Moon Geun Young Attends Summer Retreat with Namoo Actors

It’s fast approaching two years since Moon Geun Young last was onscreen in either a movie or drama, but I’m only keeping track because I miss her and not because I think she ought to delay her education to make crappy projects for the sake of exposure. She’s been busy finishing up her degree at Sungkyunkwan University and will graduate soon, and during her time off from acting she’s done select endorsement deals and held a birthday fan meeting last year. I keep hearing her name attached to either a Joseon saguek movie filming in the fall, or a modern K-drama also slated for fall production. She’s confirmed for nothing at this point, so I won’t speculate any further other than I’m sure she’ll select the project she likes best. Recently she went on a retreat with her agency Namoo Actors, which also reps Kim So Yeon, Han Hye Jin, Lee Yoon Ji, among other stars, and the official pictures released by Namoo show how much fun everyone had. Totally reminds me to hie myself off for Summer vacay to recharge my own batteries.

[Credit: Namoo Actors]


Moon Geun Young Attends Summer Retreat with Namoo Actors — 11 Comments

  1. awww always love Moon Geun Young!!! 🙂

    On another topic, have you watch the JDrama RICH MAN, POOR WOMAN with Oguri Shun?
    Perhaps that can cheer you up a little while waiting for MGY new shows 🙂


    • Oh, Rich Man, Poor Woman. I already watched the first episode twice, so far it is a very refreshing and entertaining Jdrama. I wish I don’t have to wait a whole week to see the next episode.

  2. She looks like she’s really enjoying herself! I’m glad that she is taking this break to focus on herself for a while, but am patiently looking forward to her next project! Been watching some of her older movies like Innocent Steps and My Little Bride to tide me over 🙂

    Also, yeah for Lee Yoon Ji having fun on the retreat after rocking it in TK2H!!

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