Yoon Si Yoon Starts Making Happy Noodles with Li Fei Er

I’m going to refrain from making any puns on Happy Noodle, because there is nothing that won’t sound raunchy and really the drama title silliness speaks for itself. Filming started in late May on the C-drama Happy Noodle starring Yoon Si Yoon, Li Fei Er, and Zhang Jun Ning. I was wondering who the second male lead was since he’s taller than the already quite tall Yoon Si Yoon, and is also a cutie pie to boot, and then I realized he was the horrible (acting) second male lead in Sunshine Angel with Wu Zun and Rainie Yang. He somehow made Wu Zun not the worst actor in that drama. Oh well, at least he’s still got his looks.

While I love that Yoon Si Yoon is branching out, and he lucked out with leading lady Li Fei Er who I find has a really feminine aura and great chemistry with her male leads, knowing his voice will get dubbed upsets me. Luckily the story is about a Chinese-Korean boy who grew up in an orphanage in Korea after his Korean mom dies, and he goes to China after he grows up to find his birth dad. So I guess he’ll be speaking Korean in the drama, yay for that. Apparently there is an evil woman who switched him with her own son and toddled off to China to con the birth dad. I’m sure it’ll be sappy and makjang to the core, but I’m weak when it comes to needing more Yoon Si Yoon back on my screen so I’ll be reluctantly following along with this drama. On an unrelated note, I LOVE Li Fei Er’s dress at the press conference. So pretty!


Yoon Si Yoon Starts Making Happy Noodles with Li Fei Er — 10 Comments

  1. “He somehow made Wu Zun not the worst actor in that drama.” lol
    I remember watching sunshine angel and think wow the 2nd is really pretty
    and wondering why I hadn’t seen him before….but then I knew……

  2. I need Yoon Si-yoon on my screen. I want it, I crave it. Now I need to prepare myself for the worst masochistic experience ever: Sappy and makjang. Good lord… Yeah for the voice kept partially. Booo for that awful poster: Someone has to burn that thing and erase the files. While we are at it, let’s change that ridiculous title, seriously…
    I’ve seen pictures of him with brighter smiles. “Pinching cheeks”: SMILE Sunshine! Even away from home your fans will support you. I’d like so much to be of any help for that guy… What to do?

  3. Thanks for the informations, the content seems like Kim Tak Goo’s life, but his style looks like Jung Hyuk’s style. About his voice, you should watch the press conference video, when I heard he spoke in Chinese, that’s not bad, his husky voice always kills me (in any language).

  4. Last shot – so cute.
    Still pisses me off he chose this project.
    He gets critical acclaim from M2F, and to capitalize on it, he LEAVES?
    OK, I get that population wise, more eyes will watch him in this, as the audience is larger, but still…
    If his goal is to be forgotten(sarcasm), the only way to follow up on a off-shore drama is to do MS, then, he will be completely off everyone’s screens!

    I want my YSY back!!!

  5. Haven’t watched Sunshine Angel thank goodness. Seen Zhang Jun Ning in Five Star Hotel though where he was the male lead, I actually quite liked him in there, well I quite liked that drama..

  6. I had not seen Korean drama before watching Yoon Si-yoon in Baker King and Me Too, Flower and he is a genuine, wonderful actor, very touching. Seems like a sweetheart. A lot of writers and directors in many places will be happy to have him on their projects. If he wants to experiment with his choice of projects, and grow as an actor, I am really happy for him.

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