Spoiler Pictures Reveal Married Life Begins for Da Ran and Kyung Jae on Big

I don’t think the news that Da Ran and Kyung Jae start living together is a spoiler to anyone, since they are married now and for all intents and purposes ought to be living together so as to not arouse suspicions from either family. But the article that accompanied these new pictures does have some spoilery tidbits about Big so I’ll translate that after the jump. I have to say that I’m pretty much a goner for this OTP, so even though logically I’m aware the Hong Sisters could throw fifty more loops and send me sailing into the abyss of disappointment with how the story will unfold, I’m hoping they take the Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s soul thing all the way to the end, whether it’s his own body or Yoon Jae’s.

“The beginning of a truly sweet romance.”

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung begin to cohabit together as their characters on the drama Big commence newlywed life. Da Ran gets up early to prepare breakfast for Kyung Jae, looking every inch the new wife. She nags on Kyung Jae’s picky eating habits when he picks out the beans from a dish. As Mari’s jealousy increases, Da Ran and Kyung Jae commence their life as a married couple. They begin to feel the growing love for each other as the emotion accumulates. A production member said that Da Ran and Kyung Jae’s romantic love story will truly begin, and the mystery of Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon’s body switch will also be revealed via the mystery of Kyung Joon’s background. So there you have it folks. What did I say about my Da Ran-Kyung Joon being the OTP. Even if the Hong Sisters drop a meteor at the end and everyone perishes in flaming death, at least I’ll be able to say I called the OTP right from the get go. Woo hoo, I love this drama so damn much.


Spoiler Pictures Reveal Married Life Begins for Da Ran and Kyung Jae on Big — 34 Comments

  1. I have been dutifully refreshing your web page just hoping for tidbits of Big. Thank you so much for this! *squeee*

  2. Cute pictures, and I’m holding on to the cute while it lasts.

    I’ve realized I’m really concerned about how this drama will play out. If the Hong Sisters decide that Kyung Joon in Kyung Joon’s body will be paired with Da Ran, then I fear that the character portrayal won’t be consistent. People already noticed the character discourse between Shin’s acting and Gong Yoo’s acting. Now that we’ll have spent at least 8ish episodes or so with Gong Yoo as Kyung Joon, I’m not sure whether the transition will be flawless. And while Da Ran will accept it (because to her, there’s not difference in characterization), the viewers won’t bypass it so easily.

    Eep! I have faith in the Hong Sisters, I do. However, it’s really not within their hands how the actors…well, act.

    Cute pictures, and I’ll take all I can for now.

  3. Honestly this OTP doesn’t do it for me (yet?), maybe it’s the lack of chemistry or the “age difference”, I don’t know. I’ll just cruise along for the time being, there still might be a chance I’ll be swayed in the end.

    • I’m convinced that there’s either some big secret about the wedding or that it didn’t happen at allβ€”what kind of writers would throw away material that great, instead of building an episode about it?

      • Mari and DR’s brother were going to go to the wedding (little white dress scene), so I think there was a ceremony. But if it never gets registered, it is as if it never happened… although everyone thinks it did.

  4. Sounds like it’s really about to go down. Even more excited now!! I feel bad for Shin having to live up to Gong Yoo’s portrayal. If they put Kyung Joon back in his own body he’s going to have to bring it!!

  5. I hope, hope, HOPE Kyung Joon will get to stay in Yoon Jae’s body! Poor Da Ran’s been through enough as it is…First her fiance was keeping secrets, then he switched bodies with a 19 y.o. boy, he’s in a coma, she had to call off the wedding, she falls in love with the 19 year old, and then if they switch back she will have to get over the trauma of losing her perfect man KJ in YJ’s perfect body….No fair!

      • Doesn’t seem fair to the 19 year old if he gets stuck in another man’s skin.

      • It doesn’t seem fair, unless you add in the benefits of being married to the woman he loves.
        You know – the spousal duties? (wink wink)

      • But think about it… having your husband younger for 12 more years. That’s important stuff!

      • Isn’t it interesting that the elder in this show is 27, and in IDID, the younger is 27?
        I have no other insight on this. πŸ™‚

  6. This drama is consuming me but that is a good thing cause there is so much to think about. My latest thought is that if KJ’s body wakes up with the soul of YJ then I will be disappointed because THS showed no originality and because a bigger mess will ensue when aunt and uncle involve themselves because of greed. On the bright side, Shin gets to show he can act. I also believe THS are very traditional Korean because I was going over some of their stuff and women are not strong in any role, Gumiho was not a woman’s character so that doesn’t count. They really like the male role to be the dominant one. Yech! Gotta see how this turns out.

  7. Rather than try to figure out how it ends, how about we totally change the game plan?

    They should insert the “second season” in here in which we get to follow this pair around for like 32 weeks. Kyung Jae and DR living together, cooking, eating, cleaning (each other) (maybe).
    Not a flimsy montage for flashback purposes, but how about a series of 60 mins of them household choring? They could argue over what to watch on their TV, snack, get comfortably close…I could take an almost kiss for 20 weeks before we move on to the real thing…You know – like american sitcoms?

    Pretty Gong Yoo pleeeeeeeeeease?

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