Jung So Min and Im Shi Wan Pair Up in a Wide Ranging Pictorial

It’s rather ironic for me to see Jung So Min paired up with Im Shi Wan, because they are almost opposites in how I perceive their acting. Min Min is the queen of 101 natural expressions, so vivid and candid without coming across as gummy or overacting. Shi Wan has at most one and a half expressions, and I’m rather befuddled by how he parlayed a really lackluster performance in The Moon that Embraces the Sun into a burgeoning acting career. Oh well, he’s cute and harmless enough, and I do see some potential, so keep working on it, kiddo! Currently the two of them are starring in the daily sitcom Standby (anyone watching? how is it?), and last month they filmed some super adorable pictures together that brought a smile to my face. I miss Min Min dearly, and look forward to her next prime time drama, whenever that comes along.

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Jung So Min and Im Shi Wan Pair Up in a Wide Ranging Pictorial — 21 Comments

  1. They are sooo beautiful, love her she’s so candid and sweet, love when she smiles, him is very handsome a little stiff but hope with time and work he’s gonna improve. Thank you Koala for the pics.

  2. They looked great together! I’ve only seen the first 7 episodes of Standby so far since I’m dependent on subs. 😛 Anyway, I actually like the Jung So Min and Si Wan pairing more than Lee Ki Woo’s. There was that palpable spark between the two that immediately caught my attention. Well as much as I want to ship them, I know she’ll end up with Lee Ki Woo, so it’s better to brace myself for it instead.

    Siwan’s acting is actually good for a newbie. I agree he was lackluster in the Moon that Embraces the Sun but his role didn’t really require much emotion. He had another acting stint as the teen version of Jang II (Lee Jun Hyuk’s character) in Equator Man. He was better there! He proved me wrong as labeling him as a mere pretty boy. The sadness, pain and ambition his character carries were truly felt.

  3. Standby seems standard issue for daily dramas (I’ve only caught about 20 episodes so far, will finish later this summer), but I still love the cute So-Min. Her acting has improved (but I’ve always liked her acting in the first place), and I actually liked her pairing with Shi-wan.

    What I had a harder time with, at first, was the 15-17 year age differences between the cast members, but Ryu Jin is doing his usual stellar job of being a fab character actor and leading Standby. He never gets enough press, undoubtedly due to his rather “normal” life away from the screen, being married and settled and gentlemanly, and all, but he sure knows how to use those elegant hands, delicious little tongue of his, and smile to devastating affect, still.

  4. awwwww…..these two have so much chemistry just oozing out of these pics…now i wan’t to catch a few episodes of standby too…ahem, I totally agree about Im Shi Wan…it was almost painful watching him in Equator Man, but he is so pretty and so easily forgivable for that..lol….I miss Jung So Min so much..I feel like her career has been following a trajectory very similar to that of Kim So Eun’s…love them both so much but they are so underrated sadly

  5. Standby’s not that great. I’m watching it solely for Jung So Min, and while I like her scenes with Siwan, I prefer her with Lee Ki Woo on the show.

  6. she looks old when she’s fully made up and looks young when with less make up… She’s so pretty when she’s smiling…

  7. OMG, these are super cute! They look adorable together. Also, I heard about Jung So Min’s weight loss, and I didn’t see it as an issue. But these pictures are kind of alarming. Seeing a full body view, she seriously looks like a twig. That can’t be healthy. For the record, she was no where near “fat” in Playful Kiss. Sigh…Korean media seems to be a lot stricter on weight.

    At least her face still looks healthy. And she’s always been beautiful.

  8. Jung So Min <3 I hope she gets a leading role in a drama soon. Standby is mehh, but I tune in now and then. It's pretty much fluffy fluff.

  9. She loose so much weight…she is pretty with her smile…but too thin, her hands and tiny waist makes it overall unbalance to her body…Shi Wan very handsome….

  10. So Min is actually pretty full on in this Standby. She is finally falling for Ki Woo after like 52 episodes. It ended at ep 54 this week.
    Shi Wan is actually displaying more expressions in this photoshoot than compared to the drama. His eyes are more expressive here. He is not wooden per se but he hasn’t improved as much. So Min sorts of dances rings around him. He’s okay.

    The drama itself, a bit annoying earlier but this week, it is sort of zooming along. At least it is better than the daily TW so not really complaining.

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