Lee Dong Wook in Australia for Sure Magazine July Edition

Lee Dong Wook. Being seksi in Australia for Sure Magazine. The end. What? You guys need more words from me? Wookie has been on television regularly these days since taking over co-hosting duties on Strong Heart, occupying the position formerly held by Lee Seung Gi. It’s still odd to me since the two men appear to have such vastly different personalities. Anyone watching Strong Heart care to share how he’s doing as an MC? Not all actors and entertainers can pull off the spontaneity and wit required to host a talk show, but I like Wookie trying it on for size. Didn’t hurt that he had an easy premiere episode with his two best friends Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok on as guests. Pour some soju and it’s like a friendly gathering at the house. I wonder if Wookie will take a break from acting while focusing on his hosting stint, or will he be like Seung Gi and start wearing multiple hats at the same time.

[Credit: Sure Magazine]


Lee Dong Wook in Australia for Sure Magazine July Edition — 21 Comments

      • Don’t you find yourself, Jomo, wanting to be a little smart about the signs he’s standing in front of?

        Tow away area … SNORT.

        Drive Safely … as if you COULD with LDW walking down the street in tight jeans. (and bets on whether the a&& is baggy?)

        And the jumpsuit for building diving … (skyscraper diving, it has several names) No comment on the accessories attached to LDW. Nope, not gonna say it, ZIPPING my LIPS. OMO. Which gives me something else to … er, say.

  1. This man makes my heart skip. I could stare at him for hours. I read that he is doing a great job as MC but I have never seen the show. Thank you for this treat.

  2. Do you know how upset I was that I didn’t know. For Wookie I would fly to the Gold Coast and offer to be his guide. Or driver. Or buy drink person. Anything πŸ™‚
    Gosh darn it how come no one comes to my city!!

  3. He’s in Queensland? I hope he goes down to Melbourne. I’ll keep my eyes wide open then. Boy, must be awesome to see this guy in person! Hotttt!!!

  4. seksi is the Malay language spelling of sexy.BTW,Strong Heart airs on a local cable channel of mine in Malaysia.But we are still in Seung Gi’s solo hosting episodes.But i tink soon it’ll be changing over to Wookie.I’ll check out the adverts of when Wookie’s eps start.From wat i read it seems his co-host is more like the anchor for the new Strong Heart.

  5. Sexy, damn right! I think he’s doing great in SH, nothing too impressive but he’s genuinely trying and I think everyone can see that πŸ™‚

  6. Does anyone else think there is a resemblence between LDW and the Jake character on IDID?
    They both use their eyes the same way…

    • The character or the actors? I think the actors have similar mannerisms. πŸ™‚ BUT, there is only ONE LDW. πŸ˜‰

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