Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo Film MV for Kim Hyung Jun New Single Escape

Talk about a case of bros-got-your-back. SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun is releasing a new solo mini album titled “Escape” in July, and for his first single also called “Escape”, he’s joined by his friends and same agency hyungs Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo in a 25-minute long music video mini movie. The first stills released show the three men wearing suits. SOLD. Soldsoldsoldsoldsold. Just give me my Ji Hwan in a suit and I am putty in their hands, toss in two more hot guys and this is a no brainer. Kim Hyung Jun has the nicest voice, his track for the Lie to Me OST is one of my faves. This should be such a blast to check out.

Apparently the music video is premised on three men who escape prison to go seek their love. That’s seriously the description! Don’t flay me, but I’m going to assume that the three guys are escaping together but seeking their own loves, so bring on three lovely ladies as well. Because even if they go all Brokeback Mountain on me, that’s still a love triangle so can you imagine the messy brawls that will ensue. Hahaha, I’m just having a bit’o’fun teasing about the premise. I’m sure it’ll involve guns, car chases, lots of brooding by the Han River. If they toss in a Thelma and Louise ending, I’ll be ready to call this MV epic. The MV will be released in early July.


Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo Film MV for Kim Hyung Jun New Single Escape — 19 Comments

  1. OMG I LOVE Lee Ki Woo, he is seriously one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen, and definitely one of the tallest by far lol. This sounds very interesting. Will have to check it out!!

    • Really, Amber, we need to turn the hose on you!

      I’ll take all three, separately, or together, in ANYTHING. 🙂

  2. Ji Hwan..,ummm, how can you be so fine!
    Those mans and To fast to furious scenes…wow…can we have drama instead of mv.

  3. Because when you escape from prison, your first stop should be a good tailor. Then a barber. Just for future reference, y’all. Pretty. 😎

  4. Lee Ki Woo….mine, mine, mine, mine!!

    *sigh* I want to snuggle him, then grope him, then give him milk, then just staaaare at him.

  5. Yay, wuri Ji Hwan oppa is back. I will sure to check out this MV. Ji Hwan is the best looking amongst the three ^^

  6. What kind of stupid jailer will allow these three to escape?! *shakes head*

    If it were me I’d handcuff ’em to myself. Just to be sure.

  7. Oooh baby jun! Met him once and took a picture with him. He was so so nice, to let me hugged, touched his cheeks & kissed him. His waist is smaller than me! Damn.. I need to wallow when a man is much prettier than me, a genuine woman.

      • LOL
        he was at my country for an event, alongside with 2AM, miss A, etc. I stayed at the same hotel and ran into him at the pool. got a pretty good sight of him swimming. When he finished i ran to caught him, his manager was sooo pissed. but he was very nice and said it’s ok. What a girl gotta do when presented with that kind of opportunity? i hugged him & tiptoed to kissed him. Only got a peck though, before his manager dragged him away 😀

        here’s my photo with him > http://lockerz.com/s/112129249

  8. I can imagine the girls..drooling with their eyes popping out of the socket..looking at this beautiful men..Even an old auntie like me cannot help thinking how nice if I am a young lady,but what a heck I can still enjoy the song and the MV.Thanks

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