Video Preview for Episode 13 of Big

The preview for episode 13 of Big is literally a roller coast of emotions within 30 seconds. The long-awaited sweetness between Kyung Jae and Da Ran sends me into happy land, and then Yoon Jae’s mom and Mari plop me back into the ugly world where selfishness and jealousy will surely erect obstacles between the OTP. Looks like the final bombshells will fall soon, with people discovering Kyung Joon’s real parentage, as well as Yoon Jae getting sick again and needing another surgery. I’m not sure why some folks think Kyung Joon’s body will die, since narratively Yoon Jae is the sick one while Kyung Joon appears hale as a horse but for the fact his soul is out of his body. If I were Kyung Joon, I’d be consulting every witch doctor from Seoul on out so he could quickly get back to his original form, lest Yoon Jae’s body acts up and he dies in it. Okay, I’m kidding on that one, but I’m going to wait until the fat lady sings before assessing how the heck this drama hopes to wrap itself up.

Preview for episode 13:

Kyung Jae: Every day from now on, when the fingers on this watch point to 10:10, Gil Da Ran will think of KKJ.

Se Young: Yoon Jae’s illness is back?

Yoon Jae’s mom: Se Young, please help me.

Mari: I heard you’re planning to transfer to a school in the outskirts.

Choong Shik: Noona, where did your wedding ring go?

Da Ran: Ah, yes.

Mari: Have you forgotten Dr. Seo Yoon Jae?

Da Ran: The entire day I waited for 10:10 to arrive. You want me to go see Kyung Joon’s dad?

Mari: Kyung Joon’s dad said I was just a child and wouldn’t talk with me.

Yoon Jae’s mom: Se Young, this is all for Yoon Jae. Only that child can save our Yoon Jae.

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Video Preview for Episode 13 of Big — 26 Comments

  1. Doesn’t Da Ran believe that Kyung Joon has already met his father? So will that cause the misunderstanding that Kyung Joon knew that Yoon Jae’s dad was also his, and didn’t tell Da Ran? Oh, please tell me I’m wrong.

    • That was when he thought she wanted to leave him behind, so he told her they had met.
      He would have to come clean sooner or later.

  2. So Mary is telling that to Daran as to let her know in other words that KJ is just like her a ‘child’. Grrrr, we dont have enough loveydovey moments and now with this family issue and Mary butting in, their time together will be less. I want more more cute scenes please :)

  3. It sure would be messy at jomo’s house if KJ’s body dies.
    It is funny how long it takes to recover from a character dying.
    New dramas starring the actors usually help. Not because that makes any sense…
    I won’t mention any specific shows, but Operation Proposal was just what the drama doctor ordered last year.

  4. OMMOOOOOO!!! how i’m supposed to study for my xam on monday now?? kyaaaa…i just cant wait for its to recaps..Koalaaaa please recap it as soon as the drama finish ^^ i’ll be long for it >.< huge fan of ur web for ever! lots of love for you <3 <3 <3…..

  5. OMG, i cant cant cant wait…*sigh*…idk what to think anymore or how its gonna end but all i know is that KJ has to end up w/DR!!!

    • LOL… i doubt that was true my dear mtoh. But it is funny. =) Thank you. In another note, Thank you Koala unni for the video preview of ep 13 of Big. However, I am behind watching it. =P Not to mention AGD. Oh well.. I can catch up later on… =) mtoh, so we have 22 episodes of a million diseases of episodes and dr jin still trying to get back to the future and not to mention his lover that look like and political turmoil…

      • Dear, Full of everything but nothing in the right place…Are they just throwing everything on us, who survive will tell ;)

  6. Mari is extremely jealous this time. Wanting da ran to meet kyung joon’s dad is her way of causing doubts for our OTP. I want to watch but its hard for me to take the pain they felt,im too attached to them. If they cry,I also cry,its sad seeing them depressed.

  7. Yoon Jae’s mom: Se Young, this is all for Yoon Jae. Only that child can save our Yoon Jae.

    - Wow. YJ’s mom is soooooo unbelievable. What a heartless b*tch! Doesn’t she have any sympathy for KJ at all?! Tsk tsk.

  8. Am hating Mari big time right now (rabid Suzy fans, pls note that it’s the character I am talking about). Jealousy is gonna rear its ugly head something terrible….

    She should just ship her pretty a** back to the States cos KJ will never look at her again if he finds out that she is behind the mean b#%*h stuff.

  9. Omo Mari your jealousy will get your love harmed…sigh..
    K-drama always give happy moment before launch the bomb…with the 4 more episodes left..I think Big can not give us more time of uri OTP to lovey dovey..hiks….I want many sweet scene because KKJ is waiting for long time to get Gil teachee’s heart…look at how happy he was in that preview..sigh again….

  10. How good it mustve been be to be hug by GY? *dreamy eyes*
    Anyway i demand for half of the ep to be a lovey-dovey squeeze my finger OTP moments.
    With that i think i can survive the bitter moments soon to come T_T

  11. Mari, has a way of jeopardizing things! There’s that possibility Mari will push KJ out of YJ’s body. The one twister is, KJ’s & YJ’s switch will have complication. To complete the story, KJ has to finish YJ journey for DR happiness. To close it out, YJ has to go back to his body to give his blessing for KJ & DR happiness.

  12. Have you heard Suzy’s new song for the Big OST? I Still Love you. I’m thinking it’s from Mari’s pov and if the lyrics have any indication of her feelings then I guess she’s going to back off!

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