Written Preview and New Stills for Episode 12 of Big

Camping! Who else is getting a flashback to City Hall? YY? It’s all good, because if any scene in Big can evoke a memory from my favorite K-drama, then I say the drama is on the right track in giving me OTP goodness. I have to laugh at how the folks who don’t like this drama feel the need to somehow castigate those who do, totally brings back fond memories from last year. I hope those who love Big as much as I do enjoy the final stretch of the ride with me. I’ll be armed with the flowers and the knives, and will be ready to toss either depending on what’s about to happen. I don’t care when my Shin baby wakes up, so Kyung Joon’s body can sleep all he wants as long as he rises and shines by the last episode. This drama rests on Gong Yoo‘s able broad shoulders, and I’m dying to see how he reacts to finding out the truth about his parentage. I hope we get OTP together by the next episode and all the secrets out. Then wait for the magic pink shooting star to zip by again and presto magic switcheroo!

Written preview for episode 12:

Da Ran gets in a fight with Kyung Jae and leaves him behind to go camping with her family. To get them to make up, Da Ran’s family secretly calls Kyung Jae to the camping grounds and then leaves them alone. On the other hand, Yoon Jae’s dad meets with Kyung Joon’s uncle to discuss taking Kyung Joon to the US.

It’s also Gong Yoo’s birthday today! I normally don’t care when my guys have a birthday, but since his birthday happens to hit during the airing of Big, I would like to thank the Heavens for producing such a perfect amazing wondrous specimen of a man many years ago.

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  1. Oh my! This drama has turned me into a “Jang Mari the stalker” of your site and various other places (but mainly yours)! Never have enough! Never know enough! Never stalk enough! Oh gosh! And CAMPING!!!!!

  2. omfg…it’s 3:24am in the morning for me in cali and i’m reading a written preview for BIG..lol i must be insane

  3. This drama actually rendered me useless as I’m not working 2 whole days now because I keep on looking for articles related to it and then spend my hours reading and reading and sometimes writing a reply or comments. Jeeezz!! I think I need to get back to work.

  4. Whoah, those first two screen caps actually gave me a flashback to one of my favourite scenes in Coffee Prince. I like Gong Yoo and the cast, so I’ll probably marathon this when it’s over. Ha, I’ve noticed to love/hate Big wars occuring all over the place; instead of bashing those who love this show, I’m envious.. it’s been a while since I’ve been invested in a drama (something to do with not being able to find a wholly likeable lead).

    Btw, I liked Lie To Me. Who needs a comprehensible plot when you have THAT amount of chemistry between adorable Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye?

  5. Happy Birthday : Gong Yoo …… Feliz Cumpleaño para Gong Yoo, yo espero que tenga un dia super lindo……………………………….

  6. Big never truly grabbed me – I enjoy watching it but am not particularly attached – but it’s such a sweet, heartfelt drama – how can anyone hate it (or mock people who love it)? It’s not as if it has bad acting or nonsensical script or whatever. The worst you can say about it is that it’s too mellow for some people or maybe the characters aren’t ‘in-loveable’ for others. Hardly a horrible thing. People are odd.

    • Agreed with Dangermousie, Big doesn’t really grip me the way QIHM did! It’s just a ‘kdrama drought filler’ of sort till something good (hopefully soon) comes along. I found Big to be moving even slower in plot then I Do I Do. At least, the latter’s plot seems more organic in the development of the relationship of the OTP – slow & steady. But I must say that Gong Yoo is super charming & that’s the only reason I didn’t throw in the towel yet but am really tempted especially after ep 11. Can’t believe how many near misses to clear things up. Just frustrating! It’ll never happen in QIHM ever! No plot is wasted in QIHM!

  7. Happy, happy birthday to our dearest BIG guy, Gong Yoo. I pray that he will have more projects to do so that he continues to entertain us, his fans, and that we get to see more of him. God bless you, Mr GONG YOO!

  8. Whoever said that SYJ is dying, pat yourself on the back. I don’t hate the drama just the endgame. I see how they are going to kill off poor KJ (Shin) and leave him in that body. To me it is this simple, THS took a the idea of donor sibling to a new level. KJ was created to help YJ live and was given away by his biological mother (no words) and now again KJ has to save YJ and will die. This sucks!! THS are saying that KJ had no real life except to be spare parts for YJ. Shame on them. If you don’t see that coming then fine be wrapped up in the love story. THS are evil if they kill the body of this young man and keep him in the body of the older sibling as if he was biological waste. I don’t hate the drama, but I am watching (ok reading) with different eyes and a very different perspective now. Hong sisters, Shame on you.

    • Buh? I don’t get at all why you think Kyung Joon’s body will die in saving Yoon Jae’s recurrence of what is likely leukemia. All he needs to do is give him some of his bone marrow. Baby Kyung Joon’s umbilical cord was used to harvest the stem cells that saved 12 year old Yoon Jae, didn’t harm him one bit back then. Now Yoon Jae just needs some bone marrow from his already matching younger brother. The donor does not need to die and it doesn’t even hurt much either. This is not The Island here, no one is harvesting organs. The ethical connundrum was merely the attitude in which the mother treats Kyung Joon, as if having him to save Yoon Jae was a crime. It’s not, but it’s a travesty she doesn’t love that baby as if she had him out of love and not necessity.

      Now I keep wondering if Yoon Jae’s soul really did die in that accident, hence Kyung Joon’s soul is the one one remaining. If Kyung Joon’s bone marrow is used to save Yoon Jae’s body, would it be that there is no Yoon Jae soul to come back. What if Kyung Joon’s soul gets to make the final choice – stay in Yoon Jae’s body or go back to his own? What if he chooses to be Yoon Jae, because he knows this brother also loved Da Ran and in this way, both brothers get the girl? Or perhaps he has no choice, the surgery doesn’t work again and Yoon Jae’s body passes and Kyung Joon goes back. So many interesting questions to ponder.

      • Mari’s dream for one. KJ always saying something about being thrown out. The subtle hint of it all. I lost the love story a while back and have only concentrated on who is going to be who. KJ may be Yoon Jae to you (with all respect) but he isn’t. He is Kang Kyung Joon (hope that’s right) a human being who has the unfortunate fate of being stuck in another person’s skin and fell in love with an older woman. KJ wants his body back. I read three re-caps to get different perspectives but they are all the same. He wants his body and he wants D. THS want to show a drama where sacrifice is important. They will sacrifice KJ (Shin) cause Gong Yoo is the One True Star of the drama. No way they would kill his body off. So KJ may get stuck in it but not of his choice. It all equals biological waste to me no matter how I look at it. The one true ending is to put them back in their bodies and have them both survive but I don’t see that coming. Love you Ms Koala but I am seeing an evil subtlety here.

      • But why does Gong Yoo being the lead actor of this show mean Yoon Jae’s body has to survive? Maybe it will, but I think the reason for that happening will make sense. I’ve seen plenty of dramas that kill off lead actors, the ending for the character doesn’t negate the drama being a vehicle for an actor. Big is Gong Yoo’s show, but it’s Gong Yoo as Kang Kyung Joon, not Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae. So the ending would be Kyung Joon in whatever body makes the most narrative sense. We haven’t gotten there, so its presumptuous to assume THS have a definitive ending in mind. I don’t see Gong Yoo as Yoon Jae at all, he’s been Kyung Joon (I call him Kyung Jae) to me since the end of episode 1. I love my baby Shin, but Gong Yoo is the one who’s made Kyung Joon such an amazing character with so much nuance and layers.

        There are tons of foreshadowing, Mari’s dream, Kyung Joon’s worry that he’ll forget it all. I’ve wondered if he’ll retain the memories of what happened should he go back to his own body, and maybe he won’t. I don’t find anything evil, subtle or overt, about this story or the narrative trajectory. I think the story is about love and sacrifice. We’ve seen both already, and I think the ending will bring it all to a logical conclusion. Perhaps Kyung Joon’s soul will choose to sacrifice his own body and stay in Yoon Jae’s. His choice. Perhaps Kyung Joon will choose for his body to save Yoon Jae and then go back to his own, knowing he’s going to forget Da Ran and maybe not be able to be with her. Maybe the journey we see is just the beginning, and the end starts years later when Kyung Joon and Da Ran meet again, under the green umbrella, she asking if he’s following her?

      • the dream really made me wonder too… well dreams are dreams so it’s not surprising for dream-sequences to feel surreal and mystical but… it felt strange, the way that KJ (Shin) smiled in Mari’s dream… like it even almost felt like it was YJ in KJ smiling instead of the way Mari saw it (KJ back in his own body). It was also weird how he was staring up toward the light outside the window…

        what if YJ’s soul is somehow aware of what was going on (hence the smile), albeit currently residing in KJ’s body or sharing his body with KJ’s soul? what if… YJ’s souls is going to pass away… taking KJ’s body with him… so that we’re left with Kyung Jae?

        ^ none of that is what i personally hope for (well i don’t know what exactly to hope for besides KJ-D OTP and ideally new beginnings for YJ)… simply speculations from that good-weird dream sequence =P

      • i said it felt like YJ smiling in KJ’s body because that smile felt… so un-KJ… that gentle, serene smile… lol maybe i’m just reading too much into this =P

      • A good point was brought up elsewhere, can they go in and take from KJ’s body without him being conscious? My feeling is that in this drama they might do that. If they do that then my biological waste (matter) theory (opinion) will be proven. It would be so ethically wrong for them to harvest from a comatose patient. Maybe because I am reading Next by Michael Crichton I am scared of biological/genetic maleficence (had to look that one up). So since this is entertainment and supposedly a romantic comedy, I am hoping that the Hong sisters don’t do an unethical thing. My opinion.

      • OMG. making me laught out loud:
        This is not The Island here, no one is harvesting organs.

        Things I am sure of:
        Nobody is going to sacrifice Kyung Joon AGAIN for Yoon Jae.
        We have already been looking at that horrible idea through YJ’s mother, and if the idea comes from a bad guy, it is a HUGE hint that it will be WRONG. As wonderful as the cure was for her son, she is the perfectly evil donor recipient character who is evil.

        YJ was “dwelling” in KJ’s body. Mari’s dream was not about KJ but YJ. YJ died or is dying.

        If YJ’s body will be saved, it will be by KJ’s body.

        KJ will have a choice of which body he picks. Which body does he want to live in for the rest of his life? YJ or KJ? Which body will serve him and DR best?

        I am not sure of anything else.

        PS I didn’t know people were attacking me.
        It’s kinduv exciting. Like being in the Rebel Alliance!
        PSS The internet is an interesting place.

  9. After seeing the first two stills, did anybody have a flashback to Coffee Prince? Remember the scene when gong yoo and yoon eun hye are laying on the beach and he’s staring at her like that?

  10. I read where blood is considered an organ but it is up for debate. I don’t consider this drama to be serious but the subject was written by THS not me. To some of us, marrow or blood is the most important organ of the body. I am not taking this drama seriously just entertaining but the subject matter is controversial or worthy of debate so just voicing an opinion and always trying to respect others opinions.

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