Ariel Lin and Kim Bum are Captivating for Eichitoo in Official Stills and Videos

What can I say? Gorgeous is as gorgeous does. Ariel Lin pairing with Kim Bum for Eichitoo is the sort of dream I used to think only happened in an alternate universe. Eichitoo released a boatload of pictures of Ariel and Bummie gamely and glamorously modeling their wares. After watching the BTS videos and sneak peaks at the CF, I’m now forever going to cry tears of sadness these two couldn’t act together in something resembling a story. I’ve never heard of the brand Eichitoo until this ad campaign, and now I’m sure I’ll never forget it. I’ve watched the two entertaining as heck BTS videos umpteenth times now, so it’s your turn to get hooked. As an added bonus, the clothes on Ariel are to-die-for wearably chic. Bummie’s menswear is less everyday and more trendy young man with money to burn vibe, but he pulls it off beautifully. Everyone knows I’m crazy about Ariel, but I need to make clear that I’m just as gaga over Bummie and the only reason I’ve not MINE’d the boy is because my unni started ICOMYM for him, and I respect my elders despite forever desperately wanting to paw paw him. He was the Korean F4 member that was my personal koala-nip. His one crooked snaggletooth sends me into fits of giggling.

Eichitoo CF previews:


Ariel Lin and Kim Bum are Captivating for Eichitoo in Official Stills and Videos — 14 Comments

  1. Oh don’t.Now you’ve made me cry tears of sadness.When I imagine if we had a drama now with a grown BOF cast with that sort of clothing.Imagine if LMH ,KHJ and Kim Bum with an actress different from the other female lead.Any Photoshop. experts here?

  2. Kimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Enough said………………………………………………………..

  3. What is ICOMYM?
    Truly beautiful pairing. The clothes are young but chic. Her shoes….high…wow, makes him seem tall.

  4. Awesome pics & videos! Lovely pairing. Kim Bum is so handsome & hot in everything. Ariel is just stunning & ageless, can’t believe she’s already turning 30 this October. I wonder if she’s in a relationship right now. Her face is glowing, she looks like she’s in love. It would really be awesome to see them in a drama together. 🙂

  5. IN all of the pictures Ariel’s Legs Look SUPER LONG.. and Not sure its because the High heels are making her legs look longer or its the photo editing.. Kim Bum’s legs look long too but not as long as Ariel’s..

    But they still look SUPER HOT together as a pair so it all looks good.. and I’d love to score me some of the clothes in the pictures and ads… I’m not sure I’ll look as good as her, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try right? Except I probably wont be able to afford or get these clothes in the states. 😀

  6. I never find Ariel beautiful the first time I saw her in ISWak. Beautiful Clothes, make-up, surgeries, skin care can make us all look like those celebrities. Anyway, I love her character in InTime With You and definitely she had grown in me, so i’m fond of her now. the same thing happen to that guy Kim boong Do of QIH, i almost didnt watch that when i first saw the teaser, i was like the leading man looks so traditional korean beauty, not my type, but because of overwhelming huss shussh on that drama, i press on and my oh my, good that i did, the drama was the best and i’m so utterly inlove with that tall guy. (sigh) They really do make us fall, those people u know!

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