Janine Chang and Peter Ho Reunite for DVD Release of Ring Ring Bell

Ring Ring Bell was so so beyond stupid, but I still fondly remember it for all the positive things it got right. It was lovely in that slightly dreamy romantic way, leads Janine Chang and Peter Ho looked delicious together and had combustible chemistry, and the OST was stellar. Too bad the story was atrocious, rendering all that great lead couple chemistry wasted on kidnappings and secret diseases and martyr complexes. But I’m still glad I watched it because it’s completely changed my opinion of Peter and Janine really dug deep and presented a new side of her that was hotheaded and emotionally explosive.

Peter and Janine reunited this week for the Japan DVD release of RRB and they hadn’t seen each other in months since both are filming dramas in China. Peter teased that a few months feels like a few years he’s missed her so, and Janine sassed back that they will be “bros” forever. While Janine looks fantastic, I’m not so keen on Peter’s permed hair. I’ve come to the conclusion that Janine seems to have a knack for picking leading men (if not projects), including Mike He, Peter Ho, Wallace Chung, Lee Joon Hyuk, Yuan Hong, Jerry Yan, Joe Cheng, Vic Zhou, Mark Chao, and Ethan Ruan. Yeah, it clearly does NOT suck to be her.


Janine Chang and Peter Ho Reunite for DVD Release of Ring Ring Bell — 9 Comments

  1. I saw this post on their facebook site.. I actually don’t mind his hair.. he looks good (as long as he doesn’t go back long! ) but I”m not digging Janine’s white dress with black lines because for some reason the dress is looking big big and frumpy on her.. they need to put her into something more slimming and something that looks better on her.. but besides that the two look cute and sweet!! 🙂

    • Her dress looks absolutely stunning and she is quite slim so it actually put a big more curve and cute touches on her. I really don’t encourage the media to show “anorexia looking” actors these days. Any way, she is stunning and so is her dress 😀

  2. Girls… I know u guys are going to hate me 4 saying this but I do not find him attractive ” AT ALL ” 🙁

    Ever since the 1st time I saw him in the Chinese tv series “Agean Sea”, I didn’t like him. Even worst is when he did that tv series ” Summer Desire” with Barbie and Huang Xiao Ming … And Peter got Barbie in the end just kills me!!!! (T^T)

  3. Kind of interesting. Love their chemistry. Its also kind of coincidence in the first picture that shows Janice with Peter holding “Ring Ring Bell” DVD, while in the background, there is also another dvd of her with Mike Ho’s “Sunny Happiness” 😛

  4. Wow, they both don’t only look great and fresh but also compatible as a couple. There’s a sense of ease and genuity (hope I spell correctly here) between them. Somehow, it makes me think of another pairing (Ariel Lin and Hu Ge) not sure why. Both couples have great chemistry and warmth around them. The other couple has added grace. I like their hairdos, was’t inclined with her black stripe and white dress initially but grow to like it. It’s elegant and not many ladies will look good in that. She wears (and carries) it well. He’s handsome and with great personality and acting skills. bravo… I miss them ….. a bit… Nice movie… I like it……I wish them well……

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