Thieves Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Korea

The star-studded caper movie Thieves held its media movie premiere in Korea this week, and in attendance was a coterie of K-stars even more high wattage than usual. That’s not surprising since the movie cast itself consists of some top-notch star power – Kim Yoon Seok, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Hae Sook, Kim Soo Hyun, and Oh Dal Soo. The movie premieres on July 25th in Korea, but will likely get a fast pan-Asia release since the movie was filmed in Macau and also boasts a Hong Kong rival thief cast consisting of Simon Yam, Derek Tsang, and Angelica Lee. PD Choi Dong Hoon says the comparison to Oceans 11 isn’t quite as accurate, saying the movie is more like Tazza: The High Rollers. Either way, I’m game for an entertaining action based swindle movie. See if your favorite star showed up at the premiere below. 

With friends like these, how can us mere mortals not be dazzled by the star power?

Jung Woo Sung. Anyone surprised? His best friend Lee Jung Jae is in this movie. Where one goes, the other is sure to follow.

Han Ga In. Supporting her MoonSun hubby.

Go Soo. Marriage does this man good.

Daniel Choi. Wonder if he knew what he was signing up for in Ghost? Neato twist.

Jo Jung Seok. Shi Kyung-ahhhh! *sobs*

Red-haired Junsu with Song Ji Hyo is a big NO, mis-matched outfit wise. I wonder what colors went into getting Junsu’s hair that exact color of nearly fuschia red.

Park Shin Hye does the pretty baby look perfectly.

Song Chang Ui goes for the casual Clark Kent look.

Kim Rae Won. Look at that smile! He should trademark it.

Kim Ok Bin pulls off the low-key movie star look.

Chae Si Ra, ever the classy lady.

Yoo Ah In. So he hasn’t burned his wardrobe from Fashion King yet? *facepalm* He also looks about 14 and out past his curfew. Get back into the sageuk uniform, STAT.

IU, dressed like the teenager she is, but always so cute I want to pet her. Where is Suzy so we can make a Dream High reunion?

Kim Hyung Jun, currently out and about everywhere with a new mini-album to promote.

I’m hoping this movie is actually good. But even if it isn’t, I’m still happy it got made so I can see the actors on the same screen. Lordy is that an awesome cast. Might I say that Kim Soo Hyun looks damn fine in purple, and Lee Jung Jae needs to take me out to dinner wearing an all-white suit. Him and his BFF both.

Full trailer for Thieves:


Thieves Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Korea — 24 Comments

  1. Jo Jung Seok *SCREAMS * Oh Shi Kyung- ya. 🙁

    Gosh that celebrity line up there made me fangirl more than usual. If I was the fan there I would be hyperventilating instead of taking photos.

  2. Am not digging JJS’s look. The same could be said for half of the stars here. SJH’s is just cringe-worthy. What was she thinking?!! o_O

    IU was possibly the most adorable thing in DH. I just wanted to squish her and her crush on Taeyang is equally adorbs!

  3. This looks so good, hope it lives up to the hype.

    Thanks for constantly updating your site… I feel like I check every hour to see new posts.

  4. Ah! Lee Jung- Jae! Still sex(y). Still my dream. He and Hyesoo are electric together. Love it. And my baby Soohyun makes me wish I was ten yrs younger, in Korea and a fearless stalker. *sigh* What could’ve been.

    Oh Koala, you ain’t never lied… GoSoo, “Wowza!!”

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the – hopefully unsubbed and undubbed – movie too, unless the plot has it sink a la “Athena”. :-/

    Since marriage does Ko Soo so much good indeed, I can’t wait to see Jung Wu Sung oppa tie the knot. *evil grin*

    Tsskk. Our tin-soldier needs a new wardrobe stylist ASAP. What’s with that T?! O_o

  6. Go Soo *dreamy sigh*

    Also, Chae Si Ra looks stunning and very classy – just finished watching her in Queen Insoo and she was so blooming good (in fact the whole cast was) and it’s cemented as the best sageuk (for me at least).

  7. Kim Rae Won, how I’ve missed you. Can he be back in a rom com please? No more broody dramas please.

    I hope this movie gets released in CGV LA.
    And I am eyeing IU’s shoes like mad.

  8. Ok. Simon is in the cast. Playing the rival. Now i’m in. This better be good coz Korean movies as long as I remember it gets for a while to get to the point. I love their drama farr mooooreeee better than their movies.

  9. Go Soo, damn he is hot! He leads the perfection parade as far as I am concerned.

    My deepest love, LJJ, is my main pull for this film, but I can’t wait for the KSH fire, either.

    I like all the celebrities up there. It’s all the smart ones, imho.


  10. wow!!! such a lovely parade of hotness overload…. thanks for this madam K!!!! such a nice treat….muwahhhhhhhhh

  11. Kim Rae Won was the one who got me started on my k-drama addiction way back in … 2008. Then he went off to the army, and I started “meeting new people.” Every time I see him, it’s like seeing an old crush and remembering why you used to like that guy. He looks great! **sigh**

    Anyway, the movie looks awesome. It looks like Ocean’s Eleven, but different. Hard to explain. Like it’s got its own flair. Not to mention the great cast. Can’t wait.

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