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It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that when one half of the OTP falls in love, the other half of the OTP is sure to follow. Big 9 was daebak, and with it come some critical mystery reveals and lots of narrative momentum between Da Ran and Kyung Jae. Much as I love Kyung Jae, i.e. Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body, because frankly Gong Yoo is yummy to infinity, it’s hard to see this couple with this virtual third party between them in the form of Yoon Jae’s memory and his face. I think it’s time my sleeping Shin woke up, and hopefully episode 10 will bring yet another twist to the proceedings.

Preview for episode 10:

Se Young: Her child? Did she give him away?

Mari: With 80 points loving someone else, are there still 20 points left?

Se Young: A speedy DNA test, can it be done?

Mari: Teacher, even if Kyung Joon likes the current situation, he has to go back to where he belongs and you have to put him in his place.

Da Ran: Why is my heart beating so fast?

Se Young: Don’t you remember? You were looking for a person, and I’ve found him.

Mari: Kyung Joon ah! Teacher, Kyung Joon’s body at the hospital moved again!

Da Ran: Will Kyung Joon go away then?


Video Preview for episode 10 of Big — 35 Comments

  1. Honestly, no offence but this is the most draggy series the hong sisters made. Seriously. -_-
    Somewhat next to My Girl. :/

    • Oooh, is this like a poll? Then I vote for Best Love as the boring-est Hong Sisters drama ever. Followed by Gumiho! (Not that it’s bad. A boring Hong sisters drama is still better than most dramas in my book.. err… TV.) 😀

      I can’t judge Big yet since I’m just following via recaps. 🙁 Is it really draggy? Maybe if the bodies re-switch, we can move on with the story.

    • I’m 100% agree with you … may be my expectation was very high … just bearing these episodes only for my Gong Yoo ..

    • hmm, i actually don’t mind the fact that it’s slower paced (“draggy”) because it allows for more organic development and lets me connect with the characters on a more emotional level, something i had trouble with with more faster paced hong sisters dramas (like best love)

      i wasn’t that big of a gong yoo fan before. but wow, am a complete fan now.

    • I actually like this one best of all their dramas simply because they take the time to develop characters and give them substance rather than just the superficial feelings. It’s not going to appeal to everyone and honestly, the audience they have built over the years have come to expect and are contained mostly of people who like their earlier style. But I think it’s good that they’re trying something new. It’s the only way they can actually grow as writers.

      • Hahahaha I definitely am liking the new in the Hong Sisters a lot!! (sorry… i wasn’t too big a fan of the overly cartoonish characters in their previous works besides Chun-Hyang and Gumiho, latter of which was just bearable) =P

  2. I myself is beginning to lose interest in this drama. They are dragging the story too much, not much development really. I really hope that KJ’s body wakes up in the next episode to make the story a little bit interesting. I really like KJ in his own body to end up with DR because it will be unfair for KJ if he will be staying in YJ’s body forever.

    With regards to Hong sisters’s drama, I find Best Love as their the most boring drama and the actors there did not fit to their characters.

    • Dragging is all in the heart of the viewer – and I say it depends on how you were hooked into the show.

      If the person watching has been hooked on the switch and wants a switchback, I imagine the tension building in anticipating it.

      If the person watching was hooked on the DR – KJ relationship, (ME!) I do not want a switch back, in fact, I sorta dread it.

      Every second KJ and DR spend together is gold to me. My heart speeds up thinking about it, and the possibilities of how they can fall deeper in lurrve.

      Otoh, I feel really bad for KJ’s body lying there all lonely, and I want peace for him/it. I think YJ might be trapped in there somewhere, needing to move on to his next life.

      I have absolutely NO IDEA what is going to happen in the end. I gave up guessing.

  3. I love LOVE the pace of this drama. It’s not about the mystery or the “hook” about the body switch for me. It’s about Kyung Joon and Da Ran falling in love. The body switch is BUT a plot device to allow him to spend time with her that wouldn’t have happened. Though if Yoon Jae was planning to head to LA and/or call off the wedding, then Da Ran wouldn’t end up being married anyways, and something could happen between chibi Kyung Joon and her. But that’s neither here nor there, and all I’m saying is that this drama captures the breezy and delicate essence of falling in love. The little beats, the subtle turns, the ephemeral aura of attraction and connection. If Lie to Me showcased the explosion of onscreen chemistry between two actors that buoyed a nonexistent story, then Big presents the sparkling aroma of character chemistry between two leads that renders the hook of the narrative into an after thought.

    • Now I see how KJ is falling for D but my concern or question to you is; will D fall for KJ or (it looks that way) is YJ body? Does that shell really matter where feelings are concerned? That rabbit hole has no end for me right now but I’m in it and today I enjoyed the ride.

      • I have the same issue! I can’t be 100% sold on this OTP because I can’t gauge if the fuzzy feelings I have for Da Ran-Kyung Jae will still continue after the switch back. With his limited scenes in Ep 1, and Gong Yoo’s exceptional performance, can Shin really give justice to this role? Only then would I be really be convinced that we’re going to a HEA. 😐

  4. Hope YJ wakes up tomorrow! Can’t wait.

    It will be really amusing to watch.

    I wonder if YJ will pretend not to be YJ, like he doesn’t remember anything……..

  5. This story is definitely dragging. These last few episodes felt like fillers. It won’t get interesting until YJ wakes up. Until then I’ll just scan the recaps.

  6. I really like this drama. I think KJ and DR is definitely the end game, so YJ won’t wake up (if ever at all) until they have fallen in love. I don’t mind, I am enjoying the ride and all their little interactions.

    I hope next episode will have our OTP confessing their love for each other. It’s around the mid point of the series, about time I think? I hope KJ and DR gets some sweet moments together before the mystery unfolds and all the angst begins.

  7. The only way DR ends up with KJ is if he stays in YJ’s body. No way would they have a kiss scene between Shin Won-Ho and Lee Min-Jung if Gong Yoo is the lead male character. So either KJ stays in YJ’s body (which means YJ never wakes up) or he does wake up, they switch bodies back and she ends up with YJ. (or alone?)
    I’m bored/frustrated and disappointed with this one. I want her with KJ but…I don’t think it will happen because Gong Yoo is the lead male. Thanks for the preview & your thoughts!

  8. UGH!! I need more sweet time with D and KJ. And I wish Mari would just fall off a cliff and spend the rest of the series climbing back up the cliff, two years after D and KJ, first child.

  9. I still really really like KJ’s character, as well as the fact that D has grown from where she was at the beginning of the episodes… and in terms of pacing, plot revelations have been coming pretty consistently

    But still… something DOES feel off to me. It feels like it’s spending too much time on the side characters (like the uncle and aunt) compared to the main characters… although I appreciate how they’re still somewhat involved in the story and the mystery unraveling… maybe it’s just how they were written was a bit lacking. Also, I feel that it doesn’t spend as much time as I would like with D’s development both in terms of handling situations more maturely and in terms of working through her feelings for KJ; they’ve been glossed over when I feel that it should move to the central part of the story. I mean I love KJ and I know the story revolves around him but then D’s just as important in a sense if they’re the OTP right? We know already how KJ feels about D, and how he’s trying to not get in the way of her relationship with YJ, or how it hurts him when he feels overlooked by D compared to YJ– WE GOT THAT alright, so why don’t we shift focus a bit to D too? ep 4-5 did that and I really appreciated it, but after that it got very KJ-biased (lol)

    in terms of pacing of the romance, it’s NOT too slow, since it is a complicated situation and obviously D would need time to figure it out– it’s just a bit frustrating when you only see things from KJ’s perspective, how he’s sad about the lack of D returning his feelings but then once or twice it’s like he’s been given a candy to munch on and he has happy scenes with D… but we don’t get to delve deeper into D’s heart and mind.

    Big was really cool in the first 6 episodes when it fed us the back story in bits and pieces in the perspectives of different ppl in the story, but now, it seems like it’s reverted back to everything-from-3rd-person-narrative-with-KJ-bias… which makes things a bit dull. It would have been fine if the story was told from KJ’s perspective only from the beginning– because then it WOULD be right for us to feel as frustrated as KJ is in terms of where his relationship is with D =P

    but that’s just my opinion. i still like Big a lot for giving us KJ XD

    • I get what you mean and you’re articulating what I think I feel too. I am getting frustrated, just like kj is I suppose. And yet, as you pointed out, it is a complicated situation… From the start, she is aware that he is her student and is naturally off limits in her head. And worse, now he is in her ex fiancé’s body, who seemed to have had doubts about the marriage.

      I am also ok with the pace of their romance cos I think it will take that time for her to realize and even then, might need more time to accept those feelings.

      The stories with the uncle and the head mistress when it first came out really felt random to me.. I wonder if they have any relevance later. Right now, it annoys me. :p

      Hopefully tonight’s episode gives us fans of the romance a little more to be excited about till next week

  10. As far as measuring the stress of the wait between episodes, I just decided that the distance between Monday and Tuesday is much much much much worse than the Tuesday to Monday…
    Maybe because I can SEE the episode on the horizon, but I CAN’T TOUCH IT!!!!!
    It is physically hurting meeeeeee…


    Btw guys, it’s not that bad. In the drama the teacher-student relationship is only 6 years difference. That’s what it’s stated. Not bad at all. All I want is MORE SKINSHIP. -grins-

    • LOL, everyone who’s clamoring for MOAR SKINSHIP is cracking me up, but what can I say? I want it SO.BAD. too. I breathe fire every time someone comes between DJ-KJ moments, kinda like those anime characters….grrr.

      • SAME HERE. LOL
        Those cockblockers need to be ship to China or something.
        I just want an affectionate skinship scene okay.
        Or YooMin dating officially. Heheheh

  12. I personally really like the pace of this drama. I know a lot of people are saying it’s dragging, but I don’t care as much about the body-switch-birth plot as much as the slow and tender way that DR is falling for KJ. I like the slow simmer, and it’s nowhere near as frustrating as some shoujo manga OTPs lol!

    • Same here. To me, its not dragging. I mean you have to let GDR starts to develop feelings for KJ then let the switch happen. So she will find out how she’s like without him. And the drama is going in the exact paste.
      So viewers just calm down. You dont want this drama to end quickly right?
      Just relax and enjoy what it has right now.

  13. Okay, I just finished watching ep. 10 on Viki and without giving too much away, my heart is just breaking… I’m just sure how this drama is going to end well. I’m so conflicted. I’m at this point totally shipping KJ with GD, but with YJ’s body. So, I feel like the only way this drama can end to, at least my satisfaction would be if KJ stays in YJ’s body. But then I would feel so sad for YJ and for YJ’s mom as much as she annoys me. No one wants a mom to lose their child.


    I can’t wait for your recap so I have a place I can really talk about this episode and read other’s thoughts!!!!!

    BTW, I realized that I’m obsessed when I start watching without subs. So, I’ve officially gotten into obsession territory with this drama.

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