Lee Seung Gi Represents Samsung for the Olympic Torch Relay in London

For all you UK drama fans, I’m sorry I was rather preoccupied lately and couldn’t give you the heads up that Lee Seung Gi was going to be in your neck of the woods this week. My adorable boy was there to carry the Olympic torch on behalf of Samsung, where he is one of their primary star endorsers, and Samsung is one of the sponsors for this Summer Olympics in London. Seeing in him in the Olympic sweat suit just brings back memories of the early episodes of The King 2 Hearts when Jae Ha was training for the WOC reluctantly with his teammates. I don’t care if Seung Gi ran 50 yards or 5 miles with that torch, he looks genuinely thrilled and honored to be there, and I believe him when he says this is one indelible memory he’ll treasure forever. Samsung couldn’t have picked a better representative than to send South Korea’s national little brother to dazzle the world with his mega-watt smile and effortless charm. Go Seung Gi, unni cheering you on forever! Btw, is it just me, or is that torch really blinged out? Fancy.

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Lee Seung Gi Represents Samsung for the Olympic Torch Relay in London — 28 Comments

  1. Does that mean when I see the Olympic torch is coming to my area he’s coming too? Or has he done his part of the run?

  2. another picture of him, at dinner party (my boss was there, behind him)http://tryp96.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/12-06-24-lee-seung-gi-at-a-dinner-party/

  3. Awww….. his smiles & reaction really do seem genuine. Samsung couldn’t have picked a better representative! I would liked to have been there, but I’m on the wrong continent for them to run through my neighborhood. LOL

  4. He had so much fun on this trip. From spectating at the Euro quarter-finals in Poland to being taken aback at being recognized on the streets in Poland and England. He had fans welcome him at the Warsaw airport:


    As much as I cringe fan girl’s behavior, they lent a lot of support to him at his torch relay. Now he knows that although he isn’t an ‘idol’ the international crowd adores him as well.

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