a kid back then but now he’s moved on. He asks her for a favor – just like he pretended to be her fiancée Yoon Jae, now he needs her to pretend to be Yoon Jae’s fiancée to the public so he isn’t forced to be with Se Young.

Da Ran rushes off because folks are leaving the wedding, saying she’ll talk with him later alone. As she’s walking down the street, Kyung Jae drives up and honks loudly until she has no choice but to get in. Hilariously, he purposely backs the car up so that her friends see clearly that Da Ran is in the car with him. Da Ran tries to explain that he’s just giving her a ride but the implication is clear.

During the car ride, she yells at him for being a punk and tells him to find girls his own age. Kyung Jae points out that if he picked up a teenage girl, he’d go to jail. But then he doesn’t need to get married. Da Ran realizes he’s right, but reveals that she’s finally let Yoon Jae go, its going to be hard if she has to stare at his face all the time again. Kyung Jae mutters that she still hasn’t gotten over Yoon Jae.

Kyung Jae pulls over and tells Da Ran to get like, obviously giving her space from staring at Yoon Jae’s face. She can’t help him on this, but tells him to call her anytime he wants to talk since she’s the only one who knows he’s Kang Kyung Joon. When Kyung Jae asks about the mandoo restaurant and her family, Da Ran warns him not to come by. In her family’s eyes, he’s their former Seo son-in-law, and if her dad sees him, he’ll chop him up into mandoo filling.

Before Da Ran leaves, Kyung Jae asks her to call his name. Da Ran says Kang Kyung Joon, and Kyung Jae has her repeat it twice more. He then tells her to go, and she waves goodbye. As she walks away, Kyung Jae leans on the steering wheel and stares at her. He confesses that he’s missed her. She is the only one who calls him Kang Kyung Joon.

Back home, Da Ran’s parents are worried about her future. They know she is doing well and has lots of friends, but want to suggest that she go on matseon dates. They agree that Seo Yoon Jae will never be allowed to date her again.

Da Ran flips through her drawer and finds her wedding pictures with Kyung Jae and her pink pair of the couples socks. She stares at it.

Kyung Jae walks up in Kyung Joon’s child bed and gets ready to go out. We see medical textbooks everywhere and notes strewn around the room. He is so rawr looking like a mature adult.

Kyung Jae goes to the hospital and meets with Yoon Jae’s doctor colleagues. He confirms that he’s almost ready to resume working, though inwardly he mutters that it’s a big problem that he can’t stand the sight of blood.

Kyung Jae visits Kyung Joon’s body and runs into Mari. She doesn’t seem surprised he’s back, and he thanks her for the information she gave him. Ahhh, so that’s how Kyung Jae “ran into” Da Ran at the wedding. Cute. Mari asks for an exchange of information, he needs to tell her about Kyung Joon.

Mari takes notes as Kyung Jae reveals Kyung Joon secrets – like how Amy wasn’t his first kiss and some girl name Seri wasn’t Kyung Joon’s first girlfriend but spread the rumor she was. When asked why Mari is so persistent in liking Kyung Joon, she reveals that her liking Kyung Joon resulted in the death of his mother. So she’s decided she’s never going to stop liking him so that she can stay by his side.

Kyung Jae notes that Mari is definitely loyal. She reveals that she’s attending school in Seoul to stay by Kyung Joon’s side. When Kyung Jae taps her on the head the same way Kyung Joon used it, Mari notes that he really does have a special connection with Kyung Joon. Mari has watched too many dramas because she wonders if he’s Kyung Joon’s father. Kyung Jae makes an “oh hell no” face and says its not possible since they are 12 years apart in age.

Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle are discussing the possibility he can’t wake up. Uncle notes that he wanted to use the inheritance money to buy a restaurant and take care of Kyung Joon for the rest of his life.

Da Ran leaves school when she runs into Kyung Jae waiting for her outside. He’s perched against the car in such a hot and sexy way I’m seeing stars. He greets Da Ran and then walks into the school. Da Ran follows him and this is seen by Ae Kyung and Teacher Na, both of whom are stunned.

At school, Kyung Jae meets with the Vice Principal to discuss Kyung Joon’s current state. The VP asks if he’s no longer Da Ran’s fiancée and he confirms it, even going so far as saying he has to pretend not to know her. When the VP says Da Ran must so so hurt, Kyung Jae says he’s even more hurt. He reveals that Da Ran dumped him (not the rumored other way around).

Kyung Jae reveals that he proposed to her, saying he’ll leave to recharge himself and then come back and marry her. But Da Ran found that absolutely hilarious so she turned him down. When Kyung Jae is saying this, he’s staring at Da Ran the entire time. After he walks away, the ladies wonder why Da Ran pretended she was the one dumped?

Da Ran asks what Kyung Jae is doing and he reveals that he’s getting her pride back so she can once again come to his side. They go to dinner and Kyung Jae asks Da Ran to meet with Yoon Jae’s mom. She refuses and wants him to just oppose Yoon Jae’s mom. She calls him a kid again which leads him to remind her that to the world he’s not a kid so folks will think she’s crazy if they hear her say that.

Kyung Jae asks why she’s kept all the newlywed furnishings in the house? She explains that she can’t sell it and get her money back, so she’s keeping it until the day she moves out of her parents house and then she can use it. Kyung Jae suggests they use it as a newlywed home since he’s back but she says no. He says that if she doesn’t want to help him, then she needs to move her stuff out immediately. Da Ran wonders when Kyung Jae turned so mean.

Kyung Jae meets with Yoon Jae’s mom and tries to explain that he’s found the person he wants to be with, to try and get her to back off about Se Young. Da Ran goes to the house to pack up the furnishings. Se Young drives over with a box of Yoon Jae’s belongings from his office at the hospital. Mari is out sneaker shopping with Choong Shik, who is clearly her adoring slave. She offers to buy him a pair which makes him ecstatic. They discuss the possibility Kyung Joon might never wake up.

Se Young walks into the house and runs smack into Da Ran in the living room. Se Young announces she’s planning to start over with Yoon Jae. Da Ran tells Se Young that Yoon Jae is a kid inside and totally immature. Will Se Young like a teenager? Se Young thinks Da Ran is trying to get rid of a rival and announces that she won’t give up on Yoon Jae. Se Young knows about Yoon Jae’s personality change since the accident but unlike Da Ran who gave up, she still likes Yoon Jae and wants to be with him.

When Se Young sits down on the sofa to wait for Yoon Jae, Da Ran sees Se Young showing a lot of leg. She mutters that young boys shouldn’t see this, so Da Ran acts like her temper is up and kicks Se Young out. She says the sofa is hers and she doesn’t want Se Young sitting there. Da Ran warns Se Young not to come by here at night or else she beat her black tea until it turns into green tea. SO AWESOME! Kyung Jae is at the store buying cleaning suppliers for Da Ran to clean with. He asks for the worst brand, clearly so she will have to clean longer and not be able to finish fast.

Se Young runs into Kyung Jae outside as he’s coming home. She reveals Da Ran got mad and kicked her out, which makes Kyung Jae smile. Se Young claims Da Ran said Yoon Jae was an immature teenager on the inside to try and get Se Young to give up on him. Kyung Jae confirms that he is an immature teenager on the inside. When Se Young says that she’ll wait for the Yoon Jae of old to return, Kyung Jae says that when things go back to its original place, she can have Yoon Jae.

Kyung Jae happily goes into the house only to see Da Ran staring at Yoon Jae’s pictures with his parents. Kyung Jae doesn’t want these items but Da Ran tells him not to throw it away, she’ll put it up somewhere. Da Ran sees all the medical books and notes and realizes Kyung Jae really did spend the past year filling up his brain. He’s fine living the life of Yoon Jae and trying to make it work, but he doesn’t want to have to get married.

Since Se Young showed up, that means the situation is more serious than they realized. Da Ran huffs that he will surely be attracted to sexy Se Young, though if Se Young knew he was a kid she wouldn’t want him. Kyung Jae leans in close to Da Ran and confirms that she won’t be attracted to him. She says for sure. He smirks and says that is why she’s the perfect person to protect his youthful virtue.

Da Ran goes home and lays down on her bed, thinking of Kyung Jae’s predicament. She realizes that she can’t got ignore his situation. Kyung Jae looks at a picture of Yoon Jae and his mother and sighs that Da Ran still shoots hearts out of her eyes when she looks at Yoon Jae.

At school, Ae Kyung is encouraging Teacher Na to step up and pursue Da Ran. Ae Kyung says Da Ran is so pitiful and with Yoon Jae returning, someone needs to save her. Their interaction once again is accidentally seen by the VP who thinks they are having yet another amorous encounter at school and chides them.

Kyung Jae goes to the mandoo restaurant and then remembers Da Ran’s warning that her dad will turn him into mandoo filling if he sees him. Kyung Jae decides to sneak out with a fan blocking his face when Mari arrives. She doesn’t out him but instead buys some mandoo and the two of them go eat at the park.

While munching on mandoo, Mari sees Kyung Jae taking two pieces of pickled radish per mandoo and says only Kyung Joon is allowed to do that. He finishes and walks off, telling her to clean up. She chases after him to get him to do it, which is when a gust of wind blows sand in her eye.

Kyung Jae turns back and tells Mari not to rub and it’ll get better on its own. Mari remembers Kyung Joon saying the same thing to her and she sees Kyung Joon with her blurry vision. When it clears, she realizes she’s staring at Kyung Jae. He goes to take out the trash and tells her not to follow him.

Da Ran gets a call from Yoon Jae’s mom, who demands that Da Ran remove all her things from the house immediately since she’s planning to sell the house. Ugh, what a witch. Da Ran tries to explain that the house means a lot to its owner (Kyung Jae), but Yoon Jae’s mom coldly tells her that this is none of Da Ran’s business.

Se Young hears from the nurses that Kyung Jae visits Kyung Joon’s body. She goes to see Kyung Joon and wonders why he doesn’t wake since he doesn’t have any external injuries. She looks into his accident and discovers it was the same accident Yoon Jae was in. Uh oh. Da Ran thinks about Kyung Jae telling her that this home was bought by his dead mom and is his only possession in this world. She gets a call that Teacher Na is at the mandoo restaurant and she rushes over there.

Da Ran’s parents are pleased with the well-mannered Teacher Na. Kyung Jae arrives and sees this from the door, which annoys him that another man is pursuing Da Ran. When Da Ran arrives, Kyung Jae stops her from going in and says he’s here to discuss a problem with her like she told him to. She hesitates so he says never mind.

Da Ran ends up going after Kyung Jae and gets into his car. She asks what his problem is but he asks who that guy was? Is Da Ran close to him? Kyung Jae fabricates some sort of identity crisis so Da Ran emphatically says he’s Kang Kyung Joon. He’s still a kid, he can’t drink or smoke yet. Kyung Jae smiles at hearing her so sure about who he is, adorably responding with a yes to everything.

Mari is in a daze recollecting all the Kyung Jae words and actions that are just like Kyung Joon. She wonders if two people in this world could be so alike? She finds out from Kyung Joon’s uncle that Dr. Seo Yoon Jae bought Kyung Joon’s house. Mari talks with Choong Shik and finds out that Yoon Jae was in a car accident and his personality totally changed afterwards.

Kyung Jae and Da Ran are at a coffee shop. He makes her go buy the coffee because someone was injured that there is blood which he can’t stand. She overhears the waitress all chattering about how good looking Kyung Jae is. A girl walks past Kyung Jae and purposes spills her drink on him. She asks for his number so she can pay for his dry cleaning bill.

Kyung Jae takes out his phone which pisses off Da Ran, thinking he’s going to give his number to that girl. Instead Kyung Jae calls Da Ran and tells her to come over and protect him. Da Ran walks over with the coffee and when the girl asks if she is his girlfriend, Da Ran stammers a bit but neither confirms nor denies it. After the girl walks away, Kyung Jae asks what kind of answer was that?

Kyung Jae and Da Ran sit down to talk. He asks if she’s decided but she hasn’t. He tells her not to drag it out, which will just cause more complications. There is a bowl of candy on the table and he grabs it to illustrate for her. He takes out one piece and says this represents Kang Kyung Joon. This piece of sad bait candy is just a lure waiting for only one person to bite. He pretty much tells her that she’s the only one for him.

Da Ran says she wants to help, but she can’t because it’s too hard for her to stare at Yoon Jae’s face all the time. She’s not sure she won’t fall for Yoon Jae again. Kyung Jae takes that as Da Ran deciding against being with him so he gets up and leaves, telling her that they won’t meet again. As he walks away, he stops but she doesn’t call him back.

Mari has broken into Kyung Jae’s home and entered his bedroom. She sees Kyung Joon’s bed and his toys. When Kyung Jae comes home, Mari confronts him and shows him her bloody arm from breaking the window to climb inside. She asks him to treat her since he’s a doctor. Kyung Jae turns his head since he’s afraid of blood.

Mari says Kyung Joon is afraid of blood. She asks if he’s Kyung Joon? We see Da Ran walking up to Kyung Jae’s house. She pauses outside the door and then walks in, clearly having changed her mind.

As Da Ran walks in, she calls out “Kyung Joon-ahhh”. Mari and Kyung Jae both turn to stare at her, and this is the confirmation Mari needed. She cries and embraces Kyung Jae and calling him “Kyung Joon.”

Thoughts of Mine:

This episode was such a magnificent turn of events. Sophisticated and restrained, it takes all the characters and the time jump and blends it perfectly in pushing the story forward. Kyung Jae has returned after one year and feels like he’s really matured yet retained his original personality. He’s neither teenage Kyung Joon’s gawkiness in Yoon Jae’s body, nor does he affect the pretense of being cool and calm Yoon Jae. With the lost memory excuse, he’s free to be just who is he – 19 year old Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. I foresee so much angst when Da Ran returns his feelings, because in truth she’s falling in love with someone who may or may not disappear at any time. If Kyung Joon’s soul goes back to his own body, I feel like he’ll need to rebuild whatever relationship developed between Kyung Jae and Da Ran. Oh my poor heart already tingles in anticipation of the pain.

I was ready to give the Hong Sisters the benefit of the doubt with a sudden and early time jump, yet they proved they have their ducks in a row and know exactly what they are doing. Kyung Jae has bridged some of the gap between him and Da Ran, and the separation allows us to ascertain that she sees Kyung Joon when she looks at Kyung Jae. I think her worry about staring at Yoon Jae’s face is misguided. She missed Kyung Jae when he was gone, not Yoon Jae, as evidenced by the picture she looked at in her box (not the one with Yoon Jae and her, but her wedding pictures with Kyung Jae). I really appreciate how the story isn’t trying to force Da Ran to like Kyung Jae, but instead allows her understanding of him to grow with their time spent together.

Gong Yoo is doing such a ridiculously amazing job playing three different iterations so far. As Yoon Jae he was gentle and reserved, as immediately post-body switch Kyung Jae he was animated and confused, and finally as 19 year old gap-bridged Kyung Jae he is like the best of both worlds. He has Yoon Jae’s confidence and comfort in the body of an adult man, but still his youthful bravado and playful side. I especially love how Kyung Jae continues to see Se Young as totally whatever to him. It’s nice to see an annoying second lead get completely overlooked by the main character. It’s a shame Kyung Jae can’t ignore Yoon Jae’s mom the same way. No wonder Yoon Jae turned out to be somewhat of a stick-in-the-mud, what with having a mom like that.

I’m loving the fact that Mari has found out the truth, though I’m worried about Se Young finding out as well. But Mari knowing will add new dimensions to the narrative and make it so much more fascinating for Kyung Jae. Obviously Mari can’t drape herself all over Kyung Jae, plus she will need to keep guarding Kyung Joon’s body in hopes that one day he can return. She will clearly try to keep Kyung Jae from falling more for Da Ran, and will likely be upset when Da Ran returns his affections. I’m looking forward to seeing Mari mature as well, for her to love Kyung Joon the way she described to Kyung Jae. He’s all alone so she wants to keep him company forever. Will she back off when she realizes someone else has that place?

It’s so refreshing for a drama to make me feel wobbly on my feet, without any firm ground to stand on in terms of anticipating what will happen. Seeing Kyung Jae rise above his situation and take control of his life using his own ability is really a clear sign that he’s matured and capable of being a man in Da Ran’s eyes. It adds a twist to it that Yoon Jae and Da Ran have a broken engagement behind them, so that makes Kyung Jae trying to win Da Ran’s heart so much more fraught with complications. But I appreciate that the drama isn’t about the love story, but instead focusing on how Kyung Joon is living his life in Yoon Jae’s body. And through it all, we’re watching the people around Kyung Joon mature as well.


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  1. I’m so glad for your positive thoughts, Koala. I was getting very anxious during the episode and got was heartsick by the end. Kyung Jae kept saying Da Ran knew him best, yet Ma Ri was able to figure it out. I hope, hope, hope they’re (KJ and DR) the OTP. It’s funny I whine that kdramas dramas are too predictable, but then when it gets like this I’m all uncomfortable!

    • Oh, KJ-DR are the OTP. Whether or not they end up together at the end is the unknown. Plenty of drama OTPs don’t end up together – usually when one bites the dust.

      I kinda don’t care about who ends up with whom. I really love the journey. How does one learn from heartbreak and disappointment? Da Ran really grew up. How does one bridge 12 years by sheer talent and will alone? Kyung Jae really stepped up. But they are always completely artless in front of each other. That’s the journey of a younger man falling for an older woman, while battling the demons of her ex-boyfriend.

      Mari figured it out and Se Young is close to finding out as well. I’m surprised Yoon Jae’s mom didn’t figure it out, but she’s probably a distant mother to begin with. I don’t think its hard to figure out. Kyung Jae hasn’t been trying hard at all to pretend to be Yoon Jae. Initially he was akwardly trying, now he’s just being himself. I totally see glimpses of pre-accident Kyung Joon in the new and improved Kyung Jae. He’s got his swagger back, but also retained his little boy insecurities. LOVE. Mari’s adorable, she’s as persistent as a retriever, and as harmless.

      • Ma ri is harmless? Maybe, but her smashing the window kinda threw me. I think she’s a sandwich short of a picnic! Anyways, OTPs that learn from each and come out better people in end are very nice, but I’m in this for the LOVE. Kyung Jae is awesome and Gong Yoo is too fine to end up alone! Oh, well. I’ll mentally prepare myself for the worst 😉

    • Can’t you imagine what mari must be feeling… She loves kj, yes in a rather obsessive crazed way and now she finds out about something that is EATING at her. I think her actions, while not condoning it, is in character and understandable from that pov

  2. So happy to read your upbeat (as always) take on this episode cause I have none of it. Mari is a psychotic stalker who just broke into someones home by smashing the window. So wrong. Daran is still looking at K as a student with no loving affection except that of an older sister and because she is concerned with his well being. She is still mourning the loss of the cheating guy.
    The face we see always is the one actor although portraying a 19 year old but we don’t see that beautiful boy on the screen. Great acting by him. I guess I am disappointed with the turn of events in this episode. My guess is that the young actor (Shin) will wake up being the older guy and more messes which don’t equal a love story. I hope not.
    The American movie ‘Big’ he returns to his young state and the lady stays alone. I am guessing that this is going to be the same way if indeed Daran falls for K. Thank you for your positive take, I knew you would make me feel better cause this is a mess.

    • I’m happy DR is not seeing KJ with other eyes! If she was that fast to fall for a student/boy I would be creeped out! She was his teacher after all.

      I’m glad so far she only cares for him like a young brother. And when she looks to him with another eyes is when she see how great YJ is. I wonder if she will EVER look KJ in his own body with another eyes. Not unless after 5 years apart IMO.

      So I’m glad.

      People are pissed with Mari but I find her funny hahaha

      And I hope DR and KJ doesn’t end up together as a couple but like a family 🙂 cute sister-brother relationship.

      • Mari trespassed into someone’s home and even smashed the window and you still find her funny? If you were the owner of the house and someone broke into your house and even damaged your house, would you still feel the same?

      • @Mita: I’m not taking her as a real person, it is just a character – this is a drama so I’m having fun with this crazy character.

        Of course in RL I would hate and raw away from someone like Mari.

        Don’t take a character from a drama too seriously.

        Just have fun 🙂

  3. Have to agree with @Sonia – I’m ready to throw in the towel on this one thanks to the scheming ex-girlfriend, cliche over-bearing Mom and now psycho Mari. (WTF? Guess I’m supposed to laugh but they’ve turned her into a caricature) Same old drama crap.

    I keep waiting for them to bring the kid back but looks like it’ll be the last episode. *sigh*

  4. Thank you Koala unni for the recap. After watching it raw twice… I like this turn of events… KJ and DR have grown so much. I hope we do see mature love between both of them… As for Mari, I sure hope she will not become a villain as one is enough already. well, YJ mom counts two… I am looking forward to next episode…

  5. Gong Yoo looks GOOD in this episode! Can’t wait to watch it…thanks for the recap. It looks like the show is finally getting intoxicating!

      • I just watched and MY GOODNESS…he looks so freaking hot. I’ve watched the wedding scene so many times…i’ve always been a sucka for a man in a suit and he looked so cool in it. I WANT TO MARRY.

  6. Thanks for the recap but I want to kid to wake up too. What’s the point of hiring a cute actor to just get him to lay on the bed the entire time? Kid doesn’t get much air time. I would much prefer it if it was somewhat like secret garden where the we see the actual soul when they’re with each other. Wishful thinking i suppose.

  7. This is such a good episode and the drama is going great! Thanks Koala for the recap and your thoughts and observations.

  8. I was breathless through the whole episode ! I can’t believe there are such contrasting opinions about the show. For me, this episode assured me that there is a PLAN… That the story is moving as the writers and directors wanted it to.

    Nz koala, I agree with you that this kungjae is more like the kyungjae we, or at least I, expected to see post body swap, which leads me to believe and accept that the kyungjae immediate post swap was a freaked out kyungjae. And his quick ability to adapt allowed him to mature and make the decisions and choices he made..

    I am loving the journey too.. And my god, gong yoo is devastating now when he plays kj close to the kj we saw in the first episode… Assured, a little cocky. The way he is treating da ran is a lot like I remember him in first epi too.. Like grabbing her away from the table. Or when he is in the car and ignores her and honks her to get in.

    Sigh.. Am crushing so bad.

    • What I love about this drama is that it constantly up-ends expectations. Mine and a lot of other peoples. And I feel some frustration stems from that. We expect one thing and when given another, some might reject it outright without assessing whether it is even palatable.

      In episode 1, I realized all my preconceived notions needed to be chucked out the window, and I happily did so. This is one drama where I hardly notice the “actors”, all I see is Kyung Joon, Kyung Jae, Da Ran, Mari, etc. So what happens needs to flow from those characters that have been so well built up, but who are shown to grow and change based on time and experience.

      Episode 6 was indeed a gamechanger, but it wasn’t one of those twists for the sake of shaking up the doldrums of the story. This was well planned and I’m just in bliss knowing this story is progressing so well and the Hong Sisters must have more goodies up their sleeves. Is so so happy.

      • Ya, I don’t understand why ppl are hung up bout who ends up with who.. In life and so, in dramas too endings may not be as we wish but we may still think it’s the only one acceptable for the story.. For me, case in point being age of innocence with Daniel day Lewis and Michelle pfeiffer..

      • @enz I think it’s natural people are curious about who the main couple are, because in most romcom settings it’s obvious who it’s supposed to be (regardless of who you actually want it to be). By subverting that expectation the Hong sister’s are creating a lot of uncertainty about how we’re supposed to read the drama. I agree however, that’s it’s not important we know- I’m loving guessing and waiting to see what we’ll get while we watch Kyung Joon and Da Ran grow.

        Age of Innocence, by the way is a great film (one of my favourite Scorsese movies), but it’s also not a traditional romantic narrative where we expect a happily ever after with a definite OTP.

  9. And I love that it’s kyungjoon she sees when she sees yunjae altho that might set me up for heartbreak later if and when a swapback occurs

  10. Thanks for the recap and analysis.
    I loved this episode. Watched it twice in a row. It goes by way toooooo fast!
    I agree with everyone that said that KJ has somehow found himself in the last year.
    While he got used to being in a 30 year old body, and being treated like an adult. He returned to the more-mature-than-his-peers teenager who was smart and confident.

    Screen capped the hell out of it to see if I could find the magic hidden somewhere in GY’s face. Is it his eyebrows, chin, forehead, eyes, mouth? It’s everywhere I want to be…

    I realized what we are seeing is a stillness we didn’t see before. He is cool because his face reveals a LOT less about his thoughts. The storm of emotions you know was raging inside when he stood next to DR the first time, was no where in evidence.
    He even tamped down his reactions when DR kept calling him a kid and an infant.
    I get the impression that he had done more practicing in the mirror to make sure he appeared adult-like.

    Which, of course, he is NOT. Not yet. Determined, and armed with a plan, yes, but he is still the kid who put all his heart into catching this ONE fisherman. Not only because she is the only one he can be himself with — I think Mari understands him even better than DR in some respects — but also because she is the one he wants to be successful, cool, handsome in front of. He knows he is a better man than YJ – better for DR. He wants her to realize that now.

    Mari knowing will make things worse, but she will NOT be able to use her current arsenal to get KJ on her side. He has grown way beyond her at this point. She had already shopped for school marm outfits to be more like DR. I wonder what else she will bring to this fight…
    I think Dr. SY will find out soon, too. There are too many clues. I have NO idea how she is going to deal with that. Dr. SY certainly does not want to date a 19 year old…Wouldn’t she back off?

    • I have tons of thoughts on Se Young. Hear me out. As much as we want to hate on Se Young, right now we see her through a fragmented narrative. So far the only thing objectionable Se Young has done is be bitchy and condescending towards Da Ran. Other than that, she hasn’t done anything other than try to get back together with Yoon Jae.

      When she gave Yoon Jae her house key, I never thought Yoon Jae was using it. So he’s not a cheater. BUT….Yoon Jae kept that key. It was in his pocket. That means something. It means he was thinking about it in some way. For example, Kyung Jae would just say no and hand it right back. I think the key does mean Yoon Jae isn’t as over Se Young as we would like to believe.

      So this puts Se Young in a new light. She’s not the third party, she’s not the interloper. Maybe Yoon Jae was seriously contemplating two girls – his old love and his new love. Nothing wrong with that. An engagement does not equal a marriage so he’s free to break it off with Da Ran and get back together with Se Young.

      Yoon Jae’s mom’s attitude towards Se Young is also telling. She likes her, despite knowing Se Young was the one who broke up with Yoon Jae. Most moms would dislike a girl who dumped her son. But Yoon Jae’s mom doesn’t feel that way about Se Young. What does that mean?

      I also went back to rewatch the opening scene in Big. I think Se Young wasn’t lying. I think two things happened at the wedding that aren’t mutually exclusive. I think Yoon Jae did take an interest in Da Ran, BUT then he got the call from Se Young and was rushing off to see her. I think we’re getting the full Yoon Jae-Se Young picture later.

      The romantic in us wants to believe that Yoon Jae was following behind Da Ran as she caught the bouquet. Like a puppy following her. Him bumping into her could be seen as he was trying to help her catch the bouquet, or he saw she was going to trip so he was trying to catch her.

      But nyet, that is not the case when you rewatch that scene. Da Ran was backing up straight to catch the bouquet. She was in no danger of falling down the stairs, the stairs were to her left. At most she would have catch the bouquet and fallen on her rear end. The most telling is that Yoon Jae bumped into her from her right, he literally was rushing somewhere and their paths collided. He was moving in a diagonal trajectory towards the stairs, meaning he was leaving the wedding. Plus he’s not even looking at her the moment they collided. The speed and strength he bumped into Da Ran indicates he was in a rush.

      So it was indeed an accident, and fits what Se Young said. So far Se Young hasn’t been shown to have lied. Or be devious. When she thought Kyung Jae didn’t want her house key, she said fine it’s over. So if Yoon Jae was rushing to see Se Young when he bumped Da Ran down the stairs, causing her to break her wrist and miss taking her teacher’s exam, then he COULD feel guilty enough to marry her. I mean, he proposed after he heard she missed her exam, with words like “I will take responsibility for you.” Oh so romantic,

      Anyways, the point is that Se Young is an unknown. I actually don’t doubt she still likes Yoon Jae, this doesn’t feel like a power play (unlike other Hong Sisters bitchy second female leads). I think her nature is bitchy, and Da Ran happens to be a push over and rather dim in her mind, hence her bitch side comes out around Da Ran.

      I think Mari and Se Young will want to work together to get the boys back into their original bodies. That is the only way either of them gets even a chance with the guy they want. This leaves Kyung Jae struggling to win Da Ran’s heart while being cornered from all sides, all while fighting his own face. BRING IT ON!

      • thanks for your very insightful pov, koala sis!

        i was actually giggling together with daran when she came to know that yj actually liked her on first sight. but, but… everything that happened since then had been telling that yj was just doing it out of responsibility. now with you pointing out with that pic, i rewatched it again and again and you are absolutely right there. i had been wondering about that when i first saw ep1 cuz anyone can see how obvious it is that she bumped on her as she was about to catch the bouquet. i had a better perspective because of what you shared… point in case, Se Young. 🙂

      • Agree on what SY’s reality vs what we are supposed to think.
        But this brings up more questions which I am assuming will be answered eventually:
        If YJ was running to see her because she changed her mind, did they never talk again while DR was recuperating?
        Guilt as relationship anchor couldn’t have been launched immediately. YJ and SY should have had a nice reunion before YJ decided to throw away his life for a girl because he broke her hip.
        (Can you tell I don’t like guilt as plot device?)

        And if SY and YJ have a real past with feelings, wth is YJ’s rationale for dropping SY so abruptly? She didn’t want to have babies?

        I love the idea of Mari and SY working together. Jang Hee-jin is a good comedic actress, I hate to see her play pinched-face the whole series.

      • @Jomo:

        SY was the one to leave YJ, because he wanted a family – babies and she didn’t. You can tell YJ loves Kid, and SY didn’t want it, so she left him…

        But she then wanted to go back and he was with DR.

        This thing about YJ being with DR just because of guilty I don’t buy it at all. It is not like DR will be forever unable of doing the test again or writing again in her life. She would recover and do the test in the next year. This thing of YJ wanting to marry her, I do believe he likes her and maybe, because DR is lovely maybe he saw a nice wife and mother of his kids….. About the key, I’m not sure, what if SY gave him the key before he was together with SY and he was thinking in giving it back to her but was unable to because he suffered the accident?

        I think we are believing too much on what everyone thinks about YJ, and in the end everyone is wrong. LOL SY sees a YJ, DR sees another YJ, KJ sees other YJ and all.

        Who is the real YJ?

        In the end, it might be any of them are right about who YJ really is.

        I don’t think he was going back to SY. I believe he liked DR.
        I think he was avoiding DR or the marriage because something in his family happened and he couldn’t tell the truth to DR, so he couldn’t lie to her and so he avoided her. Maybe he was going to LA to fix things and come back. I think he was going to tell the truth to DR before the accident, maybe he decided to stop avoiding poor DR who couldn’t take it anymore and wanted the truth.

        Ahhh so many options! I hope YJ isn’t really what Hong sisters are making others believe he is. I want to be surprised about him.

        But who knows, Hong sisters don’t care much about second girl/guys never making them deep, so YJ can end up being the jerk guy who wanted to go to his ex-girlfriend……

      • Ops I meant here:

        ”’About the key, I’m not sure, what if SY gave him the key before he was together with SY DR and he was thinking in giving it back to her but was unable to because he suffered the accident?”

    • I agree with everything you said Lizzie. People are jumping very quickly into conclusions about YJ and over analyzing the bits of what we’ve seen of him.

      I just hope we’ll get his side of the story soon and that he wakes up!

  11. This episode totally change the pace of the drama!! Kyung Jae is not that little kid anymore! Ma Ri and Seo Young are suspecting that there is something “fishy” with Kyung Jae!!! And the only person who can help Kyung Jae is Da Ran, who doesn’t want to help him?? Really woman, really? When you need him, he was there for you… and now, that he needs you, you still treating him like a kid… News flash woman, he isn’t the little kid you once knew… He is growing up, like he said he had to skip a few steps, but he is growing!!!

  12. Miss K unni, you made a post about the symbolism on this drama, and I just keep thinking… When Yoon Jae was trying to “reach” Da Ran, I don’t know why, but I see it like he is letting her go… I mean, that is what you do, when you try to reach someone who, is getting away from you. To me in that wedding (the first one, when they meet for the first time) Yoon Jae was “letting go” Da Ran or at least that is how I see it…

  13. As much as I love the drama, I think I would be really sad in the end if after the journey KJ and DR didn’t end up together. In the first 6 episodes they have already formed such a connection it would break my heart! I have faith that everything will end up okay in the end!

    I love KJ, he is such an amazing character!

    • I agree with you girl! I’d surely go cuh-razy too! I don’t have money to spare for tissues and handkerchief. I also don’t want puffy eyes when I go to work! LOL!

  14. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about this drama.

    What I do know is this: my brain freezes every time Gong Yoo is onscreen. I know he’s good-looking and all, but when he came back as ‘upgraded’ Kyung Joon with THAT SWAGGER, he is downright irresistible. I mean, how can a man look so good just opening a freaking door? *sigh*

    • “I mean, how can a man look so good just opening a freaking door? *sigh*”

      Yes, seriously. This is what I’ve been thinking..
      I’ve watched that scene about 10 times at this point…just damn!

    • OMG, the DOOR!!!!!!!!
      The best part of “feeling” that moment was it was absolutely something KJ would do. Trying so hard to be movie cool, which it was, while revealing everything about how he feels about DR. He cannot stay away.

  15. Quote:
    “This time around, Kyung Jae is in the driver’s seat of this adult body, and he’s poised to live
    Yoon Jae’s life but pursuing the things Kyung Joon wants.”

    This is DR’s and pretty much all of us female’s IDEAL MAN

  16. Here are some new questions I am ruminating on.
    Who says same-same makes the best partners?
    Why do they have to match?
    Fact is, when you decide to fall in love, you see what you want to see, and block everything else. The boundaries between you and him dissolve and you get the illusion that you are ONE. Very romantic, but not real.

    Of course sharing common interests help strengthen a long-term relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything. My husband and I get along well despite the fact that he likes train watching and map hikes, and I like Korean dramas.

    You have to be compatible and enjoy being with the other person. They don’t have to “complete you” (Damn you, Jerry McGuire!) since ultimately we are all responsible for our own personal growth and happiness.

    So I ask, do they both always have to be at the same maturity level to be happy together?
    In a long term relationship, the balance gets shifted back and forth between partners.

    When I was in labor with my first child, I held on to my poor husband’s hand for dear life.
    He was valiantly delivering his prenatal cheers one after another “Breathe, Jomo.” “You can do this.” “Think about your happy place.” HA!
    But suddenly, I panicked,
    “I am leaving! Get my stuff! I CAN’T do this! It’s too hard,” and I started sobbing.
    Up to that point, I had never seen someone’s face literally fall, but his did. His brave façade crumbled; tears came into his eyes as he tried to suppress that little boy frown at the corners of his mouth.
    Taking strength from god knows where, I started comforting HIM. “It’s all right. There, there. You are doing great. Let’s just take a deep breath together and go on.” He looked up at me, and nodded, wiping away his tears. I am sure we shared a brave smile, as if it mattered.
    Of course, we didn’t have a choice but to finish this ridiculous thing we were doing, but it felt like we were back in control.

    Our marriage has been like that. Back and forth.
    I think that after more development from KJ, he can be the man for DR.
    I do believe in Kyung Joon, I do. I do.

    • I love your comment! It’s so satisfying to read others relate art (i.e. kdramas) to their real lives. I’m sure the Hong Sisters do the same to write these stories.

      And I also believe in Kyung Joon. I think that if he can’t get over his fear of blood maybe he’ll become a substitute at DR’s school to prove how much he’s grown. The principal would hire him on the spot. And Ma Ri would watching him like a hawk! Also, Teacher Na would be competing with him. That would be a hi jinks goldmine!

      • Thanks! What a great idea – HS teacher. He certainly could relate, and he doesn’t have to illegally practice medicine.

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