Kim Rae Won Returns to the Big Screen with Superstar

Kim Rae Won finished his military service last Summer and dove right into filming the weepy melodrama Thousand Day Promise. Since finishing that crying fest, he’s since wrapping a movie called Superstar which is about a second-rate self-absorbed musical director who joins a talent show as a mentor. He hopes to use that to gain more directing work, but instead his mentorship of a young child from a mixed ethnic background reignites his own forgotten dreams of pursuing a singing career. Playing against Kim Rae Won is Ji Dae Han, a newcomer who was selected through a nationwide casting call. The cast recently held a press conference to meet the media, and in addition to the two leads, the movie also includes Jo An, Kwang Soo, and Lee Sung Min. The movie sounds like a mix of Billy Elliot and Fame, plus with this cast, it totally means I’m in! That little Ji Dae Han is adorable, rocking the bowl haircut like only a cute kid can.

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Kim Rae Won Returns to the Big Screen with Superstar — 7 Comments

  1. I lurved Rae Won ever since Attic Cat and look, there’s Jae Kang and Kwang Soo. (I think I’ll forever refer to that guy using his role in K2H)

    But why does everyone look so tired and worn… is this THE press conference? :/

  2. ok now i wanna see Kim Rae Won in Running Man! And Jae kang is back! Sorry but he’s gonna be King Lee Jae Kang to me forever 😀

  3. Truly glad that KIM RAE WON is coming back on screen, was hoping it will be on a drama hence majority of Korean movies never seen on Phil. screen. But I was happy he had new project. Anyway I will be watching for its release at Thanks a lot for these update. Im following Koala Playground daily & hourly. Thank you so much!

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