Romantic Spoiler Pictures For Episode 12 of Big

Major spoiler pictures have leaked for episode 12 of Big, which strangely doesn’t get me all insane with glee. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beyond awesome, but Big appears to have trained me not to expect the squeeworthy moments but instead revel in the littlest touches between the OTP. My heart hurts in a good way watching Kyung Jae be so tender and considerate and sacrificing towards Da Ran, I don’t even need any skinship confirmation to make me certain my OTP is made for each other. Check out the spoiler pictures, and the accompanying news article explains the context fully.

Following the “inhaling kiss” in episode 5 which was a one way expression of Kyung Jae’s interest in Da Ran, this “washing hands kiss” in episode 12 happens after Kyung Jae and Da Ran have confirmed their mutual feelings for each other. The production explained that the scene was filmed outdoors and the two actors were completely in the moment and created such a romantic kiss scene. This kiss represents Kyung Jae using his hands to grab onto Da Ran. The production adorably concluded by saying that if viewers thought the last kiss was too short, then they have something to look forward to now. Ah yeah! More and longer kissage, plus a mutual acknowledgment of their feelings? With this I can probably endure the coming week after episode 12 airs. As Yoon Eun Hye can probably attest, and any one with eyes can confirm, Gong Yoo is hands down one of the best onscreen kissers in K-ent. Lee Min Jung is one lucky lady, but honestly, I’m still pinching myself on how well this pairing turned out.


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  1. I think this couple and this drama are the nicest surprise of the year – so far my drama of 2012 – and cannot agree more with you last sentence Koala , cannot believe how well this pairing turned out.

    I thought it was imposible to see Gong Yoo having a partner with more chemistry than Eun Hye, but BIG surprised me : Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo are pure epicness , a WIN WIN couple off / onscreen

    and omo omo his veins again o.O you, sexy beast!

    • No Coffee Prince still wins, but Gong You takes my breath away with whoever he kisses. LMJ on the other hand’s best partner was on Smile, You. Most realistic couple I have ever seen on a drama.

      • I’m agree with Hannah about the chemistry , BIG is an amazing drama but the chemistry between the main couple is beyond words . Coffee Prince was also an awesome drama but until I saw this drama I noticed how great can be an onscreen chemistry . Yoo and Min Jung exude talent and love in the whole drama

      • I agree with beebs on coffee prince. Haven’t watched smile, you. I guess I must try it out.

      • Hmm….Is it just me? Actually if you take out all the smooching and saccharine parts between GY and YEH in coffee prince, the chemistry is ok. Frankly, I am never a big fan of Coffee Prince (but I fell in love with the Voice!) I only fell in love with GY after I watched Biscuit Teacher and Sugar Candy since Gong Hyo Jin is my favorite.

        But I agree with Beebs. The couple from Smile, You is one of the most realistic ones in Kdrama history. I cry and laugh with them so much. Still, I like the pairing of LMJ and GY. It’s just different. Smile, You is family slice-of-life drama while big is more like a romantic drama.

      • Ennui, I haven’t watched enough k dramas to talk about chemistry. But I know I LOVED coffee prince a whole lot and I esp love gong yoo’s performance in it. Coffee prince was magical for me. I didn’t love the character of eun chan as much as some other female lead characters ( go ae jung and eun bin are my two faves so far) but the whole feel of the drama, the dialogue, the lack of forced ‘drama’ on the two, only him figuring out his feelings for someone whom he thought was a guy… I just love coffee prince so.

        That said, i have to end with Happy birthday gong ! Love yooooooooo

  2. Yup, GY always have a very nice kissing scenes with all his costars. But I think his chemistry with Kim Sun Ah is out of this world and the best among all his female co-stars.

    • Agreed! I really want to see GY & KSA paired up in a good rom-com someday!!!! I think their chemistry was the best!

  3. OMG… Thank You Mrs. Koala for all the recaps, articles and spoilers of BIG.
    I wish I have one Kyung Jae for myself.

  4. omo omo… can’t wait for tonight, btw just curious, KJ is only 20 now, and the only woman he ever kiss is DR, but how can he become a such an expert in this kissing thing,hahaha… I mean it took a while until I become actually good in this kissing stuff, but him? wow what a genius KJ is, he even learn how to kiss in passionate and hot way,hahaha…

  5. I’m inexperienced. I want to try.

    Gong Yoo oppa, can you please just grab me and do the same thing too?
    I’m just 16 years difference, totally wouldn’t mind.
    My mom & dad are just like DR’s parents. 20 years apart..

  6. Does that mean the real Yoon Jae will be back on episode 12? If that is still KYJ in Yoon Jae’s body then that’s really not a good news for me as I am rooting for the doctor and Da Ran to end up together. ):

  7. In the preview of 12th ep. we can see that KKJ body awakes – the kiss may be the cause (the love part from the book motto).

  8. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Koala, Gong Yoo really kiss like no other, the best kissing scenes I’ve ever seen in K-movies and K-dramas were from his work. People in youtube should add Big scenes to Gong Yoo’s kissing collection.

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