Video Preview for Episode 12 of Big

Oh Big, why you have to twist my heart into knots? I’ve said that I will be patient, let you tell your story at your slower pace, but dang it I don’t deal well with revelations from all sides that are thisclose to getting discovered. Everyone has converged in Seoul and suspicions and questions are arising all around. When the Hong Sisters delivered that doozy of a time jump at the end of episode 5, I was hoping this drama would be chock full of such unexpected narrative surprises. Perhaps it’s all waiting to drop in episode 12, which would leave the final arc just brimming with all sorts of angst. For now, episode 11 is all about Da Ran’s inner struggles and Kyung Jae’s continued awesome.

Big episode 12 preview:

Kyung Jae: You don’t need to always wear that ring (even when washing dishes). You can’t be thinking I’ll swipe it from you?

Yoon Jae’s dad: So you want to abandon Kyung Joon again?

Yoon Jae’s mom: You pick. Either Yoon Jae and me, or Kang Kyung Joon.

Kyung Jae: What are you enduring for? It is for the Yoon Jae you miss? Or is it for his know-it-all mom?

Mari: Kyung Joon’s father has been by? I made plans to meet with your father, at the lobby of the hospital. Here yet?

Se Young: She bought another man a birthday present. While waiting for that man, she even took her ring off.

Kyung Jae: Gil Da Ran, you are so dead!

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Video Preview for Episode 12 of Big — 10 Comments

  1. The first thing I want to say is thank you Se Young for letting him know :D omg the look he had when he said “Gil Da-ran, you’re dead,” was so swoon-worthy :D

  2. How does KJ (raised in America) know a pororo song (I never heard of pororo) when he did not even know what puing puing is? I have no idea what that is either but I am sure both are popular in Asia. Even Scent of a Woman could not hold me and I love KSA so I am not watching anymore just reading the re-caps. One step forward and two steps back with a lot of twists and unanswered questions all hanging in mid-air. This is true Hong sisters fare. The finality of true OTP happiness was in the last episode. So I will watch that one.

    • Watch ep 12, It’s gonna be fun for OTP. Hehe, as for Pororo, he’s used a lot in HS dramas, had his moments in BL, but I finally saw him/it in FBRS.., he/it was father for Chi-so for a while…hehhe, happy times.

      • Pororo is on asian tv all over the world and even on public broadcasting networks. I’m in the Caribbean and we have Pororo here.

    • Kyung Jae explains to Da Ran before he sings for her that he’s been listening to the Pororo song non stop with Rabbit and Teddy Bear in the pediatric karaoke ward.

  3. chukae for both Gong Yoo Ssi and Kyung Joon Ah…
    LMJ should also buy birthday present for Gong Yoo…wwkwk…
    When I watch the preview..i don’t understand why Seo Young give such a good news to Kyung Jae…but after read your transalation i knew that she think Da Ran cheating and the present is for another man…right mam…it sure is for another man…man in front of you…hhahahaha…..
    Yes ….Kyung Jae can smile in the last scene after many pain that he endure…
    Note: I am in South Asia …and my local tv play Pororo too..I guess Hong Sisters really love Pororo..they also used it in Great Love, aren’t they..

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