Written preview for Episode 13 of Big

I’m so angry and all I want to do is slap a certain beyotch until she sees stars. The written preview for episode 13 of Big is out and it send my blood boiling and blood pressure rising. It’s really short, as per the usual KBS style of leaving us clamoring for more. But what it does say leads me to believe that all the birth secrets will be revealed, but Kyung Joon’s body might not be waking up yet. At this point, I want to Yoon Jae’s mom (who is also Kyung Joon’s mom, but I doubt he’ll miss her) to be eaten by rabid feral goats. One of my earliest posts at the Playground was compiling a list of the shittiest parents in K-dramas. It’s clear by now that Yoon Jae’s mom has earned herself entrance to that ignominious group. Having the written preview be so short also leaves me screaming “What’s going to happen to my OTP?” as I breath fire into the air.

Written preview for episode 13:

Mari overhears Yoon Jae’s dad and Se Young’s conversation and learns that Kyung Joon is Yoon Jae’s younger brother. On the other hand, Yoon Jae’s mom learns that Yoon Jae’s illness has returned and she wants to once again use the presently comatose Kyung Joon’s body to cure Yoon Jae.


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    • KJ’s uncle and aunt aren’t the best guardians out there. YJ’s mom can probably pay them to release KJ’s body to her. And there’s also the fact that Kdrama hospitals are notoriously loose with how they handle patients and patient confidentiality. Now I hope YJ dies as an F-U to this woman.

    • huh! the rest of my comment wasn’t posted…

      Mommy monster, is really so cruel she threw KJ away and now this… even if ho was not her son you never do that to another human being without his consent that is just so sick…

  1. Wow…this mom is unbelievably EVIL. Is there no saving grace for her? SInce YJ has the right of attorney to KJ’s assets would this extend to other aspects too?

    I want KJ in YJ’s body to do the right thing on his own terms and not be cornered by this b@#t&* of a mother into doing it.

    • You know what…with characters this evil there is sure to be come-uppance aplenty and the only really painful punishment would be to have YJ die and have KJ in YJ’s body revealing this to her in her moment of ‘triumph’. I see him turning and walking away as the b$%^h stares at his back in utter horror (bwahahaha…)

      So you see Ms Koala, YJ has to die (if he is not already dead) – it is the most rational end to things. BUT his body alive must be kept alive for KJ to deal the DEATH BLOW to evil witch mom.

      • If YJ has not gone on to his next life, KJ as GY passes out.
        The boys do a switch back into the correct shells.
        KJ comes to as KJ and offers the blood clot YJ needs to save him.
        (Of course his muscles have not atrophied because he is a character in a K drama, not a real person.)
        YJ remains unconcious, and therefore unaware that this is happening. Operation happens successfully for YJ’s body.

        Something bad happens to uri Shin; his body codes. We all cry.

        GY comes to, dramatic tension, etc.
        DR asks “Yoon Jae-shi?” (The other two times she asked “Kyung Joon?”)
        He replies, “Gil Teacher, naya” again, and I just about have a heart attack from happiness.

    • Well, I don’t know Korean law, but a simple PoA in the US would not entitle Yoon Jae to make health decisions for Kyung Joon. That would require a Living Will (so-called Health Care PoA).

      I think the PoA issue is moot, and so is Yoon Jae’s mom’s demonic attempt to pillage her second son for more cells. I think Kyung Jae will be making the decision on whether he (Kyung Joon’s body) will be donating cells to save his brother Yoon Jae. I don’t need three guesses to be correct which decision he makes.

      The bigger question is – where the jeebers is Yoon Jae’s soul, and will Yoon Jae’s body going into surgery contain his own soul or Kyung Joon’s soul?

      I want Kyung Jae to come clean to everyone about the soul swap, watch them all get “mind blown”, and then he and Da Ran can deal with the still not fully resolved Yoon Jae issues. I think big bro is a goner no matter what, and I don’t feel bad because I don’t think he feels bad. I’m getting the martyr noble idiot vibe from him, and perhaps he thinks he got a second chance 18 years ago when he should have died, and now the reaper is come calling again and he’s willing to go.

      Remember how Kyung Joon told Mari that he wonders if the body switch was so that he could do something for Yoon Jae? Maybe it was to deal with Da Ran and make sure she was alright, and oh boy did Kyung Jae proceed to make sure she was going to be alright for the rest of her life by helping her realize which guy she really loved.

      • Yep…ultimately KJ will make the decision to save his brother but if KJ’s body (with KJ in it) still doesn’t wake up (good grief!) then I thought it would be KJ in YJ’s body calling the shots.

        Sigh…I know there has been alot of dissing of DR’s character but I’m gonna have to prepare my box of kleenex when she loses it having to watch both guys wheeled into the OT (and the souls not in their right ‘casing’).

        And if KJ doesn’t come clean as you say, I can imagine how everyone’s head is gonna feel screwed to see her crying for both men.

        And ‘yay!’ for your last para, we are on the same page on this:)

        Thanks Ms Koala!

      • I agree with you… at this point, I do with they would come clean about the soul switching.

  2. Listen lady! You’ve been denying that KJ is your son over and over again. So where do you come in all high and mighty to use KJ to again save YJ? You’re really gonna do that to a “total stranger”?

  3. ughhh, just GO AWAY!! I hope THS resolve if KJ’s body will be waking up issue at the right time and not wait for the last possible second to do so.

  4. I can imagine a situation : Yj’s body is really sick, urgently needs KKJ’s whatever body part but KKJ’s body is coma and doctors do not permit YJ’s parents to use any body part without his consent. KJ in Yj’s body trys hard to convince but in the end Yj’s body dies with KJ and

  5. I think if it comes down to it, Yoon Jae may just wake up at that pivotal point and may ask Kyung Joon not to go through with the surgery to save him. I mean, all in all, both guys are kind soul to me. I think it just take Yoon Jae’s death for the mom to realize her wrong.

    Just my thought (cause I feel a My Sister Keeper vibe kinda coming from these revelation, lol)

    • How’s this theory?

      Yoon Jae kicks Kyung Joon’s soul out of his dying body and back into Kyung Joon’s own body. Turns out both souls were in YJ’s body the entire time.

      Then Yoon Jae tells the world, including his mom, that he DOES NOT WANT another surgery. Little bro may want to save him, but he’s ready to leave. Another surgery won’t guarantee it won’t come back.

      The drama ends with Da Ran accompanying Yoon Jae for the last months of his life (platonic company, of course, like friends), while Kyung Joon has to watch from the sidelines knowing it has to be this way. Da Ran would never abandon a dying Yoon Jae.

      Then Yoon Jae dies, leaving Da Ran a widow, and finally wuri Kyung Joonie and his Gil Da Ran has a chance to be together. But before dying, Yoon Jae gives them his blessing. This also calls for a super emotional teary scene where Yoon Jae confesses he really did fall for Da Ran at first sight, but he wasn’t able to make her happy. He is happy she is in love with Kyung Joon, and then he entrusts Kyung Joon to take care of Da Ran for the rest of their lives.

      After he dies, Da Ran gets up all her courage and dares to tell the entire world to fuck off – she’s not only going to be with a younger man, who was her former student, AND he’s also her dead husband’s younger brother. Everyone who objects can go eat dung, because they are happy. I think Gil parents would be supportive in a time like this.

      See, I just wrote the perfect ending. And it will allow the magnificent Gong Yoo to act his heart out for the final episodes. 😀

      • Another daebak unnie!!! I guess you got it right again!!! You should be a kdrama writer yourself! That will be one awesome ending! Really really awesome unnie! I hope that this is the real ending, then I’ll get that dvd and watch this once and for all!

      • Perfect ending, I wish the Duo Writer would have at least similar ending for Big. Thank You very much Mrs. Koala for every bits of information regarding this drama.

      • just a perfect ending on my book especially the badass Da Ran who dares to tell the entire world to fuck off … luvitttt … thanks Ms K.

      • Wow A perfect ending…… Are you the long lost sister of hong sister’s?…. ^_^

        In soompi forums no one cares about YJ they just want Da Ran and KJ end up right off the bat

      • It is the perfect ending to how this story’s been developed, but it also clearly states why I wish DR and KYJ never got married. It’s already challenging enough to marry younger-former student, brother of ex-fiance, but younger-former student, brother of her dead husband… ick, ick, ick. It’s just so makjang like type of a scenario.

      • and then by that time Kyung Joon has grown up and guess whose face he looks like! Yoon Jae’s face!

    • goodness ockoala!! that’s the most PERFECT ending! i really wish THS would come up with the same script as your theory..uh oh please make it true..!

  6. Does she think Kyung Joon is a sack of cells or something? Dear God…. Her attitude towards him makes no logical sense whatsoever. If it’s just because Hee Soo gave birth to him, then she’s a total nutcase. Well, she is anyway, I guess…

  7. All I can say is “”Wow.” How the heck is KJ ever supposed to give a rat’s pellet about this harpy? I’m not sure if I’m more appalled by her continuous disregard for her son or the fact that like all dramas, I’m positive there will be some type of irrational redemption red carpet pulled out for her in the 11th hr.

      • Oh please that heifer gets NOTHING from me, but Show, KJ? I have zero hope she’ll get the kiss my a** that she deserves.

  8. I knew she would. I think that’s part of the reason Kyung Joon has been carefully aged to exactly where he is. I’m betting his age comes into play.

    • Yup. She can’t touch the boy. He’ll be making decisions about his own body, thank you very much. I would love for karma to bite Mommy Dearest in the ass – in that Kyung Jae wants Kyung Joon’s body to save Yoon Jae (why wouldn’t he? It’s his brother, a decent feller from all accounts, not to mention YJ saved his life down in that lake bottom), only for Yoon Jae to croak anyways.

      • The only thing is, much as I don’t want Yoon Jae to be dead. I don’t see reasons for him to be dormant. His body was “dead” before Kyung Jae woke up in it. I’m very concerned that he may already be gone.

  9. Alls I know is I can’t wait to see Gong Yoo as KJ go the process of finding out he was just a blood clot for real to his parents (Oh my God!) and watch him struggle to decide whether to let his body be used again to save YJ or not.

    It is going to be great!!!!!!!!

    • Towels. I told you to invest in industrial grade towels.

      Gong Yoo will nail the remaining 4 episodes so hard it’ll make the first 11.5 look like child’s play. *___* His performance as Kyung Jae way way way surpasses what he delivered as Han Kyul in CP, IMO. HK was so much more raw passion, this is controlled love that I can’t even begin to fathom how he could give so much without fursploding and dragging Da Ran into her room and locking the door.

      You know, if Shin didn’t nail his entry in episode 1 so deliciously, I would seriously say that there is no way in hell we’re ever going back to Kyung Joon. Gong Yoo = Kyung Joon’s soul in a thirty year old man’s body. Period. He’s perfect, acting that is so on the money that I’m just sad we can’t see him act every day in some drama or another.

      In essence, his performance as Kyung Jae could have rendered this drama about the transformation of Kyung Joon into Kyung Jae forevermore. But I think narratively either ending remains viable thanks to wuri Shin baby’s jawdropping umbrella grab, and I bet money Kyung Joon’s waking up no matter what even if the endgame is Kyung Jae.

      I’ve said this drama is about chances, and Kyung Joon’s soul will be making his own decisions and taking his own chances in life this time around. Mark my words. Our boy gets to decide his own fate in life. I love it!

      • “His performance as Kyung Jae way way way surpasses what he delivered as Han Kyul in CP, IMO. HK was so much more raw passion, this is controlled love that I can’t even begin to fathom how he could give so much without fursploding and dragging Da Ran into her room and locking the door.”

        LOL…ockoala, I LOVE YOU!!
        I am re-watching Coffee Prince at this moment while waiting impatiently for next Monday. I didn’t like CP 5 years ago and I find myself still indifferent to the show 5 years later. I know some Coffee Prince fans would kill me for saying this…but somehow I feel like that there is actually way much more sexual tension and attraction between DR and KJ than between HK and EC. Come to think about it. The skinship between DR and KJ is rather limited compared to other Kdrama couple. The only focus of their physical contact is, of course, their hands. So old-fashioned and yet symbolically poignant. And I don’t think the sexual attraction is solely indebted to GY’s sexiness because the sparks go both ways. It just works like magic and the directing is superb too.

        Frankly, the kiss at the end of episode 12 would go to my drama book, not because it’s an intense kiss as we all know that GY is the best kisser. It’s the emotional buildup, and the push and pull, and the longing and hesitation, and finally DR closed her eyes and lifted her head to meet his lips. I still couldn’t believe how beautifully this kiss scene is executed and acted. The directing of Big is certainly not perfect, but one thing I really appreciate about him is that he gives actors and drama a lot of “empty” breathing space so that the audience can feel the emotional undercurrent in DR and KY, while in the past, THS’ dramas tend to be too loud and too full for my liking.

        Also, THS are known to create “cute” couples in the past. In the Greatest Love when they try to change direction and utilize more adult actors, the pairing between GYJ and CSW just does not work for me. But this time. It’s just too good to be true. This OTP has all different layers of chemistry beyond cuteness. They are student-teacher, friends, soul-mates, and lovers (in the fully sense of the word. HAHA).

        Can the sponsor for the bed request THS to include a bed scene? I don’t normally care about those intimate moments, but this time, I am more than curious to see. Big has a lot of product placements (stupid Vitamin water!!) already. Why not fully utilize the bed which appeared right from the first episode? C’mon. That’s also the important connection between KJ and DR from the get-go. (wink wink)

        BTW, can we ask Gil Teacher’s mom to put YJ’s mom in her right place?

  10. Prediction time! I think that Kyung Joon will allow his body to be used to save Yoon Jae, but during the bone marrow donation he will have a fatal complication, like a severe allergic reaction to anesthesia. When this is happening he’ll be outside his body and talk to ghost-Yoon Jae who’s really been dead along. Then he will return to Yoon Jae’s body, but his own body will die.

    I have one BIG question: If Kyung Joon’s body is fine and Yoon Jae’s body is sick, why is KJ in the sick body? I really hope THS remember to answer this question.

    • Here’s my take:

      Kyung Joon’s body cannot wake up because his soul is outside the body, i.e. it is in Yoon Jae’s body. That is why he seems fine but medically its a mystery why he doesn’t wake up.

      Yoon Jae’s body may be sick, but it wasn’t completely croaking yet last year. I think Kyung Joon’s body went into Yoon Jae’s for a reason, and now that Yoon Jae’s body is finally failing, that’s why it keeps trying to kick Kyung Joon’s soul back out.

      I don’t think Kyung Joon’s soul is going into a body that is healthy or sick as a reason. I think he’s there for a greater purpose that we’ll get as the drama winds down. Yoon Jae’s deteriorating body signals that things are coming to an end with the soul swap.

      • I think so too, actually, I think the whole soul swap, was for KJ to learn the truth about his origins! I think if YJ wouldn’t get sick again, KJ mom got killed, none of the “truth” would get out!

        Remember “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE”

        And like my Unnie Leslie says: “Karma is a witch and bite you in the butt”

      • It does makes sense that there’s no soul in KJ’s body and that’s why he seems perfectly fine, but doesn’t wake up. DUH… so you were right! YJ’s soul is still in YJ’s body and dorman.

  11. I read that KKJ signed over power of attorney to SYJ before going to America. Preventative measures for his inheritance. KKJ in SYJ body will give permission to use a comatose body to save himself essentially. You guys get Gong Yoo and LMJ as happy ending and Hong sisters go down in my book as evil writers. IMO. Unethical but hey it is only a drama. Thank goodness I got to see Shin act in one episode at least.

  12. YJ mom’s is very mean to KJ even its her own blood. This is why I love BIG, it makes me curious to the bone to know what will happen next. I wish there will be more romantic scene between DR and KKJ, when they will start to live like husband n wife, sleeping together??! hehehe…

  13. Unnie you’re so mad that I’m not gonna say anything…

    And the song says:

    I let it fall, my heart,
    And as it fell, you rose to claim it,
    It was dark and I was over,
    Until you kissed my lips and you saved me,
    My hands, they were strong, but my knees were far too weak,
    To stand in your arms without falling to your feet,

    But there’s a side to you that I never knew, never knew,
    All the things you’d say, they were never true, never true,
    And the games you’d play, you would always win, always win,

    But I set fire to the rain,
    Watched it pour as I touched your face,
    Well, it burned while I cried,
    ‘Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name.

    Song: Set Fire to the Rain
    Artist: Adele

  14. What I think will happen next:

    Both KJ and the comatose YJ get wheeled into surgery.

    WHAM! Their souls switch back at the precise moment the operating theatre lights are switched on. Flashback to the scene where YJ glimpsed the light above the water when he was drowning and wavered for an instant before turning back to save KJ.

    YJ struggles awake to full consciousness. He kind of frowns, his eyeballs sort of twitch, his eyelashes flutter beautifully and then his eyes open very very slowlyyyy. I have to point this out in case you think his eyes open Chucky-style like closed one minute and next thing you know BHAM! OMG they’re open and help! he’s off on a killing spree (Chucky, I mean).

    YJ sums up the situation in an amazing 2 seconds because he is so smart and his mind is razor-sharp after all the time he spent sleeping.

    YJ turns to his brother lying in the stretcher next to him and calls, “Ymmmbroo…..cough cough…..” He has a coughing fit for like 2 seconds because he hasn’t spoken since Lord knows when and tries again in a raspy (but sexy) whisper, “Younger brother, wake up. It is I, Big Brother.”

    KJ continues to sleep because he is heavily sedated. And because the actor in him has forgotten what it is like to be awake.

    YJ looks around but thankfully, the entire operating theatre is empty because the surgeons and nurses are still scrubbing in (and taking their time about it).

    YJ gets up and swings his long, beautiful legs to and fro for a second or so because he has needles and pins from all that time he spent sleeping.

    The surgeon walks in and freezes in his tracks. He looks surprised to see YJ. He is supposed to look shocked but he is just a very unimportant minor actor roped in to play The Surgeon at the last minute, so he does not have enough time to hone his acting skills to look SHOCKED. Plus the fact that the fake plastic glasses they forced on him are making him feel a bit sick.

    YJ says very firmly in his manly, to-die-for Gong Yooish baritone, “I am not doing this. It is wrong.”

    “But, but -” stutters the surgeon, madly adjusting his fake plastic glasses that keep slipping down his nose. The actor in him makes a silent vow to get a new non-slip nose once he nails a supporting actor part.

    “Do not come near my brother,” growls YJ, and points a beautifully long, lean, manicured finger at him. The forefinger, not the middle finger. YJ is, above all, a very polite man and has never pointed the middle finger at anyone in his life, even under duress.

    The surgeon vaguely registers somewhere in his confused mind that YJ has a very sexy growl.

    In one swift lithe motion, YJ swoops across to his brother’s stretcher, and wheels it out of the room, the doors to the operating theatre swinging shut on the shocked faces of the surgeon and nurses.

    • Mhahahahhahhahahhahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* breath I need to breath*

      I die!!! Mhahahhahahhah

      I imagine everything, even the cheap fake plastic glasses….the perfect manicured nail and the trouble with the middle finger!!! You’re a genius!!! and I thought I was wacko!!! Man I feel right at home!!!!

    • You’re imagined scenario is almost perfect but one thing is not right. How come YJ is conscious when he should be heavily sedated like KJ?

    • Best of many good:
      KJ continues to sleep because he is heavily sedated. And because the actor in him has forgotten what it is like to be awake.

      And then? AND? THEN?

  15. Hi Ockoala sis.

    I agree with you! Why couldnt they give us more lovey-dovey scenes?

    PS. I see you watch Gaksital too 😉 Lurveeee your wallpaper 😀

  16. I speak as a mother. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MOTHER???!!! Pardon my shouting. I feel nauseous after reading the preview. I don’t know how she is going to redeem herself for the rest of the episodes cos her behaviour is beyond my comprehension. Let’s just even if she managed to convince herself the KJ is not her son, a normal human with conscience would spend her waking moments thanking KJ for saving her precious son’s life. I really don’t get THS’s take on this. What really is her excuse for being such sorry state of a human life form?

  17. Ethically, show is off the rails and I don’t even think The Hong Sisters will right this trainwreck. BIG is a BIG disappointment to me for so many reasons, not the least of which is what I’m guessing the ending is going to be. Choosing unethical paths, using the body-switch contrivance, writing super-bitch-bot-Mama, then drawing up all the strings to tie a neat bow at the end that satisfies the OTP whilst shoveling the ethics breaches under the “all-was-made-right-in-the-end” rug — pfft. Not sure there’s enough soju in the universe to get me applauding this drama. 🙁

    • True. It’s funny and yet patheticly sad that all of this is just to get a happy ending for KJ and DR. Was this really supposed to be a romantic comedy? Cause it’s anything but.

    • But isn’t it a good thing that they are bringing the medical ethics thing up in the first place?
      Evil Mom is proving to be a very good spokesman against savior siblings. The fact that we are talking about this right now is a plus.

      I don’t know if the end will be one that justifies the means.
      If KJ in YJ’s body agrees, is it still unethical?

      • Again, the end justifying the means? That’s the recipe for every vigilante and dictator, tyrant and mini-tyrant, corporation and government in the world.

        If we invoke that ethical line, then one can not be blamed for mistaken judgements if the motivation was to do good — that the saving of a life, under any circumstances, justified the means by which the life was saved. That’s ethically the BLACK HOLE of the universe, and under such idealism, Megele’s have existed.

        It’s an age-old problem, and one to be tackled carefully, if at all. To say that the body-switch and subsequent decisions made are alright as long as KJ makes the decision in the end? It’s two brothers, two bodies, two souls, if one cannot walk away, then as long as the brother who is dying makes the choice, that’s fine?

        I wonder, really, if the audience realizes the ethical lines that are being fed to them in this drama, just as I do in movies. It has bothered me here a lot, but I seem to be a minority.

        I think I will watch it again, fully, another time, and follow the ethics alone from episode 1 before I make a call on this drama. The acting, is, of course, not the issue.

      • A minority of two cause I have the same feelings but was shut down and I think I was called a hater or negative poster by another blogger but I don’t argue the point just because it is entertainment and people choose sides where the ethics are concerned. Human nature but a fact. A comatose patient is about to be assaulted. Nuff said.

      • I love discussions like this, as you know…
        I won’t repeat what Koala said below because she said it a lot better than I ever would. I will let that be my answer as far as the ethics.

        Let me ask you this about the body swap as plot contrivance.
        My opinion is that they do a good job of changing up the usual, if that exists for these types of fantasies.
        It’s not really a swap, like Secret Garden, or the Freaky Friday stories, because YJ is currently not around.
        It isn’t the same as Big, because in that case, we have Tom Hanks inhabiting his own future body.
        It isn’t Who Are You, 49 Days or All of Me, which show two souls inhabiting the same body.
        So for that reason, it is different.

        We are led to understand that there is some greater power at work who are effecting some sort of karma balancing act between the brothers. If one was born to save the other, which I believe we clearly understand was a dirty rotten thing to do, then it is now YJ’s turn to do something for KJ. The two through love and sacrifice will help the other. Of course, when KJ helped YJ originally, it was unknowingly. KJ doesn’t know YET that he is owed anything. Luckily he wasn’t brought up being told of of his purpose for being born.

        And how the writers present his reaction to this fact will be extremely interesting to see. I have NO IDEA how they plan on making him feel.
        Will he say, “I don’t care, my mother loved me more than anything. The rest of you can go to heck.”
        Will he be despondent, allowing any of his past happiness to be engulfed by a feeling of worthlessness as a human?
        Will he hate his parents for cruelly NOT asking him if he wanted to be used in this way?
        How will all of this how he feels about DR, the woman who loves him truly as he is?

        Back to YJ not having a say in the swap.
        1. We are not sure yet that he doesn’t know.
        2.What choice did KJ have? He woke up in the body. Plus – I don’t see YJ’s body being misused in any way. Both DR and KJ are taking good care of his shell while awaiting his return.

        I agree, too, that the acting is NOT a problem. Just finished Coffee Prince again, and am more in love with Gong Yu that I could be.

    • @leonardswench

      Can we have a discussion about what exactly is ethically so troublesome about what the drama is trying to say? Because I think the drama is on the side of ethically honorable when it comes to issues of donor babies and donations and responsibility.

      The drama paints the woman who had another child to save her other, and then discards him, as bad. Yoon Jae’s mom’s is BAD. She is unequivocally the villain of this tale. The drama’s moral is: Do not have a baby to save another and then toss him aside, no good will come of it. Whether the no good is Yoon Jae getting sick again, or the brothers soul switching, then the drama tells us the behavior of Yoon Jae’s mom is deplorable. I don’t see how that is ethically troubling when the drama says – BAD MOMMY, DO NOT BE LIKE HER.

      Are you troubled by where the drama is now headed? Ah, Kyung Joon needing to save Yoon Jae again. Until I see what the drama wants to do about it, then I cannot render my judgment on ethics and morality. Screw what Yoon Jae’s mom wants to do in the written preview, because that is an unknown. What she wants to do has no bearing on what the drama will have happen. That is the ethical question.

      Will she succeed? Use Kyung Joon’s comatose body for Yoon Jae? Forget a few stem cells, it’s criminally and ethically wrong and the drama won’t get any passes from me if this happens. But that has not happened. Just because bitch mom wants to doesn’t mean the drama is going that way.

      Does it bother you if Kyung Joon wants to donate to save his older brother? For whatever reason? If Kyung Joon, whether he is back in his own body or still stuck in Yoon Jae’s, makes the decision on his own body cells being used to save anybody, I don’t find that ethically murky any where. His body, his choice. Even if its out of noble idiocy, as long as he gets a choice.

      But that’s my take, and I would love to hear yours. I reckon this isn’t a knee jerk reaction on your part, and would gladly ponder the whys of your opinion. By the by, have you been watching the drama, or just reading recaps. I don’t know if it makes a difference in forming your opinion, but was merely curious to know.

      • Yes, I’m watching as we go, which is why I suggested a marathon at the end of it all to follow all of the ethical lines in one long go (okay, probably a weekend and a bit if I can eke it out of the schedule).

        From the get-go, like you, I have guessed (mostly right) where much of this drama was heading, the Hong Sisters spin on the body swap genre, turned on it’s head. I don’t even have a problem with them venturing into arguably more serious material than the places they have gone before: this is a viable topic for discussion the world over, as medical ethics is a hot topic and will continue to be as long as our ability to sustain, re-create, or re-channel a life increases and our ethical codes diversify so greatly on how to proceed morally with such decisions.

        Still, at the end of the day, two lives were born. They didn’t choose that. Disease entered into the situation, also not a choice. The mother, out of love (even for her evilness, do you doubt that she wanted her son to live?), bore another child which she wanted for no other reason than to save the life of the firstborn. (Sorry, this is said in simplest terms.) That was a choice.

        Now we have a group of ‘fans’ who want the younger brother to live (in the older’s body) for his one true love and for saving the life of the elder brother already, giving the older brother a longer life than he would have had otherwise. It will all be “okay” if the older brother wakes up, with his own soul, and chooses to save the life of the younger brother, and then goes ahead to die the death that fate has handed him twice: to die young.

        That thinking predicates that the mother was evil for saving the life of her firstborn by having a secondborn (the really heinous part was clearly discarding the secondborn, the ethics of have a second child to save the first is already a minefield), and that neither son had a choice in the matter. The older brother did not choose to have someone save his life, the younger brother did not choose to save his brother’s life, all that was chosen by Mama.

        Now, as adults, we want them both to make the “right” choices, to save the life of their brother. When they were children, they had no say in it, but as fully aware adults, we want them to make the right choice.

        As soon as the Hong Sisters wrote Mama as the fully evil-bitch-bot, I had issues with the ethics. To have a child to save another … ask any mother, if your child has NO hope of living outside of stem cells from a sibling, how could you refuse to save the life of your first child? But when they made Mama the evil bitch bot, they had her discard the son (and I’m all for drama in my drama, but now we have veered into a moral territory where the ethics say Mama was wrong all along) and threw her up for judgement for even deciding to have a second son. IRL, some parents have gone on to have two or three siblings in an attempt to save the one, a personal choice. However, we don’t hear of them ‘discarding’ the subsequent savior-siblings. We went there in the drama, drawing an ethical line about who chooses what, at what age, and for what reasons.

        Older brother wakes up, in his own soul, the pressure is ENORMOUS to save his younger brother, its morally and ethically been decided that it is the “right” thing to do. However, is that a choice, but pressure? I’m sure the noblest of emotions and reasoning will be filtered in by the Hong Sisters, turning it into the “right” thing to do. But the ethics and judgments behind all of this storyline are too black and white and surreal for such weighty matters, and I personally believe that the Hong Sisters won’t be able to pull this out of the hat. Time will tell.

        Do you remember Wonderful Life with Eugene and Kim Jae Won? It went there, and their moral choice was NOT to have another child, but to let fate decide if their daughter would live or die without stem cells from a sibling (bone marrow). The parents were divided on that issue, and that is another drama that tread ethical quagmires.

        Obviously, I’m still waiting for drama end to make the final call, but we are already headed down a path that has “ethics nightmare” written all over it.

        Did that answer any of your questions?

      • There are two different things going on here:

        1. It is ethical or even human having a kid to save another? They say that no one knows how hot is the kitchen, only the chef. We as viewers, we can only imagine, that kind of pain. Only a parent, going through that kind of situation, can talk and have a statement about it. It must be one of the toughest, selfish and hardest decisions to make, in a parent life. Sacrificing the life of one to save the other. I’m not judging, God forbid if I sound like that. But, we are not in the place to say if it is right or wrong. If it is ethical or not. Or if it was human or cruel. You must be in that situation to have even the right to speak… You know how painful bone marrow is extracted in a kid? They have to drill the leg bones to get it. The sessions of extracting cells with the huge needles tearing apart the flesh, the body and probably his/her soul… It is horrible, I know. But, then, we don’t have the right to say anything, because, we ARE NOT in that situation. And that is something that the parents of the kid have to deal with it quickly, and for the rest of their lives too.

        Actually, there is a great movie about that kind of situation and is called: My Sister’s Keeper I invite you to watch it. It is an emotionally charged movie.

        Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Sister%27s_Keeper_%28film%29

        Now the 2. is YJ’s Mom reaction to the situation. Ethical or not, she have the kid. And what she do next? Throw it away? Get rid of him, like he was an infection? Really? That is a NO-NO in any part of the planet! People, please!! What that thing did [I don’t have any other word to call that the despicable person or even describe it] , abandoning that second child…That is beyond any comprehension, understanding or even thought. I don’t judge her for having the kid, to save YJ…but for to throw KJ away after using him? Her own son? Can you live like that? Can we live like that? How can she?

        We can’t mix one thing with the other: Having a kid to save another, that is on the eye of the beholder. Get rid of the kid, after using him is despicable. Nuff said!

        And I believe there is a God in heaven, and “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the LordRomans12:19.

      • My girl had a bone marrow extraction done when she’s about one year ago. I wasnt allow to watch it but the sound of her in agony,the horrible sound of her in pain still stay fresh in my mind till this day and I dont want to go through another heartbreaking situation like that again. It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I recall it.
        I dont understand what kind of mother is yoon jae’s mother. Its always a mother’s instinct to save her own child as with yoon jae but somehow,she has the heart to abandon kyung joon who’s also her own flesh and blood and until now,still doesnt acknowledges him.
        Its Kyung Joon’s choice to donate and maybe his fate if he is to stay in yoon jae’s body forever.

  18. I’m not mad b/c really, she’s just acting true to form. I do wish K-drama would write more 3-dimentional characters, especially for the “bad/evil” ones. But having said that, I’ve accepted that when a character is bad, he/she’s going to be maddeningly bad and there’s not much we can do about it.

    I don’t know if you’re still watching IDID, but the chairwoman or chairman’s wife or whatever… she’s another one of those characters that makes you want to b#tch slap her… but what would a K-Drama be without one of these characters?

  19. Koala –
    I was going through my screen caps of Shin, as I do, and I came across one from this video
    At about the 2:50 mark, we see somthing that did NOT happen in the first episode. At least I don’t remember it.
    KJ reaches out for a second and holds DR’s hand, pretty tightly, smiles at her then leaves.
    It doesn’t mean anything now, since they kept it out, but man, was it a cool moment for the KJ character…

    • Heh, I saw that when the MV first came out. I was cursing why it wasn’t shown in the drama proper. Here’s a gif:

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