Video Preview for Episode 7 of Big

Hot hot off the press – the long awaited video preview for episode 7 of Big plus my translation of the dialogue. Is this a perfect start to the weekend or what? Can I say that everything I see still looks fantastic. Mari finds out about the body switch and starts making her move, but Da Ran also takes a big leap back into the fire for Kyung Jae. Can I say how much Kyung Jae’s feelings for Da Ran just puts a smile on my face. I’ve never felt that he liked her as an older sister or a mom substitute, but always as an important person in his life that is hard to qualify. Their interactions are platonic for now, but there is always a frisson of something more. I wonder what the next two episodes hold, but I’m sure we’re getting more zingers that will make us gasp and clap like a trained seal.

Preview for episode 7:

Mari to Kyung Jae: I will move in here.

Mari to Kyung Joon: You will change back.

Mari: I’ll be the one to like you.

Da Ran: Since I agreed to help you, even when it’s difficult I will endure.

Kyung Jae: Thank you. And I will promise you one thing. So that your heart won’t be swayed, so that you won’t feel yourself attracted again, I will be as obedient as a dog.

Da Ran’s mom: Welcome!

Ae Kyung: Do you know that Da Ran has felt her heart moved since Seo Yoon Jae returned.

Teacher Na: Teacher Gil Da Ran!

Mari: This appears to be a present from that ahjusshi to Gil Da Ran.

Kyung Jae: Is your heart very moved……..I asked if you ran here all this way because your heart was touched?


Video Preview for Episode 7 of Big — 15 Comments

  1. Yaaaay! Thank you koala for providing the translation 😀 I’m even more excited for Monday now, if that’s possible! 😀

  2. Gosh I love this show. Looks like another great episode! Let’s hope that we get to see Daran start to have feeling for KJ this week. God knows he deserves it, being as awesome as he is! 😛

  3. OMO! I hope that when Kyung Jae says to Da – Ran: “Is your heart very moved……..I asked if you ran here all this way because your heart was touched?” it is simply because he is referring to himself (as if he did something to mover her heart) and not to Yoon Jae. But it will more likely be about Yoon Jae TT.TT. Poor baby! *prays hard so it’s the other way around* T.T

  4. Thank you so much Koala for always giving us mini “BIG” crack posts so we can keep us from going into withdrawal! Okay I didn’t like Mari kissing Kyung Jae (grr)…but I think Da Ran was running to Kyung Joon for some reason (probably wanted to tell him something good or she actually is starting to have feelings for him subconsciously) but Kyung Joon misunderstood (because he’s insecure as most young adults can be) that she was running to him because she wanted to see Yoon Jae or because of her feelings for Yoon Jae. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but…I can’t wait for Monday!!

  5. Haha!…clapping like a trained seal indeed. Thanks for the preview! Maybe KJ was saying he would act like a dog so that DR wouldn’t fall for YJ again (since “dog” could mean obedient or could be horrible).

    Also, maybe the last line “was your heart touched/racing while you ran here” is referring to YJ’s ring? Hard to tell based on the preview alone but I just love thinking about the possibilities before the actual episode airs. In any case, can’t wait!!!

  6. sorry for being off topic but am watching flower boy ramyun shop and i love the lead actress! i like her so much, i keep wishing she will be with gong yoo onscreen some day!! lee chung ah – shes so good!!

    hope you all dont mind – still gong yoo related, if not big related 🙂

  7. thank you! you made my weekend better. was stalking ur site bcoz i knew u’d be posting the preview the soonest u are alerted. and u are very alert, ms koala, when u’re invested in your drama.

  8. woohoo now DaRan aggrees to be Kyung Jae fiancee and Mari also joins the game..
    and the ring…i wonder if it is really for DaRan coz it will hint that Yoon Jae did love Da Ran
    Monday please come early, I want to watch it

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