Big Episode 8 Recap

Speechless. Episode 8 left me completely speechless with what happened, how it all unfolded, and the big kapow possibility at the end. I can’t believe the Hong Sisters actually went there. But the intense, mature, and honest emotional revelations and discussions in episode 8 left me quivering from absorbing so much. Da Ran finally broke through her self-doubt and figured out what she wanted, Kyung Jae puts into action his decision to put Da Ran first and be there for her, and the big mystery in the background finally rises to the forefront (and looks like I was right all along). This episode marks the halfway point of Big, and I can safely say the second half is up in the air as far as anyone is concerned. I’m tossing shipping preferences out the window and just staring slack jawed at where this is all headed.

Episode 8 recap:

Kyung Jae slips the ring on Da Ran’s finger and tells her that this ring was purchased for her by Yoon Jae. Da Ran stares at the ring and asks if it was really bought by Yoon Jae? Kyung Jae tells her that she can waver towards this body now. It’s clear now that Kyung Jae really didn’t want her to like Yoon Jae when he thought Yoon Jae was a cheating bastard, worried that she would be hurt. But with evidence to the contrary, Kyung Jae is mature and selfless enough to encourage Da Ran to have the confidence to like Yoon Jae again. Kyung Jae vows that while she wears the ring, Kang Kyung Joon will never like Gil Da Ran. My heart, is breaking.

Mari finds out from Choong Shik that the Gil parents are pushing the formerly estranged exes to get married ASAP. She charges out to find Kyung Jae and put a stop to it. Da Ran asks Kyung Jae again if this was bought by Yoon Jae and Kyung Jae is tired of explaining so he tells her to chuck the ring if she doesn’t believe him. He tells Da Ran to marry this body and wait for Yoon Jae to wake up and confirm he still wanted to marry her. She asks if he (Kyung Joon) is okay marrying her, and he says it’s a good way to get adults off his back, plus he’s not really marrying her. This time the bait is Seo Yoon Jae, and if she doesn’t want to lose him, she better bite now.

Kyung Jae walks into the living room and Mari comes barreling in. She demands to know if he’s planning to marry Gil Teacher? Kyung Jae tells her its none of her business. Mari doesn’t think so and she runs off to tell the Gil parents the truth about the body swap business. Kyung Jae runs after her, with Da Ran running after both of them, and all three of them push Choong Shik aside in their rush to get to the Gil house.

Da Ran’s mom thinks Da Ran must really like Yoon Jae to see him behind their backs. Dad wants them to get married and be open about it, none of this sneaking around. Mari comes storming in and is about to blurt out the truth when Kyung Jae arrives and stops her just in time. Da Ran is three steps behind and the three of them stand face to face with the parents.

The parents notice that Da Ran is wearing an engagement ring and think that she’s decided to get married. Da Ran hems and haws, so Kyung Jae speaks up and explains that Da Ran is still considering his proposal of marriage. That placates the parents for now, and Kyung Jae drags Mari away. Choong Shik arrives too late for the party, and finds out that Da Ran is close to getting married to Yoon Jae.

Mari tells Kyung Jae again that he can’t marry Da Ran even in this body. Their (Kyung Joon and Mari) parents didn’t end up getting married, so she won’t let this marriage happen either. Kyung Jae warns her that if she dares to reveal the body switch to the Gil parents, he will never ever speak to her again. The Gil parents start to plan the wedding.

Da Ran sits in the kitchen later than night and looks at her ring. She takes it off and then has fantasies about what Yoon Jae will think once he wakes up and finds himself married. A happy fantasy involves Yoon Jae being happily surprised with the house being so clean and increased in property value, complete with confetti and a bouquet of roses delivered on bended knee. An unhappy fantasy involves Yoon Jae telling Da Ran that he wants to be with Se Young and then handing her divorce papers to sign.

Da Ran’s mom comes out and sees her daughter troubled. Da Ran explains that she’s confused, she isn’t sure what Yoon Jae wants. Mom asks if SHE loves Yoon Jae, and then tells her to follow her own heart this time. Da Ran stars at the ring some more and asks herself what she feels for Yoon Jae. But instead what pops into her mind is Kyung Jae saying that he won’t love her if she wears the ring.

Choong Shik sits with Mari at school and she is wondering how much Da Ran likes the doctor ahjusshi. Choong Shik says a lot since his sister was always waiting for Yoon Jae, even to the point of being rather spineless and pathetic. That pleases Mari. When Choong Shik asks how much Mari likes him, knowing that she likes Kyung Joon a lot but she must have some feelings for him, Mari says zero as she points a finger gun at his heart and pulls the trigger. This breaks Choong Shik’s heart. Later that day, when his mom asks him for his latest test score, Choong Shik just barks out zero.

Kyung Jae is at the hospital eating with Yoon Jae’s colleagues. Everyone busily heads off to work, and Kyung Jae watches as some high school kids come to visit their friend. He’s too young to hang out with Yoon Jae’s friends, and in his current body too old to hang out with the high school boys. Kyung Jae heads to the pediatrics ward and sits in the play room with some kids. He takes a bit of a kid’s cookie and is admonished for stealing food from a baby. Kyung Jae says he’s not an adult so he can do this.

Da Ran meets with Se Young and asks directly what the nature of Se Young’s relationship was with Yoon Jae. Se Young says they slept together at each others house, that is how far it progressed. Da Ran doesn’t believe her. Se Young asks if Da Ran has confidence this time around now that Yoon Jae is back and wants her again? Da Ran says she does. Se Young calmly says that she’s not going to help Da Ran get back together with Yoon Jae by revealing more of her own past with Yoon Jae. Da Ran is emotional whereas Se Young is composed, candidly saying that she isn’t going to pretend she wants to see Da Ran happily together with Yoon Jae.

Da Ran goes to Kyung Jae’s house and sees him water the plants in the yard. He’s happily playing with water from the hose and Da Ran sits down and stares at him. She touches her heart and blushes.

Kyung Jae wonders if she’s feeling flush from the heat. He waters the area above where she is sitting and the water rains down over the patio umbrella. Da Ran smiles and says it’s just like raining.

Kyung Jae comes running over and sits down, telling Da Ran that its her turn to make it rain while he enjoys the cool. Da Ran sends the water raining down, and then she directs the hose at Kyung Jae. He’s soaked, but then he points out that she’s made her purse all wet as well. When she runs over to check on her purse, he grabs the hose and sprays her. They happily water fight in the yard. I think I can die happy now.

Afterwards Kyung Jae and Da Ran sit in the living room and dry off her purse and the contents therein. Suddenly Da Ran realizes that the engagement ring is missing. Both of them look all around the yard for it but can’t find it. Da Ran appears okay with it going missing, saying that she’s not made up her mind, so if it’s gone then that’s fine.

Kyung Jae calls her a quitter. She asks if he is serious about her marrying him? Kyung Jae says she’s giving up because she lacks confidence to make a decision. It’s his turn to call her immature, saying that an adult would make these hard decisions. Even a kid like him knows that an adult would confirm what Yoon Jae wanted before giving up. They fight and Da Ran tells Kyung Jae not to wait around for her. Kyung Jae says he’ll stop rejecting Yoon Jae’s mom’s meddling with meet with those women so he won’t be around when she makes up her mind. Da Ran storms off while Kyung Jae looks contrite.

Choong Shik and Mari are at his house discussing whether Da Ran has decided to get married or not. When Mari hears Da Ran hasn’t decided, she says she will go reconcile with Kyung Joon. Mom enters the room and shows Choong Shik some racy magazines she found under his bed and tells him to get rid of it. He’s embarrassed and furious this is being witnessed by Mari and yells that the magazines are not his. He yells at his mom, saying he hates her. Later that night, Choong Shik runs away from home.

Kyung Jae is studying home but can’t concentrate after his fight with Da Ran. He notices that she left without taking some documents which was set out to dry. He decides to bring it over to her. Kyung Jae arrives at the Gil house to find everyone outside and frantic. He sees Teacher Na running into the house.

Choong Shik’s running away has been discovered and even Teacher Na is there to help look. They discuss where to start looking, like his friends houses. Kyung Jae turns to leave, thinking Teacher Na is here and is plenty of help. He’s seen and roped into looking for Choon Shik. Da Ran’s parents start calling him Seo son-in-law again.

The two men have a little stare down, and Teacher Na says he can go find Choong Shik. Kyung Jae says one more person is better. Kyung Jae calls Mari and asks her to help. The crew breaks into groups to look. Mari directs Choong Shik’s friends on where to look. Teacher Na thinks he’s found Choong Shik’s trail and wants to use this to get closer to Da Ran. Mari finds out that Choong Shik ran away once and went to a jjimjalbang to sleep the night.

Da Ran finds Kyung Jae leisurely drinking a beverage outside a convenience store. She wonders why he’s not frantic and Kyung Jae reveals that rebelling is normal for teenagers. He ran away once. Mari calls and tells Kyung Jae to head to a jjimjalbang while sending Da Ran to check in the subway tunnels.

Kyung Jae finds Choong Shik eating a hard boiled egg at the jjimjalbang. Kyung Jae sits down and tells Choong Shik to rebel but not drag it out, it’ll make it harder to go back. Choong Shik doesn’t think Seo Yoon Jae understands what he’s going through. Kyung Jae brings up Kang Kyung Joon and shares with Choong Shik that Kyung Joon rebelled once too. Kyung Joon believed he didn’t want to see his mom again, but when his mom died, he realized that wasn’t true.

Choong Shik worriedly asks if anything happened to his mom, and is told to go home and check for himself. Don’t drag out this rebelling to the point that he’ll come to regret it. He counsels Choong Shik to go home and talk to his mom calmly about what he wants. Choong Shik wants to go study in the US, and Kyung Jae says he’ll support sending Choong Shik there to study during a break.

Mari arrives and almost calls Kyung Jae his real name before calling him Dr. Seo. She’s playful and wants to spend the night at the jjimjalbang. They guys ask about Da Ran and Mari says she sent Da Ran to search the subway tunnels. This freaks out the two guys.

Da Ran is running around the dark and dirty subway tunnels calling for Choong Shik. A few homeless men approach her to ask for some money and she starts to realize she might be in trouble. Suddenly a hand grabs her from behind and thank god it’s Kyung Jae. He yells at her for placing herself in danger. But he’s even more angry at Mari for sending Da Ran here and he stalks off. Da Ran sees Choong Shik and starts to wallop him for causing everyone so much grief.

Choong Shik goes home and apologizes profusely to everyone. The parents learn that Seo son-in-law found Choong Shik and convince him to go home. They ask Da Ran to call Yoon Jae over for breakfast tomorrow.

Da Ran finds Mari sitting in the restaurant crying. She comforts Mari, saying Choong Shik has been found. Mari is crying because Kyung Jae is furious with her. She reveals that he’s mad because she lied again. Mari says that when her dad and his mom were planning to get married, she told a lie. Then Kyung Joon’s mom died. Mari places all the blame on herself for what happened.

Turns out that Mari’s dad was planning to propose to Kyung Joon’s mom and the two kids found out. Mari says that since neither of them want their parents to get married (Mari because she likes Kyung Joon and doesn’t want to be his step-sister, Kyung Joon because he doesn’t want to lose his mom to Mari’s dad), then she will lie that she is sick keep her dad from meeting up with his mom that night. Kyung Joon needs to keep his mom away from the meeting as well.

Da Ran goes to Kyung Jae’s house and finds him sitting in the yard. Kyung Jae reveals the rest of what happened to Da Ran. Turns out he also prevented his mom from meeting with Mari’s dad that night. He told his mom that he didn’t want her to go and wanted her to stay with him. She agreed and they left the restaurant together that night.

Outside the restaurant, two thugs approached from behind, and appear to randomly call out “hey you!” before shooting Kyung Joon’s mom. This was weird and felt more like a targeted kill than a robbery gone awry, but I’m not sure if the execution of the scene was off or there really is more than meets the eye with the death.

Da Ran walks up to Kyung Jae and wraps her arms around his neck, leaning in to comfort him. He says that if it wasn’t for his immaturity that night, his mom would have gone to meet Mari’s dad and not have gotten shot. Because of him, he lost his mom. Da Ran keeps telling Kyung Jae that what happened to his mom wasn’t his fault.

Da Ran’s parents are treating Teacher Na to thank him for helping to look for Choong Shik. Ae Kyung and the Vice Principal are also there. Turns out Da Ran’s dad was teacher colleagues with the VP, and Da Ran’s mom was a student of theirs. It’s clear the VP liked Da Ran’s dad, and she makes a snerky remark that Da Ran’s mom appears to have aged quite a bit.

Kyung Joon’s uncle arrives and Da Ran’s mom goes to greet and seat him. He wonders why she doesn’t recognize him, is it because of his mustache? Both Kyung Joon’s uncle and the VP stare at Da Ran’s parents being affectionate with each other off to the side, and their eyes meet and flash back to high school. Back then, Da Ran’s mom was a student and she went to have lunch with her teacher Da Ran’s dad. The VP and Kyung Joon’s uncle were hiding and staring jealously at the scene. They saw each other then, and they recognize each other now.

Choong Shik friends counsel him to give up on Mari, but he refuses. If she’s determined to return to the US with Kyung Joon, then he’s going there as well.

Kyung Jae walks out of his house and finds Mari crouched outside. She apologizes and came with an ice cream for him, but sadly it’s melted. He smiles and tells her that he’s doesn’t blame her, not for placing Da Ran in danger or for what happened to his mom. He pats Mari on the bed and comforts her. Mari promises to behave from now on and stop doing whatever she wants.

Da Ran’s goes to visit Kyung Joon’s body in the hospital. She wonders what to do. She remembers Kyung Jae saying that he’s going to return things to the pre-switch state, i.e. Da Ran and Yoon Jae as a couple.

Da Ran meets with Se Young and says she’s getting back together with Yoon Jae. Se Young says she’ll watch and see how far Da Ran goes this time. Da Ran is confident and won’t waver again. Se Young says that since Da Ran has such conviction, then she’ll test it and see if it holds. Da Ran tells Se Young to bring it, Da Ran won’t budge under any pressure.

Kyung Jae comes home and finds Da Ran rooting around the yard for the missing ring. She tells him to go inside since it’s so hot out. He comes out with fan Da Ran and then hands her the ring. He tells her to take it. Da Ran confesses that her heart still flutters for Yoon Jae, and she thinks she still likes him. So she won’t waver anymore.

She takes the ring and tells Kyung Jae that she will marry him. She will take care of him and raise him well. He announces that he won’t be an immature child anymore and keep her from liking the person she wants to like.

They go inside to the living room and Kyung Jae wonders what will happen if they get married and years later he still doesn’t switch back. When Da Ran is about the put the ring on herself, he stops her and does it for her. Since Yoon Jae isn’t around to do it and it’s pathetic for her to do it herself, he can do it for her. Kyung Jae vows again that he won’t be good to Da Ran. He doesn’t want her to see him as Yoon Jae and want him. They agree that when he becomes a legal adult and the souls haven’t switched back, they’ll go their separate ways.

Mari goes back to see the shaman and this time wants another talisman. She wants a charm that will prevent two people who are together from falling in love with each other. The shaman asks if Mari is looking for a charm to break up two people who are in love? Mari says the charm has to keep two people about to get married from loving each other.

Se Young goes to meet Yoon Jae’s mom and wants to continue seeing the Seo family even after Yoon Jae is married. She wants to meet Yoon Jae’s dad when he returns to Korea, especially since he’s a famed doctor she admires. Se Young spots the Miracle book and asks about it. Yoon Jae’s mom explains that the book picture was drawn by Yoon Jae’s dad when Yoon Jae was just a kid, and then bound into this private book. She explains the story being the two angels reaching for each other. If one angel saves the other, then the other angel can save yet another.

The wedding preparations are underway, and Choong Shik finds out Mari plans to attend the wedding dressed in a short white dress that makes her look like the bride. He chides her for stealing the bride’s thunder, but Mari is undeterred and says she plans to wear it and stand right next to the groom. Choong Shik says that will make the groom be confused as to who is his bride, which is exactly what Mari intends.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae sit at their dining table and discuss how tomorrow is their wedding. He’s drinking a Vitamin water while she has a beer. She tells him that she’ll open a can of beer for him when he’s 21, but until then they have to stick with the boundaries. Kyung Jae agrees. If the day comes that he’s fully matured but hasn’t switched back, then they ought to drink beer to each other and then go their separate ways. They drink to that.

The camera pans down the line of the Gil rock family, and at the very end, someone places a wedding picture of Da Ran and Kyung Jae. Okay, I think it’s a hugely symbolic that the wedding wasn’t shown in the drama and totally glossed over.

Kyung Jae is driving Da Ran to the airport. Turns out the world thinks they are on their honeymoon, but Da Ran is going to China alone while Kyung Jae stays behind. She encourages him to find Mari and head to the place where the school took a trip last year since he missed it, but reminds him not to get spotted. He reminds her to lay low in China as well.

Kyung Jae drops her off and she promises to take pictures of the Great Wall for him. After she walks in, he mutters that she didn’t ask him to join her even until the last minute. He then realizes she left her passport and boarding pass in the car and he stops himself from calling for her. He chuckles that she can’t leave now or get to use the Chinese she was practicing.

Da Ran finally notices her missing travel documents and calls Kyung Jae, who is waiting for her call outside in the car. He lies that he’s driving and far away so she tells him to hurry back and drop it off for her at the airport. After he hangs up, he continues chilling in the car. Da Ran sits in the terminal and watches her plane take off.

Kyung Jae arrives and asks innocently if she missed her flight. They grab a bite at the airport, eating Chinese food, in consolation of her not being able to use the Chinese phrases she learned. When he asks if she’s that disappointed to miss this trip, he suggests they go on their honeymoon trip.

Yoon Jae’s mom is on the phone with her ex-husband Yoon Jae’s dad. She’s upset he missed Yoon Jae’s wedding. She asks what could be more important than his own son? Dad says something important and urgent arose, and “that child’s” mom died. Yoon Jae’s mom gasps. Yoon Jae’s dad says “Choong Gi” had an accident.

Yoon Jae’s mom asks about “that child” and Yoon Jae’s dad says he’s looking for him, and Yoon Jae will understand why he missed this wedding for this situation if its because of “that child”. The camera shows us a picture on Yoon Jae’s dad’s desk showing Yoon Jae’s dad, Yoon Jae’s mom, and a young boy I’m assuming is Yoon Jae.

Kyung Jae and Da Ran stand in the airport terminal and confer as to where to go for 5 days. Da Ran still wants to go to China and see the Great Wall so Kyung Jae agrees. She wonders how he happened to have a packed suitcase and travel documents with him, and he teases that he’s a seasoned traveler and is always prepared. Da Ran confesses that she felt bad leaving him behind and all alone, but she worried how it would seem if she asked him to go with her to China.

Kyung Jae says that she should have asked him earlier, he would have gone with her. She thinks its awkward to ask him on a honeymoon, so he teases that he won’t ask her to do what other couples on their honeymoon would do. She gets flustered and runs off to grab money from the ATM machine. She acknowledges that her heart was beating fast when Kyung Jae wanted them to travel together.

Kyung Jae looks at the departure board and then takes out his wallet to check his cash. We see the Miracle picture clearly inside. Suddenly he appears to wobble and his world starts tilting. At the same time, Kyung Joon’s body in the hospital room suddenly jerks upward and then falls back down on the bed.

Da Ran finds Kyung Jae standing dazed and shaken. She asks him if he’s alright. He looks shocked and tells her that he thinks his soul returned to his own body momentarily, i.e. he just had an out-of-body experience. He congratulates Da Ran, as it appears Seo Yoon Jae may be returning soon.

Thoughts of Mine:

OMG whut the whut just happened! Forget the millisecond soul return at the end, which I think is a sign but not necessarily indicative of an imminent soul switch in the next episode, I am seriously stunned that Da Ran and Kyung Jae got married. Who the heck did she marry? What kind of marriage is it legally? She’s married to the body of Yoon Jae but she said her vows with the soul of Kyung Joon. If there was ever a fantasy version of bigamy, this lady just committed it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is ridiculously awesome and warped from a narrative standpoint complete with boatloads of possibilities, I just didn’t think the Hong Sisters would go there. The only way this marriage will stand is if Kyung Jae remains Kyung Jae forever more. If Yoon Jae returns then it’ll be interesting explaining to him how he had an accident and then woke up married. Worse yet is if Da Ran chooses Kyung Joon in the end, imagine the divorce scandal (teacher leaves doctor husband for former student!). It’s not like they can explain to the world that Da Ran technically married Kyung Joon’s soul the first time around. I’m baffled but rolling with the punches.

So now the mystery of the Miracle book is slowly being peeled back. The book was privately created by Yoon Jae’s dad, from a picture he drew when Yoon Jae was a boy. And with the discussion about the accidental death and the missing boy, I think it’s safe to say that Yoon Jae’s dad was talking about Kyung Joon’s mom’s death and looking for Kyung Joon. I postulated that the two were brothers, but I’m still unclear if they are half or full siblings. I dunno, but this makes sense with the plane ticket to LA, as he’s off to look for his maybe little brother. Though why all the secrecy and evasiveness with Da Ran is still inexplicable to me.

I’m starting to get annoyed with Mari. A lot. At this point Kyung Joon has made it clear he doesn’t like her back romantically, nor does he hold her responsible for his mom’s death. If she likes him, then she needs to back off. If she’s hanging on out of guilt, then she needs to start letting it go. I was vastly annoyed with her dressing like a mini-bride to Kyung Jae and Da Ran’s wedding (WTF? Choong Shik ought to lock her up and not let her attend), and even worse was asking the shaman for a talisman to keep Da Ran and Kyung Jae from falling in love. Forget the talisman being hokey and useless quack item, her motivation is so wrong it infuriates me. Kyung Jae has told her that it’s none of her business, and it really isn’t. I understand she’s young and immature (and so is Choong Shik, hammered home by his running away interlude in this episode), but I draw the line at actively trying to sabotage someone else’s possible relationship. I hope she wises up. Fast.

This episode was really rather choppy again, but all the Da Ran-Kyung Jae moments more than made up for any and all lapses in execution and plot weaknesses. Kyung Jae really is my favorite character in this drama, he’s the “soul” of this story. His maturation serves to bring everyone together, helping discover truths and heal hurts. He carries the weight of so much on his shoulders, and finally Da Ran understands this fully and has chosen to carry it with him. She’s his emotional bedrock, and the catch here really is Yoon Jae’s body being the clear line they cannot cross.

It’s weird because the relationship between Da Ran and Kyung Jae transcends the couple-esque romanticism we see in dramas. It doesn’t focus on the carnal attraction, but instead really delves into the meaning of love and caring between two people. Marriages are built on two people falling in love, but marriages are sustained for a lifetime on two people loving each other. Falling in love is the butterflies and rainbows sensation Da Ran had with Yoon Jae. It’s pheromones and heart twinges. Loving one another is where Da Ran and Kyung Jae appears to have leaped frogged over the first part and is headed towards.

Probably because their relationship was always an impossibility – age gap, teacher/student, body of fiancée/soul of another guy – they never needed to worry about reading into gestures and wondering about possibilities. They simply spent time together dealing with the most impossible of situations and from then grew this undeniable connection that Kyung Jae acknowledged first and Da Ran is now aware of but unsure of how to proceed. While Da Ran was also confused with Yoon Jae, which made her hesitant and always tentative, now with her heart set on protecting Kyung Jae, she’s turned the corner and become a woman I can respect and a character I can root for.


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    • ahhh, I love this twist! I can’t wait for when they switch back.

      i know this is weird, and maybe it’s because I haven’t actually watched most of the episodes yet, but I actually like mari. maybe it’s my suzy bias.

  1. Thanks for the recap-can’t wait to watch it! After hearing about how the angel picture started, I was wondering who else might have near-death experiences – hope the drama doesn’t go there; it would be too confusing!

  2. Thanks for the recap. Viki wasn’t at 100% so there were stretches of unsubbed show.

    I have to go get my daughter now, but while I am gone I need to puzzle over this episode.
    Why didn’t they show the wedding? Hmmmmm

  3. Well she obviously married Kyung Jae because she knows that the body is really his vessel. Nobody marries bodies, you marry personalities. If Yoon Jae returns she just has to get a quickly divorce which is impossible in Korea. So therefore it’s fair to conclude that she is screwed. lol

    • Well, spiritually she married Kang Kyung Joon in the eyes of the Lord, but under the iron-clad Korean marital law she married Seo Yoon Jae. Girl is screwed big time.

      Btw, folks don’t kill me……….the downside of this marriage is that its looking more and more like one of the two guys is going to die. I didn’t think the drama could go there, but if Yoon Jae returns, his death will free up Da Ran as a widow to move on. And if Kyung Joon dies, then Da Ran has another shot with Yoon Jae. Because right now, she’s clearly got more substantive feelings for Kyung Jae than she did for Yoon Jae when she agreed to marry the guy the first time around.

      • In the explanation behind the Miracle book it is implied that “one will save the other so that other can save/help someone else”. I dare project that the Hong sisters will solve DR’s dilemma satifactorily (not too much angst) and that she will be loved by the perfect combination of KJ/YJ. Which body??? Taking bets it’s YJ’s because it would be hell to justify the alternative. Just rambling! 🙂

      • I agree one of the soul’s may have to die similar to shows like 49 days, Drop Dead Diva. I still don’t see how Yoon Jae’s death will help. Can you imagine the guilt Kyung Joon will feel if he finds out that Yoon Jae is his brother who saved him at the cost of his own life? On top of that, he would have to deal with the fact that he literally stole his brother’s fiancee whether intentionally or not. With Kyung Joon’s death things would be easier but I still think they will get a divorce and go their separate ways.

        Daran has feelings for both brothers as you can’t really separate one’s soul from one’s body. I mean would she feel the same way looking at Kyung Joon in his real body than in his temp body? Will Kyung Joon behave the same way he did as Yoon Jae in his own body? How much of Yoon Jae’s learned habits will impact Kyung Joon’s soul?

        This whole thing is messy, messy, messy and the only outcome I see is they all go their separate ways or they form a hybrid family.

        Is Mari showing a dark side? If the shooting scene was planned, does that mean Mari was responsible? That would explain her guilt.

      • I don’t think I could accept kyung joon dying. He has been so good to da ran and so selfless in his love for her. If he dies and the point is for da ran to love yoon jae, it’s gonna take a lot of convincing for me… Yoon jae has to really work for it.

    • I’m confused withe the divorce thing you said. Why is divorce impossible in Korea. Divorce is allowable in Korea and in fact their divorce rate is one of the highest.

      • Divorce in Korea is not easy. It’s time consuming and if they are assets to be divided it takes a lifetime after the divorce is final before the government will allow you to divide assets. It’s their way of cohersing women to think super hard. The government stuff are the easy part. Being a divorce in Korea is punishable by a lifetime of water being thrown in your face and slapping and people yelling at your just for being alive and divorced (girlfriend don’t you watch dramas?)lol

    • It’s hard if one objects but if both agree to the divorce, I think it’s easy. With regards to people condemning you if you’re divorced, it’s only in korean dramas. In real life, Koreans settle for divorce if they don’t get along with other anymore and most of them do that. If divorce is really that hard in Korea, how come Korea has one of the highest divorce rate?

  4. Ms. Koala,
    This is totally backtracking but I’m confused. You mentioned a part in the preview for episode five about a ring not fitting Da Ran at the jewelry store…I don’t recall seeing that scene in ep 5 or 6…unless my soul went out for a stroll. I’m assuming that’s why the ring that fit had a significance in Kyung Jae finally giving up being Kyung Joon that loves Da Ran…
    Did I miss it? Was it in ep 5?

    • Nope, that scene was never shown. Sometimes dramas do that, film scenes that are not shown for editing reasons. Sometimes those cut scenes are shown in a preview which causes confusion when its not in an actual episode.

      • Actually I think Hong sisters edited that part out. In initial preview of episode 5, Da-ran went to the jeweler and was not able to try on the ring since her “hand” was hurt. (Hand again!) And in the preview, she told KJ that she would pretend nothing had happened and proceed with the marriage. But in the aired episode 5, everything turns out differently. 😀

        For my view, I think to put off the scene about the ring and recover it in episode 7 turns out to be a rather effective twist. At this point, the ring is not simply a reminder from the past or from YJ alone. Interestingly, the ring more than anything symbolizes the bonding between KJ and DR. Before DR committed herself to the marriage, DR visited the comatose KJ in the hospital, which for me is meaningful. DR might still have a lingering feeling toward YJ, but she is decided devoted to KJ. If this is not love, then I don’t know what it is.

      • Thank you for clearing that up, I was sooo confused about the stupid ring. At first I thought it might be a Mari trick but I guess it was purchased by SY for D.

    • okay, whew! Thought I was blacking out while watching it….
      I’m glad I have the playground and Mrs. Koala to clarify things!

  5. I have a theory. I maybe wrong, BUT….

    The mom says that the other angle can save a life also, right?
    Well, technically Yoon Jae died until the intervention of the Drama Gods had them switch souls. My theory is that Kyung Joon’s body saved Yoon Jae’s soul and because he was supposed to die Kyung Joons body is now comatose. So, I presume when Yoon Jae (in Kyung Joon’s body) wakes up he will end up saving Kyung Joon soul (in Yoon Jae’s body) and will eventually die in Kyung Joon’s body.

    OR their souls will switch but Kyung Joon will remain comatose, and Yoon Jae will realize Da Ran loves Kyung Joon so he will sacrifice and save Kyung Joon and switch back.

    • Or Yoon Jae saved Kyung Joon whose soul ends up saving Daran and Mari from their mediocre and crazy lives respectively. They in turn help him be a better person and he realizes that he needs to save his brother. He re-exchanges their souls and Yoon Jae gets to live and becomes a better person after hearing his brother’s sacrifice.

    • We think alke, I also believe that YJ is going to die in KJ’s body and this way DR can stay with KJ in YJ’s body, this will make this relationship socialy acceptable, it will justify it.

      This relationship between DR and KJ reminds me of that film “Harold and Maude”, though DR is not as old as Maude and she’s not teaching anything to KJ, it’s more like the other way around. DR is learning about love from an unexpected source (KJ), just like Harold learnd it from Maude, an old lady. I’m glad that KJ is going to stay in YJ’s body, cause it would be really gross to see an ending like the one in “Harold and Maude”. I also think that KJ is going to continue in YJ’s body because this is the highlight of this drama, it’s comedy and I don’t think the director/writers will take away Gong Yoo from the spotlight and from the gorgeous chemistry with Lee Min Jung.

      • I was just talking about Harold and Maude!
        Loved that movie and OST. Love Ruth Gordon.

        I think that movie is the main reason I never shy away from Noona-dongsang romances. They will NEVER top that age difference.

  6. I was hoping this episode would conclude them being switched back but this is just as good. I hope it happens soon!

  7. DR, just take the man, but don’t use raise in the same sentence!
    And didn’t we pass that, you don’t even act as big sister, but like mommy…

      • Oooo dear, stressing hehe, yes….I was all over that almost kiss 😉 I just wait for moment when DR will kiss him first!
        Sometimes I enjoy more in watching then commenting

  8. Your recaps are so insightful and help us interpret what we see on the screen. God bless your intelligence and thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Dear ockoala:
    You know, you should be a professional writer!! Seriously, I’ve learned so much from your writings than from all those jargon-laden literary academic journals I read on the daily basis.

    Episode 8 simply blows me away. Admittedly, Big is not as sophisticated as other dramas and I am glad that it does not strive to be. It is just as honest and flawed as all the characters within the drama. However, one thing I love about Big is that it has a “big” heart. Maybe it’s a coincidence. These days, since I kept checking your blog every 10 minutes and I saw the header of “Sang doo Let’s go to School,” another perennial favorites of mine. And I was thinking, Big is so different from other Hong sisters’ drama and somehow it reminds me of dramas by writer Lee Kyung Hee. Yes. Big still has the signature features of Hong sisters especially with its crazy twists and turns. But Big is not really a rom-com confined by “romantic” love, but it really tries to explore love in all different dimensions and phases, just like dramas by writer Lee.

    For instance, In episode 8, what really gets me is how KJ opens up his wound for the sake of teaching CS to cherish his family, how KJ learns to forgive Mari because he finally tries to forgive himself through his love towards DR. And in episode 8, I come to realize that why the narrative revolves around the family of Gil teacher so much. This family is hilarious and crazy, but they are also preciously ordinary and capable of love. For an uprooted KJ, DR’s naivete and kindness is what he needs to break his shelf and reconnect with others again. I am not annoyed with Mari. I believe CS will heal her wound eventually.

    I know some people are annoyed at Da-ran by saying “Kang Kyong Joon. Marry Me. I will raise you.” But this sentence just moves me to tear. For someone who has been in a relationship for more than a decade, it is what requires of maintaining a marriage and making the relationship work. It’s not romance, but about growing together into becoming better people.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful ruminations on Big. <3

  10. Gosh. I hope that Kyung Joon doesn’t die.. That would break my heart. I just want the poor kid to be happy (preferably with Da Ran).

    I would be interested to hear more of your thoughts on the wedding! Symbolic how? It kinda feels like it didn’t even happen eh? I’m hoping that there was little emphasis on this wedding so that further down the road we can see emphasis on the wedding for the OTP. (fingers crossed that its DR-KJ)

    • Just adding on..
      Its interesting that both of the bodies have not been awake at the same time, that leads me to think there might be a death as well. There has to be a reason that YJ has not woken up in KJ’s body :S

  11. Hmmm.. Why do I have a feeling that KJ and DR won’t end up together in the end?? From your previous comment that one of them might die and that really makes me sad. For me it’s really unfair for Yoon Jae because Kyung Joon had the chance to live up his life even though they’re switching bodies but in the end, it’s him that spends time with DR and fall in love with her whereas YJ is stuck in KJ’s body in comatose state and unable to do anything. Moreover, we kinda misunderstood him and was perceived as a cheater in the beginning. I feel bad for him. At this point, I agreed that YJ and KJ might be related somehow which makes matter becoming more complicated since DR is technically married to both of them. This girl had no idea what she get herself into! I really don’t know where the story is heading but I’m all for it.

  12. Did anyone else totally love how KJ got himself invited to his honeymoon. He was so suave and of course DR subliminally invited him (Jesus, I forgot my ticket and passport! )

    She couldn’t express her desire, less he consider the truth behind her motive. She’s so cute when she gets nervous ’cause he’s near her.

  13. ok, some thoughts of mine:
    Im first and foremost very invested in this drama. My personal opinon is that the switch has to happen. I just dont know how. The whole time we saw KJ through Gong Yoo’s acting. Will he be able to hold up to all the expectation created by Gong Yoo when he comes back? Afterall hes still a rookie actor. However if the switch doesnt come through I feel this drama getting into a very messy situation where audience are way too teased and left unsatisfied and confused. I am in that state. I simply cant enjoy being in a blissful state seeing DR and KJ/Gong Yong happy together because I feel so bad for that poor boy. Over in Softy, she wrote it so well about how he is living a life he wanted but knows its never really his. How heartbreaking is that?

    Im a Gong Yoo shipper. I havent cared what happens with the OTP as long as its GY, but KJ is really getting into me. I was filled with all sorts of emotions that I couldnt described after the last episode. I couldnt put a hand down to what it was. You nail it identifying the differences with carnal attraction and a relationship base on caring, loving and self-sacrifice which will ultimately make a marriage last. I think you are right, thats what the Hong Sisters wants KJ to develop. That quality itself takes huge maturity to achieve and the scenes are to show case KJ getting there. Though the whole progression is making it heart wrenching for us.

    I do think that its time for Hong Sisters to re-adjust their approach from this point to make it easier for the audiences’ emotion. Having killed of one of the leads may be the way, or either that both will have to wake up and have an equal go for Dara and have us swoon to death happy! 🙂

    • i hope the story goes this way…
      yoon jae soul is in limbo. ( just like in the movie “heart and souls” ) stuck on the side of kyung joon due to unresolved situations. Neither of them will die at the end since both bodies are still around. When they learned that their brothers that the time that yoon jae take over his own body to save kyung joon physical state as a doctor and eventually kyung joon wakes up on his own body, Yoon Jae remembers the events and kyun joon will pretend to have an amnesia to keep his words not to fall in love with Da Ran and that he will not hurt her anymore.

  14. I’m also guessing that KJ and YJ are brothers and today’s episode was a step in this direction.

    I’m happy with the path this drama is taking, it’s been predicatable to me that Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung will be together in the end, I just don’t know for sure how this is going to work. Probably, it’s like you said Koala, YJ is going to die, tragedy is necessary to make this ending possible.

    If you think about publicity and what sells, you’d agree with me. Stars sell, non-starts sell too, but not as much. So I guess that because this is a romantic comedy and it’s aimed to be a big seller it’s going to have Gong Yoo(star) at the end. It’s simple as that.

    The sound effects are quite funny, I loved that they played the theme song of “as good as it gets” when DR was dreaming about her marriage with YJ, it gave a special touch to the sceene. Really nice!!

  15. I am speechless, too. Well for sure DR is screwed, but what’s more important is the mystery behind the two guys, KJ and YJ.. I just hope that all this waiting will be worth it for everyone..
    I don’t want to assume my own wanted story because I may just be disappointed..
    Can’t wait for next week.

  16. When is the last time the Hong Sisters killed someone off?
    Yes, THAT show, the one we don’t talk about any more since I went through treatment for it. In MGIAG, they threatened. A sacrifice was supposed to happen, member? But we still had happy happy happy people in the end.

    Unless you count YJ, who, if you recall is already dead. YJ has already gone on to a better life. Don’t cry.
    His dead angel Oma is out there pulling strings.
    Oma took almost dead KJ and put him in dead YJ’s body. (Don’t know why.)
    One saves one so the other can save someone else.
    YJ saved KJ so KJ can save DR later. You don’t think it’s going to come to that?
    Another accident? A near death shooting? Something HORRIBLE!
    All he has to do is offer to die in her place, since sometimes just offereing gets rewarded.
    They live happily ever after in Canada. Somewhere near Niagara Falls, cause it’s really pretty.

    • My dear jomo.. I think you need a HOT GY.. Please go back to episode 1 and 2 and 3to see his choc abs again. By the way it is 99 percent of today episode. I will watch it later on…

    • Er, folks, just a public announcement. The Hong Sisters together delivered one of THE most rocks fall down endings in one of their dramas in the history of K-dramas. I have to look far and wide to find that level of collective trauma. Think Bu Bu Jing Xin level if you’ve seen BBJX. Don’t let their comedy-trendy-hijinks fool you. These two ladies are ruthless. I have scars to prove it. I can’t even listen to a certain song without shaking. So, yeah, everyone is fair game in this drama as far as I’m concerned.

      • Your declaration kinda scared me. And, please tell me the tragic ending happens either in Couple of Fantasy or Hong Gil Dong. I’ve watched or read recaps for their other dramas.

        I’ll feel really foolish if the tragic ending is not from the aforementioned dramas!! :S

      • Cried for three days.
        I can still picture my son’s face, looking at me with a LOT of concern for my sanity. “Mom, it’ll be OK. It’s just a show.”
        Which brought on another straight hour of hiccup sobs.

    • I thought the exact same thing. I highly doubt they’re going to kill someone off, and they shouldn’t. It’s not a good idea plus the fans (including myself) hate these sorts of endings. I think since YJ saved KJ, KJ will in turn save YJ and (I hope) YJ will end up with DR. I hope the drama doesn’t get too messy later on, I’m not really liking the progression of the story.

  17. IMO the only thing that’s evident in this story is that Gong Yoo will get the girl no matter. The only true question lies within which character that he’s played gets the girl – will it be YJ or KJ? Shin Won Ho will get the short end of the stick because I doubt we’ll see him and Lee Min Jung walking off the sunset together.

  18. This drama messes with my mind. Biggest WTheckery ever. I know we’re supposed to believe she’s falling for Kyung Joon, but how do you separate completely when he’s in Yoon Jae’s body? A lot of people are saying we’re attracted to personalities, which is true, but she’s also associating the personality with the body. And with the possibility that Yoon Jae wasn’t actually a cheating jerk, she’ll already have the physical attraction to his body and his personality may not be that bad.

    I’m so confused how they’re going to resolve this neatly. Divorce seems really extreme at this point, but who knows? And what happens to Yoon Jae? He hasn’t been a second lead since his soul has been comatosed for almost half the series, so do we just throw him out the window once that happens? Also, does that mean that Gong Yoo won’t show up anymore (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)? We’re used to Da Ran loving Kyung Joon’s personality in Yoon Jae’s body. If she still continues loving Kyung Joon, the transition will mess with us and her!

  19. Thanks for this recap ockoala unnie!

    “She explains the story being the two angels reaching for each other. If one angel saves the other, then the other angel can save yet another.”

    So Yoon Jae saves Kyung Joon, then who will Kyung Joon save? Why, his brother Yoon Jae, I think. Gee, I think KJ will die if there really is one who’s going. YJ was leaving for the US because of his “mum’s” death and not because he wanted out. It was an emergency. He had the ring bought for Da Ran. But, yeah, like what you said, why would he keep that a secret. Maybe the invitations weren’t sent out since he wants to go to the US asap but still…DR is now emotionally invested with KJ and KJ well, he already was from the very beginning. I am sure that the souls will return to their proper shells, sooner or later. What then? It’s so weird. Then KJ’s body is so weak he’ll just have to die or maybe save his brother for whatever reason and just die? It will be convenient for the OTPs then to you know, start over again and stay married. But how? It would be very weird for DR. Or, like in 49 Days, maybe nobody ends up with anybody, oof. But the Hong Sisters love happy endings, right? So I don’t think they’ll make this a tragedy. This is a romantic comedy, isn’t it?

    ” Dad says something important and urgent arose, and “that child” heard his mom died. Yoon Jae’s mom gasps. Yoon Jae’s dad says “Choong Gi” had an accident.” So yes, the two guys are full brothers. So who killed the mum (if she was indeed murdered)? Who had the motive? Maybe YJ just recently discovered being adopted and would want to look for his real mum, then she suddenly died, because she was killed by his “present” mum? Far out. She may be a bitch but I don’t think she’s That evil. Or maybe not. Or maybe it’s the greedy Aunt? Was she even murdered? Might really be just robbery. Just ranting. I’m just so preoccupied by this I have to let it out, jeez.

    • Oh sorry, the mum was murdered alright. But may not be premeditated I should say, and may just be plain robbery. I just read your comment about a Hong drama with a tragic ending. If one is killed off or nobody gets anybody, well gee, that would be ruthless indeed.

  20. I am inevitably confused at the unfurling of this episode. I love the angst and do fully appreciate the Hong Sisters exploration into their darker side of writing, but I still don’t think they have reached the level of putting in a full on “teacher-doctor” divorce and “teacher student” love into the drama. It would be so unlike them. But on the other hand, you can already see Kyung Jae getting tired of being old, and I think that scene is a hint of him not wanting to live this “older” life until he has to. He may be smart but still he’s 18/19?
    My theory is that they are going to pull a 49 days, and the person meant to die is going to die.. which, if it happens, I HOPE to all the drama gods is Yoon Jae in Kyung Joon’s body because I have not gotten emotionally attached to that character, if they kill off Kyung Joon all together, then I’m going to go into another “Eun Shi Kyung” phase of pure bawling. Gong Yoo is the main actor so they have to keep him until the end, right? Have the Hong Sisters written tragedy before? Oh please, don’t let anyone die, just give me more Da-Jae and I’m good.
    Sorry Koala Unni for venting on this post.. I just am emotionally strewn by this drama. 🙂
    I love reading your recaps!

  21. Reading all the comments and guesses out there has me more interested than the drama itself. They are going to kill one off? Hope not but yes they have killed the OTP off before. I think that is the drama that jomo had to get therapy for. I am sure I heard (read) that Daran still had feelings for the real SY and only wants to take care of KJ’s soul, therefore marrying him is her convenience to being closer to SY.

    I agree with 1lostbear that D is (and probably always has) associating the body with the personality. She is too simple minded to remember when looking at him that it is not SY but the soul of KJ.

    I said it was a mess and if these ladies deliver a clean ending, they will have my respect but I can’t see where this is heading anymore. Someone put out a hit on KJ’s mom? The picture of the angel apparently is the key to switching them back. They are brother’s but how? KJ will have the hots for his sister-in-law? Geez, I guess I can say great mystery drama.

  22. thanks for the fast recap ockoala… another twist is about to happen I suppose and I can’t wait for that to happen, I wish it will be Monday again,hehehe…

  23. My guess is that KJ will be in YJ’s body up to episode 18. Then by episode 19, KJ will be back in his body and YJ in his own. YJ has one episode to tell DR what’s really in his heart and to do what’s right. DR, on the other hand will be confused because it’s really KJ who she really loves, same as KJ. By the last episode YJ will die because he’s really destined to die and KJ and DR will separate ways. 5 minutes before the end, KJ and DR will meet again after two years in the bus where they first laid their eyes on each other.

  24. I read somewhere, YJ will wake up and likes MR aftermath. Is this true?
    Because that is totally weird, just imaining it gives me goosebumps.
    I’m guessing at the end, they decide to keep theor bodies switched.
    So Kyung Jae will like Da Ran and stays with her YJ’s body.
    And YJ will stay in KJ’s body and likes Ma Ri.
    Whatever happens, just let Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo be together.
    Ehehe (;

  25. Ms Koala, sorry to post so much but am having fun with the guessing. A thought occurred to me that SY is also there but unable to speak or interact so when the switch happens, he will already know everything. You know like the goul’d in stargate. lol

    So sorry jomo. l like Jang Geun Suk so it was a happy ending for me.

    • I really liked him in that show…I saw it before LIB.
      You think his character was happy in the end?
      I thought he was sad sad sad. Poor thing. Poor everyone.

      • I know he was sad but I wanted him to get the girl not the other character who I found to be totally obnoxious and not attractive but that is a can of worms I won’t open.

  26. The conventional line of thinking (at least for me, haha) is that if there is a soul swap early in the second half of the series, then much of the storyline will revolve around YJ’s character development/revelation since GY is after all the lead actor. Now, as most of you said, the Hong sisters don’t always go the conventional route, so, as clueless as I was in ep 1, I’m still just as clueless on how this will unfold. Oh well, as they all say, “it’s the journey, not the destination”, so let’s march on to ep 9! 😀

  27. Hi – confused about Mari. I thot Mari’s father was marrying KJ’s mom ? She objected cause she likes KJ and don’t want to be ‘family’ with him ? If KJ and YJ shares the same father, then, Mari is sister to both KJ and YJ ? CONFUSED : – (

  28. What if Kyung Joon’s returns to his body and Yoon Jae is nowhere as in dead…Then maybe he somehow gets to chose to return to Yoon Jae’s body in order to be with Da Ran?

    Also, Ma Ri officially sucks. She is a liar and petty. Kyung Joon is way too good for her.

  29. I don’t see where it says that Yoon Jae’s mom died, only “that child” which I assume is Kyung Joon. I honestly don’t know where you got that from, I’m so confused.

  30. It slightly irks me that people are criticizing Da Ran for her decision to marry YJ’s body without his permission. This is one of those plot devices that will ultimately put Da Ran in a bad light no matter what, even though she is a victim of circumstance.

    In my opinion, this is not a simple situation. I think that’s one of the points of the drama. What is it truly like to be an adult, stuck in difficult situations, and make the tough choices? Da Ran is still young and inexperienced in such choices (obviously), but it says a lot that she made the choice to marry KJ based on her desire to protect him.

    What other choice did she have? Let’s see here….YJ’s mom wants him to get married pronto, and even KJ acknowledged that he is living off of her so he does not want to go against that one wish of hers. His mom prefers Se Young as the bride (I don’t really hate SY either), but seems resigned to the fact that at least he can lean on/depend on Da Ran until he returns to his normal self.

    On the other hand, Da Ran’s parents (well, dad mostly) have threatened to not acknowledge her or YJ (aka KJ) if she continues to date him casually. So, either never see him again (and therefore not be able to protect KJ) or marry him or lose her parents’ trust and make them feel worried/ashamed.

    So, I understand Da Ran’s decision. Marrying KJ was the lesser of two evils, and YJ doesn’t seem like the type that would gripe about it once he woke up. After all, it’s a frickin body switch. It’s not like she drugged him purposely and married him on the sly.

    • Agree. Also Ithink they want to show some romanze between the OTP and better to show this after being married. otherwise, they have to get drunk and be confused afterwards… ha ha. I think K drama generally’s quite conservative in this area – ( of course there’re exceptions… i need romance 1 and season 2 !! )

    • i agree with you. and in fact i dont understand why the hue and cry NOW instead of when it was first brought out by kj. what are their choices, given the circumstance?

      i see it as a conscious decision on her part to protect kj and allow him to remain kj in yj’s body. no one had any idea if and when the reswap will take place. they needed to make decisions to deal with situation in a way that would not arise suspicion in others .

      if yj does return, no one knows whether he would have any memory of anything anyway. how can the two keep worrying about a future that may not even happen when they have the present to deal with?

  31. Does anyone know whats that “2013…” script like book that was in DR’s bag?
    Kyung Jae abruptly threw it when he saw it. Why?

    • The viki subs said something like “2013 Summer break Schedule”
      It wasn’t anything personal to DR -just a school thing.

  32. Am I the only one finding his mom’s death a little bit………..weird?

    The robbers just randomly appeared and screamed “hey you” and shot her, and since Kyung Joon is still alive I believe that they probably ran away after that, because two robbers wouldn’t be afraid of a teenage boy. Isn’t it weird?G_G

    • There are quite a few bloggers annoyed by this, myself included, because it puts America in a bad light. I don’t believe that it was intended as such but the scene should be expanded on or explained in the near future because our bad people don’t randomly shoot you on the street without taking your money and other personals and they don’t like leaving witnesses so KJ should have been shot too. The whole thing leaves a bad taste but it is drama and just like in the movies, stuff is always made up.

  33. I have a theory that the “child saving a child saving another child…” doesn’t mean either of them have to die but has to do with one of the little kids in the hospital. Yoon Jae is a pediatrician. We know that Kyung Jae is slowly getting over his fear of blood by patching up the children’s boo-boos. I think either the little boy or the girl will have an emergency and Kyung Jae (masquerading as Yoon Jae) will save them. Thus a child (19 yr old Kyung Jae) saving another child.
    Or, since it’s a Hong sisters drama, none of that happens and we’re left wondering until the last episode what will happen.

  34. I am seriously disappointed with this drama. And I am annoyed with Mari. I mean her character is useless. The writer doesn’t seem to develop her character really well. At the beginning, I find her cute but after several episodes, I’m kinda sick of her. I don’t think she loves Kyung Joon, she is just obsessed with him.

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